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(1/2)How are CPC's allowed to use ultrasound machines just willy-nilly? The FDA and the American Institute for Ultrasound Medicine have both released numerous statements about the dangers of ultrasounds when used non-medically. To minimize the risks of bio effects and damage to tissue, you need a health care professional who is trained to quickly do the ultrasound.Not some rando who quotes bible verses and incorrect medical facts while using the machine for a dangerous prolonged period of time.

(This message says it’s the first of two but I only got one in my inbox?)

I have no idea. How do CPC’s get away with any of the awful shit they do? Lies, funding, and being backed by shitty people with the right kind of influence is my best guess.


Hey guys. So, I really I hoped I wouldn’t have to do this, but for the sake of my grades and my sanity, I am turning off the askbox temporarily. It won’t be a long hiatus–I will likely be back on or around the 15th. But between now and then I’ve got the final draft a novel to finish, two different papers to research and write, my dissertation proposal to hand in, and on top of that a houseguest and a sinus infection. The queue will still be posting, so never fear, but I won’t be actively checking the inbox or private messages for a little while. If you have urgent questions, please send them by midnight London time (which gives you about an hour). This post will be periodically re-posting just to remind people, so if you don’t want to see it again, block the tag ‘the way is shut.’

Thanks so much for understanding. Being a writer and a grad student and a semi-functional human being all at the same time is a lot. I love you all and will be back as soon as I can. 

Happy New Year!

Xx Dukesie


          I’m hopping on the bandwagon and instead of posting more starter calls to do all at once, I’m throwing up this permanent starter call! By liking this, you give me permission to put starters in your tag ( especially if we’ve plotted something that just never got off the ground ), invade your inbox with memes, message you for your wishlist things and generally approach you for threads!

♊ this is not mutuals only; if you didn’t just follow me for my endless ranting and occasional youtube recommendations and you actually would be cool with me tossing a starter at you, feel free to smash your fist down on that little heart button like an angry two year old playing whack-a-mole 

♊ these won’t come out right away; I have about 35-40 threads going right now ( most of which I owe on because, forewarning to anyone who likes this, I’m shit ) so this is more of a for the future and whenever the mood strikes me sort of thing than a soon starter call. 

♊ if I ever tag you in something because of this and you’d rather I changed it to something else, you are fully welcome to jump in my IMs and say “hey, Julia, you incompetent bag of under-roasted walnuts why don’t we do this instead” and I’ll hop to it

♊ I think that’s it! Have at it, folks

Just wanted to make a post real quick! I got to 2,000 followers a while ago and never made a post about it! Now we’re past 2,100 followers so I just wanted to say thank you!! Thank you so much for following me and this blog! Two thousand people is a lot of people!
I always want to do a giveaway or something for you guys when I get to these milestones, but I never know what to do. I could give away art prints or…idk?? If you have ideas I’m open I guess. :)

And I got like 70 new followers just today, that’s really crazy hahah. So for you newbies, HELLO! Welcome to my blog! I post a lot of different things here, but it almost always is related to animation. I love animation, all kinds of animation. I get obsessed with different things pretty easily, so what I post about changes frequently. Just so you know what you’ve signed up for! ;) I try to post my own art as often as I can!

Anyways, thank you so much everyone! Love you all. <3

*Eugh the gif looks all gross and blurry. Click on it and make it bigger then it doesn’t look so bad! ^_^