just googling

Not to sound mean...

but I’m a University Student who has homework, assignments, projects, etc just like any other student….

I base a lot of my reports/essays on social occurrences and Black Livelyhood. Not to be a b*tch but chances are if you come into the inbox and ask us to find sources for you I won’t. This isn’t about one person either because I see these asks literally once a week.

I already have homework, so I’m not doing yours. Especially when just for fun i google what people ask about and literally on page one of google there are sources lmao

{if you need us to boost a poll or questionnaire I’ll definitely help out, but I’m not going to find sources for y'all and that’s a fact because our entire blog has a search button just search for key words.}

I love how I was searching for that gif so often and since I never knew how to find it I just wrote in google “popular blinking gif” and I found it. The internet is magical

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Heyyyyyy ghost momma. Can I get some advice? So I have a problem with drawing people with different body types and people of different races. I just feel like I'm going to offend someone. Help?

references are ur friend buddyyyyy

just google what it is you wanna draw, maybe even trace (for practice of course, not for finished works) any pictures that are accurate to what you wanna draw because you’ll often pick up on things you wouldn’t have even noticed, and just. practice. ye ye ey eeyey eyey yey eey  ye also for skin tones u can use a color picker 

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Do it! Angry smut with Kirk! Reader has a bad day, angry about whatever. Jim's trying to be sweet and console her but she just ends up mounting him and smut happens!!

Hahaha I’m crying cause I just opened my google doc on my itouch and started typing this, “ You stormed into Jim’s quarters, knowing he was taking his hourly lunch.” Lmfao 😎😎😎

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Okay, that one i can understand people arguing about. I literally just googled ‘lgbt full acronym’ to prove a point because i knew aces where in there. I just put the whole thing in because it is the full acronym according to google. 🌿🌙🌿

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I don't think that was the wrap party, Nancy Kerrigan actress hasn't even gone to ATL yet. They were just done with those skaters. The pic was of an extra who's part was done.

Really? Thank you for that info. I just Googled and found this bit of information that’s very interesting…(x) A casting call for boxers that will begin filming on March 1st. 

So Caitlin Carver hasn’t arrived in Atlanta. Hmm Well, Seb has TLFM starting March 20th. Wonder if that’s why they moved it back from the first of March to April and then finally closed in on an exact date? MAN! Sebastian is one busy bee!

I had an anon a while ago who said that her friend’s b/f works on the set of I, Tonya and said that Seb was filming 16-hr days to get his stuff done, so he could move on to TLFM. I know, when stuff first started coming out about the movie, it was said that they’d film from Jan-Feb. Obvs, they’re not done. Thanks so very much for this information!! This movie is going to be amazing. I can feel it.

@steverogersnotebook Lookit!

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Hi vic, i just want to ask, do you have any water-drawing tutorials? (Like flowing water, dripping, etc) thanks!!

No, I don’t! And I need to get better at drawing/painting that too. There are a ton on pinterest though, I think! Just Google it :)

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hi anna! do you remember a while ago you posted something about a film produced by paul dano -i think- and jake gyllenhaal was in it? sooo, what was that thing about?

paul dano is directing a film, called wildlife, and it will star jake and carey mulligan, just google it and you can read more about it x