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Chance Lance progress/experiments! 

It’s described as being made of woven metal, so I decided this was a good time to learn a bunch of complicated knots! I’m very happy with the handle; I need to go through and even out the weaving around the body before I decide whether to stick with this or redo it with paracord; and that stopper knot looks a little out of place but I still need you all to admire it because it took like fifteen tries to get right.

The core is PVC but I think I need to add a thin wooden dowel for stability, maybe extending out far enough that I can use it to reinforce the point.

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CAN WE TALK about that gif when Leia tells Han "I knew there was more to you than money!" she literally PUSHES Luke away as she, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, rushes to hug Han Smuggler Solo. Like, "get out of here, farm boy." She gets in the middle of Han and Luke and even though luke kind of destroyed the death star, she goes straight for Han. Please let's talk about that.

YES and the way she just grabs him and her hand is on his chest and he hugs her right back, it’s so cute & adorable & don’t tell me she didn’t fall in love with him a little after he returned because she definitely did

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A friend helped me get my first binder last Christmas and I love it so much! Gc2b even! But it's my only one so far and I want it to last. This question is probably a bit different from the usual about binders, but for days I can't bind/need to swap, I want to get a few sports bras for comfort and support. How do I measure myself for that? Does anyone have brand recommendations?

Absolutely. I really like Victoria Secret’s, honestly I would just grab a few and try them on, if you feel comfortable allowing one of the girls to measure you then you can do that


The huge fucker had been dealt with, after nearly 2 hours some very nice gentlemen from security came and just squashed the fucker (which had partly crawled into the ceiling light) like they just grabbed it with some toilet roll and it was dead. Way braver than we were.

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Hey it's me again. So earlier today my mom bought a bunch of cookies and chocolates from the store and I was just about to grab a few and then I saw some thinspo you reblogged and I just couldn't. Currently drinking a Diet Coke rn instead. Hoping to lose about 20 lbs by the summer. Thank you so much for keeping me on track😊

Of course lovely you’re in control ❤

TalesFromRetail: Misplaced Shopping Cart


I don’t work in retail anymore but this story just happened to me at my local grocery store and I thought this sub would appreciate it.

I had just finished packing my groceries into my car in the parking lot when I realized I had forgotten to buy butter. I quickly ran inside, grabbed it and went to the self checkout. I get in line behind this lady that is just finishing up and has at least ten bags of groceries. She pays and then proceeds to pick up all of her bags and carries them out the door leaving her shopping cart in the middle of the lane!

I figured I’ll just grab the shopping cart and put it away since I didn’t have any bags or anything; just my butter in my hand. So I pay and start pushing the cart over and head towards my car. And that’s when I see it, the lady is hunched over in the backseat of her car trying to organize the grocery bags. I keep walking, not even giving her a second glance and just leave the cart right behind her car.

I didn’t get to see her reaction as I quickly got into my car and left but it felt good showing the customer who is really right, one shopping cart at a time.

By: Bzdyk

Okay everyone who recommends Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater to me needs to explain the part where it was a hard winter so the wolf pack immediately tried to cannibalize a first grader… and then later the kid grew up and one of those wolves had a romance with her.

Like. Explain that. Explain that romance to me.

Because like??? if you’re having a hard winter? EAT OUT OF THE TRASH. EAT STRAY CATS. LOOK ADORABLE AND HOPE PEOPLE FEED YOU. STEAL FROM PEOPLE WHO PUT DOG BOWLS OUTSIDE. Or since you’re a WEREwolf how about you just buy enough dog kibble beforehand????

Don’t just grab a small child off a swing and start chowing down!

I don’t care that the love interest wolf ~saved her life~ because he looked into her eyes and she was his soulmate, I care that he was chewing a mouthful of her arm meat when they met! And would totally have eaten a less soulmatey first grader! How does this not shit the romance to death for you guys???

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Danny and NB wake up late after an eventful night and they realise that they have to meet T/WRP in 15 minutes, so they pANIC and rush to get ready, just grabbing what's on the floor and putting it on. When they finally meet T/WRP, Danny's wearing NB'S sweater and NB's wearing Danny's kimono.

that’s SO CUTE!! I love random clothes-swapping (as I’m assuming that Danny did at least put on undies and his shoes, and NB his gi pants) and this is RIGHT UP MY STREET

imagine even further (given that they’re established but haven’t done the do just yet) that Sung and Meouch give them both a lil eyebrow wiggle and a wink like “well well WELL” and Danny and NB both blush furiously like “NOTHING HAPPENED SHUT UP”

work is so dead and i’m bored so i’m just grilling up a bunch of frozen corn we have in the back bc we aren’t using it so i just grabbed it and dumped it all on the grill and i put my phone in the back bc it’s at 1% but it’s still not dead. i keep coming back to make posts expecting it to be dead but it’s not

“What are you doing?”

Standing in the doorway of the kitchen, staring down at your boyfriend who was crouched on the floor trying to pick up a gooey substance off the floor.  Michael quickly looked up, raising his hands which were also covered in the brown substance, with a deer in the headlights look.  

“I, uh, kinda dropped my pudding..” He mumbled, looking back down on the floor where his brown desert had falling and stained the off white tiles of your kitchen.  

“Please don’t tell me you were going to do with I think you were going to do,” He looked back at the floor with a strained expression, as if it killed him to see the mess.”Michael, we talked about this, the three second rule doesn’t apply to sticky food,” you softly brushed his hair from his forehead, feet dodging the pudding on the floor. “just grab another one for the cupboards, yeah?” 

Your boyfriend hummed, pressing his head into your thigh. Gently tugging his hair to pull his head back, you placed a soft kiss against his lips. “Michael,” you whispered against his lips, “I love you,” Another kiss. “but I’m not cleaning up your mess.” 

As you walked away you could hear his groan from the other side of the house.  

Shall we not talk about the face grab though?

Let’s talk about the face grab.

Because on so many occasions in anime, the face grab is used in a sensual/sexual context.

But not in this scene.

Hell, we’ve even seen it used in a sensual context in this particular anime

See the difference though? The thing is that in the scene with Yuuri, it’s gentle and careful and romantic.

With Yurio, it’s not.

And most importantly: it’s not meant to be.

Because, believe it or not, Victor is angry.

He doesn’t show it the way Yuuri or Yurio would, but he’s pretty pissed.

We know this through a few things, first of all, the fact that he replies to Yurio’s taunt, something which he, the mature adult, wouldn’t usually do.

You can even see it in his stance. He’s literally and metaphorically stooping to Yurio’s level. He’s lowering his back, leaning close with those half-lidded eyes and that sarcastic smile. In a way, he is mocking, belittling Yurio. And it’s something we’ve never seen him purposefully do with the intention of hurting someone.

And, well, he doesn’t intend to hurt Yurio. It’s his defense mechanism. More than anything, it’s a sign of how upset he is.

The face grab is the culmination of this

I think we all know how rarely Victor touches other people without their permission.

Which means he must be absolutely livid here.

Yurio may be just a kid but he’s tired of his shit.

It’s a way to remind him of his standing.

It’s a way of saying “Know your place, brat.”

“You don’t know the first thing about me. Who gave you the right to speak?”

And I’m not sure whether this is a thing in Russian, but in my language (Polish, which has Slavic origins, just like Russian), we have a phrase 'Nie pyskuj’ which translates as ‘don’t talk back’, but literally means something like ‘don’t muzzle off’. Essentially, ‘don’t run your mouth’.

So, in a way, you could interpret this as Victor literally closing and holding his mouth so that he stops yapping.

And if you think about it, this is the most violent behavior we’ve seen from Victor. He’s literally never acted like that. He’s never been that affected by anything to act like that.

But now, he’s pissed, and he can hardly control himself. And you could interpret the source of his anger as multiple things, but I’ll personally stick with the idea that he hates how Yurio is insulting Yuuri. I doubt that Victor cares how Yurio bad-mouths him personally, he can deal with being insulted himself. But the kid doesn’t get to talk that way about his fiance.

And the next we see of him is this smile

And I’m sure some people would like to consider it ‘flirty’ (especially when taken out of context), but more than anything, it’s a challenging smile. It’s sarcastic. He’s still mocking Yurio, and doing so just with his expression. He’s sneering at him. He’s showing that in every single way he’s above him and his petty insults (even though it’s clear that he’s also falling for them).

It’s interesting to see how Victor handles his anger because we’ve never seen him like that before. He’s never truly been angry.

This is a glimpse into the Victor we don’t know and it’s a curious one.

What’s even more curious is how quickly he gets over it and thinks this:

He quickly finds something positive about the situation. Because not even Yurio and his stupid insults can keep him down for long, not when he’s reminiscing about Hasetsu, feeling the ring on his finger and thinking of Yuuri.

Because ultimately Victor doesn’t hold grudges the way Yurio does. He lets things go easily.

But Yuuri is the one thing he doesn’t want to let go of anytime soon.

It’s on his behalf that he gets angry in the first place, but it’s Victor’s own nature to shrug and forget the conflict in the end.

And I think that says a lot.