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even more les amis things
  • enjolras: only likes one type of coffee from one random coffee shop. most of the time his coffee thermos has apple juice or chocolate milk in it
  • courfeyrac: a god at hula-hooping. don’t try to challenge him he’s deadass the best at hula hooping
  • combeferre: probably, 100% knows how to sail. he’s always trying to convince everyone to go with him but literally no one else knows how
  • grantaire: once was bored in an afternoon and learned how to do calligraphy
  • jehan: has bought every single yankee candle at least 3 times. his favorites are winter candy apple and pink peony
  • feuilly: the actually best at hanging up streamers and balloons. he also is the actual best at wrapping presents
  • bahorel: secretly has a garden where he grows tomatoes and cucumbers and other veggies in his backyard
  • cosette: is a marine biology major and works at the aquarium and is one of the best tour guides at that aquarium.
  • marius: a breakfast person. if he doesn’t eat breakfast the rest of his day is ruined (he especially loves pancakes)
  • eponine: does pottery and even has her own pottery wheel. she makes vases, jars and bowls for her friends that are all customized and they’re just great
  • joly: collects keychains. his favorite ones are his garfield the cat one that cosette got him for his birthday, and his dallas one eponine got him while visiting a few friends
  • bossuet: fluent in 3 languages: english, french and german
  • musichetta: has been in 9 shakespeare plays. some of her roles include: titania (a midsummer night’s dream), olivia (twelfth night), and hero (much ado about nothing)
Day Four: Favorite Underrated Moment

Seth Kate Fandom Celebration 2017 (Saturday, May 20th - Thursday, June 2nd) 

“All those in favor of of leaving the Ranger, raise your hand!”

This is my favorite underrated moment because it shows Seth and Kate in an interesting light. Seth obviously wants to be rid of Freddie for a number of reasons, the Ranger being bit probably not at the top of the list. So he’s like hell yes, “We’re leaving this sob, who’s gonna turn - cause he’s a cop, he stabbed my brother, and I don’t want him anywhere near me.”

And surprising everyone, including Seth, Kate’s got his back. I think in this moment she’s more agreeing with Seth, because she’s afraid of Freddie turning. But she is brave enough to speak her mind. And the real reason I love this underrated scene:

His eyebrows! LOL. I mean but really though this is screaming “Girl’s got my back, didn’t expect that did you MF?”

Anyways. I love this scene. 

GIF credit: @coopsaudrey I certainly can’t do this that well. 

arthur-tristan-kingsmen  asked:

💐 :3c

“Dios Mio,” Lewis said breathlessly at the bouquet of purple roses he’d been handed by a blushing mechanic. And it wasn’t just one type: Blue Moon, Melody Perfume, and Cool Spray if he was right. “These are amazing, Arthur. Let me get them in water.”

He leaned over and gave Arthur a kiss, before going in search of a vase. He wondered in Arthur knew purple roses symbolized love at first sight, or he was just going for matching Lewis’s favorite color.

Either way as soon as he got the flowers in water, he was coming back to give Arthur a much more thorough thank you.

It was a 3.27 mile recovery 🏃 followed by some cross training at 9Rounds!

So the run was a bit rough! I had sore glutes real bad and my wife was having knee problems and had to turn back after two miles. I can’t blame her for my times…my last mile didn’t have that much improvement!! We just wanted to get out and loosened up. We have the Bolder Boulder 10k on Monday so we also didn’t want to push and hurt ourselves.

9Round was a great work out today. I was warmed up from the run so it was a bit easier to get into. Besides both of my favorite trainers were there today so they made sure we got a good work out. I spent a lot of time o abs… What I was hoping for!! I even got to play an invigorating game of inclined plank War - yes the card game from childhood is very different when you are the one holding the plank while trying to flip cards but it does keep things interesting and your mind focused on something else.

Overall what a great first day back to working out after resting yesterday to recover from our 10 mile!!

This is probably my favorite hex because it’s just so darn easy, and usually pretty effective.

The last time I used it was on a woman who was being baligerant to a cashier at the grocery, (the cashier was from India and this woman was telling her very loudly that she should go back to Iraq and stop taking a job from her poor Canadian granddaughter… I guess the granddaughter had applied there and not got the job? I don’t know the deets). I turned to her, clutched my necklace (it’s just an antique looking locket watch, nothing special), pointed to her and said the words just loud enough that she could tell it wasn’t English.

I guess it didn’t hurt that I was also dressed pretty witchy.

She was like, “Did you just curse me?!?” and I just smiled, winked at the cashier and walked out. I waited just outside the Second Cup that was next to the grocery to watch this lady come out… And didn’t she just trip over her own two feet in grand fashion on her way to her car! I laughed and I laughed and I laughed.

What? I’m not… No, who am I kidding… Yes I am a bitch.

The Signs as Things Said in 13 Reasons Why

Aries - “Dream big, they say. Shoot for the stars. Then they lock us away for 12 years, tell us where to sit, when to pee and what to think. Then when we turn 18, and even though we’ve never had an original thought, we have to make the most important decision of our lives.”

Taurus - “Favorite kind of music, ‘obscure indie bands’ ” *Tony’s little nod* 

Gemini - “There’s all kinds of ways to feel lonely. The kind of lonely I’m talking about is when you feel you’ve got nothing left”.

Cancer - “You can’t love someone back to life”. “You can try”.

Leo - “Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. It’s gonna come out… Welcome to Liberty High”.

Virgo - “I can never make it right, I can never say all this to you, but I love you and I will never hurt you. I’m not going to, not now, not ever ”.

Libra - “Boys are assholes. Some are assholes all of the time. All are assholes some of the time”. 

Scorpio - “I needed a change, just like they said, so I changed my appearance. The only thing I still had control over”.

Sagittarius - “It was a hot chocolate friendship. Good for the cold months, but maybe not perfect for all seasons.”

Capricorn - “At that moment, everything was perfect. And for the first time in a long time I could imagine a future where I was happy”.

Aquarius - “Losing a good friend is never easy. Especially when you don’t understand why you lost them in the first place”.

Pisces - “You can’t go back to how things were. How you thought they were. All you really have is… now”


i think about adult giorno a lot…..too much

Peanut Butter Cookies

*throws allergic!Lance at you and runs away*

Summary: When Pidge’s birthday rolls around, Allura remembers her offhand comment about liking peanut butter. Little did she know that Lance is actually very, very allergic. (angst and fluff, and a bit of established klance because I have no self control and I ship it leave me alone)

I hardly ever post anything because I have no confidence ha so if you like it, let me know! This is very short compared to lots of other stuff I’ve written.

@taylor-tut I don’t think this is that good or even if it counts as langst/whump but I’ll tag you anyway and @voltronpaella thanks for actually getting me to post this my dude

When Allura called the Paladins into the kitchen, Lance expected some sort of emergency.

Why they’d be meeting in the kitchen, he had no idea, but he slid out of bed regardless. After removing his face mask he padded out into the hall, slightly resentful that he didn’t have time to straighten his hair.

Lance nearly bumped into Hunk in the hallway, who was also still in pajamas. The two were the last to arrive in the kitchen. He surveyed the others and found Shiro in full armor, Keith with an activated bayard, and Pidge rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with a laptop tucked under her arm.

“Princess, we’ve talked about this,” Lance grumbled. “You have got to stop interrupting my beauty sleep.”

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Lord of Shadows playlist

tmi-city-of-bones15-blog said:Hey Cassie, I was wondering if you have a Playlist for each book that you write? Or if you have something to inspire you on those moments?

I do! You can find old ones on this tumblr, and here is the one for Lord of Shadows! (Sometimes people complain the songs aren’t new — I tend to mix up old and new songs, and remember, the book was written last year!)

Lord of Shadows

Six Blade Knife, Dire Straits

Your six blade knife can do anything for you
Anything you want it to
One blade for breaking my heart
One blade for tearing me apart
Your six blade knife can do anything for you

Fuck It And Whatever, The Echo-Friendly

We are sleeping in a rainstorm
With no lightning rod
So please remember my love
As we lie in the arms of an angry vengeful God

And I know we can’t stay together
But I’ll keep you safe forever
And I know that sounds heavy
But fuck it and whatever

Kill Your Heroes AWOL NATION

Well I met an old man dying on a train.
No more destination, no more pain.
Well he said one thing, before I graduate
“Never let your fear decide your fate.”

I say kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby don’t cry.
No need to worry ‘cause, everybody will die.
Every day we just go, go, baby don’t go.
Don’t you worry we love you more than you know.

Blood in the Cut, K. Flay

Met back up with the boy I love
Cried on the streets of San Francisco
I don’t have an agenda
All I do is pretend to be ok so my friends
Can’t see my heart in the blender
Lately, I’ve been killing all my time
Reading through your messages my favorite way to die
Take my head and kick it in
Break some bread for all my sins
Say a word, do it soon
It’s too quiet in this room

Sweet Disaster — Dreamers

Some nights feel like every night
This one feels brand new
Only got bad things on my mind
When I’m with you

Tell me that you need me on the floor
Passed out in your dirty clothes
Ask me what the hell I’m looking for
Like you don’t know

Shatter in the Night — Vesperteen

Laying in the yard and we worship the stars  

And I blow your mind while you kiss my scars. 

We rise and we fall. We’re floating 

And all our time’s revolving around what we see as true 

But it’s breaking me and it’s breaking you

Every Other Weekend — Annie Rapid (always makes me think of Livvy & Ty)

But we are one 

For you are here 

Inside a place so far away 

My brother always near 

It’s every other weekend 

And it’s in the messages they send 

Broken promises will mend 

For all these things we can’t count on 

Will one day make us grow up strong

No Mermaid — Sinead Lohan

we went down to the edge of the water
you were afraid to go in
you said there might be sharks out there in the ocean
and i said i’m only going for a swim

i was swimming around in a circle
i wasn’t always in view
you said we might get into red flag danger
and i am alone when i’m not with you

but i am no mermaid
and i am no fisherman’s slave
i am no mermaid
i keep my head above the waves 

Breaking Free — Night Riots

You’re not my savior, just someone I used to see
I am broken
Something’s wrong inside of me
I feel violent
Like I’m dying
I feel broken
Maybe I’m just breaking free

These Taming Blues — Joe Tex

Is it ever gonna not be so hard to see you around?
Am I really really really really gonna have to leave town?

I mean I called upon a bunch of angels calling angels ain’t you supposed to come and take away these blues?

All five kinds of rains

All nine kinds of thunder and

Eighteen white horses who will not ever come to me!

Don’t plant your feet, love, in that garden of blame.

Don’t break me no more, love.

I’m already tame.

Home  American Authors

I’ve got these letters tattooed on my arm
That remind me each second of where I come from
And the long hard road to get me back home

I’m not trying to part the ocean waves
I’m not trying to overthrow the throne
I’m just trying to find a way to make it back home

In Our Bedroom After the War — Stars

Wake up! Say good morning to that sleepy person lying next to you
If there’s no one there, then there’s no one there, but at least the war is over
It’s us – yes, we’re back again, here to see you through, 'til the days end
And if the night comes, and the night will come, well at least the war is over

Meet me in the Woods — Lord Huron

How long, baby, have I been away?
Oh, it feels like ages though you say it’s only days
There ain’t language for the things I’ve seen, yeah
And the truth is stranger than my own worst dreams

Anna Lee — firekid

Sinking sand
When I sleep
I see her ghost
Siren’s hand pulling me six feet below
Wasted dreams
Built it for two
Inherited her color scheme
Now it’s my tomb


Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol

Innuendos + Bonus Chat

Pairing: Steve x Reader


A Steve x reader where Tony makes really bad innuendos and Steve and the reader are to innocent to know what they mean

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Bruce, Y/N, Steve, Scott, T'Challa, Rhodey, Peter.

Tony: Dinner tonight, all of us? I can make reservations at Rhodey’s favorite restaurant.

Scott: The one that spins?!

Tony: Yes, Scott. The one that spins.

Scott: I love that one! The waiting list is booked,  it would take months before we can eat there!

Tony: Oh, honey. When you’re a billionaire, you don’t need to wait.

T'Challa: And if they make us wait, I will just buy the restaurant. #RicherThanStark

Tony: … Who uses hashtags in a chat?!

T'Challa: #ObviouslyNotYou

Peter: I would love to come but… I have to study for a test tomorrow.

Tony: Aw c'mon kid, we haven’t seen each other in weeks! T'Challa just got back from Wakanda, Scott is finally free, and Steve and Y/N just returned from their 4 week long mission.

Bruce: Yeah, we miss you all!

Tony: Just one night! You’re smart, Peter. You’ll do fine in your test.

Peter: I guess…

Rhodey: #BadDad

T'Challa: #TonySucksAtParenting

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[170514] Q&A Time w/Bambam (& little Jinyoung)

● Bambam asked the fans nicely to stop shipping the GOT7 members multiple times during the VLive and that GOT7 is just GOT7

● Jinyoung asked Bambam what is his favorite track in this album; Bambam replied ‘Sign’ so Jinyoung asked again and that time Bambam replied ‘Paradise’

● Fan asked him “Sign vs Prove it”; Bambam said Prove it and secretly apologized to Youngjae

● Bambam said 'Prove it’ is the best song of GOT7

● Jackson popped in during the live for a little bit but he was covering his face because he had no makeup on and just woke up from a nap

● Fan asked Bambam what foods he ate to grow up so cutely and Bambam replied 'Kimpab, and foods Yugyeom likes

● Bambam says he never watches dramas

● Fan asked him what his favorite WINNER song is and Bambam replied “Fool”

● Fan asked him if GOT7 can go back to a cute concept and Bambam replied they really want to do a concept that IGOT7s want but that they find the cute concept very uncomfortable and difficult

● Fan asked him what he would do if he got a 1 week vacation and Bambam replied he would just stay in the dorm for the first 3 days sleeping and if possible go to Thailand and see his family and also see his new dog

● Fan asked if he’s coming to KCON and Bambam said he will but just the one in Tokyo

● Bambam said his favorite hair colors are white, black, and grey. He also mentioned that he wants to dye his hair red next but right now doesn’t want to dye his hair

● Fan asked “Yugbam or Jackbam” and Bambam replied with “I said no shipping”

● Jinyoung said his favorite color is blue

● Bambam said his favorite color is purple, black, and grey

{That’s it for this I’m sorry I couldn’t write more but it’s 3:30AM xD next time I’ll write down as they live} Night ❤

There’s a difference between hating the rich in general and hating the idle rich

I choose to hate the idle rich: those who use their gains and privilege for nothing by mindless self-indulgence. There are many people of wealth and means who do so much for their communities, for people across the globe. People like Bill and Melinda Gates who donate billions each year to humanitarian aid. And then there are people who are willing to blow thousands on music festivals that inconvenience people in poor foreign countries, or whose proceeds go to supporting agendas to take away human rights (I’m looking at you Coachella) that could go to something more worthwhile.

Was what happened at Fyre Festival unfortunate? Yes, without a doubt.

Am I thoroughly displeased with the unscrupulous business practices of Ja Rule and Billy McFarland? Of course, I expect every music promoter to follow through with promises and actually cancel a venue well in advance if it looks like an event is going to go south on them.

Do I feel bad for the majority of individuals complaining about it? Not on your life.

Am I going to enjoy a perhaps larger than is healthy dose of schadenfreude over a bunch of millionaires’ spoiled brats spending a miserable weekend in a tropical paradise without the brains or wherewithal to make the best of a bad situation in a beautiful location I will most likely never be able to afford to see in my lifetime? You bet your ass I will. 

Am I glad to hear that people are going to be getting a refund and assistance back to the mainland? Indubitably. Not everyone who purchased a ticket was a member of the idle rich. Some people just happened to be a little naive and just got caught up in the chance to experience a taste of luxury and be near their favorite pseudocelebrities that they try to live vicariously through on Instagram. Some people may have been spoiled rich kids, but there had to have been some actual decent human being there as well, and I’m glad they’ll be getting assistance in going home with a valuable lesson about not trusting a flashy salesman without suffering significant financial loss over it.

It’s A Comfort Thing

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 3,738


A/N: i was gonna keep this fluffy, but we all know it’s pretty impossible for me to not write sin for dylan, so here you go!! also i apologise for how dirty this got. fUCK. and thanks to my bby @sabrinas-wolves for helping me with this and the puthey… and this is dylan pov

listen to this

Originally posted by arkhamcutie

my baby: text me when you’re on your way home so i can start dinner xo

dyl pickle: will do xx

I shove my phone back into my pocket with a smile and rub my hands together eagerly. It had been five months since I’d been home, which also meant five long, agonisingly lonely months since I last saw Y/N. Admittedly, I’d much rather be home with her right now, either fucking the shit out of her, or holding her close to my chest as I wash her hair in the bath tub. She always loved corny shit like that. But unfortunately, I wasn’t. I was in my dressing room, waiting with T-Pose to be interviewed with Ellen DeGeneres.

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jigglejaggle  asked:

Can you write this prompt of yours? Lance and Keith are dating and sometimes bicker but one day it turns out into an almost real fight and Keith goes to push him( they were training before they were fighting and they’re in the training room) and as he does Lance just stumbles back. He bites back with angry words and Says something bad (dunno what) and Keith just swings at him. He stops immediately as he sees Lance flinch inwardly, eyes shutting and body stiffening, like he’s used to being hit.

Yup. Can do. Honestly it’s one of my favorites that I’ve come up with. I love langst. It’ll be kind of tooth rotting fluff after all the langst. (This’ll take after Shiro was gone but they got him back. But the stress from the incident not gone yet)


Lance didn’t know what had started the “argument”, all he knew was that he was pissed. Keith just had to run his mouth all the damn time. All the time. Even if Lance was doing his best to be useful to his boyfriend and his team. They had been doing great as a couple so far. But the stress from being cooped up for so long making everyone grumpy.

“No wonder you’re so fucking useless all the time,” Keith remarked, pushing Lance by his shoulders since he was so close and it made Keith angrier. Keith really didn’t mean it, but Lance was just so frustrating. So full of himself but he couldn’t do one simple thing right at times. He loved Lance, but the things he used to find endearing were starting to frustrate him more and more.

Lance felt his heart crack at the comment, biting the inside of his cheek. The metallic taste of blood coating his tongue as he bit into it harder. He pushed Keith back, anger covering his usually happy go lucky features that were on his face. “Maybe if you weren’t such a hot head then maybe you could actually have protected Shiro when he disappeared,” he growled back, it was a low blow. Lance knew that.

Keith’s eyes darkened and his mouth thinned into a straight line. Lance’s stomach dropped as he saw the look on his face. He had seen it so many times. On his ex’s faces and his parents faces as he told them he was Bi before he left for the Garrison. His heart’s pace picked up as adrenaline flushed throughout his body.

Keith was seeing red by now, Lance knew he hated what had happened. Then he had to bring it up, especially right now. A small growl rumbled In his chest as his body moved on its own. He swung straight for Lance.

Lance saw how Keith’s muscles contracted and his glare seemed to tear deep into his heart. As he saw the punch coming he prepared himself like he used to. His old habit of flinching and seizing up whenever someone moved too fast towards him or lashed out their arms quickly. His scrunched his face up and his body stiffened as his breathing quickened. He was waiting for it. The similar feeling of pain flashing against his skin and sending him tumbling backwards and tears rising up to his eyes. Though it never came.

Slowly he opened his eyes to see Keith’s fist stopped an inch or so away from his face. His eyes wide in obvious surprise and realization as to what Lance’s reaction was. Lance deflated, not wanting to spill about his past. He couldn’t, especially not with Keith. Keith who “hated him” at times.

Keith was surprised by Lance’s reaction. It was terrifying. Realization sunk into his gut and tightened his chest as he knew that Lance would have never reacted that quickly if he hadn’t seen that scenario before many times. His hand uncle cues from the tight fist he had it in and he slowly relaxed. Worry bubbling up his theist as he looked at Lance, who was looking at Keith with the most terrified look. That look stung Keith’s heart and could probably end even the worst battles.

Lance was shaking, afraid of Keith. Afraid of what Keith was going to do. “Oh my god… Lance..” he whispered and looked at him sadly. Slowly he carefully gathered a shaking Lance up into his arms. “I’m so sorry. Lance. Baby..” he whispered. Lance let out a choked sob as tears gathered in his eyes. He didn’t have to explain to Keith of what had happened in his past because Keith knew his reaction from experience.

Had Keith actually hit him, Lance wasn’t sure what would’ve happened. He had a feeling he would’ve returned to covering up everything with his usual facade of a happy go lucky boy. Keith’s heart shattered at the sobs that escaped Lance’s lips. “I’m so sorry Lance,” he was sorry for what had happened in the past and what he had been prepared to do at the time.

Keith’s mom and Red

Throughout the show Keith’s heritage was hinted for example with his knife or the quote “You fight like a galra soldier.” from Zarkon. But what if there is more? My headcanon: Keith’s mother piloted Red.

Originally posted by captainshirogane

It would explain why Red was on a galra ship.  Keith’s style, the way he relies on instinct rather than skill is what makes him perfect for Red and also seem like a galra soldier. This connection might mean that the red lion was meant to be piloted by a galra, similar to how Zarkon received the black lion.

Also maybe the reason Zarkon found his fighting style similar to a galra’s was because he has seen the red lion in action while piloted by a galra. I would like to draw a parallel here between the Shiro-Keith dynaic (comand-second in command) and the former black pilot-red pilot dynamic.. Supposing the red pilot is someone close to the leader there is a fat chance for them to be an other galra.

Also! We have seen the red lion go out her way to save his son  Keith countless times, in an intensity that is unlike the others. Maybe Red remembers and recognizes the son of her former pilot.

At this point I kind of run out of proof and now I will just state my questions and speculate.

1. How did Keith’s parents meet?
2. Why was Blue on Earth? How could Keith sense her?

1. I believe the parents met somehow trough Voltron, since humans in the show’s time not really involved in space culture. The space program is in it’s early stages so there isn’t much of a chance for a galra and a human to just randomly meet. So then how..?

2.My second idea is that his father piloted the blue lion, met the mother, fell in love, had a baby and fled back to Earth with Blue and the child when Zarkon gone bad. This would mean Keith is not only connected to Red, but Blue also, hence sensing her.

In conclusion I believe there are greater connections behind how our favorite paladins got chosen for the job. Maybe it’s one of those ‘history might repeat itself’ cases. Maybe I should just go sleep a little and chill.

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supersupergirl  asked:

Prompt: the green ranger joins the team (a female tommy) and likes and flirts with trini. Kimberly gets jealous and has to confront her own feelings for trini.

Tommy Oliver is fine. 

And not – Kimberly would like to clarify – ‘fine’ as in super attractive, mainly because that’s a totally separate and unrelated discussion for another time. 

She’s just… fine. Acceptable. Adequate. Whatever. 

And watching her now – training in the Pit with the Rangers like she totally belongs there – it’s fine. And if Kim is frowning about it – about Tommy’s cocky little smirk as she flips Trini onto her back and pins her to the ground in a way that’s just completely unnecessary and unhelpful to their improvement as Rangers – well, that’s all… professional disagreement.

Because Tommy is fine and Kim doesn’t have a problem with her or the way she’s now dumping the contents of her stupid green water bottle onto Trini’s face, like that’s cute or something. 

(It’s not.) 

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