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Just Talking 3

Link and Zelda talk while lying under the stars. That’s all that happens. There’s a joke at the end of this one, just skip all the heaviness if you want.

Zelda: So, that’s what it’s like having the Triforce of Wisdom. What about you? With the Triforce of Courage is it even possible for you to be afraid of anything?

Link *thinking: Are you kidding? I’m afraid of everything. I never have any memories or knowledge of what happened long ago or what’s to come. I’m a regular child, or a farm boy, or whatever and one day the world decides I’m the one who’s needed to go adventure off and fight giant monsters.

Link *thinking: Every time I face Ganon and his forces I’m faced against a hundred thousand years’ worth of history between us that I can’t remember any of it. He wants revenge and I don’t remember what for. He scowls at me, the memory of a hundred battles stinging his memory, but I know nothing of the sort.

Link *thinking: And on the other side, you. Knowledge, light, and a strange sense of familiarity. The answers to a million questions I never knew I wanted… but you’re like a fire and I’m a moth. If I ask too many questions, if I seek your company too much, if I lose myself to that yearning for answers, I’ll burn. I’d lose my mind, consumed by our eternal history.

Link *thinking: I am always afraid. I want to run from the dark and dive into the light. If it weren’t for my guides, Navi, Fi, Midna, The King, I don’t think I could have made it for so many cycles. I am eternally grateful… they kept me facing the darkness, back against the light. I have courage, but it’s never without its equal weight in fear.

Link *thinking: I won’t complain about any of that, because as long as I don’t no one else will get hurt. As long as I fight, you’ll have a chance at happiness. Whether I’m there with you as a friend or something more, I don’t care so much. I failed that once… I let Ganon win… I let you die… I’ll never let that happen again…

Link *thinking: Because… Zelda… no matter who you are in whichever life we meet in… my Goddess, my superior, my childhood sweetheart, my lover, my friend… be you a man who shadows me around, the pirate helping me sail across the flooded world, or the princess who’s saved me more times than I will ever remember… in one way or another…

Link: I will always love you.

Zelda: What?

Link: I said my biggest fear is that one day I’ll enter the great fairy cave and instead of the fairy I’ll see a giant, naked Groose wearing nothing but leaves around his waist.

Zelda: Oh Goddesses, why.

Link: “Sure I’ll heal you, Link! But in return I need a few Pictrographs of that childhood friend of yours!”

Zelda: You are such a boor. Ruining the mood.

Link: The mood sucked and deserved to be ruined.

Pokken DX looks cool! It’d be nice if they add more playable characters later on!

Hoping for:
-Substitute Doll
-Professor Elm
-Regigigas Fils Aime
-Unown (just the W)
-Groose (He got lost on the way to Hyrule Warriors)
-and Poliwrath


The Groose is on the loose.

And you thought I wouldn’t take the chance to make this kind of post?

The Time of Loosedness is Upon Us

Weeeee might’ve missed this one in the inbox and ended up posting it a bit late.  Sorry, SSMS!  But hey , why not give it a read anyway?  It’s a good'n.

So the Japanese release date is fast approaching, in fact according to that little countdown in the corner it’s in about 1 day and 20 hours.

I don’t know if I’m going to continue doing these things after we know the full roster, or at the very least I don’t know if I’m going to keep submitting them.

So if such a thing happens, I want to at least leave you guys off with something big, something wanted by nearly everyone, the series is not new to the Smash series but it’s been a while since we’ve had a true newcomer from them.

I think you all know who I’m talking about.

Mostly because the fake-out joke was ruined by the title of this article.

And to top it all off, this is actually a moveset I’ve never posted anywhere else as well.

Meet me under the cut and we’ll discuss further.

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