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I can draw for you

Okay, I need to explain. A few weeks ago my car broke down, the week after I put in my two weeks notice at work no less because I was going to drive it back to my home on the east coast. I just got the bill today and the last two checks that are coming in aren’t going to cover it. It’s not much, but I need some help. Guys, I can draw anime for you. If you need a bust or something of an OC or anything like that, I can make it happen. Ardyn fan girls, I can draw him for you. Want him chibified? No problem, I do great chibis. I’m charging line art inked chibis at $5 and line art inked busts at $15 and if you want color I do traditional acrylic paint color only at an additional $10. And you get the physical copy, I’ll mail it to you. Message me if you’re interested and if you’re curious about my art just check out my “my art” tag or visit my deviantart page, I’m Hikari-Sora1. I just need simple requests to get this bill paid quickly. Please and many thanks!

Les Chevaliers…


I can’t believe David Benioff confirmed that Jondry is real. 


Not everything had gone to plan
But we made the best of what we had, you know
Passing the drink from hand to hand
We admit we really know nothing at all

Stories told to me and stories told to you
And was it feeling real, and were they ringing true?

And all their words for glory
Well they always sounded empty
When we’re looking up for heaven
Looking up for heaven

Glory (Bastille)

A person who would rather remain nameless approached me about some Jack/Parse. The choice was mine as for what context so I went with something sometime before the 2009 draft.

Just two boys hanging out past their curfew, taking a quiet moment to think about anything at all but expiration dates.
They are not equally successful at this.

Corresponding Playlist

My other Check, Please! FanArt


Guys I realized something really important! More evidence as to why “Shiro” isn’t the real Shiro.

In the past seasons whenever the real Shiro is on a Galra ship, he does the finger tapping thing to track his way around the ship without being caught by soldiers. He completely memorized the routes the soldiers would take. But when “Shiro” woke up this season on a Galra ship, he instantly just got up and left. Like he didn’t even think to check for soldiers. Not a Shiro thing to do if you ask me.


4x23 II 8x16


Someone asked if Jrey is the space lime, then who is the space lemon? which reminded me of an oc I’ve had in progress. Now he is complete cause of Anons ask and he has a name~ Temon.



jack zimmermann. jack 0% to 333% zimmermann. jack laurent zimmermann. is the sort of friend who is extremely loyal, he’s the definition of ride-or-die, and he will give and give and give until he can no longer give anymore, he loves intensely and fiercely without thinking twice, he’ll just. go for it

and then, bitty. eric richard bittle, who needs someone like that, because he doesn’t really see? how worthy he is? to others? he constantly seeks validation via social media, he’s quite self deprecating and doesn’t necessarily seek out help, deferring to the thought of giving up before the act of asking for help even enters his mind as a viable option for him, he’s the sort of person who takes care of others before himself and deflects deflects deflects until someone is able to just. break through it all

which jack does

they’re so well matched and they evenly balance each other out, it makes me Very Emotional, i? love them so much



Everything is going really well! I just got done checking the scripts so if I’m lucky this game should be available for download within the next couple of days c:

Someone to Watch Over Me

Title:  Someone to Watch Over Me (A Bodyguard AU)

Series Masterlist (coming soon)

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Six months ago, everything changed. Widowed and alone, Dean Winchester is determined to pick himself up and move on, so he goes back to his job as a bodyguard for Singer Protective Services. His first assignment? An actress receiving death threats, an actress with an uncanny resemblance to his wife.

You don’t want protection, don’t need it. Especially from someone as cold and impersonal as Dean Winchester. You’re not afraid of a bunch of stupid death threats, you just want to be left alone to live your life.

Two people, two very different lives. Who will be the first to let the armor slip?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned)

Word Count:  2936

Warnings: language, mentions stalking, death threats, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes: This was written for two challenges: @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All (had to be Dean x Reader, no more than 3,000 words, and the prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”) and @luci-in-trenchcoats AU & Things Challenge (I chose Bodyguard AU). I’m not gonna lie, a lot inspiration for this came from the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!