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in which neil is a sappy little shit: part one

i’m thinking about andrew and neil at matt and dan’s wedding and it’s near the end and andrew won’t leave the cake table and neil won’t leave andrew so they’re both sort of leaning against the table while neil watches andrew eat the chocolate cake with raspberry filling that matt and dan ordered specifically because it was one of the only ways to get andrew to come, and everyone’s slow dancing on the dance floor, with dan in her big poofy princess dress and matt staring down at her like she hung the moon and neil just blurts out:

“dance with me?”

and andrew, who has a fork hangng out of his mouth and a smear of chocolate on the corner of his mouth wordlessly declines by staring off into the crowd. neil, as he always is, is alright with andrew not wanting to and settles for staring at his boyfriend some more.

it’s not until they’re in the complimentary bar of the hotel allison rented out and neil’s had a couple of vodka shots that he realizes “holy shit this could be me and andrew one day” and he’s overcome by so much affection that he just starts crying and laughing all at once. the other foxes, who aren’t that drunk that they don’t notice neil crying slowly take away the alcohol and calmly ask neil what’s wrong. and in between tears and bold laughter he says,

“i want to marry andrew”

matt almosts bursts into tears and throws up his hands and yells about how he literally just got married and you already have to show him up like wow josten what the hell while fighting his own sniffles, allison and renee laugh and smile dan gives him a big teary grin and she hugs him while nicky combs his hands through neil’s hair and they’re all crying because getting married means staying somewhere, it means being permanent and neil finally loves someone enough to stay with them and they’re so happy for their little fox.


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requested by: anon who wanted a sickly fully Soonyoung wanting babies, i hope i made it fully enough!!!

genre: Fluff everywhere

It was something you didn’t notice at first. It was almost subtle.

First there was the unusual amount of baby carrots in the fridge, at first it started out with one bag and you didn’t mind, you could use the carrots for some recipes. Then suddenly one bag turned into two, then three, then suddenly the baby carrots were taking up the whole place. Still you didn’t say anything, just assuming that your husband Soonyoung had just started a weird new diet involving baby carrots.

Then, the baby started showing up. First it was the video of Seungcheol screaming as his little boy wobbled right into his arms, and you talked sweetly of how good of a father Seungcheol was. And Soonyoung fumed when there was no mention of him being a father.

So thus the excessive amount of baby’s came. It seemed as though you became a full time babysitter, everyday, Soonyoung brought home one of his member’s children into your home. Some days it would be Joshua’s sweet little girl that listened to every word you’d say, but then the next day you’d have Seokmin’s child who seemed to love running around with his pants on his head.

“Alright.” You took the remote, shutting off the television that Soonyoung was focused on, “Explain.” You were immensely tired after chasing Seokmin’s child around for 30 minutes and after returning Seokmin’s child, you were getting a bit tired of being volunteered to babysit, “Why are we watching the guy’s kids so much. I love them but babe, we just got married and I already feel like we have kids.”

Soonyoung sighs, “I want one.”


Soonyoung holds your hands tightly in his, “I want a baby. I want a mini you and me. I’m so jealous of the guys because they have little mini thems running around and I want one of us too.”

You nervously laugh, pulling your hands away, “Are you serious?” Soonyoung nods enthusiastically and suddenly it all fits, “Wait is that why we’ve been eating baby carrots for three months.”

Soonyoung grins, “I thought you’d get the hint since well the name ‘baby’ was in the name.”

You begin to laugh, uncontrollably actually and Soonyoung only waits until you’ve finished laughing before he seriously asks, “Do you want to have a baby too.”

There was silence for a moment. You were hesitant and Soonyoung knew it. In your head you tried to weigh the pros and cons, and for some reason you could only find the many cons that you knew would break Soonyoung’s heart.

“You know Soonyoung, we just got married and babies cost a lot and you’re in the studio a lot….” You were about to continue when Soonyoung chirped in.

“Wait wait! Before you continue, I had something planned.”

Soonyoung was out of the room before you knew it. You were left on the couch for no longer than ten minutes, you could hear the rummaging and Soonyoung’s grunts as if he was carrying something heavy. When he returned, a smile couldn’t help but be placed on your lips.

Kwon Soonyoung’s Baby Plan

The words were written in large letters on a large piece of paper. Soonyoung grinned widely like a child as he told you to sit back and relax.

Needless to say, you were impressed. He covered financial issues, creating a one year budget plan to save money (and even stated that he’s started saving on the side already), he even discussed taking turns watching the baby, babysitters, even the idea that when you go back to work he could take the baby to the studio with him.

Soonyoung had everything planned out.

“and when we have more kids, we can move to a big house. And I know I can be busy sometimes but I still have all the energy in the world to give to you so when the baby comes I’ll have even more energy……”


Soonyoung halted at your word. His eyes hopeful and pleading, “look I understand if you don’t agree but…”

“What do you mean if I don’t agree. Of course I agree. Soonyoung, let’s have a baby.”

Your words hang in his head for a moment before it registered. Soonyoung screamed as he jumped, engulfing you in his arms, lifting you while he twirled around the entire living room.

“Wait!” You hollered as he ran, “Where are you taking me!!!!”

“Let’s start making a baby!” He shuts the bedroom door with his foot and you have a fit of laughter in his neck.

You smiled, cuddling into the sheets and you listed to Soonyoung’s excited tone. His eyes filled with love as he talked, about the baby, about the amounts of clothes and toys he’s going to buy, about if you have a girl or boy, about painting the baby room, about everything he could possibly talk about. And at the end of it, he smiles, lovingly with a hand pressed gently on your cheek, a kiss planted atop of your forehead as he marbles over the fact that you two were going to create the most beautiful human being.

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36 jimon

36. Before Bed kiss

“Oh my god, I am so tired,” Simon says, flopping down on the bed, “This was like, the longest day of my life.” His head shoots up suddenly, and he looks at Jace with panicked eyes, “I mean, like, the best longest day of my life. It was really long but I loved all of it. I loved its longetivity. Fuck, I’m not making any sense.”

“You really aren’t,” Jace says, smiling fondly at Simon as he takes of his tie and starts unbuttoning his shirt, “Take your clothes off.” Simon wiggles his eyebrows at Jace, “So you can sleep.”

Simon pouts at him, “What, don’t you want ‘holy fuck we just got married’ sex?”

“We already had that,” Jace says, raising an eyebrow at him, “In the bathroom at the reception. Twice.”

Simon giggles, “Yeah, that was good. But like, we have a bed now! A soft, fluffy, luxurious bed with beautiful fluffy pillows and oh my god I am so tired.”

“How about this,” Jace says, crawling into bed and moving forward to remove Simon’s clothes, like it doesn’t look like he’s going to do it himself, “We’re going to sleep now, and then tomorrow when we wake up, we’re going to have the most amazing morning sex ever.”

Simon grins lazily at him, “That sounds like an amazing idea, Mr. Wayland-Lewis. God, I’m never going to get tired of saying that.” He flops down on the bed happily and takes off his pants.

They should probably brush their teeth, but they’re both way too tired to move away from the bed now they’ve finally gotten on it. Jace crawls under the blankets, and Simon follows his example. They lie there, staring at each other with giant smiles on their faces. Suddenly, Simon leans forward and kisses him softly.

“I can do that now,” he tells Jace gleefully, “And you have to accept it because we’re married now.”

“You could already do that before we got married, you idiot,” Jace tells him, awfully fond. “Now, go to sleep.”

“Yeah,” Simon says, nuzzling into the pillow. “Love you, husband.”

Jace is pretty sure he’s never going to stop smiling at this point, “Love you too, husband.”

Beyond the Staircase

Rated K | Stoick’s Reaction to Hiccstrid being together | Post RTTE Season 4

Alright, so I think we all really want to see Stoick’s reaction to Hiccstrid being together in the next season of RTTE, but I just can’t wait any longer! I typed this up for you all, and I really want to do some of the others reactions as well. (Like Dagur’s, Gobber’s, Heathers… you know. The few people who still don’t know :D) I also want to do some pre- RTTE season 4 stuff, where the rest of the gang is still trying to get used to the whole idea of Hiccstrid dating. :D

               Anyways, enjoy!

Stoick nearly skipped as he made his way through the village. He was happy, and when he was happy, he had to admit, he got rather giddy. But, since he was chief, he forced himself to walk steadily and with the confidence that a chief should have. I mean- he had it, but at the moment, the only emotion he wanted to show was how outright happy he was.

               He hummed softly to himself, walking pleasantly towards the Great Hall. Today had been a great day for Berk. The harvest was promising to be a plentiful one, so come winter everyone should have more than enough supplies. Not only that, but Trader Johan had showed up with even more winter supplies, more important stuff like cloth, fabric, boots, hide, and of course gossip.

               Another thing that made Stoick happy was that Hiccup and the others had returned from the Edge. It had been wonderful news to hear that Viggo was gone, having fallen into the Volcano a mere three days ago. It made Stoick feel free to breath with ease again, now knowing that his son and his friends were safe.

               But… there was still something up. The riders returned, yes, but they all acted very… strange.

               Snotlout and Fishlegs would start giggling randomly whenever he passed them, and the twins would suddenly look guilty, sneaky, shy, or bursting at the seams whenever he spoke to them. Tuffnut would often hold his breath, looking as though he were about to explode but trying to contain himself.

               Then there was Hiccup, who acted normal for the most part around everyone else, except for Stoick. He’d stutter and make hasty (and very very very lame) excuses to leave the room, or to escape for a flight. Stoick rarely saw the boy anymore.

               Astrid seemed fairly normal as well. She spoke the same, joked with him, but Stoick hadn’t missed that whenever he mentioned Hiccup’s name she’d spark to attention a bit, or she’d secretly smile when she thought he wasn’t looking. And he had to admit he was rather irritated with her when he’d explained his problem about Hiccup’s stuttering and avoidance of Stoick to her. She’d merely blushed and stammered a reply, something like “I’m sure he has his reason, sir.”

               Something just wasn’t right. What were they hiding from him? Was something wrong with Hiccup? Did he get wounded? Was he sick or ill or… anything?

               Not to mention Dagur’s visit yesterday. It had been very strange. He’d arrived along with Heather, both looking for some supplies and just checking up. It

had been rather awkward at first, but the two chiefs soon gotten acquainted and were talking like old friends. But when Dagur began talking about Heather and Fishlegs, Stoick had piped up about Hiccup and Astrid, voicing his wish that those two would just admit their feelings together already and get married before he got too old to have fun with grandkids. At first Dagur had just blinked, then he burst into laughter and clapped Stoick on the back, all the while chortling. “I’m sure it’ll happen someday Stoick!”

               Something was up. And Stoick was dying to know what it was. If only his son wasn’t so stubborn (Dang it if Gobber wasn’t right. Hiccup did take after his father…) shy, or whatever it was he was about telling Stoick what was going on. If he didn’t spill soon, Stoick might just have to force it out of him.

               But he pushed all that aside for the time being, not wanting troubles like that to destroy his entire night. He looked about, noticing how it was late dusk now, the sky a dark blue with a few colors in the distance. The evening air was cool, but not too cold. Just cold enough for him to wear his furs. Not many people were out in the streets. Perhaps only one or two late stragglers heading towards the Hall for the evening meal. That’s where Stoick was heading, because he was utterly famished and desperately needed food or his good day might very well come to an end.

               He just came to the first flight of stairs that led to the Great Hall, where he paused and turned to look over his village with pride. Now, not a single person was out- except for the patrols of course. But the civilians were all in the bustling Great Hall by this time. He smiled and nodded his head, turning on his heel to head up the flight of stone stairs.

               But he paused when he heard a soft laugh. He froze in position, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. Who was still out at this time of night? Everyone should be in the Hall eating. And as far as he’d seen, everyone was.

               He stepped closer to the stone wall that separated him from the grass below. He was only about six feet above the ground now, but he could still hear what the person was saying fairly well.

               The laugh was definitely female, and he rolled his eyes, supposing it must be Ruffnut, that sneaky little-

               “You should tell him.” The feminine voice said, making Stoick’s thoughts disappear. That wasn’t Ruffnut, that was definitely Astrid’s voice!

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i just want to take this moment to imagine 20(?) year old Ichigo Kurosaki pining so much over Orihime that his friend who is literally a spirit living in a different world noticed and told him to confess his feelings

Last Name

Alright, I really don’t think this is what you guys wanted but it sparked this idea so I thought I’d tag you in it anyway and I may come back to this prompt later and do another version if that’s ok :)  I’m sorry if it was claimed or something and I posted this anyway.

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You smile at Jax as you walk into church, all of the men sitting around the table turn to look at you quickly.
“This is (Y/N).  She used to help run jobs for the Outwoods in SoCal.  You know the boys from the pictures they showed you.”  Jax says.  You nod and sit at a seat against the wall, crossing your legs covered in black jeans with holes ripped throughout.
“I thought we were out of that shit.”  Tig rubs his hands over his head, messing up the already messy curls.
“She’s going to do a little recon for us with the 9ers.  Just to make sure we’re all on the same page.”  Chibs says.  His eyes are still roaming over you, you can practically feel them on your lowcut shirt.  You notice another set of eyes on you as you glance over to see the dark eyes of Happy watching you as well.

You sit while twirling the handcuffs previously on you around your finger.  The men that kidnapped you are passed out, one of them had nasty bruise on their neck that you kind of felt bad about but not enough to apologize.  The door bust open and your head tilts to the left, looking at the three men, Jax, Happy, and Chibs with their guns raised.
“Boys.  Little late on that.”
“I didn’t think they were going to kidnap you.”  Jax tucks his gun into the back of his pants, “you do all of this?”
“Yep.  Here’s their handcuffs.  I already have a set at home.”  You wink at Chibs as you hold the handcuffs to his chest.
“You got out of those and took out three guys.”  Happy says.  
“Yeah.  Not too hard when you have the element of surprise.  I didn’t think you’d appreciate if I shot them so they’re all just knocked out.”
“Marry me.”  Chibs says.
“You already got a damn wife.”  Happy grunts.  Your eyes narrow at the two and you look over to see Jax with an amused grin.
“I’ll meet you guys back at the clubhouse, ok?”  You raise your eyebrows at Jax and he nods while Chibs and Happy glare at each other.

Chibs and Happy square off against each other in the ring while Tig signals the start of the fight.  You sit on the patio table and sip from a beer when a pretty blonde sits next to you.
“I’m Lyla.  You’re Jax’s friend right?”  She holds out her hand and you slip yours into hers, returning her smile.
“They seem a little more determined than usual.  You know if there’s any stakes?”  Lyla leans back against her arms and you look her over.
“My hand in marriage.  I guess.  Where’s your hand at?”  You raise an eyebrow and smile at her laugh.
“I’m actually married to Opie.  That one over there?  He’s my teddy bear.”  Lyla points at Opie.
“That’s a damn shame.”  You wink at her and she snorts.
“You going to tell them you play for the other team?”  Lyla nods towards the ring, Happy throwing a punch at Chibs’ face.  
“Watch this.”  You whistle loudly, catching the boys’ attention.  They turn to look at you and everyone gets quiet.  “What’s my last name?”
They both look at each other and Jax burst out laughing along with Lyla and Opie.
“It’ll be Telford.”
“Shut the hell up man.”  Happy growls and swings again.  Chibs follows quickly with a right hook to Happy’s face.
“Once they figure that out, I’ll let them know.”  You say.
Lyla nods her head, “fair enough.”


Jamison gets up to put away his dirty dish. Teresa can tell that her reluctance has put out his fire a bit. She’s not sure what it is about the whole plan that scares her. Maybe it’s the fact that her life feels like it’s on a roller coaster right now. They just got married and had a baby…now Jami’s already talking about owning a house.  Teresa just wants a moment to take a breath. 

She follows him into the kitchen…

Teresa: I think selling the house in Oasis Springs is a good idea. 

Jamison: But?

Teresa: There’s no but.  Let’s just start there. Okay?

Jami sighs.  If they wait too long, there won’t be a house available for them to buy and they’ll be stuck in this apartment. He doesn’t want to put any pressure on Teresa though.  She asked for time to think, so he’s going to give her that. But that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.

Jamison: If you’ve got everything covered…I think I’m gonna go to bed now. 

Gendry’s regret!!! The look on his face here kills me. “I can be your family.” “You wouldn’t be my family, you’d be m'lady.” His expression says how much he regretted not saying that he actually wants her to be his family. He understood that Arya meant what she said and that she meant it as"I love you". He wanted to say that he loved her back. But instead of being a man and telling her, he used an excuse of him being too low-born for her. No matter how much I love Gendry, I have to say THE STUPID COWARD!!!! As soon as she walked out he regretted not saying what he really wanted to! Because we all know they love each other! Now wether you see it as romantic or platonic or as siblings, that’s up to you! But they do love each other!!! For me it’s romantic, and once again it kills me that he is such a COWARD in this scene! And he needs to understand that he is high-born and not low-born. Yes, still a bastard, but a high-born bastard! I really need some happy Gendrya fanfic right now to make up for his failings!!! Gendrya-shipper for life!!!

people who compare a.nidala to r.haegar//l.yanna are grounded.


Finals is this week! Our last day of school is on the 31st but my tests on that day are on AP classes and since I already took AP exams, I won’t need to go anymore so my last day is this Friday! I can’t wait! Jk I can because I don’t want to do college stuff yet. Anyway, I made flashcards for Spanish and tried preparing for the oral part of our Spanish final. I also started planning out this week while binge watching Friends. I went to a wedding dinner yesterday (the couple already got married in California) and I just used the time to study for my finals because nothing much was really happening. And also, I was kinda overdressed and I just wanted to hide in a corner lol.


                         Happy 1st wedding anniversary Stana Katić and Kris Brkljać

                                                         Lucky girl & her best friend.
                                                                Mon mec. Mon âme. 

Hercules Mulligan- Olympics

So, this was not a request, but I wanted to do it since my country is hosting the Olympics (Yaaay!) and it took me forever, but here it finally is. Disclaimer: Brazil and Ireland did not play each other in soccer. Ireland didn’t even play soccer. It’s just the only sport I’m crazy about. I know the Olympics finished like seventeen years ago, bu I didn’t have time to sit and write. Very sorry.

This is dedicated to my beautiful friend Violeta, who died recently. May she live on in soccer and in Hercules Mulligan forever.

Warnings: Swearing.

“You suck.”

“I don’t suck. I got you tickets so that we could see our home countries play in soccer. I don’t suck.”

“You suck.”

It was halfway through the game and you were losing hope. The score was tied at a miserable one to one, and you were absolutely positive it was Hercules’ fault.

Stupid, adorable Herc with his face painted like the Irish flag. With his smile lighting up the entire area.

“VAMOS!” You shouted, seeing that Neymar Jr. had secured the ball. “VAMOS! LINDO ANJO, VAMOS!”

“NOOO!” Half of the stadium yelled.

“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!” The other half of the stadium screamed. “NEYMAR!”

“HAHA!” You shouted, jabbing Hercules in the chest, waving the Brazilian flag in his face. “WE GOT A GOAL AGAINST YOUR IRISH ASSES!”

You jumped with the other Brazilians in the box, screaming loudly in Portuguese.

“Can you pass me the water bottle, please?” You asked Herc once you sat down, panting heavily.

Hercules exhaled violently before turning his back on you.

“Hercules? Hello?”

“Here.” He growled, passing you the emptying water. “Just keep it and stop talking to me.”

“Are you mad at me?” You asked in disbelief. “Herc! I’m competitive! It’s soccer. This is my life.”

“Before this game started I was your life. You’re mean and you haven’t even said thank you yet.”

You groaned. “Fine. Be that way. I really hate you right now.”

“I can live with that!” Hercules shouted angrily.

Fifteen more minutes in and Brazil shot another goal, and then another. Something about the angry Irishman next to the crazy Brazilian must have attracted the cameras, because before you knew it, you and Hercules were on the giant screens around the stadium.

“No, damn it!” You shouted, trying to wave the camera away. “I don’t like him!”

It must have been a commercial break for the people watching from home because the camera didn’t rush to move back to the soccer players. You were so focused on trying to get it away that you didn’t notice everyone cheering; or Hercules kneeling.

“I’m going to pretend I’m not mad at you for two seconds.” You said, whirling around to face Hercules. You frowned, noticing that he wasn’t next to you anymore.

Olhar para baixo, linda.” A man said from behind you. You frowned again, tilting your head downwards.

“Oh, my god.” You muttered, your hands flying to your mouth. “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me, Hercules Mulligan.”

There he was, on one knee, a ring inside of a box. He grinned at you.

“Come on, angry Brazilian lady. Hate me if you want, but just marry me already.”

The cheering from around the stadium got louder, and even the soccer players stopped drinking their water to scream.

“Fine.” You said, your mouth curving into a grin. “Fine, fine, fine!”

Hercules slid the ring onto your finger before standing up to pull you into a kiss. You smiled against his lips, people all around you shouting happily.

“I told you I don’t like sappy proposals.” You said, looking into his eyes. “That was really sappy.”

“Just shut up and watch the game.” Hercules laughed, pulling you into his side. You rested your head on his arm.

The soccer players resumed running, the Brazilians kept cheering, and the Irish continued to boo.

“You know I still hate you, right?" 

"I can still live with that.”

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Oh wow so Kennedy got secretly married already, is pregnant and just graduated! She has gotten so much happiness in her life I'm glad she found love with that lakers player he seems so sweet and just as spiritual as she

yes they seem great together. She’s always so positive and gracious in her posts, it’s very refreshing!