just got so much worse

bless every fanfiction writer ,, u are doing the acts of god

Birthday-Brett Talbot

Teen Wolf Imagine:#18 Prompt: #…None

Word Count: 1,264

Warnings: Grumpy reader

A/n: Hey everyone guess what!?!? It’s my birthday!

So this one also doesn’t have a prompt #, it’s just a little imagine I wrote to celebrate my 20th Birthday (also Cody Saintgnue’s 23rd Birthday)


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there’s a blizzard so work closed two hours early today ❤

single daddy Luke holding little baby girl hemmo close to his chest as he walks through the crowded airport, rubbing her back while smiling at his fans. it had been quite a long flight, and little Hemmings was tired. I mean, she was used to all the fans and the cameras and the fact that someone always seemed to want her daddy’s attention, but today was just too much. cameras flashing from everywhere, teenagers dragging Luke towards them, people screaming from everywhere. it was all just too much. so as the mobbing got worse, baby Hemmings pressed her face closer against Luke’s neck, tears falling down her chubby cheeks and ending up on Luke’s black shirt. Luke would rub her back again, leaving a kiss on top of her head while mumbling that “daddy is here, it’s okay” as security pushed their way through the sea of people. and when finally arriving in the black van, little Hemmings dared to glance up from her dad’s neck, and when noticing that all the scary people was gone, she relaxed, putting her thumb in her mouth as Luke ran his fingers through her blonde hair. “it’s okay now, baby girl. daddy’s got you” and she’d giggle softly before leaning into her dad’s chest, snuggling her face in his shirt, finally being able to close her baby blue eyes and fall asleep. all safe and sound in the quiet car with her dad’s strong arms wrapped around her small body.



What about Geostigma infecting one of the Crew? Or the Jedi coming to the planet in the middle of the Geostigma plague and trying to help. Or deciding to come back later because they, as Force sensitives, are ten times more likely to catch it?

They barely managed to establish any sort of perimeter around the crashed ship before suddenly, without any warning, both of their Generals were out of commission.

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Watching asib just got so much worse. Mycroft being concerned about danger nights. Mycroft giving Sherlock a cigarette to test and see if he’s going to go home and get high off ass because he can’t deal with his emotions about Irene. Sherlock actually getting high off his ass to deal with John’s convo with Irene at Battersea. I hate everything.