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Why the Harry Potter fandom is important

Last night after walking down Regent Street and marvelling at the Christmas lights and how very much I love London(which happens anytime I walk around central London), I sat waiting in Leicester Sq. Me and my Hufflepuff fellow @andyouknowitis were off to see the midnight showing of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

After a little while, the scarves began to emerge. A girl sat down next to me wearing a Slytherin scarf. Later replaced by a girl in a Ravenclaw scarf. Two Gryffindors came up to me and went ‘Would you mind taking a picture of us? We saw you and thought ‘She’s wearing a Hufflepuff scarf, we’ll ask her’. Me and the two girls got chatting about fandom and the excitement for the movie and they wandered off. I sat back down and then two girls in robes walked by and grinned at me. 

A guy dressed as Newt walked by and jokingly cursed a group of people, more friends in scarves began to appear, wands came out, hugs were had. The cinema was crowded, full of posters and people squealing over them. In the very long queue for food, one guy found out how long the adverts were and I asked whether he was a Ravenclaw, turned out he was. 

Eventually we all found our seats, shuffling around in the dark trying to place drinks and popcorn, balancing the IMAX glasses and jostling for space. The lights dimmed, the Warner Bros logo appeared on screen and we all cheered. Here we were, one big nerdy family in the middle of the night about to experience new wizarding world material. 

The movie was brilliant, we all laughed a lot, we cheered and clapped and gasped. We marvelled at the beauty on screen and were so very aware of how much we just really bloody love magic. 

It’s been nine years since the last book came out, back when most of us were in our teens and  early twenties. And yet he we still are, smiling at the people in scarves and laughing in a movie theatre, nearly ten years on. Older and adulter but still very much in love with this fandom. 

After the movie, we wandered off to House of Minalima, a place in Soho run by the people behind the art of Harry Potter. We got to talk to them and look at all the amazing things surrounded us. The creaky, wobbly old house imbued with magic whilst the drunken Muggles cavorted outside. It felt like the Leaky Cauldron, hidden away in London at 3am. We chatted to Potterheads, it’s London, you don’t talk to random people but with this, how could you not? 

The world has been a bit rubbish of late, it’s terrifying and scary and a lot of unkind people seem to be winning. But we still have Harry Potter, we still have kindness and joy and excitement  and magic. We need that, we revel in it and thankfully this fandom ain’t going anywhere. In ten years time I’d still like to be grinning at people in fandom scarves like we’re part of a secret society. We got this Potterheads, we ain’t going nowhere. 

Honestly? Jin and Jimin are /adults/. They’re not catty teenage girls going behind each others backs and insulting each other, this was a part of a /game/, where the point is to roast someone basically.

Obviously, no one is trying to say that the statement that Jin made was okay or not uncalled for in any way (it personally made me cringe, and yeah, I’d rather it not have been said). But to criticize those kinds of statements means you should criticize them when they’re being used against anyone, including the /countless/ times they were used against other members i.e. Jin.

Going back to the adult thing, Jin and Jimin work and live together, and have for almost 5+ years. All of the boys are very close, and if there is an issue, I am sure at this point they are mature enough to address it with one another and talk it out.

Okay but I feel like every ship has that ONE PERSON who get’s a little too into Christmas somehow.  

GerIta - Feliciano literally DOESN’T SHUT UP ABOUT CHRISTMAS WHEN OCTOBER HITS but Ludwig doesn’t let him put up any decorations up until December. Decorations still pop up here and there throughout November though because Feliciano just canNOT CONTAIN HIMSELF. 

FrUk - Arthur honestly could care less about the holidays but Francis looks forward to decorating the house (honestly he just likes putting mistletoe up in discreet places so he can have more excuses to kiss Arthur). They both love baking Christmas cookies together while drunkenly singing Christmas carols. 

Spamano - Lovino is the type of person who doesn’t even want to THINK about Christmas until Christmas eve, but that’s typically ruined because Antonio follows him around the house with a guitar singing Feliz Navidad nonstop until Lovino joins in. 

DenNor - Mathias gets SSSOOO into it and every year he insists on putting up the decorations, but always ends up getting tangled in the lights somehow so Lukas ends up having to fix everything probably. 

I want more fics where Stiles is unaffected by Derek’s hotness. Like, real people interact with attractive ppl every day without making a fool of themselves or drooling or doing stupid things. Instead of Stiles being dumb, unable to talk, or immediately falling in love with Derek, I want him to look at Derek, think “wow that guy’s hot,” and then immediately go “that dude is out of my league so moving on.” So, Stiles just treats Derek like he does everyone else.

Derek is really really into Stiles. So, he does everything he can to impress Stiles. He wears tight jeans, tank tops, works out with Scott and Danny in front of him, and takes off his shirt and walks around him front of him. Except…nothing works. Derek never has trouble getting people he wants. He knows he’s hot, and so he works that. Except it’s not working on Stiles.

And Derek is really really confused. Whenever he takes off his shirt or wears his best ass-hugging jeans, Stiles notices, sure. But so does Allison, who’s basically married to Scott, and Lydia, who Derek has overheard screwing Jackson too many times to count for the past couple years. Kira blushes, and Erica - well, Erica may be engaged to Boyd, but she never misses an opportunity to put her hands all over Derek’s sweaty abs and pecs. Danny always fucks him with his eyes, and Parrish stares a little too long, his cheeks a little too pink, and Derek thinks maybe he should hook up with Parrish again just to appease his bruised ego. Because Stiles looks, but then he stops looking because apparently it doesn’t impress him.

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First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)

I’m honestly still in a state of shock that Cas called Dean a lumberjack… Can we talk about that. We go over how Dean has such a ~thing~ for how Cas dresses (whatever he says) but oh my god has poor Cas been suffering ALL THIS TIME?


So I’m seriously not supposed to ask any questions right now?

Ellie my child… oh God, you know there is a fuckening shitstorm brewing for this woman

“I dreamt I was at Axehampton, lying by the waterfall”

And every single episode brings us closer and closer to Joe

Then there’s her dad and kiddos and the problems with Tom

And her personal grief, the way she can relate to Trish’s needs, and what happened to her, and how she’s so traumatised by what men have done and hiding it behind this wall of anger


something bad is going to happen to ellie and when it does I’m going to defenestrate myself

the scene where they have to intercept the “bees” and jaylah chooses sabotage by the beastie boys and they’re just saving starfleet and yorktown with this classic rock song and jim recognises it and chekov’s tapping his foot and sulu is sort of head banging and tbh they’re just saving the galaxy to a rock song


Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets vs Swan Song 

//YES THAT’S RIGHT I BROUGHT S5 SAMIFER INTO ALL THIS ANGEL TALK. just let me be happy here on my hill of salt.//


Once, Baze Malbus trusted in the Force.

It wasn’t hard. He’d been raised to it. As a child, he’d been taken to the carvings that adorned the temple walls, showed how the galaxy moves in slow and spiralling patterns, each planet a crystal that had grown, glowing, in the proper place. The whole universe is a story, the sages explained, as Baze traced the chiselled lines with fingers already beginning to roughen with callouses. 

Your role in this has already been written, Baze. You were always meant to be right here.

Baze remembers this because it’s Chirrut’s favourite place in the temple. Or it used to be. He’d find the other man there meditating, staff in his lap. The galaxy would radiate around him, arcs of orbit that ended in Baze himself. They would sit together, if Baze had no other duties. It would seem like something right.

The mural’s gone, now. Crystals hacked out by the Empire, lines broken and blurred with nobody to recarve them, to place the universe back in its proper order. Baze wouldn’t even know where to start if he could. 

(In those first days, he’d feel a moment of vertigo, unmoored, running from what the Republic had become. The temple filled with the sound of blaster fire and the whine of black machines. It wasn’t supposed to be this way)

In time, Jedha closes around the wound in her heart. 

Chirrut’s staff traces lines in the dust. Baze, as always, trusts and follows.

did yall see on jareds instagram that tom’s nails were painted?? that makes me like. so immeasurably happy

i KNEW the padaleckis werent the people to keep a traditional and strictly gendered house i love it

like esp after gen tweeted multiple times abt protecting trans kids and how she was at the womens march in austin i just

i know jared cant tweet “political” things because hes under contract but hes said so many sweet things about lgbt sam fans at cons and im just over the moon that his whole family is accepting and progressive and im happy his kids will be able to grow up with safety and equality and love no matter who they turn out to be


tfw your prediction is extremely off but hey

Sherlock and Molly's "beautiful moment"

This is totally just my own little thought process, but I just keep thinking it, so I’ll share.
Loo had mentioned Molly and Sherlock will have this beautiful moment, I believe having to do with the 3rd ep of series 4, and the second trailer really got me wondering if that scene with her looking really emotional on the phone IS that moment. But I can’t help but be a tiny bit sad at that prospect. If there really is to be a moving moment between them, I’d so love for it to be in person. I absolutely know that it can be done so well and be just lovely even if they’re over the phone but I just…idk, I’d love for it to be in a circumstance where they can at least look at each other. Because DANG. When those two look at each other, there no better or more shippy feeling than that. 💓
I know it’s all just meaningless speculation at this point, but who’s with me??

“And in that moment I knew I was head over heels for him.”