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Chat Noir 2C? :3c

I tried to make a comic but it didn’t turn out well ^^’

So a couple of kids came to him and showed him a book full of drawings of him that they made and he’s just melting of happiness in front of them C:

Yoo still doing the challenge! :D

tfw u come out to ur girlfriend and then she’s actually super chill


            ↳ Rafe Adler + Character Selection Quotes

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me: i love seung-gil sm his FS is gonna be aMaZI N G and B O I he looks so good in his FS costume holy shit can’t wait for ep 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1

ep 9:


Fake Dating AU? Fake Dating AU.

Papa Schnee has arranged political marriage plan for Winter if she’s still single by the end of the year, and Winter will do anything to avoid that–even if she has to pretend to be couple with her archenemy.

Qrow is in huge debt, being an alcoholic he is. He’s also never fond of certain Ice Queen. But with his neck on the line, and despite he doesn’t want to admit it (not to mention he has pride and popularity to keep), her proposal wasn’t exactly bad idea back then.

However, they’re not exactly convincing with the constant 8-year-old squabbles.


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How long have we known each other?”

It’s been 12 years. When I was getting bullied by the neighborhood kids because my brother was so good looking, you still played with me.”

And when I got bullied as a half even without a mom, you played with me too.”

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buffy anne summers saved me. she is brave and smart and kind. she is everything good in this world. buffy summers has dealt with the literal weight of the world on her shoulders since she was sixteen years old. can you imagine being put under that kind of pressure at SIXTEEN? she has risen against all odds, and overcome her fears again and again. buffy summers has battled suicidal thoughts and depression. buffy summers lifts up and encourages the women in her life to be their best selves. buffy summers has inspired and continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide to own who they are, accepting themselves for better or worse. buffy summers and the show she’s the protagonist of set the social landscape for portraying simultaneously strong and feminine characters in television. buffy summers is a superhero but she’s also an amazing and powerful person. buffy summers is a truly iconic character, and deserves to be appreciated for it.


Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: game of thrones has become a horrible, non-canonical, misogynistic fan fiction of ASOIAF, D&D are completely obliterating the plotlines of the characters we love and leaving them with husks of their former selves doing totally OOC things that will probably have disastrous effects on the coming seasons, and offering us disgusting rapes and sexist tropes and child burnings for shock value to make up for cut story arcs that were actually important and good and meaningful, i want Shireen safe at the Wall and Arianne and Jeyne Poole and Barristan Selmy alive and Griff and Young Griff and SANSA IN THE VALE. GODS WHY IS SANSA NOT IN THE VALE EATING LEMON CAKES. I THOUGHT THE WORST THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HER THIS SEASON WAS SOME UNWANTED KISSING FROM BAELISH BUT I WAS SO WRONG. SO WRONG.