just gunna sit here

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I just experienced every emotion it is possible to experience as a human at the hands of a 22K word update of the blessing more well known as Chrmdpoet's Lover in Low Light. I laughed I cried I sobbed I grinned. Literally there wasn't a single emotion left untouched in that single chapter. My life has been forever altered by the love story between Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods and I don't think I'll ever be the same.
Because I’m not just gunna sit here and wait for you to realize what you’re missing. I’m gunna go do something. I’m gunna kiss other boys. I’m gunna fall in love at a bookstore. I’m gunna read Charles Bukowski out loud on my kitchen floor. I’m going to see shooting stars and I’m going to do things I can’t even imagine. And I can’t do that if I’m waiting around for a boy.
—  Life Without You
Jealous (N.M)

|based on the request:  *Y/n’s meeting with her male best friend in Starbucks and the boys will come in and be like ‘Woah, isn’t is y/n?‘ and they’ll talk about how good she looks and who’s the guy. Nate will get jealous because he likes her so he’ll be kinda grumpy, the rest of the boys notice, they’ll talk to him about it and later when they invite her around he’ll tell her* kind of imagine, please?

|2k words, unedited as usual, 2 IMAGINES IN ONE DAY!!!, love you lots xoxo|

“Should we just sit in here?” Sam asks after he orders his usual drink from Starbucks, along with a croissant. It’s well over 100 outside and even with the AC on in the car and being parked under a huge tree, it’s still too hot to sit in there and wait 30 minutes for the Jacks to get here.

“Yeah, you get my drink and I’ll get the table under the AC vent.” John says and quickly makes a rush to the only empty table in here. I roll my eyes at how much patience he doesn’t have to wait for his drink and sandwich to be ready.  

“Okay, Swazz, whatever.” Sam rolls his eyes and walks over to the waiting bay. I silently follow after him and stuff my wallet back into my pocket along with my phone.

I look around the busy building, scanning everyone to see if I knew any of them, but I don’t recognise any of them at first glance – I snap my eyes back to look at a girl with dark brown hair shoved up into a messy bun, I would recognise that hair anywhere. It’s Y/N.

“Sam,” I nudge him without taking my eyes away from her table. “Y/N’s over there, and she’s by herself.”

He looks up from his phone and follows my gaze. “Maybe you should go over there and join her, give her some company.” He jokes.

I never should have told him that I had a bit of a crush on Y/N, worst mistake of my life. I had just met her and I thought she was really nice and sweet and extremely good looking, and I stupidly made the decision to tell Sammy and the other guys what I thought. None of them have never let me live it down – and it was well over a year ago when I told them. They always make stupid jokes and innuendos when she comes over and I’m pretty sure she’s starting to pick up on them.

She’s been my best friend ever since we met, and typical me, I have to have a stupid, childish crush on her. In a way, she is the female version of myself. She likes the same music I do, she plays video games with me, she doesn’t care about how she looks in front of me but at the same time, she likes to look good. We have the same sense of humour, most of the time, and we just get on really fucking well.

She is what I look for in my future wife.

One drunk and very high night, we ended up hooking up. We both remembered everything the morning after and we had a bit of a laugh about it but honestly, it was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. We still hook up from time to time but I know that she doesn’t feel the same way about me.

“Maybe I should.” I shrug and turn around to see if my drink was ready. “I haven’t seen her in a few days, it would be nice to talk to her-”

“Who the hell is that guy?”

I instantly turn around to find out what he’s going on about. Y/N isn’t alone anymore, she’s sitting opposite some Spanish-looking guy with a huge smile on her face. I’ve never seen that guy before and clearly, neither has Sam. Who is that guy?

She looks so happy to see him and he can’t stop smiling as he looks at her and talks. I can hear her laugh from here. She has a really pretty laugh.  

God, no wonder they never let me live it down, I sound like a right whipped pussy when I talk – even think – about her.

“Bro, calm down.”

I hate seeing another guy being the one to make her smile and laugh like that, I should be the only one who’s able to do that. Call me possessive, I don’t care. I want to know who the hell this guy is, making my girl smile.

‘My girl’? Really Nate? All she is, is my best friend and nothing more. She doesn’t think anything else of me. I’m just her guy friend from Nebraska who raps called Nate. That is all.

“Why are you telling me to calm down? Nothing is wrong.”

I’m such a liar.

“Your face is going bright red and you’re clenching your fists so hard I can feel the pain.” Sam laughs and picks up his drink that was just called. “You’re so jealous, Nate.”

“Whatever, Sam.”

I am such a jealous asshole.



“Naaaaathan!” Her loud voice screeches through the house. It’s only 6. She said she would be here at 7. I’m in the shower. “Where the fuck are you?”

I roll my eyes and step away from the running water. “I’m showering!”

“Why are you showering now? You were expecting company.”

“I wasn’t expecting you for another hour!” I hear the bathroom door open and close seconds later, I can’t see anything through the shower curtain though.

“You need to be more prepared next time, bub.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I smile and step back into the water. “Are you just gunna sit in here whilst I shower?”


She always acts like it’s not a big deal, just sitting in my bathroom when I’m naked and only being covered by a thin bit of material, but it’s a little bit weird. I’m fine with it if we’ve just had sex, but if it’s just hanging out… It’s just awkward. “That’s kinda weird, Y/N, not gunna lie.”

“I’ve done it before and you didn’t find it weird.”

“That was different, you were in the shower with me last time.”

And that was after a long, very sweaty… workout.

“Well, I can get in there with you now if that’ll make you feel less uncomfortable.” She teases, and I can’t help but to feel a little something almost everywhere in my body.

If she’s going to be playful and tease me, I can do the same. Nothing’s stopping me. “If you do that, then I won’t be able to keep anything down.” I can just imagine how her cheeks are burning red at the fond memory of just a few weeks ago.  

Ah, what a good night that was.

“At least buy me dinner first.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Wine, dine and sixty-nine?”

“Better than Netflix and Chill.”

This is why I get along with her so well. We could have just hooked up and after, we would be laying in my bed with pizza and a spliff, watching random movies and episodes of That 70’s Show on Netflix and joking around about each others techniques.  

Y/N is literally the perfect woman for me.

I run a soapy hand through my hair and rub the shampoo into the strands. “So uh, I saw you earlier today.”

“Oh really? Where? You didn’t come and say hi.”

“At Starbucks.”

With that damn ass guy who couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

I can just vision her nodding her head slowly and playing with her chipped nail varnish. “I thought I saw John, but my friend arrived before I could get a decent look over at him.”

“Friend?” He looked like he was interested in being more than just a friend. “Who is that guy?” My ego is intrigued to know. It needs to know that I’m the bigger man in her life and that nobody is going to overtake my place.

“Just some guy I met in college a few weeks ago, real funny guy, really sweet.”

I’m real funny and I’m really sweet.  

I can be so much more than funny and sweet, too. I’m so close to worshiping the damn ground she walks on. I really need to man the fuck up and grow a pair.

“Yeah? You like him?”

She better not like him.


I clench my jaw and shove my face into the stream of hot water. “You looked pretty damn happy with him from what I could see, all I could hear was your laugh so I take it you like him a lot.”

“Are you jealous of him?” Fuck. “You sound pretty jealous.”

I dig my teeth into my bottom lip and continue to wash out the soap in my hair. “Do you like him, Y/N?”

“He’s a friend, Nate. A friend. Just like how I’m friends with Sammy and Swift.”

“So, I’m not your friend now?”

“Well, yeah, you are my friend, Nathan, but you’re more than just my friend and you know that.”

I do know that but I want to know what we are exactly. We’re not just friends and we’re definitely not a couple but we act like a couple. We fight like an old married couple, we cosy up to each other when we’re watching movies like teenagers in love and we fuck like rabbits.

That’s the honest truth.

“What am I to you then?”

I hear her sigh, “You’re my boy, you know? Like, you’re my best friend and I trust you with my life, and you’re also my part time lover, like you said earlier, I guess. There isn’t really an in between with us. We aren’t friends but we aren’t friends with benefits. So, you’re my boy.”

“And you’re my girl.”

“My mum asked me if we were dating.”

“Can you pass my towel?” I say as I turn the shower off and stick my hand out of the shower curtain. Y/N silently passes it to me, I wrap it around my lower body quickly and step out from behind the curtain. “What did you tell your mom?”

“I said that we aren’t but sometimes it feels like we are.” I pull back the shower curtain and step onto the towel on the floor.  "She thinks that you’re my future baby daddy.“

"I am your future baby daddy.” I wink jokingly and walk to my bedroom with Y/N trailing behind me. “Mike said that he thought we were dating when he first met you.”

“Everyone thinks that.”

“It’s because we make a bomb ass couple.”

“My mum said that she would have beauty queen quality grandchildren that she could show off to all of the other grandma’s in her knitting group and make them jealous because their grandchildren won’t be as gorgeous as hers.”

“Maybe we could give her one of those in 9 months?” I joke and throw myself onto my bed. Y/N sits down next to me on the other side – her side of the bed. “But yeah, I was kinda jealous of that guy in Starbucks with you.”

“Why, babe? There is nothing to be jealous of.”

“I just want you to myself, I don’t want to be sharing you with other guys.”

“You have never been sharing me and you never will be sharing me.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.” I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her over to me. She sits herself on my lap, straddling me and resting her hands on my chest. “Do you promise to keep yourself always from other girls and just for me?”

“I promise.” She grins and places a sloppy kiss on my cheek.  

“My cheek? Really?” I give her a look which causes her cheeks to heat up and flush a delicate pink colour. “Give me a proper kiss, c'mon babe.” She flashes me an adorable smile and leans down, connecting our lips in a passionate exchange.

This is the start of something beautiful.

i love that when you drop a blanket on dogs they just accept it and sit down.  theyre like “ok i guess im just gunna chill here”