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This is kind of important guys!!

I just got back from The Emotional roadshow in Birmingham and it was amazing!!!
Tyler said that before the show started he was backstage working on a new song. Then he said that because the Birmingham show has been one of his favorite shows on the tour so far, he will think of us every time he sings that song.

Video Games (songfic) - Stiles Stilinski

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You hummed happily in content, prancing slowly around the kitchen with a soup ladel in your hand as the song in the kitchen switched to one that brought you back.

Swinging in the backyard pull up in your fast car, whistling my name”

You grinned, twirling and swaying around to the song that gave you memories of homecoming, junior year.  The magical night that started it all.  You even sang softly, so invested in the wonderful nostalgia of being in strong protective arms, a warm feeling in your chest, honey colored eyes that never left you.

I say you the bestest swing in for a big kiss put his favorite perfume on”

You continued to move your hips back and forth, even as you’d gone back to stirring yours and your boyfriend’s dinner.  The entire apartment smelled like vegetable soup.  You just hoped he’d be happy when he got home, knowing he had a long day at school today, and more hours were added on, as his father had asked for help at the station.  You’d thought maybe a peaceful night in with a warm homemade dinner would be a relaxing way to end his night.

Go play your video game..”

The door opened, your boyfriend finally home, but you were too wrapped up in your cooking and dancing and singing to notice he was home.  You were still stirring, singing along loudly and shamelessly.  It wasn’t until he sang along softly that you knew he was there.

It’s you it’s you it’s all for you, everything I do, I tell you all the time” 

He walked up behind you, still singing.  You turned when his hands placed themselves on your hips, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Heaven is a place on earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do”

Welcome home Stiles” You said with a small smile, and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I do believe this song is ours” He said with a boyish smile.  You linked your own arms behind his neck.

I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?”

“Hm” You hummed in thought.  “I don’t remember” You shrugged nonchalantly, and Stiles raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t remember me accidentally yelling to the whole school how in love with you I am?” You giggled.

“No I remember”

Well baby now you do”

Stiles moved side to side with you, dancing in the kitchen as you smiled at him and continued to sing along to your song.

“It was pretty embarassing” You told him.

“You think? I try to have a friendly conversation with Scott, next thing I know he’s making me scream cause he ‘can’t hear me’ and one thing lead to another” Stiles shook his head, and spun you around before pulling you back into his chest.

“Looking back on it, I have no idea how you fell for that.  The boy’s a werewolf Stiles.  He could hear the people hooking up all the way in Coach’s office, even with the blasting music in the gym” You giggled again, and he gave you a look.  “Hey, it could’ve been worse”

“That’s true” He shrugged a shoulder, moving you back and forth again.  “You could’ve told me you’re repulsed by me” You shook your head, trying to hide your laugh this time.

“Only when you eat curly fries like a monster” Stiles smiled crookedly, a small sense in pride in him.  Or maybe the thought of curly fries just made him happy.  “But other than that Stilinski..” You breathed heavily, leaning closer and smiling up at him.  “I was about ready to scream it too” Stiles kissed you softly, holding you closer, and breathing in your scent.

“Well… I guess I’m cooler then cause I did it first” He mumbled against your lips, and you giggled, looking up at him with crinkled but twinkling eyes.

“When I say I was ready to scream it, I was thinking more along the lines of into a pillow.. not in front of the whole school” Stiles groaned.

“Why do we always have this conversation” You giggled again, and stood your bare feet up onto his socks, pressing a longer kiss to his lips.

“Because you love me so damn much” 

“Did you just quote me? Via last year’s dance?” Stiles asked, feigning confusion.

“And I love you so damn much too Stilinski” You whispered, threading your fingers softly through his hair.

“Well you live with me so… you’ve got no choice”

“Nope.  I’m stuck with you” You smiled, and stepped off of his feet.  But he didn’t let you get away that easily, his arms encircling your waist and setting you up on the counter.  “Well this is new” You smiled before he’d sealed your lips with his.

“Happens a lot on tv.  Thought I’d see if it works” You nodded, definitely liking… whatever this was.  Stiles moved between your legs, kissing you longingly and passionately.

It was great until you smelled smoke.


So the two of you ordered takeout in your pajamas, eating sesame chicken with rice on the couch, and you lived happily ever after.

honestly i don’t need someone to cook for me.  lemme eat chinese food in my pajamas and i’ll love you forever.

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this was mini but i was taking a homework break.
xoxo ~ jordie

Chris Pine Request

Hey!! Can I please request a Chris Pine imagine where he’s been away for a few months filming while the reader is at home pregnant with their first child? Can it be a really cute fluffy moment when he comes home and surprises her too? I LOOOOOVE your imagines btw! I live for them! 💜💜

AN: I hope this turned out like you wanted!! Thanks for reading and requesting!!

You sat the bags on the kitchen counter and started to unload when the FaceTime ringtone went off on your phone. A smile took over your face when you saw your husband’s name on the screen. “Hi,” you sang.

“How’s my favorite girl doing,” he smiled back to you.

“Good. I just got home from the grocery and I think after I get all this stuff put away I’ll start laundry and take the dogs for a walk. How’s filming going?”

“It’s going good but I’m ready to be home with you and the little one,” a hand instinctively went to your baby bump. “How’s he doing?”

“Good,” you said rubbing your stomach. “I pee every 5 minutes and he really wants me to eat oranges.”

“Oranges? Really,” Chris laughed.

“Really. I bought like 10 oranges today and some of those little mandarin oranges in the fridge packs. That’s the only thing I’ve been craving for the past 3 days. Oh, and chocolate milk,” you said lifting up the gallon of chocolate milk you hadn’t yet but in the fridge.

“Chris, we’re ready to start the next scene,” you heard someone yell behind him.

“Babe, I gotta’ go. We’re working late tonight so I’ll call you tomorrow morning. I love you.”

“Love you too,” you watched the screen go dark and went back to putting away groceries.


You got up bright and early thanks to the pressure against your bladder. Letting the dogs out back and turning on some much you went to the kitchen and started fixing your breakfast. You added the cheese and broccoli to your omelet and folded over half the egg onto your added ingredients. “No oranges in there?”

You yipped and jumped with your spatula ready to attack until you turned and saw your husband. “What are you doing here? You almost gave me a heart attack,” you chuckled and ran into his arms.

“I didn’t work late last night, I was on a late flight,” he admitted. “I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, I’m glad you did.” You untangled yourself from him and walked back to the stove taking out your omelet. “Hungry?”

“Starving,” he walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your growing stomach. “He’s getting big,” Chris rested his head on top of yours. A pang on your stomach made both you and Chris freeze. “What was that?”

“I think he just kicked,” you whispered waiting for it to happen again. Another two kicks moved your stomach. “That’s the first time he’s kicked,” you grinned. “I guess he’s happy his Dad is home too.”


This is one of my favorite scenes from this whole episode. There is just something about the way Lucy and Wyatt are in this scene. I guarantee that if someone only watched this scene they would think Lucy and Wyatt were together. He walks in behind her, let’s her take the lead, but is never very far. He’s watching her, making sure she is alright. I could just watch the two of them in this scene over and over.

So guess who got into The Adventure Zone a little while back? THIS GIRL!!! I’m just finishing up the first arc - “Here There Be Gerblins” and I gotta say, I am LOVING IT. Taako is probably my favorite at the moment, but I’m going to probably cosplay as Merle. Idk. I’ll decide once I get further in XD

Hi, this is Sky, I might be a little late for the hearts for Sean thing but I still want to contribute! I honestly don’t remember what the first first video of his I watched, but I do remember that I immediately loved his personality and energy! This was just before he got his hair green.

I’m so thankful for Sean, he’s been with us through the good times and the bad, and always had our backs. It’s so great to know that he’s always gonna have videos out for all of us, to cheer us up. I love the community he’s created too, everyone is so nice and supportive! I’m just really thankful that I found Sean, now he’s my favorite YouTuber!! Sean, if you see this, know that so many people support and love you and the content you create! I hope this brightened your day!!




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Hey! Some Natasha and Steve friendship headcanons? :)

headcanon: Natasha is basically Steve’s first friend out of the ice right? so like nat is teaching steve all about this century well everything. she lets him try out his own stuff like clothes and jokes and music to listen to and then natasha is like no steve do this. to which he just shrugs and chooses his favorite cause he figures that she knows best (and he was used to bucky taking care of him back in the day). so the first time he gives her shade he bites his lip cause he knows the black widow can fuck a guy yup, and like hes a big dude but natasha could wreck him. so she gives him really serious eyes just to make him sweat a little and then bursts out laughing cause hes such an idiot and the his scared face is fucking priceless. Also since they are both huge nerds Nat makes him watch all the classics, shes the real reason he has his little black book of things to catch up on. (clint makes fun of him that his little black book isnt filled with women but no one will tell steve why its funny and the last thing he googled something he ended up on a leather fetish site and was a lil overwhelmed)

headcanons + mini blogrates

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Thank you for the TWS update, I love this story so so much! Now I've got the feeling that Percy will be involved somehow... (You don't need to say something about that, I just wanted to let you know.) <3

Percy? One of my favorites? Who gets idly mentioned? Whatever makes you think he’ll pop back up again?

concept: It’s a cloudy afternoon in Paris. You just got back home after a busy day. You’re wearing a silk dress, putting on your favorite lipstick, grabbing a glass of red wine, enjoying your balcony view and putting your favorite music on, waiting for the love of your life to come over so you can walk around Paris, 

Yuuri living on Russia headcanons!!
  • as far as we know Yuuri’s Russian is still in its early stages, so I am 100% sure that he would practice by having their TV with subtitles when necessary and without them after repeat viewings
  • wherever or not the repeat viewings are because him and Georgi got very into the same soap opera is up to debate ;)
  • Yuuri’s favorite Russian food: Yurio’s piroshki
  • Mila insists on Yuuri teaching her flamenco and he is like, a surprisingly good teacher? Viktor is so proud of that
  • Yuuri on the phone: “sorry Minako sensei we were just training with Madam Baranovskaya an-” Minako: “SAY NO MORE AND GO BACK TO TRAINING BOY!!” 
  •  Grandpa Plisetsky gives Viktor and Yuuri marriage advise and forces Yurio to listen as well
  • Yakov’s marriage advise is essentially just: “VITYA STOP TRYING TO GET IN YOUR FIANCE’S PANTS AND DO THE STEP SEQUENCE!!
  • Lilia: “so you have trained in ballet most of your life”, Yuuri: “yes madam”, Lilia: “oh thank God” 
  • Makkachin spends more time at the rink with them than before because now they don’t have Yuuri’s family close by to look after him but Viktor is ok with that since poor Makkachin is not as young as he used to be 
  •  Yurio: “so does this mean I get to bring my cat?”, Yakov: “this will turn into a circus”
  • Georgi bringing around his new girlfriend and getting real embarrassed cause he is not part of the PDA couple this time 
  • Yurio wants to consider that a win but he deals with Yuuri and Viktor’s mushiness the most so it is a hollow victory 
  • Yurio spends the night at the viktuuri apartment when he doesn’t want to deal with Lilia and Yakov. He reverses it whenever he doesn’t want to deal with Viktor and Yuuri
  • it gets to the point that Viktor and Yuuri simply buy a full bed with animal print bedding and lots of cat plushies so that he has a better place to sleep on than the couch 
  • Mila finds out about it and jokingly tells them that they are already parenting even though they haven’t fully planned the wedding yet
  • Viktor spends the rest of the entire skating season referring to Yurio as “our precious talented son” with Yuuri deciding after a while that going against that is pointless, specially given that both of them are always sitting in the kiss and cry with Yurio 
  • Lilia insists that the day they have child she will be the one to teach ballet to the kid, to which Minako strongly protests that she knows them better. Yuuri just reminds them that everyone there already knows ballet and that any of them could teach it
  • Yurio and Mila deciding wherever or not to go to college, since only Yuuri knows fully what the experience is like
  • Viktor asking Yuuri if he should go to college given that he feels bad about being the coach even though his student has more credentials. Yuuri tells him not to worry about it and to only do it if he really wants to cause none of them would look down on him anyway 
  • the press wants to get a scoop out of them but it is pointless since Viktor’s Instagram is getting as active as Phichit’s with 9/10 photos being just Yuuri and Makkachin 
Things Harry doesn’t know about Draco (or things he pretends not to know)

He claims he takes his coffee black as night. Sugar and cream are stealthily added when Harry’s back is turned.

He’s always wanted to get a tattoo. After the pain of taking the Dark Mark, though, he isn’t sure he’d be able to go through with it. He’s got a stash of potential tattoo designs hidden in the back of his closet, though. Just in case.

As much as he hates his nickname, he is rather fond of ferrets. He wouldn’t mind getting one as a pet.

His favorite color is dark red. Mostly because Potter looks so damn good in it.

He used to put on plays he wrote himself for his parents as a kid. Narcissa definitely did not tape all of them and show each one to Harry the first time he went to the Manor for dinner. 

When he was little, he collected newspaper clippings which mentioned Harry’s name, long before he ever thought he would meet him (or date him for that matter). He still has the binder full of them somewhere in the attic.

He told Harry the nightmares stopped awhile ago. They still come back sometimes.

He secretly listens to the top 40 Muggle radio station when Harry is out. 

He has been building a steady collection of Harry’s old hoodies and flannels in the back of his closet. He wears them whenever Harry is gone for an extended period of time.

He told Harry he hadn’t started liking him ‘til their fourth year when they were 14 (Take 14, divide that by two, and add one, and then you’d have the truth).

He LOVES collarbones. He could devour Harry’s for every meal of the day. 

He tried to write Harry a love poem one time. Harry still thinks it was Ginny who wrote it.

He smiles a lot more now than he used to. That’s not much of a secret, though.

He bought the ring last Wednesday.

He thinks the words “I love you” twice as many times as he says them out loud.

He’s okay. He’s okay.

Today was a rlly shitty day so I wrote this thing to kinda get my mind off of it all. I could definitely use some positive thoughts and prayers to get me through this week. Love you guys xx


One Piece ワンピース [Thriller Bark Saga] : Shichibukai Bartholomew “Tyrant” Kuma vs Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro 

“Just stay back, all of you!! He challenged ME didn’t you hear?! I’ve accepted the challenge I don’t need help. So don’t humiliate me by butting in! When disaster looms, you’ve got to step up or shove off. Making excuses isn’t going to change anything. If I die here…then I wasn’t worth much to begin with!!”

This is my absolute favorite moment in One Piece. There are so many great scenes in OP, and the “Whitebeard War” Arc is still the greatest as a whole, but this moment holds a special place for me. Before Captain Kidd, Zoro was (still 2nd) my favorite character because he’s hilarious and brazen but when it came down to it, Zoro always handled his own and got shit done. When Kuma came to annihilate all witnesses to Gecko Moria’s defeat and challenged Zoro, the hype killed me!! Just the fact that they just defeated a Shichibukai and it took all they had and then another one shows up and Zoro stands his ground even though he’s clearly outclassed was like, “wow, what a badass”. But of course, what sealed the deal for me was when Zoro threw down his swords and offered his head, the head of the future “Worlds Greatest Swordsman”, in exchange for Luffy & his crewmates’ lives and then took in all of Luffy’s battle damage. Magnifique. Truly, Oda molded the perfect right hand for the future Pirate King!

♪ : Mozart - Lacrimosa

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top 5 haikyuu asses? #babygotback

Top 5 best asses in haikyuu???

Look at that booty. Show me the booty. Gimme the booty. I want the booty. Back up tha booty. I need tha booty. I like the booty. Oh, what a booty!

1. Bokuto. I HAVE DIED EVERY DAY WAITING FOR THE MOMENT I COULD USE THIS GIF!!! I mean, this is not just me being blinded by love, this actually the best haikyuu booty @whoever did this animation: THANK YOU  

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3. Oikawa. Again, I feel like thanking the animators for this. (Iwa-chan got booty too tho)  

4. Daichi. #confirmed by Suga

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5. Yaku. Our favorite kitty libero put the ass in sass 

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- Bonus: our favorite russian lion got A+ booty too and with this it’s safe to say that Nekoma wins the “Team with the best asses” award and if you think about it it’s such a Nekoma thing to do they don’t have the very best™ but still together they could steal the prize away from the team that’s on the top (look at me managing to say something serious here at the very end). 

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- Bonus #2: Makki must have a pretty fine piece of ass too apparently 

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Ask me my top 5 things!

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How do you draw hands? Like I think i did it once years many years ago but I can't seem to figure it out. Don't worry if you don't get to this request I don't mind ^~^ You're art is super cool amazing and I love it <3

Thank you so much!!  <3 

I’ve studied lots of tutorials and videos, so definitely look for those and draw alongside the videos whenever possible. 

Also, back when I was in high school and college, to keep myself awake I’d doodle a lot.  I’d end up drawing my left hand because it was just right there.  As a result, there were a lot of drawings of my left hand all over my notes.  XD  Anyway, I got quite a bit of of practice that way.

Here’s a hand tutorial by Kienan Lafferty, one of my favorite tutorial guys on YouTube because he talks in a very basic way without sounding like he’s talking down to you.

Here’s a quick gif I made of my own process.  I usually start with the basic shape of the palm and work my way outwards.  I use a reference if needed.  I’m still far from perfect but I make it a point to not try to hide hands behind objects or behind characters’ backs to force myself to learn to draw them better.


“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.”
Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.“

So, I got these pictures of my Feyre Cosplay a while ago and I’m in love. I enjoy just being her SO much, she’s probably my favorite character to do. ❤️
The wig is not how I imagined her hair, but I didn’t have time to get a new one and I thought it was fitting. I’m going to get a new one soon!
You can’t imagine how much I miss my tattoo arm. I want it back 😭

Enough of my thoughts, it’s credit time!
Pictures were taken by Miclast (Facebook) and the lovely costume design is from @taratjah .
I asked her before starting the costume if I could use her artwork and she allowed me to do so. Which is awesome and I’m forever grateful <3
(That’s actually a very important point. Always ask the artist before just redoing their art and respect their choice!)



I went manga shopping today, and crouched down to the bottom shelf to look at the “Durarara” manga, and I saw this (a quote from the series). Upon closer inspection, there was a single dollar coin inside, which is amazing considering theres a group in the franchise called “The Dollars”, and on the back it read “Merry Christmas from a random stranger”.

This honestly means so much more to me than just a dollar, Durarara is my favorite franchise and I, myself, have done similar things. I feel so overwhelmed and blessed that it almost beyond me to tears. I intend to never open it and keep the memory forever.

The Dollars have truly become immortal.

Homestuck Characters as Let's Players Because I've Jumped the Shark
  • John: Has been at it for years and has a lot of subscribers because of it, everyone posts gifs of him reacting to different games talking about how pure and sweet he is, when he is none of those things
  • Rose: Does reviews and extensive walkthroughs. Very to the point, but will also set time aside to completely wreck a shitty game design or a nonsense plot with snarky commentary.
  • Dave: Nobody really knows why he has five million subs. He doesn't even use face cam or a decent mic, he just records 10 minutes of pure self indulgent monologue over any random video game. What's this guys secret?
  • Jade: "hey guys! welcome my weekly animal jam stream! counterstrike is pushed back a week because i got banned from my favorite server because they thought i was hacking...but that's okay! how are you doing today everyone?"
  • Jane: Gets a lot of hate from people who think she's completely sold out to her main source of sponsorship, when really she just supports the product
  • Jake: One of those European Youtubers that uses a crap ton of slang from his country of origin and has a near incoherent accent. Fails to grasp stealth based games. He also does a lot of live action videos of him taking different YouTube challenges of dubious levels of safety
  • Roxy: "Yeah, this is your average RPGMaker MV based game, the sprites are the basic pack you get in the game and they forgot to sync up the walk cycles on the NPCs so they aren't running into eachother all the time...OH MY GOD A CAT IM GONNA GO PET IT!"
  • Dirk: Professional editor, doesn't have his own channel but he does occasionally show up in videos with Jake and Roxy, to the point where fans know who he is. Doesn't really want to have his own channel because he feels that would involve pandering to the intelligence of the average Youtube user. Has far too many self image issues to put himself out there as anything more than just the dude behind the scenes making everything click.