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But those pics are reeeaaaally old so maybe that account had those pics saved for a long time and only decided to post them now? I get the timing is fishy and Harry's team should do something about it. But that acc isnt saying she "hacked" anyone, just saying she has unseens to post, so its not a fake hack.

Right but it’s the same account posting pics they allegedly took from a family members account or something like that and they’ve had Anne (and Gemma I think) claim they were taken (Anne even called it theft) so they could have very easily shut it down by now so it’s still the same old bullshit.

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But those pics are reeeaaaally old so maybe that account had those pics saved for a long time and only decided to post them now? I get the timing is fishy and Harry's team should do something about it. But that acc isnt saying she "hacked" anyone, just saying she has unseens to post, so its not a fake hack.

Listen this acc always posts pics in very specific time frames and they have been going for ages. You can call it whatever ‘fake hack’, ‘unseens’ it’s the same old thing 

Guys, something really surprising and concerning happened.

So I was in my den chatting with a buddy. Everything was normal until someone I didn’t know walked into my den.

They told me that they were hacked, and somebody told them that I HACKED THEM.

Of course, I was very confused. I have NEVER hacked or scammed in my 6 years of playing Animal Jam. 

Here’s how the conversation went:

Them: Hi, I just got hacked. Someone told me that you were the one that hacked me, only I don’t think it was you?

Me, confused: It wasn’t me, who told u it was?

They don’t know who told them, due to the fact the person was on a backup, and that person was most likely the actual hacker.

Thank god they believed me, because I would never scam or hack anyone.

They lost a spike, other rares and betas. Their username is memefish21. Please donate to them. We are actually becoming friends now, and they are very kind.

This is very concerning though. I have no idea how that person got my user and why they told them that I hacked them.

Believe it or not, I had an anxiety attack over this.

I would never scam or hack anyone, and its very upsetting to hear someones spreading lies about me like this.

My Animal Jam username is graypawfirepaw, and if someone ever tells you that I hacked you, they are lying. I would never hack or scam anyone.

Sorry for the long post, but this really scared me. Please donate to memefish21, I feel really bad for them. 

Okay but Hetalia if switched with Osomatsu san universe or simply interacted will have more richer contents for comedy, angst, plots. For plots maybe if the 6 neets become countries they are actually just hacked their way up to top society ranks like duh countries are powerful and sounds so highclass…and they have jobs and can live side by side forever without no aging at all, Osomatsu is happy for being able to meet his bros more for longest time they can have. The Hetalia countries can have mortal life and yet it filled with fun, get wasted everyday, probably forming relationship they can’t do, actually coming back being family without guilt altho the fact that they will gradually age will bring shock. But since both anime are comedies I guess it won’t be that bad.


Doge Dreams
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He finally has a name now! I think someone suggested it to me or something – idk I can’t remember but yes I know SHINee ((i listen to them)) plus I think Taemin fits the kid well lol

  • Jumin: Birth certificates are just receipts for human beings.
  • 707: How and where can I return myself?

Now that we have a full My Melody set of furniture in New Leaf, it seemed only proper that the bunny the series was modeled after become a villager in the game too. But, I’ve got to keep My Melody on her toes, so I decided to bring her rival Kuromi into the fold as well. That little imp sure looks like trouble – and I like it!

Have I ever told you guys that I hacked Pokemon FireRed and it’s exactly the same as the original except I changed all of Green’s dialogue so he’s super hardcore flirting with the player character the entire game

I also changed the sprites so it’s original Red

Introduction to the National D.Va Association 안녕하세요! 전국디바협회입니다.

This is the Tumblr page of For D.Va (National D.Va Association). Nice to meet you all!

안녕하세요, 전국디바협회의 텀블러 페이지가 생성되었습니다! 여러분을 만나뵙게 되어 정말 기쁩니다.

- What is For D.Va? 전국디바협회가 무엇인가요?

For D.Va is a Korean feminist gamers’ group, which acts for a non-sexist world where a person like D.Va could appear.

전국디바협회는 한국인 페미니스트 게이머들의 모임으로, 디바와 같은 인물이 실제로 나타날 수 있는, 성평등한 세계를 만들기 위해 활동하고 있습니다.

- How did For D.Va appear? 전국디바협회는 어떻게 시작되었나요?

For D.Va (National D.Va Association) first started off as a feminist gamer group, gathered to voice our opinions about (currently suspended) President Park Geun Hye. After the President’s suspension, we decided not to disperse, but to keep fighting for gender equality.

전국디바협회는 박근혜 대통령에 대한 목소리를 내기 위해 모인 페미니스트 게이머들의 모임으로 시작되었습니다. 박근혜 대통령의 직무정지 이후, 전국디바협회는 해체하는 대신 성평등을 위해 계속 싸워나가기로 결정했습니다.

- Why is D.Va the mascot of For D.Va? 왜 디바를 마스코트로 사용하나요?

We all know that D.Va is a Korean Overwatch character, who is a woman yet thrives in the gaming world. The reason she became our mascot is because we thought that in a sexist country like ours, it would be impossible for a person like her to appear, especially after the case of Geguri. Geguri is a Korean woman progamer, who was accused of using hacks just because ‘it was impossible for women to play games that well’, which was, of course, false. So we decided to act for feminism under her emblem, so that in 2060, someone like D.Va could actually appear.

디바는 오버워치의 한국인 캐릭터로서, 여자임에도 불구하고 천재 프로게이머가 되었습니다. 그가 전국디바협회의 마스코트가 된 이유는, 만약 미래의 한국이 지금과 같이 성차별적인 국가라면 디바와 같은 사람이 등장하는 것은 불가능하기 때문입니다. 이는 게구리 선수의 사건이 증명합니다. 게구리 선수는 한국의 여성 프로게이머로서, 단순히 ‘여자는 저렇게 게임을 잘 할 수 없다’는 이유만으로 핵 사용 의심을 받았습니다. 이는 물론 거짓이었습니다. 따라서 전국디바협회는 디바를 우리의 마스코트로 삼아서, 그와 같은 사람이 실제로 나타날 수 있는 성평등한 2060년을 만들기 위해 페미니즘적인 활동을 하게 되었습니다.

- What does For D.Va do? 전국디바협회는 무엇을 하나요?

Aside from participating in marches and protests, we are currently running a feminist’s book club, which has a meeting around every two weeks. Also, we are planning a Women-only(Genderqueer not excluded) Overwatch competition. We are also coming up with ideas such as a feminist goods store, but that is still just an idea.

시위와 행진에 참여하는 것 이외에도, 전국디바협회는 페미니즘 독서 모임을 매 2주마다 가지고 있습니다. 또한, 전국디바협회는 여성 전용 (젠더퀴어 포함) 오버워치 경기를 기획하고 있습니다. 페미니즘 굿즈 스토어와 같은 아이디어도 구상중입니다.

Thank you for the attention!

관심 가져주셔서 감사합니다!

Link to For D.Va’s Twitter page 전국디바협회 트위터 페이지 링크 : https://twitter.com/for_diva_

How to avoid ruining your tablet surface and nib (my art hack)

Why the fuck would you put a uncooked spaghetti stick in your tablet pen as your nib????  I just saw a post about how it works but damn I’m sure that shit could scratch up your actual tablet.  Please don’t put food in your tablet pen.  

If you are really worried about your tablet nib getting small (hell even your tablet surface scratching up), one way you could avoid that is using clear plastic sheets from a office supply store.  Usually they would give that shit to you for free or just charge you a couple of cents.  Hell I remember when I first wanted to get them, the guys at the counter were a little confused why I wanted two plastic sheets.  

(I got these at staples back my senior year of high school.  I’m a 3rd year in college so I had these for a while) 

And all you do is take one of the sheets, measure it to your tablet, and tape that shit down.  

The plastic was just slightly bigger than my tablet so I had to cut it down but it wasn’t a a problem.  I used a wacom intuos pro small (now I have a cintiq) and the nib to pen has not worn out in years.  And if you feel the plastic sheet is getting worn out, just replace it cause the office store might have given you too many sheets.  

Oh shit but what is this?  It came with my tablet and everything!  Is it a stand for the pen? 

Let’s open that shit and see it

Bam!  Holy fucki Batman there is like 10 nibs (there are ten but the shadow is covering the other two) plus a tool to help you remove the old nib!  What????  

Yes at least these wacom tablets have this new stand that includes a lot of nibs for you.  My cintiq includes this little stand so I have another extra 10 nibs.  

However if somehow you are in need of pen nibs, you can go on amazon and buy packs of them: 

Or you can buy it online!  Whatever it is, just don’t put a uncooked spaghetti  strand in your tablet pen.