just got back from 'the wind rises'

one. the smell of pines waft through the chapel window. you make sure to sit in the uppermost seat. it disguises a smell you needn’t put a name too.

two. you look out your bedroom window, and your eyes burn. you’re not sure whether it’s because of the stench of that river by your house, or the rising swamp that’s encroaching upon it.

three. you have five crosses just in your cluttered bedroom. your mama says “just in case”. she doesn’t answer when you ask why.

four. you pray, and blood beckons like an early warning on your tongue. the preacher hasn’t been seen in two weeks but you feel like someone’s watching you, just through the chapel cracks.

five. your mama says don’t you be going out after sundown. you watch from your window instead. you notice there’s not a sound. no birds, no wind. you shut your window. you feel like it’s already got in.

six. you read the bible, that crucifix a noose around your neck. someone is watching, it feels like welts against your back. like nails through your wrists, your feet. you’re getting a headache.

seven. you smell the frankincense, the sweet whisp of wine on the nonexistent breeze. 

eight. you close your eyes, feel the river rising to your hips. just a little swim, you swear. you dip your fingers into the water. just a little swim.

nine. you settle a crown upon your brown. you’re not sure if it’s daisies, like you strung together, or those thorns your dog almost swallowed down. you’re not sure which would be better.

ten. you sit in the chapel, on the uppermost seat. someone is still staring at you, it feels like a wound right in your side. it stinks like frankincense. your wrists and feet itch. you can’t see for the blood.

—  sinners need not apply  // kel.

ishouldgetatumbler  asked:

WAIT YOU TAKE PROMPTS? (If you don't that's fine but if you do????) KilluGon, Flowerpot concussion? (If can't/don't want to it's fine.)

I do take prompts! This is another one that got away from me, haha. Juuust shy of 4K words. :D; I hope you like it! Spoiler alert: No one actually gets a concussion. I just don’t have it in me, lol.

Also available on AO3!

Danger: Risk of Falling Flowerpots Ahead!

    The day starts out peaceful.

    He, Gon, and Alluka are walking down the charming, stone-paved streets of a charming town. The path in front of them winds back and forth. There are shops and houses rising up on either side of the road. Green vines cling to brick walls, and they pass under a lattice archway from which heavy blooms of lilac hang, filling the air with their pleasant perfume. Alluka is tugging on his sleeve and pointing ahead to a store she’s interested in, and as Killua turns his head to look over his shoulder to where Gon walks behind him, brown eyes sparkle mirthfully back at him.

    A warm, content feeling settles in Killua’s chest. He turns to reply to his sister, thinking that nothing could make this day go badly.

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part 4

warnings: none

“I don’t trust her.” Sombra sat on her chair leaning it. Reaper rolled his eyes. “I don’t think she is who she says she is.” reaper pulled out a chair and sat on it the opposite way, legs on the sides of the chair. “you don’t know her?” he took a sip of his coffee. “oh, but you do?” Sombra raised her legs on the table one on top of the other. “maybe? I’ve talked with her a few times. don’t sit like that, you’ll fall.” Sombra did, in fact, lose her balance and fell while reaper gave her the i-told-you-so look.

“but really Gabe. I’m telling you.” Gabe’s face turned red in anger and grunted when she called him by his name. “I think she’s hiding something.” she stood up and dusted her clothes. “Dios mios!” Gabe stood up and slammed his fist on the table making Sombra jump in surprise. “if you don’t trust her why don’t you just hack her, huh?!” “maybe I will!” she said gobbling down her muffin.

a tall purple woman walked into the room. “can you both shut up?” she said as she looked back and forth at Sombra and reaper. “Gabe has a crush on the new recruit!” Sombra quickly covered her mouth and her eyes widened looking at Gabe. “you little!” widowmaker rolled her eyes in disgust. “love is nothing more than a distraction, we can’t have you distract us… reaper…” her words came out like poison. “…” Gabe and Sombra looked at widowmaker with a poker face.

“I still don’t trust her, I’m gonna hack her. I’ll be in my top secret hack station.” she ran off making reaper cringe. “ugh, what a child.” widowmaker left the room.

You were holding a stack of papers, you needed to deliver them somewhere. On your way you saw reaper. “hi.” he didn’t answer. His mask was a bit scary when he just stared at you. You sighed and continued walking.

You gave the person the paper and headed back to your room. It was a long day, you plopped on your bed and fell asleep in just a few seconds.

Reaper came to your room and tried knocking on the door a couple times. Since you didn’t answer he left. Reaper went to the roof to smoke a packet of cigarettes before going to sleep himself.

You woke up after a few hours. Looking at the time it read 3:00 AM you groaned, you put on a hoodie and went for a walk. You took the bus and went somewhere far. You took your phone and contacted soldier 76.

“Hey, Jack.” you talked into the phone whispering from the cold, visible breath like smoke leaving your mouth. “thank god you called! I’ve tried reaching you but you won’t answer. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine.” you found a bench a took a seat.

“have you gotten any info?”


“have you figured out what reaper wants with talon?”

“yes, reaper said he had a wife. He said overwatch made him his way. what’s going on, Jack? Why are you obsessed with finding reaper’s goals? Is overwatch really good?”

“god dammit (Y/N)! you’re asking too many questions!”
“do.. do you know reaper?” you hugged yourself to keep warm. Al these things making you confused. Not knowing if overwatch were even the good guys. You started thinking both talon and overwatch were terrorist organizations.

“yes… I did… an old friend you can say.” your eyes widened. “a friend? Who is he, Jack?” you were very confused, this was supposed to be an easy mission.

“that’s none of your business (Y/N). just stay on your mission.” he hung up. Just great you thought. You looked around, it was completely empty and quiet except the sounds of the buzzing from the street lights and the whistling of the winds. The sun started rising, you stayed a bit and watched until the sun came out. You finally got up and headed back home.

Home 4/?

Back, Forward

(It here.)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.

AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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Fanfic: Rise

AN (mun): Got inspired by Katy Perry’s song ‘Rise’ and this short story was born. I’ve posted this on my personal tumblr blog as well so, no I am not reposting someone else’s work :)

Chapters: 1/1

Characters: Loki

I won’t just survive

Sky as dark as the name of the realm. Wind making grains of sand dance across the hard surface, disturbing peace that had once again fallen over the silent place.

Oh, you will see me thrive

Slowly rising from the ground, from the position he had been left. Back straightening, feet set apart and keeping his posture steady. Black hair covering the sharp features for a second before wind made them move away again.

Can’t write my story

Eyes closed, expression silent, lips set against each other without pressure but without a true sign of relaxation. Skin was pale like it had always been, no bruises nor scrapes ruining the illusion of peacefulness.

I’m beyond the archetype

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Journey (A Kingdom of Dreams)
Joe Hisaishi
Journey (A Kingdom of Dreams)

I just got back from seeing The Wind Rises and am still kind of processing things. I won’t say too much about the movie, since I know a lot of people on here probably want to see it and haven’t yet, but I will say that the music is absolutely amazing, as the music of Miyazaki’s films tend to be. This particular theme repeats itself over and over throughout the movie, utilizing different instruments each time, each version perfectly matching its scene. Dreamy, sad, wistful, marvelous. Give it a listen.

There's Nowhere To Go

Bethyl prompt! :) A tornado rolls through and Beth and Daryl have to hunker together for safety. Bonus points for some kind of odd walker-nado.

Note: There’s a point system now? Well, I didn’t quite make it to a walker-nado, but I did get a few airborne for you. Hopefully I get ultra bonus points for the ending. ;) Don’t skip ahead. Why ruin it? Oh, and pardon me if there’s inaccuracies with tornadoes. I’m from New England. I know hurricanes…. tornadoes, not so much. ♥

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