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Anakin Skywalker is a sub pass it on.

for @msu82 who asked:

Hey Calyss! Remember Burger-Wan and Anakin Cheesefuckler: Padmes Artistic Vision for a Space McDonald’s commerical? Well I just had a thought: Space Subway. Anakin dressed like a sub. “Come and get my 5-dollar footlong, Master~” “More like a halfprice 6-inch” “Master, noooooo~”

msu82  asked:

Hey Calyss! Remember Burger-Wan and Anakin Cheesefuckler: Padmes Artistic Vision for a Space McDonald's commerical? Well I just had a thought: Space Subway. Anakin dressed like a sub. "Come and get my 5-dollar footlong, Master~" "More like a halfprice 6-inch" "Master, noooooo~"

some part of my brain went “dressed as a sub? no need he’s already one” and i would apologize for it if this wasn’t an ask about drawing Anakin Skywalker as a fucking sandwich.


Fic: Puppy Love

In which Kurt and Blaine rescue a puppy, and she comes up with a surprisingly cute trick. ~1200 words, G, fluffy fluff.

“God, this weather sucks,” Kurt said as he and Blaine trudged home from classes. It was a late February day where the weather couldn’t decide if it wanted to snow or rain, so it was doing both, and of course the subway just had to flood because of it.

“I don’t think I’m going to be dry ever again,” Blaine agreed, tucking his head farther into the collar of his coat for a moment before quickly pulling it out and cocking his head a bit. “Wait, do you hear that?”

“The sound of my boots getting ruined from the splashes of passing cars and all this road salt?” Kurt said. “Yeah, I definitely hear that.”

“No, Kurt, I swear- hold on,” Blaine said, stopping dead. The pedestrians behind them cursed as they passed them, and Kurt huddled closer to Blaine so they’d take up less space on the somewhat crowded street. “I hear whimpering or something.”

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i just had the weirdest grossest subway ride ever. i get on the e train to come from class and the first two cars look totally empty and i’m like “that’s weird” but i got in anyway because i figured whatever, but when the doors closed i realized why no one was in there because suddenly the most pungent smell you can imagine hit me like a truck and i looked around and realized there was like dried shit all over the floor. two other guys got on with me and one of them seemed not to even notice but the other one definitely did and started covering his face and waiting near the door to get the fuck out of there. the only other person in the car was this homeless guy totally covered in jackets and stuff who was already there sitting in the far back corner when we got on, so we all figure he probably had something to do with this and the problem was he was right in the way of the little door to get to the other cars and no one was gonna try to get past him because god knows if he was gonna do something. so after the longest one stop in history we get to the next station and that other guy and i fucking book it to the next car, and once we get there we see that it’s also empty except for two homeless guys at the far corners of each end of the car as well, both also totally covered and one of them honestly didn’t even look like a person at all so i was like okay i don’t know what’s going on here but i do not wanna be in a car with it, so we tried to get to the next car that actually had people in it and the other guy made it but i just missed the doors so i figured fuck it i’m out and walked the rest of the way

How you guys meet (5SOS)

Ashton: You had just caught the subway, the doors slamming shut behind you with a heavy clang,  and you began shuffling into the jam packed compartment with strangers. You made your way through the people trying to find a railing to hang on to so you didn’t fly forward by the sheer force of the subway. The only available spot for you to fit into was in front of a very attractive guy that looked to be your age or so. You made your way over to him, reaching up to grab the handle just as the subway lurched at it’s next stop. You stumbled a bit, realizing with a sense of dread, that your balance was off and you were going to fall on top of this guy. Instead of falling on his lap, you felt a pair of large hands on your hips, holding you upright. You looked down and blushed, as his hands lingered longer then they should have. His hazel eyes met yours and you smiled slightly, just as a small smile danced on his lips. “Sorry about that,” You said a little breathless. “No, it’s fine. I don’t mind catching beautiful girls on the subway,” He smirked up at you and you blushed deeply. “What’s your name, love?” He asked, his knees bumping yours. “(Y/N), and yours?” “Ashton,” He said still smiling, showing his dimples. The overhead speaker crackled with the next platform that the subway was arriving at, and you looked down just as Ashton was standing up. “You’re getting off to?” He asked chuckling a bit. You nodded your head and wiggled out between the people, finally stepping onto the cement floor. Ashton glanced at his watch on his wrist just as you shrugged your purse onto your shoulder. “Thanks for, erm, catching me on there.” You said just before turning away. Without warning a large, warm hand was on your shoulder, stopping you. “I have like two hours to kill, if you’re, um, not in a rush or anything do…you maybe want to go for coffee?” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “I’d love to, I’d like to get to know my saviour.” You said winking as you walked back towards him. He laughed, just as you two made your way through the platform and out onto the bustling street.

Calum: You had your focus on your shopping list in front of you, trying to locate all the things you needed in this busy supermarket. You walked, occasionally looking up to see where you were going but resuming your search you continued to look at your list. You collided with something hard, stumbling back a bit to look up at what you had hit. When you looked up you were met with a pair of brown eyes. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry.” You said blushing profusely. You could tell whatever remark that he was preparing to say disappeared on his lips from his expression. “No, it’s fine. I should have been looking where I was going,” He said biting his lip. “I’m Calum,” He said blushing. “(Y/N),” You said smiling. You both stood there for a couple of moments before he spoke, “Are you from around here?” He asked. You shook your head and smiled. “I’d remember such a beautiful girl, what do you say after this I show you around?” You laughed. “I’d love to,” You stuffed the list in your pocket and joining Calum as you two left the store, your groceries forgotten.

Luke: You were in the music store flipping through music books. You walked away, being drawn to a certain guitar you had your eye on for so long. It was beautiful, the perfect weight and shape for you, the only thing holding you back was the price tag. You walked over to it, picking it up and relishing the feeling of it in your hands before taking a seat on the stool that was provided for this very reason. You plucked a few chords before merging into your favourite song. You heard a throat clear behind you and you stopped mid strum “Sorry to interrupt you,” He said, he was tall with blonde hair, and a gentle smile. “You’re really good by the way,” He said walking over and picking up a guitar that was lying against a box. “Thank you,” You said, embarrassment colouring your words. You didn’t think you were very good. “Do you play often?” He asked strumming mindlessly on his guitar. You shook your head, your hair obscuring your vision. “I’ve never really learned, you know… kind of self taught.” You shrug your shoulders setting down the guitar. “I could always show you a few things, you know, if you wanted to go out with me sometime?” His cheeks were tinged with a bit of pink, a small smile playing on his lips. You smiled at him from across the room. “I guess I should learn your name first before I agree,” You said with a teasing tone. He laughed, setting down the guitar. “Luke, and yours?” He said in the same tone. “(Y/N)” “Well, (Y/N), why don’t we go out for coffee and get to know each other a little better?” You stood up smiling, forgetting about the guitars and following Luke out of the shop.

Michael: It wasn’t like you wanted to go to the store with you brother. He forced you to drive him the new shop downtown that had just gotten the latest video game that made him scream like a little girl. You followed him grudgingly inside where only a few people milled around, looking on the shelfs for that game that they so wanted to play. You had no interest in video games what so ever, yet you saw a boy with blonde hair going through a rack of games. Your brother was long gone, most likely drooling over some game so you decided to go look at a random shelf. Might as well seem like you’re interested. You flipped a game over to see what it was about when you felt like someone was staring at you. You lifted your eyes to see that blonde boy staring at you with a smirk playing on his lips. “Ever played that?” He asked walking over to you. You shook your head, staying honest. “I don’t play, at all. I’m here because of him.” You pointed at your brother who looked like he was on cloud nine. The stranger laughed, his eyes crinkling slightly. “Awe, for a second I thought I found a gamer girl.” He said winking. You couldn’t help but smile at this cheeky guy. “I could become one, if I had a teacher.” You said, swallowing your nerves and deciding to flirt. “Oh yeah? Your brother not do an antiquate job?” You chuckled, “If screaming and taking the controller away from me is teaching I don’t understand how I’m not a pro yet.” You said putting the game back on the shelf. “I could always show you a few things, I’ll go easy, I promise.” He said winking again. You could feel yourself blushing and you bit your lip. “Why not?” You said. You could see relief flood his features as you both exchanged numbers, and set up a date for you to learn how to play games. “Let’s make this interesting, (Y/N).” He said leaning against he counter as your brother paid for his game. “If I teach you well enough, and you can beat me at a game… I take you out on a date. If I beat you, you take me on a date?” He said raising an eyebrow. You laughed as your brother impatiently tapped his foot. “You’re on. Tomorrow at six, I’m kicking your ass.” He laughed and shook his head. “In your dreams sweetheart,” You followed your brother out, for once, grateful that he demanded that you come with him. 

A couple of weeks ago I was coming home from work. It was dark but it wasn’t late. I had just left the subway. I was a few steps away from the entrance. Lots of people were around. Two men were walking towards me. I gave them as much room as I give anyone. One of them moved towards me. Then he reached out to me and put his hand on my arm. He didn’t grab it, and he didn’t stop. Just put his hand on my arm and then kept walking.

Or maybe he put his hand on my arm and I didn’t stop, and I kept walking.

It was aggressive. It was unwanted. I had headphones in but I could hear him laughing, saying something to me as the distance between us grew. I didn’t alter my pace one bit. I didn’t look back.

My walk home from the train is about ten minutes. I felt fearful, I felt angry, I felt cowardly. I kept thinking, there’s nothing else I could have done back there, nothing I could have said that would have made any difference. There’s nothing else. I did the right thing, there’s nothing else. But thinking that made me feel helpless, and feeling helpless made me feel angrier.

I got home and I locked the door behind me and I thought, I can’t think about this anymore. And then I thought, maybe I won’t tell anyone about it, either. Who needs to know? It happens all the time. It’s not even my worst story. It’s most assuredly not my last. It’s not anyone’s worst story. It’s not anyone’s last story. I could have had it worse. Many people have had it worse. I don’t want to scare anyone else. I don’t want anyone else to be afraid. I don’t want anyone else to be afraid for me. I don’t want anyone to worry. It happens all the time. I can live with this. Everyone else lives with this. Everyone else lives with this and they don’t say anything. I’m fine.