just got a bad hair do

my hairs really cute right now?

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Okay last question, it's about your persona. What are the colors? Does your persona always wear the hat? Is your persona a smoll (hehe sorrrryyyy) or a tall? Do you prefer four fingers or five? Is the hair curly? I'm sorry for the spam of questions, I just really want this to come out as you imagine your characters. Your art just inspires me to do art. *thumbs up* keep inspiring friend! (I'm bad at talking sorry)

It’s ok it makes me so happy that you wanna know all this oh my gosh/// and!! My skin is Pale and dead and I got messy / kinda curly brown hair-!! With a black jacket-! And yes, mos t of the time I always wear either an orange hat, a grey hat with lil leaf patterns or my tyrone hat!! I am a medium child . No smol or Tol can contain me. And you can do whatever with the hands!!! You are wonderful and I bet your art is amazing!!!!!/

So I was watching Bee Movie on netflix (because I’m garbage) and I noticed something…

See that lady bee behind Barry? 

Yeah, all the lady bees look like that. 

every female bee essentially has the same design- all centering around the hair do. Which got me thinking…

Why would all the female bees have the same hairdo??

It’s just…bad character design. Until I realized. 

That bump they all have in their hair??? The weird sort of 50′s-esque style?


i hate this fucking movie so much

HEADCANON: during his time with Best Jeanist, Bakugou learned how to style hair. (well, to be more accurate, Best Jeanist sighed and suggested that Bakugou couldn’t do something as elegant as learn how to style hair with that personality of his, and Bakugou got pissed and learned how just to prove him fucking wrong. also because he has to be the best at everything. which includes hair styling.)

SO one day at the dorms, one of the girls is having a bad hair day, and Bakugou just comes up behind her and fixes it. because goddammit he fucking learned these skills might as well fuckin’ use ‘em

Bakugou instantly becomes the person all the girls go to when they want their hair styled or fixed. at first it annoys him, but then he finds styling hair is actually kinda relaxing. maybe even fun. (he even styles Aoyama’s hair at one point, and some of the other boys too, tho a few just refuse to let Bakugou’s hands near their heads)

Someone has a crush....
  • Glynda: I’m going to get you through this. Tell me what you like about Qrow.
  • Winter: Nothing. Everything. I don’t know.
  • Glynda: Do you like his hair?
  • Winter: You mean those soft black bangs you wanna hide under like an umbrella on a rainy day? No, not really.
  • Glynda: And his face?
  • Winter: Ew, gross, it’s so gorgeous! I just want to slap it. I want to slap it. I just want to slap his hideous, beautiful face.
  • Glynda: Um, you mean kiss?
  • Winter: No, I mean slap.
  • Glynda: Whoa. You got it bad, girl.
2P! America BF Headcanons

2P!America/Allen D. Jones Boyfriend Headcanons:

  • will protect you at absolutely all costs
  • he is vvv protective; if someone looks at you the wrong way they weren’t even a thought after
  • he plays baseball a lot and would love it if you went to his games
  • ^ would run up and kiss you after winning a game
  • he’s a star
  • loves to cuddle and kiss and do romantic things but will also probably suggest midnight train-hopping for ‘fun’
  • is from Brooklyn/Boston and always speaks w/ that hella hot accent 
  • he always wants to carry you/give you piggy back rides
  • i hc him pansexual panromantic
  • he’s pretty insecure and will just need you to hold him and be there for him sometimes
  • he’s a b a d a s s and is known for his cool bad boy rep
  • he would never do anything illegal with you tho
  • absolutely hates seeing you hurt
  • will prob do anything you ask of him
  • “al i’m braiding flowers into your hair” “you got it baby”
  • “al we’re gonna get onesies and go to the mall” “i’ll get my keys”
  • “al i accidentally set a kindergarten on fire and need somewhere to hide” “basement’s all yours doll”
  • he has a hot ass motorcycle he’ll take you on anytime and anywhere
  • like
  • holy fu ck
  • damn boi
  • i’m sorry i have a 12039% motorcycle kink excuse m e
  • he loves to bathe with you
  • like not even sexually
  • tho it can be
  • wink wonk ;)
  • he will kick anyone’s ass for you
  • and would love it if you could kick his 
  • loves to adventure with you
  • would totally take you on roadtrips with him and Matt
  • looks like he could kill somebody and could but it actually a cinnamon roll
  • don’t even get me started on the way he looks at you without you noticing
  • his s/o will be treated like royalty
  • he loVES puns and jokes
  • so many inside jokes together
  • like b o i
  • loves Marvel/DC too and will die if you don’t
  • at least sit through one movie
  • p l s 
  • total nerd
  • has 583520 comic books
  • goes to cons and cosplays a lot (wants couples cosplays so bad)
  • is all sciencey and stuff
  • don’t get him started on space
  • he can rap like H E L L
  • and breakdance
  • it’s super hot
  • will take you around NEw York
  • shows you all the cool spots no one knows about
  • late night motorcycle rides
  • constant love and affection
  • this is not the end of my list
  • i have eternal allen hcs
  • jUSt
  • aLLen JoNEs eVeryBOdy
More Ninjago headcannons

* Nya gets so frustrated sometimes, that she causes huge tidal waves by accident.

* Wu braids his beard.

* Lloyd lets his hair grow out because he’s too lazy to get it cut.

* Because of this, there were multiple instances of Kai almost lighting Lloyd’s hair on fire.

* Morro doesn’t brush his hair. eVER. He hisses like a cat whenever someone tries to touch his hair as well.

* Jay loves making the ninja do the human pyramid simply because he’s always at the top. (he’s pret light)

* Kai doesn’t remember how he got his own scar. Thus, it forever is a mystery. All he knows for sure that it involved one bad decision and a sword.

* Lloyd doesn’t know how to ride a bike. He still uses training wheels.

* Zane is the best gambler in Ninjago. It’s because no one can ever read his facial expressions.

* Zane is just the best card player in general.

* Cole can’t tie shoe laces for shit. So he always cuts them off any of his shoes.

* Lloyd wears socks with his sandles. So does Wu, Garmadon, and Kai.

* Jay wears makeup more often than Nya does.

* Nya also sweats way more than the rest of the ninja.

* Ronin stays up for new years. Not for celebrating, but for the free booze at bars.


Hello everybody! back again c: this week was really hard I catched a cold and still have a lot of homeworks to do, but I really wanted to draw so here you go! ^^“
this turned out longer that I wanted it to be ^^ this little comic is about a headcanon I had on friday

Its playing during season 4 where John and Mary already got divorced and john returned to sherlock. (This is the reason why I changed Johns hair XD) Sherlock is having a bad dream about the day mary shot him. he still can’t belive that John finally returned so he’s a little bit surprised but relived when john woke him up. just some little angsty/fluff  for the johnlockers  I took screenshots as an reference for the flashbacks.
I hope that you like it!  

Good Question

You asked a good question @innertimetraveljellyfish  PCap hair up or down….hmmm
I think I would prefer the fluffy Capaldi, he looks so good with it, i Mean just look at him…(sigh)..so handsome

But I do like the look he sported when he played Malcolm Tucker at the beginning series, Kind of messy with a bit of fluffy

I really don’t like the short cropped look though that he sported later in the series.  I think it is just a bit sever but boy do I love those eyes

 I’m not to fond of the slick back look that he had in the hour, I think it is just a crime to tame that hair with so much product.

But I will admit there was a few moments where it wasn’t as bad, a bit wavy

Now I really like the  “I just got out of the shower wet look”, but that might be because I’m thinking about seeing him naked..in a shower…but I digress. Sorry

I am quite fond of the dark curls at the nape of his neck, they enthrall me to no end.

I do think that to much fluff doesn’t look as good as just the right fluff, but IDK I might like it more over time

But, over all I love the fluffy look, I think it suits him perfectly.

I probably told you more then you wanted to know, I’m sorry but any time I can study PCap fluff extensively I will happily do so.

MHA dub episode 4 commentary 

  • i think it’s interesting that Endeavor is known as the “Legendary Peace-Keeper” considering what an asshole he is
  • also his fire beard is animated nicely
  • Best Jeanist’s clothes annoy me
  • i wonder how much money UA gets that they can build separate mock-cities for entrance exams 
  • ok i think i’m getting used to Present Mic’s dub voice but he still sounds too much like Usopp to me
  • he’s got. so many bad puns. it’s perfect
  • how many bad puns can you fit into one character
  • jfc Iida you have zero chill Izuku is just trying to thank Uraraka, my tall rectangular boy
  • “Why do I feel like everyone’s already written me off…” i’m sorry my boy
  • Aoyama’s fucking frilly track suit tho
  • ok i’ve swallowed a single strand of hair before by accident and it is THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING EVER so i feel for you Izuku my child, i feel for you, it is not a good feeling
  • it is so gross
  • the “clench your buttcheeks” like always makes me laugh lmao
  • i like Aoyama’s dub voice lmao
  • also his goddamn shoujo-level sparkly laser
  • Aoyama’s staring at the fucking school camera as he attacks villains
  • i swear to god i’ve heard Nedzu’s voice somewhere before
  • *giant-ass fucking terrifying robot appears* Izuku: “ISN’T THIS A LITTLE EXTREME??” that’s the point, my boy
  • once again: i wonder how much money UA has to make a giant ass mecha 
  • i really like how Izuku’s eyes are super green with everything sorta faded out in this scene, where Uraraka is trapped and he’s remembering when she helped him earlier
  • ok i think i’m getting used to Uraraka’s voice
  • ugh i love this background music
  • “That’s right. Show who you are!! Embody what it means to be a hero!!” All Might is a proud dad
  • “Nothing is nobler… than self-sacrifice!!” idk man i don’t think that’s exactly correct there but ok
  • All Your Limbs Are Broken: Starring Izuku Midoriya
  • the animation of Izuku’s broken body just flapping in the wind is fucked up yo
  • Izuku is so ready to break his arm to soften his landing and Uraraka just comes outta no where and slaps him
  • i mean i know she’s doing it so he can float and all but out of context it’s like she’s slapping him for trying to hurt himself by using OFA again
  • i love Uraraka’s rainbow sparkly barf
  • Izuku 3 of your limbs are broken and yet you’re still worried about if Uraraka is ok. god what a sweetheart
  • Izuku is fucking crawling with one hand. my boy. my child. no don’t do that
  • i love how Aoyama always looks at the camera
  • i just noticed that Iida has a little cup (probably full of orange juice) strapped to his belt
  • i kinda love how Iida is mentally berating the other kids for not understanding exactly what Izuku did (which was sacrificing everything to save Uraraka)
  • Recovery Girl’s voice is perfect
  • ok i think i’m used to Iida’s voice now
  • Inko has the perfect worried mom voice
  • “Why are you smiling at that fish??”
  • i mentioned this before but i enjoy how Izuku just absent-mindedly picks up that fucking huge dumbbell weight
  • i fucking love Izuku’s fucking All Might themed door name
  • “BOOYAH I AM HERE AS A PROJECTION-MAN NOW!!” what a f ucking dork
  • “I KNOW IT’S BEEN A WHILE, BUT WITH GREAT POWER COMES A GREAT AMOUNT OF PAPERWORK!!” i’m pretty sure Spidey never said it like that, Toshi
  • what a dork
  • All Might can’t take camera directions i love him
  • fuck i love him
  • so much
  • “Um… do you know he guy with the really messy hair and freckles? Um. He doesn’t really stand out… it’s kinda hard to describe his face really?” Izuku: “SHE MEANS ME”
  • ugh i love this angel chorus bg music
  • i enjoy Mic’s headpat to Uraraka
  • ok i’m just gonna say the focus on Self Sacrifice is a Bad Thing (thankfully the manga starts to deconstruct this later on but yeah)
  • i enjoy how Izuku’s All Might doll from when he was a kid is on his desk, and there’s like… very slight signs of wear on it
  • also fuck i love the music in this series
  • poor Inko is worrying her little heart out outside of Izuku’s room
  • also i’m not sure if i’ve said this but i actually like the ending song more than the opening
  • “Your teacher will show no mercy, and will expel students who do poorly…. BUT NO PRESSURE!!!!” Toshi no
  • All Might: “OH NO…. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR INDEX FINGER?? AUAUUUGHHHH!!!! *horrified scream*” i’m sorry but out of context this sounds very, very odd

ok that’s it for ep 4 lmao

Imagine Dean cutting your hair

“Y/N, are you sure you don’t want to just go to a barber? I’m sure there’s one in the next town,” Dean said.

“Nah, not worth it. We’ve got to get going on that hunt. We don’t have the money anyway,” you said. “Dean, we don’t have all day. Just do it. You can’t cut it any worse than me,” you added, handing him the scissors.

He sighed. “Fine. Just don’t blame me when it looks bad.” He put the scissors to your hair and started cutting, trimming a few inches of your too-long hair.

When he was done, he gave you a handheld mirror. You admired your new haircut. “Not bad, Deano. Not bad at all,” you laughed.

He jabbed his elbow into your side. “If only I can get Sam to let me take a pair of clippers to his mop,” he chuckled.

“What?” Sam yelled from the other room.

“Nothing!” you and Dean chorused.

Hello! I’m alive! Trying to be less self-important so I continue my boring(?) bare-faced without-makeup-or-lenses selfies! Here featuring some cute jammies and my #kokokim tshirt! Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I never dress up or do makeup anymore, I just feel extremely insecure about my looks, and have little money to spend on it sadly… and my mental health has been quite bad for a long time now, so I do what I can to feel good about how I look! My hair has gotten pretty long by now, and as you can see a large part of the top of my head has come back to it’s natural colour! I am still unsure if I should colour it again or just let it grow out like normal 😮 What do you think? I am not sure if I like this “ombre” look that I’ve got going on now 😅

I’m too salty for my own good I have to write an argumentative final paper about why discrimination against people with hair/body modifications is bad and also racist and my outline is like 3 pages of pure wank and passive (or just flat out) aggression my teacher is gonna pour a bucket of ice on me when she reads it because I need to goddamn chill

November 8th on Tumblr

America: “We gotta vote but who do we vote for? Hillary is crooked, Trump is a cheeto with hair. The Independents are buzzing in our ears, but they got no power. What do we do? The System is rigged. Doesn’t matter who we vote for. VOTE BLUE! VOTE RED! VOTE GOOD OR BAD! Get in line! Take a ballot. Have you ID. It’s important. It doesn’t matter. I want to vote. I don’t care. Support Trump. Support Hillary. I want Bernie back. Write in Bernie. Fuck the system!”

Rest of the world: “We literally fucking hate you. Please stop doing this. Just. Just stop.”

a couple that got extremely rich by doing illegal stuff and now traveling over the entire world 1st class and sleeping in expensive hotels under false id’s, smoking weed and having sex in every corner of the room and police trying to catch them so they die their hair a lot and don’t call each other by their real names in public. and basically just a lot of bad ass stuff.

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Hello hello; It's me again :) What are your favorite Jamie photos?

Again. You’re trying to kill me by having to make me choose! I picked 6 since that’s how many Tyler pictures I went with.

Jamie doesn’t do it nearly enough as he should but I love his smile. Any picture of him smiling is my favorite. (his hair is amazing)

His intensity. I love the intense look in his eyes he has just about all game long. Focus.

I love those lavender warm up jerseys. I still remember the feeling I got when I first saw this picture. 

His eyes are beautiful.

This was such a funny moment. Showed his sense of humor where usually during a game he is so serious. Cheeky cheeky Jamie.

Is it bad that the last one is a picture I took of him? I am just so in love with this picture.

looking forward to your next question :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about veiling, and I honestly have some really mixed opinions on it. On the one hand, I already veil during ritual. I also bind/braid my hair on a near daily basis, but most of the time that’s out of habit not out of devotion (I’ve got hair all the way down my back that I think looks horrid if I don’t do anything to it). Every few months a bunch of posts about veiling will start popping up on my dash and I’ll get a few asks about it, and part of me wants to start veiling, really bad. But I’ll go to add a head covering when I’m getting ready in the morning, and I just can’t do it. I have a ton of anxiety about it. To be frank, I was raised by people who don’t understand and therefore are vocally opposed to religious head coverings. I’ve grown up listening to the skewed idea that strong women don’t cover their hair for religious reasons, and seeing the hate these beautiful women receive for expressing their religion in an outward fashion. A very large part of me has been considering veiling for the past nine months, but it also scares me in a lot of ways I can’t define. When I veil during ritual I feel beautiful, proud, and strong. The one time I managed to leave my house with a head covering for religious reasons, I felt weak and anxious. I LOVE the idea of veiling, I’m just not sure that veiling on a regular basis is for me. If anyone has experience with this same problem, and maybe some advice, I’d appreciate it

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Y'know Wheatley, your hair's pretty long. Ever thought about cutting it? Or maybe even just styling it? You could put it up in a ponytail like Chell. Or a bun! Or two buns! Never mind, bad idea, don't do the bun idea.

Wheatley: I wonder which one Chell- 

Wheatley: I MEAN everyone would like…

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Okay, okay. But. Have you ever imagined Hide with his natural hair color?

i have now