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Top 5 Elounor moments?

Going in for the kill I see dear anon lol okay here we goooo


1) Mama Jay’s Wedding, summer 2014! RIP MAMA JAY!! 

I feel a personal conviction when talking about these pics because some asshole (L*RRIE!) hacked Mama Jay’s computer to get proof that L*rry was real….instead she found private pics of Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding and posted lmao. And ya know, Eleanor was Jay’s maid of honor too so like…that just goes to show how great of a relationship the two of them had :))

I’ll only post the one that Eleanor posted on her Insta, which btw is STILL ON HER INSTAGRAM B/C THEY NEVER DELETED PICS OF EACH OTHER B/C TRUE LOVE !! (you can see the other pics from Jay’s wedding on Google because they’re sooo cute omg!) 

2) Montreal, summer 2013 (aka Elounor shopping, Eleanor got freaked out by the crowd of girls following them and Louis stepped the fuck up and got all cute and cuddly and extra protective bf!) 


3) VMAS, summer/fall 2013!!! (aka Eleanor was a proud gf and cute af!) 




4) The This is Us premiere, summer 2013. Because Eleanor looked Hot as Hell, Louis looked sharp and dapper and  they were sooo fucking cute omgg

Here they are at the after party and their feet are wrapped together and they look sooo engrossed in each other’s company :))


BONUS! Eleanor arrived with his family I mean come on?!!!!

5) Topman Fashion show winter 2013. They were so fucking young SO YOUNG! And yet they looked flawless af!! Louis clearly was like, “I don’t wanna be here but El likes fashion so I’ll grin and bare it,” lol. But they looked like a couple in love :)))))

So many cuddly moments I can’t :)) 


There were too many good moments to choose from lol 

Long story short, Elounor is so fucking cute I love them so much BYE!

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      So today, my Adfly account got deleted. Someone reported it, that someone was @fortheloveofsims4 / @xajxosimsaddicted / @justanothersimplayer or whatever this girl wants to call herself. 

     She’s against adfly, like I’ve never seen before, she’s been commenting on many creators posts that use adfly, trying to create drama. She’s a pathological liar and very stubborn. She commented on my post telling me to stop posting adfly links because they are bad, or she would “make me do it”. So I sent her a very kind and peaceful message, asking her to stop commenting on my posts and trying to create drama. Her response was not so kind, she insulted me in many ways, simply because I use adfly… She said that she would expose me to her “thousands” of youtube subscribers. I tried to explain to her why I use adfly and I told her that if she doesn’t like my content, to simply just not download it! She still didn’t understand and kept insulting me, so I blocked her.
     A few minutes passed and I received a message from other account, her “friend” saying that I made the biggest mistake of my life, because she has 1.8 MILLION YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS and she would expose me! (LOL) I answered telling her to leave me alone and that having 1.8 million subs was impossible, and blocked her again. So she sends me an image from ANOTHER account, with “proof” of the subs:

As you can see, she sent me a very bad Photoshopped pic, she put her name (not even with the youtube font) and her icon (completely out of the square limits the youtube icon has lololol), and it seems her 1.8 million went down to 500k…. but anyways. I replied saying that the pic was photoshopped from aviatorgamez, and this was her reply:

Of course my first thought was, “this girl is crazy!” and thought she wouldn’t actually do anything. But it seems she did. And it seems she’s the one behind all the reports on tumblr lately, every blog that got reported was probably because of her. I’m giving her the attention she wants, which I shouldn’t, but I just wanted to warn you about this person.


     My adfly got suspended because this girl reported it. I’ve lost all my earnings and all my links, I’m working at the moment in replacing them. I can’t wrap my head on how someone can do this to someone. I’ve done nothing wrong to anyone. I simply share content. I know it’s not the best way, but it’s the only way I can share it. Yes, I used 2 adfly links, which is very annoying, I understand. But earnings on adfly aren’t much, this way was a way of making a more significant amount. I am a student at University by day, I have a part time job by night, and on my free time I make cc for you, for FREE. I live alone, I need to pay rent, food, tuition, everything. The Sims and adfly have literally saved my life at times, because it was a little extra money, that helped me a lot.
     I’m not saying this for anyone to be sorry for me, I hate that, because I’m not the only one and there’s people with much less than me. I just can’t understand how someone is capable of just ruining someones work, just like that. Why can’t they just ignore and leave people alone doing their own things? If you don’t like something from a creator don’t download it. Why go to extreme measures and report them? Literally ruining a life of someone just for the sake of it. I truly don’t understand and I’m very very hurt. I’m sorry for the long text, I just hope some of you read it and understand my point of view. I’m sorry. 

boys of summer

”You know body positivity?” Magnus asks, drumming his fingers against his thigh.

”Isn’t it like, the celebration of all kinds of bodies?” Mahdi says with a mouth full of waffles.

“You want us to celebrate your body?” Isak smirks, leaning back on his chair.

“You’ve got great arms, Mags,” Jonas nods.

“Aww, thanks bro, you too,” Magnus reaches out his hand to squeeze Jonas’s arm. “No but what I mean is, I see Vilde look at these body positivity accounts on insta, right. These chicks posing in their underwear and shit, you know the stuff?”

“I’ve been over accounts of chicks in their underwear for a while now,” Isak sucks in an exaggerated breath. “But do continue.”

“So, I see her look at these pics, right, and from the way she talks about them, I get the feeling that she wants to try it out but is too afraid to do it, you know?”

“You mean post a body positivity pic?” Jonas asks, receiving a nod from Magnus. “It does take a lot of guts to put your body out there for everyone to criticize.”

“Yeah man, especially for chicks, they get so much hate online,” Mahdi chimes in.

“Yeah, I can see that, so I wanna do something to encourage her, to show her that I support her, which got me thinking, maybe I should do it first?”

“Ojjj, are you leaking your nudes,” Isak cocks his head.

“I was thinking of, I don’t know, posting a shirtless pic or something. Do you think that’d be weird?”

“Why would it be weird to want to support the person you love?” Isak asks, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes gone.

“Yeah bro, nothing wrong with that. Think how many shirtless pics that guy William probably takes per day just to support his ego.”

“You heard the man,” Jonas says. “Just do it, straight up.”

“Thanks dudes,” Magnus beams, taking off his shirt. “So, who’s gonna take the pic?”

“You wanna take the pic now? At school? The fuck?”

“I just told you? I wanna show my girl that I support her as soon as possible.”

“Jesus Mags,” Isak shakes his head and holds out his hand. “Give me your phone and strike a pose.”

“Wait, I’ve got a better idea,” Jonas grins and abruptly springs up from his chair before clapping his hands. “Mahdi, finish your waffle, boys, take off your shirts, it’s summer, we’re taking a pic.”

“We are?” Magnus cups his cheeks in excitement. “How should we stand?”

“Isak can be in the back row since he’s got the ugliest face,” Mahdi shoots.

“For your information, I’ve got the best legs so I’m gonna show them off in the front row,” Isak says, throwing his leg on the table.

“But wait, Isak, before we take the pic,” Magnus says, eyes widening, “can you get Even to come here?”

“Get your own fucking boyfriend.”

fionn’s adams apple

a masterpost about fionn’s adams apple because apparently i have a problem

alternatively titled:

*gifs aren’t mine

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Youngjae through GOT7 eras

Girls Girls Girls, a legendary debut

A, an era GOT7 wants to erase from their past

Stop Stop it, the minion clothing era

Just Right, the one who got me into kpop

If You Do, I DEMAND ANOTHER SEXY CONCEPT LIKE THIS ASAP (also I just realized that they had the cutest concept followed by the sexiest one)

I don’t have hq pics of Confession song + can we even call it an era? idk just blame it all on JYP


and yes two pics bc they’re really different and I couldn’t choose one

Hard Carry, a bop, we found out that Jinyoung was actually not dead and we waited for answers

Never Ever, I cried when Youngjae went blonde, I waited for almost two years for it + we didn’t really get any answers honestly it looks like the whole trilogy was nonsense why was Jinyoung on glass boxes? why Youngjae broke them? what about the water? and the fkng car with plants inside??

same as fly idk why JYP keeps having different “concepts” for photoshoots

anyways this is it guys please give our Youngjae and GOT7 much much love bye

Grab What’s Yours

A/n: I have had this idea for like a week now, just haven’t gotten to writing it yet, once I looked back in my journal and saw the idea I decided that I have to stay up a bit longer to write it. Hope you enjoy. 

Your phone is blowing up with notifications from instagram. You had just posted one of your post work out pics and it was getting thousands of likes and comments. 

Shawn shuffles into the room, sweats hanging low on his hip, no shirt. His hair still has water droplets dripping from the shower he just got out of. 

“Damn babe.” He says looking up from his phone. 

“What?” You say. He sticks his arm out and shows you a picture on his phone, your picture. 

Post Workout #getfit 

“Damn look how hot this girl is.” He smirks at you as you roll your eyes. 

“Stop.” You giggle as he oggles at his phone. 

“Fuck.” He grumbles as he comes to sit next to you. 

“What?” You ask looking over at him.

“I just got really lucky.” He shrugs. You start to blush and go back to scrolling through Pinterest. 

Shawn turns the TV on and starts watching some MTV unplugged episode. You see him constantly looking at his phone and then putting it down rather angrily. 

Your phone won’t stop blowing up so you log out of Instagram to get a break. You turn to cuddle into Shawn’s side and he wraps an arm around you. He keeps checking his phone but you don’t say anything because he is always on his phone, he just seems a bit upset. 

Suddenly he gets up and marches up to your room. You stare at the wall not knowing what to do or what just happened. 

You decide to give him a few minutes to calm himself. He was being weird and you didn’t want to ruin the good mood you were in. 

“Fuck!” He hear him groan. 

That’s it, time to see what’s wrong.

You silently start to make your way to your room. You see him through the crack of the bathroom door. He is leaning on the counter, scrolling through his phone. He grumbles something incoherent and you walk in. 

“Shawn? What’s wrong?” You ask. 

“Nothing.” He mumbles to you. You walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his torso. He sighs and relaxes at your touch. You kiss his back and lean into him.

“Baby, why are you upset?” You ask.

“These guys are making comments on your picture and it’s pissing me off.” He says. 

“What are they saying?”

“Just things about your body and what they want to do to it.” 

“Hmmmm, what do you want to do to it?” You tease kissing his back again. 

“Stop, I’m angry.” He says turning to face you.

“You mean jealous.” 

“Sure.” He huffs.

“Honey, they are random guys who I have never seen or met before leaving dumb comments on a picture. I’m not theirs, I’m yours.”

“Say that again.”

“Shawn.” You start. “I’m yours.” You smile at him. He smiles too leaning down to kiss you. “Tell you what, why don’t we post a picture on your page proving that I’m yours.” You say pulling away. 

You turn and start positioning him for an idea you got. He stares at you confused and you take his hand and slide it down your back to your ass. He smirks at you. 

“Come on babe, grab what’s yours.” You challenge him. His eyes go dark and hungry. He squeezes your ass and you lean up to kiss him. “Take the picture Shawn.” You say against his lips. He snaps multiple pictures while attacking your lips with his own. 


Later after proving to Shawn that you are his, you are sitting on the couch with his head in your lap. You have one hand massaging his scalp while the other holds your phone scrolling through Instagram. He is watching TV and playing with the hem on his sweats that your wearing. 

You stop when you come across his post. 

“Come on babe, grab what’s yours” @ y/user/n 

You smile and like the picture not even bothering to look through the comments. 

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Anyways, tell us about meeting Scott!

Lmao ok so I’m sitting at the hair station getting my hair braided. My friend just got finished with hers and he just casually walks in and she’s like “is that Scott?” So I look up and I’m like…yes. Yes it is. And she just STOOD there so I was like GO UP THERE. And I swear to god I was about to jump up from that chair. This poor girl. I was halfway off the seat and she’s like “do you want glitter?” And I’m like HAVING THIS INTERNAL BATTLE BECAUSE I WANT TO BE SPARKLY BUT WHAT IF HE LEAVES? But the glitter won and I ZOOMED from the seat as soon as she was done and went up to him. He gave me a pick at this point and was talking about Taylor getting ready and how she’s so excited for the show and how great ATT is and then he started talking about them as a business and their stocks and I was just like….okay Scott. Your stockbroker side is showing. So I tried to get a pic with him but he left to go see another group, so naturally I followed him. In this group he asked how we got our tickets and this one girl got them because she’s in the military so he started talking about all the stuff Taylor does involving the military and veterans (or something like that, I didn’t catch all of it) and we were like wow, we didn’t even know that and he’s like “yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that she does no one knows about.” And then he moved onto another group and I followed again lol. This girl was wearing an Olivia shirt so he started talking about Meredith and Olivia and some mouse game on the computer (??? He said to YouTube it) and how Olivia loves it and goes crazy. Even when the computer is off she’ll go over to it and paw at it and Meredith wants nothing to do with it. She just stares at her like “what the heck are you doing?” He kept calling Olivia “Dibbles” lol. So then another girl was like your daughter is amazing and he was like “thank you so much. We like her too.” And I was like “yeah you did a good job with that one” and he was like “thank you! We tried!” And he started talking about how much she loves us and how this preparty is the only preparty of its kind, that there’s never been anything like it and all the planning that went into it to make it special for us. I kept asking for a picture but I’m shy and quiet and I didn’t think he heard me, because he kept talking (I wasn’t interrupting, it was always during a break in conversation). Another girl asked him for one and he finally was like “sure, but She asked first, come here sweetheart” and pointed at me and then I took the shakiest picture of my life.

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Trailer Shot-By-Shot

Ok Earpers. That Season 2 trailer was RIDICULOUS and AMAZING and just jam-packed with good stuff.  I dunno about you, but even after several (more than 18, less than 20) viewings, I still couldn’t catch everything.  Sooooo I decided to grab screenshots and put them together for ya’ll!  Feast your eyes, my friends, feast your eyes.

Some of this trailer includes stuff from Season 1 but this is definitely S2- looks like the same space we either see right away next or later in the trailer (v. cool lighting, spiderweb-y stuff on the walls?).  Could be Wynonna holding the person (is that a holster on their hip?) or it could be a rescue and the person kneeling is on Team Earp.  Also, is it me or does Waverly’s body language suggest she’s holding a gun? (I’m thinking big-ass shotgun. Anyone else?)

Scary (awesome) Wynonna: “We’re on the fury road express baby girl and there aren’t enough flaming guitars and gassy generals to bring us down.”

Waverly Approves.

1. Their faces.

2. SO excited to see what they’re running from.

Anyone else pumped to see different pairings of our favs teaming up?

I think this is S2? I think I would remember that scarf. Either way, I’m always here for more dramatic shots of Wynonna wielding Peacemaker.

Ok suuuuuper blurry but that looks to be Wynonna hitting/striking Dolls. Also, same blue shirt from later when he’s beasting out…?

Season 1 shot.

Badass Earp sisters. (Also v. slimey. Creature goo?)

Wynonna twirling Peacemaker all casual-like.  Revenant or just some poor sap she’s intimidating at the end of the hall?

Aw. Who’s she smiling at like this?

“Wynonna’s not a flowers and chocolate kinda girl.” 

Wynonna mid-punch.  See what I mean about the cool tones and spider-web stuff? Same location I think.

Agency Lady is back and as terrible as ever.

(sorry I’ve got that control bar in some of these pics. oops.)

Preeeetty sure that’s Dolls she just threw through a banister. Tons of property damage in this scene and I’m hoping it’s not the Homestead!

More Wynonna punching people. Dunno who this is.

Season 1 dance scene. #classic

As yet unidentified woman fighting with Wynonna in what appears to be a hotel room.

You didn’t like this lamp, right?

“You have amazing taste in underwear.” Love this. Emily Andras, giving us top-notch dialogue again.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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This isn't an inconsistency, but you might find it interesting nonetheless. During the Houston con in 2016, Jared launches into a story about eating sour lemons with Gen while visiting the Amalfi Coast in Italy between European conventions, in response to a question about the most romantic thing he's ever taken his wife on. I've always been struck by Jensen's facial expressions during this story, almost like he's remembering it happening... It's on youtube, about 25 minutes into the panel.


first i gotta say that yeah jensen’s face is very sweet when jared tells the story, im sure it was a nice moment for them and he also gets that pensive face like he’s remembering, you’re right 

now i hope you’ll excuse me because im about to elaborate a bit more on this moment

so i found this vid and this one 

and basically jensen doesn’t give a fuck as usual and hets are the fucking worst as usual 

like literally, that girl asks her question “i was hoping that each of you can tell us about the most romantic date you’ve ever taken your wives on” and first we got the audience “awing”, just disgusting (where is that gif of jared gagging when you need it??) but the real IMPORTANT thing here is jensen’s reaction!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK

HE’S FUCKING EYEROLLING AS SOON AS THE HET ASKS HER QUESTION!!!!!!! OH MY GOD he’s so fucking DONE honestly just look at the video, you’ll see 

pics from the other angle (i couldn’t make a gif because the person is shaking, too bad) before and after the question is asked:

he’s so fucking done!!!!!

like what the actual fuck is wrong with hets, who the fuck comes at a convention about a show to ask actors about their personnal lives?????

and it’s even worse since you’re asking closeted gay guys to make up fake stories and making them even more uncomfortable because they have to lie!!


im also really annoyed because look at all those gifs, look at them!  all those gifs were taken from this video but it has been deleted!!! im so frustrated!! because it seemed like a better angle and with this vid i think we could have had a better look at jensen’s eyeroll!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!! if anyone has saved it, make gifs of this moment please!!! 


after the questions is asked jensen rolls his eyes but jared makes a joke so people laugh but jensen isn’t done showing he’s annoyed so it goes: 

jared: i can’t tell you the entire story

jensen: why not we’re already going down that road (while making this face)

he’s not joking there, he’s done with those hets 

and that reminds me of a video where someone asked them for a story about their kids (it was right after they had the first babies) and jensen already didn’t have time for this shit and he says something like “oh that’s it, there’s no more questions about the show, after 9 seasons, now the babies are more interesting” and people were laughing because those dumb hets can’t fucking see that jensen was seriously annoyed, they don’t understand his sarcarm, just like here in houston, they’re laughing without seeing he’s annoyed, just ugh

and then after that they don’t say anything for more than 10 seconds, nothing, just awkward silence because they have to make up some bullshit stories to answer 

so jared obviously uses a moment he had with jensen and says something very genuine which makes it look authentic, and notice how he starts by saying that his story applies to all types of couples and saying that the unscripted moments are the most important and he says that one day “gen” told him “if you buy me flowers on valentine’s day and then nothing till the next valentine’s day then you can shove your flowers up your ass” and excuse the fuck me but that’s jensen talking there (and you can see him nodding a lot while jared was saying it lol)

and then he talks about not wanting his personal life to be scripted like it is during work so what they do is that they go on walks. and excuse the fuck me but how could you go on walks regularly since you’re most of the time in vancouver and gen in the US?? oh i know because those walks are with jensen!! and i can totally see j2 going on walks after work together to relax and bound as a couple rather than just as coworkers just like that moment at the beginning of the show when jensen showed jared a nice spot to eat during wendigo or dead in the water. and then jared tells the story in italy because that’s the only place where gen could have also been, during those bearding trips, and just tell me how am i supposed to believe that gen would eat a lemon raw???? are you fucking kidding me jared???? if she had been there she would have rolled her eyes and dismiss him for stealing them just like she dismisses him when he’s being his goofy self. so yeah that’s a total j2 story and yeah see the gifs at the top for jensen’s sweet smiles

and jensen’s answer is amazing!!! because he doesn’t even bother to make something up, he’s like “yeah yeah the unscripted moments right” and then he just said that it was the honeymoon!!!! he says “we really hit it on the head with the honeymoon” “that was one of the best romantic times” and yeah jensen said the best romantic times he’s had with danneel was the “honeymoon” where FUCKING GINO was invited to and where jensen said at another con HE HAD READ A GOOD BOOK!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! IS HE EVEN TRYING????!!!! you guys remember that?? right?? that con where jensen remembered a book he had read during his honeymoon, that he had picked up because he was FUCKING BORED!!! DURING HIS FUCKING HONEYMOON!!!! where he had “the best romantic times”!!! oh my god jensen is not even trying i can’t believe this omg and meanwhile that dumb audience is howling and squealing like they’re wetting their panties because jensen shared a fake ass story about his fake ass honeymoon just….. it’s so fucking gross uuuuuuuuugh

and notice when he was done with the answer he IMMEDIATELY said a quick “thanks” and moved super fast to the next question!! he HATED that het question omg

it was like that other het question about knowing their “wives” were the ones, and jared was the one to fuck it up and jensen was the one to turn it into a gender neutral answer

so to end what i wanna say sincerely, from the bottom of my heart:


for putting jared and jensen in those uncomfortable situations all that so they can have their little fantasies and be comforted in their fake beliefs that j2 are straight and could be happy with women  

victorious characters as bloggers


-pretty lilac mobile theme

-aesthetique blogged w a decent amount of followers??

-reblogs photography a lot + pictures of peoples art journals

-still doesn’t 100% have the concept of tumblr down though so she doesn’t use tags. at all

-has a personal tag where she talks about school with the dialect of a middle aged mother

-blocks every porn blog. all of them.

-posts cute videos of her singing. jade heckles her in the tags when she rbs them


-bubble gum pink mobile theme

-everything is in caps???

-has literally no idea how to use tumblr @ all

-half of her posts are reblogs of her friends posts bc she forgets about the messaging tab

-the other half are all cute animals and her own nonsensical personal posts 

-everyone thinks she a crack/parody blog bc of how weird her shit is


-clearly put a lottttt of effort into coding her own theme but won’t admit it

-unironically ironically reblogs stuff like “and one day you’ll realize this was written with my blood”

-makes posts making fun of tori to which tori responds “im being CYBERBULLIED” but it only stays on her blog for like 36 hours at most

-punk aesthetic shit like doc martens + broken glass, edgy oil spill photography that only 13 year olds reblog

-black + green mobile theme

-her title is “welcome to my twisted mind” but it really is ironic she swears

-has one of those music players on her blog

-bio has ‘goth activist’ in it. nobody knows whether or not it’s serious. no one wants to.


-mobile theme is blue + white

-never bothered to get a code theme so it’s just the default and its fuck ugly

-doesn’t have a banner either

-most of it is just audio bits of his own music bc he doesn’t wanna be a soundcloud rapper douche

-rbs clothes he like a lot + expensive instruments he wants to own one day

-some of it is interacting w/ tori & rbing quotes about music, and Funny Tumblr Story shit


-is really really popular??

-black + gray mobile theme

-posts shirtless pictures of himself bc he hasn’t realized it’s douchey yet

-almost all of his posts are black+white aesthetic pictures of shit like well dressed men smoking on balconies + city skylines in monochrome

-reblogs old actors quotes about the craft of acting

-literally no personal posts. just edgy b&w photography aesthetic that’s all of it

-MOST minamalist theme in the world

-gets tons of teen girls asking for dick pics and he’s like “you know northridge”


-reblogs lots of sad, weird facts. usually about bugs

-his icon is a stock photo of some color swirl of electricity he got from google images

-mobile theme is gray and bright red but not in an emo way

-reblogs lots of quotes about intelligence and being in the friend zone

-is part of the puppetry fandom? which consists of 3 people?

-doesn’t quite get the grasp of tumblr tbh

-has 4 followers. 4. 

-posts poorly taken photos of him and rex that were very obviously taken from a computers webcam

-sends anons to advicey blogs asking why girls don’t like him

-anonymously flirts with cat and all of her answers are literally unintelligible.

-his bio is all of the lyrics to the iconic “broken glass”

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you got it and missed it or it never sent, but I sent you an ask earlier asking you what your favorite a team moment is. It can be anything series of tweets, insta tags, or pics together. It doesn't matter. I'm just feeling some a team love today!

k so my fav recent moments are

lap ride

tennis partners

surprise from behind

the clapback™

quick fix

saint jj

saint marta

babe? bABE?

and finally!!!!! the i am marrying this girl


What a day! A 6am start in the rain, a really fun panel, lots of pics and autographs…and LINES. It was so great to meet Sam…been a dream for a long time. But CAIT!! I am severely girl crushing on her. She’s just a special human. You can’t help but notice when you meet her. But my biggest girl crush is reserved for all of the lovely ladies from here that I got to meet today. It’s been the best part of all of it. 😘😘😘😘😘 to all of you. ❤❤

Just an outfit of the day post, because I got some random compliments on my top today and it made me happy ;-) Also, and this just.. it’s a medium!! When did that happen!?! (jk, I still wear a large for the most part).

If you missed my #transdayofvisibility post from Friday, please check it out on my blog. I am still going to keep adding images and other info to my new Pictorial.


anonymous asked:

I saw an article about a girl who sold her panties online for $10,000 so I was like damn I gotta get into this. I knew people would pay more if I met in person so I posted a craigslist ad and started selling. Dudes would pay $65 a pair for some $2 panties I got from Walmart. Sometimes I wouldn't even wear them I'd just put lube on them LOL. And sometimes they'd wanna pic so I'd only get one kind of underwear and use the same pic over and over. best hustle I ever did. 10 minutes of work for $65+

wow wtf! YOU SO SMART

(Pic not mine - to reblog just the photo, reblog from here.)

You Got Me

A Pictures of Us (Samara) Series Ficlet

It’s a common occurrence to find Samara and her baby brother communing – the girl loves the baby more than words can describe – but when Castle joins in, she knows there’s a conspiracy afoot.

“What are you guys whispering about?” Kate asks from the doorway, allowing her lips to twist in amusement when two of the three of them jump.


“Nuffin’ Mommy,” Samara echoes, her eyes flaring wide.

“Uh huh,” she teases, making her way to them, claiming her spot beside the baby. Simon squeaks, kicking his legs and waving a fist in greeting; he’s such a happy baby, so relaxed and ready to go with the flow. “Now why don’t I believe that?”

Her husband grins, lifting a shoulder. “Your naturally suspicious nature?”

Narrowing her eyes, she studies him. The wiggle of his eyebrows, the upward curve of his lips, the glint in his eyes; he’s not even pretending to look innocent. “You wanna try that again?”

Rick shakes his head, unrepentant. “Nope. There’s nothing going on ‘round here. Just singing a few songs and having some quality snuggles. Right, Samara?”

Her daughter giggles into Rick’s arm – a tell if there ever was one – but nods, sticking to the plan and the party line. “Wight, Daddy!”

Reaching across the baby, Kate wiggles her fingers against her daughter’s belly. Samara squeals, scooting back against Rick’s chest, catching Kate’s hand between both of her palms, putting an end to the tickle attack.

“Gotcha,” Samara exhales, pinning Kate with a joyful smile. Her sweet, happy girl. As worried as they were about her progress and what having the new baby in the house would mean, Samara has only blossomed since Simon was born.

“Yeah, baby, you got me,” she murmurs, glancing up at Rick to find his eyes soft with affection. “Now, you gonna tell me what you three were plotting when I walked in?”

Her husband grins, shaking his head. “Nope.”


Yesterday, I wanted to go see @pandoranora . However, I felt obliged to go to my niece’s softball game, because she has been fighting through serious depression. She is a lovely girl, but has been through way too much trauma and heartbreak for someone so young. I am always glad when I go support her. She is smart and loving and so happy when we come to her games. They ended up winning their regional championships, which was a really big deal, since the banner hangs in our hometown, and this is the first time they’ve been on it. There was a little family drama, but not too much. Mostly fun watching the girls lose their first game and beat the same team in the second game. And lots of yummy fruits, veggies, and shaved ice from a guy with a portable cart.

Then, because I hadn’t driven myself, I ended up at an after party with the team and parents. That sort of thing messes with my social anxiety, but it was okay. And it certainly was a beautiful backyard. All of the coaches ended up jumping in fully dressed. These pics are of my brother-in-law. When I got home, my youngest was just returning from a weekend with friends, and it turned out she had lied to us about where she was going, so she could get out of basketball practice. She too is really struggling with depression and anxiety. She’s seeing a psychiatrist this Wednesday. I have to just realize that she’s different from her siblings, but I worry, because her anxiety completely derails her school work. It’s hard when you see your kids stressing unnecessarily. I was the same way, except that school was easier for me. My heart is pretty heavy today.
Halcyon! Ong Seongwoo

Halcyon -  denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

Genre: Slight Angst  the type where it hurts your heart a tiny bit.

Prologue: Letters from a Longtime Friend  ♡

“Here mom, I got the mail!” 
“Thanks, can you put them on the table?”
“Okay! I’m going to go to the park with dad!”
“Okay, make sure you two don’t get lost on the way there~”

You looked the pile of mail and noticed the tinted blue letter on the bottom. You reached for it and pulled it out to only be greeted with the same handwriting you noticed from the past.

‘Oh, it’s been a while.’

You were 16 when you saw him, you were looking out the window that specific morning and noticed him getting caught by the dean who always made the late kids run around the track. He was running beautifully, with his perfect form and use of legs to put a decent distance between him and the other kids. Before long, he was already done with his run and bowed to the dean before heading to class.
“Hello Mr. Ong, it’s nice to know you made it to the first day of class.” Teacher Lee stated as he motioned the bowing Seongwoo to his seat, which was next to yours.
“Sorry, I had to bring my niece to her daycare.”
“Yes yes, now please open up your textbook.”

He leaned over to you, “I’m sorry, can we share your book…I forgot mine.”

You blushed at the sudden eye contact, his eyes seemed like the stars were residing in them when it wasn’t night time, and nodded, “Sure, we’re right here.” You pointed to the middle of the page.
He flashed you a grin, “Thanks.”

“Hey Seongwoo, that’s my seat.” You shook the sleeping boy as he opened his eyes, rubbing them and yawning in the process.
“Oh- my bad, I was looking out the window and I must have knocked out.”
You laughed a little before giving him a water bottle, taking the seat in front of him. Jaehwan won’t mind if he doesn’t know.
“Thanks,” he opened the water bottle and continued to look out the window, “So this is where you saw me huh?” He glanced at you.
“W-what how did you know?” You managed to stutter before grabbing the water bottle from his hand and drink from it.
“I saw you.” He laughed. “You kept staring at me while I run, I thought you were a stalker.”

You punched him, “I’m far from a stalker Ong, I’m your best friend.” You rolled your eyes and looked out the same window.
It was silent for a while, until “We just had an indirect kiss y/n.” He snickered as you turned red.

A couple days later it was sports day and Seongwoo was participating on the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash. Of course, it was class against class, Mr. Lee’s class were colored blue while the Ms. Park’s were colored red.
“Go blue! Go! Go, Ong! Go!”
Daniel, who was also participating, pouted and said, “Hey, y/n cheer for me also!”
“But you’re not in my team Daniel!”

Jisung, who heard the exchange, yelled, “Yah! Kang Daniel! Want me to cheer you on!” and began cheerleading pulling Sungwoon with him, who happily showed off his moves.
“Ew! No, thank you!”

They were interrupted when the teacher said to get in position. When they fired the gun, everyone was cheering. Daniel and Seongwoo were head to head.  You were hoping for Seongwoo, but Daniel outran him and won the race. The red team was cheering, while the blue team was crying in defeat. You went to Seongwoo and laid down next to him.
“Don’t worry Ong Seongwoo, there’s still one more race.”
“There’s no use in living anymore.”
Seongwoo was extremely competitive. Especially around Daniel. They would always compete on test scores, ranking, and athletic abilities. But they were still best friends. Daniel came up to you guys and started rolling on you guys.
“Yah! Kang Daniel! Stop It! You’re heavy!”
Seongwoo got up and said, “Kang Daniel! It was a good match, but I bet you won’t outrun me in the next race!” and then ran away.
“Yeah right!” and started to run after him.
You yelled, “Yah! Wait for me, Ong Seongwoo! Kang Daniel!”

“Class! As many of you know, we have final exams soon, please make sure to get a good score and help set my reputation as the best teacher on this campus.”
“But Teacher Lee, Ms. Park’s class had the better exam scores last year!” Jaehwan shouted.
“Yes! That’s why we must beat her class!! Now study or you’re going to miss the fun of the summer!”
The whole class groaned, “Boooooo!!!” 
“Hey y/n, let’s have a study group!”
“Okay! Let’s invite Jaehwan as well~”
“No- wait let’s just study together.”
Seongwoo quickly grabbed your hand which was about to poke Jaehwan in front of you.
Jaehwan turned back anyways, “Okay y/n~ Let’s study~”
You laughed as Jaehwan smirked at Seongwoo’s glare.

Your class was able to get the better percentage this year, resulting to Mr. Lee cheering and treating everyone to dinner including Ms. Park’s class.
“y/n! Come sit with us!” Minhyun patted the seat between him and Seongwoo.
“Okay.” You sat down and smiled at Daniel who was seated across from you.
“Guys, I think Mr. Lee likes Ms. Park,” JIsung whispered towards the group as he stacked meat onto your bowl.
“Yea it’s pretty obvious Jisung.” Minhyun chuckled as he placed veggies on your plate.
“Guys- I think you’re putting too much food for y/n,” Daniel stated as he took one of your meat, which Jisung glared but gave Daniel more meat. 
“Nah, y/n eats a lot. Like the yesterday we went to eat udon and she finished 3-” You slapped you hand over his mouth.
“Ong Seongwoo, what were you going to say?” You eyed him, as he shook his head ‘nothing, I was going to say nothing.’

You let go of your hand.


The last days of high school were approaching, and Ong Seongwoo dropped the fact that he was going aboard.
“Thanks for leaving me, idiot.” You always made sure to say that every single day until he goes.
“Whatever stupid.” Was always his reply.

The group of friends decided to celebrate one last time before Seongwoo leaves, thus having a party at a barbeque place.
“To Seongwoo! For his better life and education in Europe!” Sungwoon toasted as he lifted his glass of cola.
“To Seongwoo!” Everyone else lifted their cups of beverages.
The party was going well, with chit chats everywhere and laughter at stories and recalled memories.
Until you felt someone hugging you, blushing at the sudden contact, “D-daniel? Are you okay? What happened?”
His face was flushed as he looked sleepy.

“Who gave him alcohol??”
“Oh, I forgot to mention his drink contained 48% alcohol-”
“Oh… y/n… you look so beautiful today…”
He was drifting to sleep, but not before you heard him whimper, “…i like you y/n.”
Seongwoo and you exchanged glances before Seongwoo got him off and put Daniel in the corner to sleep in peace.

It wasn’t until the day finally came when you were at the airport crying your eyes out, “t-thank for l-leaving me….eeee IDIOT.” He sighed before pulling you into a hug, “Stupid, I’ll make sure to send you lots of postcards and letters. Now stop crying or else I’m going to cry too.” He dabbed his eye, “and I don’t want to look like an ugly mess when I step out of the airport of England.” He pulled out of the hug and started to walk towards the door for passengers.

‘It’s now or never. Go. You can do this y/n. This chance won’t come again.’

“Seongwoo…” He turned around and you looked into his eyes, how is it possible that those eyes can hold stars, it’s like looking into the night sky. “I like you.”
You saw his eyes widen before they drop into a pained look, “…..I’m sorry y/n…” He walked towards you and gives you one last hug. “I have to go.” He whispers and kisses your forehead as he walked away.

The first postcard came after a week since he’s been gone. It was a beautiful picture of the clock tower and on the back :
“Hey y/n! It’s really cool here!!”

The second one came a month after. It was a small letter with a polaroid of him posing in front of the Eiffel tower.
“Woooahhh, the tower is huge!”

The tinted colored letters and beautiful postcards kept coming, at least 15 per year. How does he get the money-
It was safe to say you had a box full of his mail, pictures, and gifts.

You were 22 when you got the letter that made you stay in your room for 3 days until Daniel convinced you to get out and come with him to a cat cafe. While you were getting ready, Daniel noticed the letter on your kitchen table and read it. Frowning as he looked at the pic of Seongwoo holding hands with another girl.
“Y/n, I think I found the love of my life.”

After that letter, you got less and less mail from Seongwoo. It just decreased year after year.

You were 24 when Daniel decided to step up his game and finally gather the guts to confess to you. You rejected him and told him that you were still in love with Seongwoo, but Daniel insisted that he will wait. As time progressed, you realized Daniel was always there for you and he made you happy when you were saddened, he became your pillar and you began to slowly fall for him.

When you were 27, Daniel proposed. You said yes because hell you were in love with him now. He was perfect. You should have had a camera to take the pictures of his smile that night. Oh hey, you have a phone!!! That night you and Daniel agreed to send Seongwoo the news. Thus you guys took a picture of you and Daniel holding hands and smiling while Daniel kisses your left hand and later printed it out and wrote on the back. “We’re getting married.”

Back to the present! You’re now 32 years old with a 4-year-old who’s currently at the park with Daniel, mostly going to bring you back a melted ice cream cone. You giggle as you already know the conversation between them.

“Daddy! Hurry! Mommy’s ice cream is melting!”
“AHH! Okay! Let’s go go go!”
and they would try to run home.

You looked back at the letter and slowly opened it.

“Hello y/n, it’s been a while. How are you and Daniel doing? I hope your family is doing fine. I’m sorry for not writing for 5 years, I just couldn’t bring myself to write you something to congratulate your wedding. But I did send you guys wrist watches from Europe! Anyway, I want to mention that the point of this letter is because this would be the last I will send to you. I want to thank you, our friendship will forever be a part of my life and I appreciate every moment we spent together. The times we had together made me super happy and I will treasure those moments with my life.
Since this would be the last letter, I’m guessing you would want some answers. When we were at the airport when you confessed to me. I never really got to answer, but I also loved you back then. I just wasn’t able to confess to you even at the end.
During my time in Europe, you were always on my mind. I would send you anything that reminds me of you. And I met her when I was looking at the hats to give to you. I don’t how to explain, but she was just the one for me. I’m sorry.
I wish you and Daniel will forever be happy, I wish your family will continue to blossom, and I wish this letter won’t bring you tears, rather I hope this letter gives you a push to continue your life with me as a memory of the past.

Your long time friend,

Ong Seongwoo

unedited. 2043 words. this one hurt, but hey daniel is here :) 
thank you for reading!  

anonymous asked:

What on earth would possess someone with Sam's talent and promise to commit a form of career suicide like this weekend's wedding debacle? He's not with this Mauzy woman, he's clearly involved with Cait. I just can't get my arms around the WHY of it all.

I don’t think it’s going to be a career suicide, at least not for him in the fandom at large, anon. This debacle is staying, just as all the previous ones did, in just this small corner of the fandom. No tabloids. And no fandom at large. Just us, the antis, and the wanker.
It seems that any time there is any effusiveness shown towards Cait we are going to get a stunt like this-it’s like Sam gets sent out for penance. Cait’s bday was a full on Cait fest, and got him NC. And T2 was a doozy, followed by the late night bedtime fist bump, which was then followed closely by Valentine’s Day which was pretty much The Cait Channel “all Cait, all the time” as far as Sam was concerned. And that looks to have earned him, and us, a trip to Georgia. Seems like the point wasn’t quite getting across, what with all the SamCait love going down, that Sam and Cait were to be considered as only friends- so whoever is in charge of such things seems to have ordered up the full on Hiddleswift for this one; complete with a meet the parents, and this time there will be a picture that actually has both of you in it, if you please.
But it doesn’t seem to please, does it? Not really. Not in that visceral, pupil dilating sort of way that Sam and Cait seem to please each other. These two both seem awkward in that shot. She is playing the shy coquette, and Sam, well Sam is standing there. Bar the bit of “acting” from the girl, that pic looks like all the other fan pics that came out of Jibland.
So once again we get force fed a heaping helping of Samzie to try to cover up the Sam Cait that it seems everyone, including Sam and Cait themselves, was enjoying. It’s got a bitter taste, and from the looks of it not just to us. But it still stays only to the tumbler and twitter community. It’s not in the press, not even the tabloids, so beyond the fans here that get disgruntled and fed up there should be little backblow towards him. This stuff is small picture stuff, stuff that impacts only those of us who are looking closely. The folks who are standing farther away are still seeing only the big picture and that big picture still has only Cait in it. Cait is the one who is intertwined in his charities and friends, and he in hers. It’s Cait in all the pics on his IG and he in her’s, and it’s the same on twitter. If you didn’t know this other girl existed, anon, you would not learn of it by looking at Sam’s SM, or his press coverage. Or of Sam on her SM either- there is no Sam anywhere. The pics we get are only courtesy of “friends” and coworkers. It’s small time, and low budget, and not in any way “official” since it doesn’t even get onto the participant’s SM. This little shit show has been conducted solely on SM, solely for the SM community and that is a very small part of the entire fandom. For what purpose remains unclear, but it has been quite beneficial to both the girl, and the wanker. And that may well be all there is to it: A struggling actress, and her champion. And an actor whose boss requires a well maintained smokescreen. These two can strike up a mutually beneficial deal and please the boss, and help a career. And get traffic for an aging blowhard and some family members a few extra followers in the deal. But I can’t see it having any real impact on anyone’s reputation in the larger world (the larger part of the fandom who doesn’t follow Outlander or the actors on SM closely, if at all) until and unless the larger world gets to know of it via pics put out by real paparazzi, pics on the actors IG, etc. And they have all been pretty careful to not let that happen.


So, @itza322 and I went to Chris’ book event in Houston. What a gem. I’ve been to a few of his signings, but never got to see him do anything like this. I twas so worth the six hour drive. Lol He was sweet and funny and thankfully, there weren’t any awkward Klaine questions. Here’s what we can remember from last night!! See Maritza’s pictures here!

Under a read more because this got long. I transcribed his answers from my audio, so they are are exact quotes. Enjoy!

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