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I just felt my forehead for the first time and i noticed like a slight groove i guess that isnt on the other side and im wonderng if i hit my head at some point when i was a baby and it just made me groovy

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a short and hopefully fun mix of (mostly ukulele) songs that make me think of my favourite pair of teen amateur sleuths. songs i could maybe see them singing together.


by the light of the silvery moon nick palatas (from ‘scooby doo: curse of the lake monster’)
screw you ted buckland & stephanie gooch (from ‘scrubs: interns’)
i’ll see you in my dreams cliff edwards
tonight you belong to me steve martin & bernadette peters (from ‘the jerk’)
love is on the radio tom & giovanna fletcher
jam buds steven universe
i can’t give you anything but love cliff edwards
by the light of the silvery moon (ukulele instrumental cover)

Of All My Parents’ Friends

@heartthesouth asked: 

Imagine Roger describing 1960s Claire (and possibly his remembrance of 1940s Claire from his childhood) to Jamie.

One-shot; takes place just after the Gathering in book-verse (The Fiery Cross).

Bear in mind, this means Jamie and Roger are only *newly* on solid-ish ground after all the unpleasantness between them in Drums of Autumn. If you haven’t read the books, just imagine the very worst start a man could get off to with his father-in-law. (YIKES.) 

 -Mod Bonnie

Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina

October, 1770 


The word sounded absolutely stupid coming out of his father-in-law’s mouth, which (infuriatingly!) made ROGER feel the foolish one. “C’mon, ye know. Poofy? Like—voluminous?—

Jamie Fraser snorted violently into his lunch of bread and pickle and Roger felt a wave of anxiety. Was the word somehow offensive in this time??  But surely ‘poofy’ was more easily misconstrued than—

But Jamie—seated on a log next to Roger’s boulder—came up grinning, still coughing on crumbs as he choked out, “Ye mean to say there was a time when Claire’s hair was MORE voluminous than it is NOW?” 

They both laughed and Roger drank in the relief of the camaraderie, flimsy as it might be. 

“Christ almighty,” Jamie swore with feeling as the laughter subsided, shaking his head in genuine incredulity, “however did she manage THAT?”

“I dinna ken exactly,” Roger admitted with a hopefully-easy shrug, passing the stone bottle of cider, “Claire’s was sort of—” he made a swooping gesture overtop his own crown “—um…I dinna ken how to describe it.. Kind of—”

“A bouffant,” Brianna interjected helpfully, plopping down next to Jamie (well, as much as a six-foot-tall woman with a sleeping baby strapped to her front could ‘plop’) and doing a quick sketch in the dirt with a stick.  

“Oh, aye, a *bouffant,*” He grinned, leaning over to kiss his wife and son, grateful for the buffer. “I definitely knew that’s what it was called.” 

“How does—? But—where do the curls go?” Jamie kept tilting his head from side to side like a puppy as he peered down, clearly having difficulty translating the rough illustration to his wife’s head. “And how in hell did she get it to stay all rounded and puffed up?” 

“HAIRSPRAY,” he and Bree said in unison, though he left the task of explaining aerosol cans and their uses to the engineer. 

By the end, Jamie was grinning like a fiend. “Claire would glue her hair into place every day for fashion??

“Yep!” Bree laughed, expertly cupping Jem’s head as she bent forward to reach for a hunk of bread, “unless she was doing an operation that day, obviously. Not much call for style under a scrub cap.” 

Shaking his head in gleeful wonder, Jamie turned back to Roger. “What else was different about ‘Sixties Claire,’ to your eye, other than the hair?”

“Oo, her groovy makeup!” Bree said through a large bite.

Gr–? Cosmetics, ye mean?” 

“Aye, just so!” Roger said, hoping to win some son-in-law points, meagre as they might be. “And ‘groovy’ just means daring in an admirable way.” 

“Well, that sounds like Claire, right enough. Does every woman wear the Greuvvy Makeup, then?” 

Bree shrugged. “Pretty much.” 

“I tell ye what, though,” Roger said emphatically, seeing the opportunity and seizing it, “Claire certainly didna need all that. Not one bit.”

It was like a horror film. 

Two identical faces swiveled on tall, twin necks, fixing him with identical expressions of amusement. Or possibly menace. Either way, absolutely TERRIFYING.

What?” he snapped, his face flushing as he looked back and forth between them.

Jamie’s eyebrows were raised. “Why should Claire not have needed the cosmetics?”

Bree raised hers to match, her lips quivering with suppressed laughter. “Yes, Roger: do tell!” 

He made a scoffing sound. “Well, no, I mean—”

“If ‘pretty much’ all women wore it,” Jamie asked, face completely inscrutable, “why should Claire have been any different?  

“No, she’s—Well, I mean she IS—” This was not going well. “All I was trying to say is Claire’s very—She’s got very lovely—” 

The movie had shifted into one where the out-of-control-robot car had locked you inside and was accelerating top-speed into a canyon. Cannot—BRAKE—


“OH. MY. GODDD!!” Bree whooped with glee, making Jemmy jump in his sleep and thump his forehead against her chest. 

Jamie said nothing and only sipped his drink, but damn him, there was an effing GLEAM in those cats’ eyes. 

Bree coughed through her giggles and waved her hand in a ‘hold on, hold on’ gesture. “So—wait: when we met in Inverness….were you checking out my mother’s ‘skin’?”

“I wasna CHECKING HER OUT,” he insisted with a mocking tone to show what a ridiculous suggestion it was (but SHIT if he didn’t sound all kinds of guilty AND if he didn’t want to fling himself into a hole and never come out). Pull yourself the fuck together, MacKenzie. 

Look,” he sighed, “Claire’s a very attractive woman, and—”

“So we’ve gone from verra lovely to verra *attractive*, have we?” 

“It—I—” Damn that fucking ginger hide: Roger couldn’t tell if the man was poking fun or literally about to bash his head open against a tree. 

“Wait, wait, didn’t—oh JEEZ, it’s too much—” Bree was clutching Jem tight, dying with laughter, and was NOT giving this up. “Didn’t you tell me once that Mama reminded you of Anne Bancroft??”

ffffffffffucking hellllllllllllllllllllll

“Who’s that?” Jamie demanded, his narrowed eyes snapping to Roger.  

Yep, it had now become the kind of horror movie where the supporting actor looks at the camera and gets in that *one great scream* for their reel right before they get eaten alive to thicken the plot for the protagonists. 

Bree was on a roll. “A famous, very *sexy* actress! She was in a—play (sort of) with Dustin Hoffman who has the role of this university boy who is seduced by an older wo—”

“—S’QUITE ENUFF’A’THAT!” His voice cracked on the panicked outburst (can a man not catch a BREAK???), at which his wife dissolved into further spasms. “Oh for God’s sake, Bree, it was YOU that I checked out, if ye need reminding!!” 

“And just why were ye ‘checking out’ an unmarrit lass?” Jamie said, turning expertly on the conversational dime, “A guest in your home, no less? MY daughter?” 

“I wasna—I ABSOLUTELY did NOT—Oh, for fuck’s SAKE!” 

They were both quaking with laughter where they sat. 

Roger threw up his hands up and stormed to his feet. “You two bloody deserve each other, ye know! Twisting a man’s words, ‘til—Oh, willye shut up and LISTEN, THE BOTH OF YE!” 

They knocked heads as they slumped against each other, tears streaming down their ruddy cheeks. 

Roger made huge, sweeping gestures to left and right for emphasis. “CLAIRE IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. BRIANNA IS VERY BEAUTIFUL. WE’RE ALL FAMILY NOW, CAN WE BE *DONE* WI’—”

“What on EARTH are you lot bellowing about!?!” 

He whirled around to see Claire, flushed and dirt-streaked, gathering basket in hand, her eyes wide. “Is everything alright?” 

Roger gave both redheads a sidelong glare that HE would have said could have melted steel, but just make Brianna shake even harder. She was suppressing outright cackling only by pressing her lips into the top of Jemmy’s fuzzy head. 

“Nay, all’s well, mo nighean donn,” Jamie said, surprising Roger by getting to his feet. He came over to put a hand on his wife’s waist and kiss her on the cheek. “Roger Mac, here, was only singing the praises of your great charm and beauty, mo ghraidh, much to the credit of ye both.”

“Oh! Well!” Claire flushed, sounding both surprised and pleased. “That’s very sweet of you, Roger, dear, thank you.” 

Roger, stunned, scraped up enough presence of mind to give her a smile and a little self-deprecating bow. 

She didn’t bother to suppress a grin as she went on her way toward the drying shed. “I rather needed that, today.”

Once she was out of earshot, Roger met Jamie’s eye and inclined his head with a sincere, “Thanks.” 

“Think nothing of it,” his father-in-law said, clapping him on the shoulder in passing as he headed back to the woodpile “…Dustin.”

I’ve got no deeds to do, no promises to keep 
I’m dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep

anonymous asked:

Personally, I really don't get what people are saying abt this album 'lacking depth' or such things - yes, the boys have made music with deep messages and I'm sure they'll continue that in time but they're also allowed to expand and grow and experiment as artists - you don't have like it, per se, but that deserves respect, no? With this CB they've actually done something rly risky and, imo, rly pulled it off (Form of Therapy has a great reaction that explains this) 1/2

2/2 Sometimes to move on from a former concept, you rly have to, y'know, go big or big home?? EDM/electro pop itself might be mainstream but the boys definitely brought their own unique touch to it, imo, and made it their own, as they always do. And sometimes music is allowed to be fun and punchy and groovy just for the those things alone, and I think that’s got merit on it’s own and shows BTS understands that music is powerful in multiple ways, as a way to convey deep message /&/ pure fun.

Anonymous said: I agree with the anon that says this album lacks depth in comparison with Wings etc. But I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. You don’t always have something deep to say, and I feel that right now BTS just wanted to have fun with their music. And as a fan I want to support bts no matter what they do because for me they are much more than the music. Hearing namjoon say how hard they worked on this album makes me want to support them in order for them to grow stronger and better

You both said it all nicely. Sometimes the change is good, they can’t be stuck with the same concept and music styles all the time.  They put their heart and soul in what they do, and like first anon said their unique touch to it, they always have a unique touch, that’s why they are so special, they stand out amongst other groups because they have that something. Dept or no depth, it’s still their work, they know what they are doing and yes namjoon multiple times said in these previous months how he is proud of this album and that they worked hard on it. They probably know that they won’ please everyone, they don’t have to. They like it and and they are proud of it and that’s what matters. 

Skype Sangha

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MIRANDA WARD: “When did you first start becoming interested in Indian culture and religion?”

GEORGE: “Probably about two years ago, and uhh… I don’t really know exactly when, but when I first noticed that I was interested with the music first of all, I think, and along with that I’d heard stories of people in caves. Yogis, as they’re known. People levitating and dematerializing. (laughs) And doing all sorts of wondrous things. And then, through the music… with meeting Ravi (Shankar), it was great because he’s a Brahman which is a high sect. And uhh, just all the groovy people are Brahmans, like the scientists, religious people and musicians, and all those. And then in the end, I’d like to become this myself. I’d just like to have this quality that these people have, which is a spiritual thing. And I think with us having all the material wealth that we need… you know, the average person feels that if they had a car and a telly and a house, and that’s where its at. But if you get a car and a telly and a house and even, you know, a lot of money, your life’s still empty because it’s still all on this gross level. And what we need isn’t material, it’s spiritual. We need, sort of, some other form of peace and happiness. And so, that’s why the Indian people all seem very peaceful and as though they have found something, because they haven’t had the material wealth. They’ve had to look at themselves for some answer, and they’ve found it inside themselves.”

Interviewed 13 September 1967 and broadcast on the BBC show “Scene and Heard” 30 September 1967