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I swear, one more “lol men are mediocre” post crosses my dash and I’m going to completely lose it. 

Like… is that something you’d say to the face of the men in your life? There is probably at least one guy you care about, whether it’s a family member or a friend or a former mentor. Could you really look that person in the face and go ‘lmao men are mediocre’?

And if not, can you maybe consider that they might stumble across your stupid, stupid, stupid poorly-considered rant and think that it’s about them? 

And that’s not all. Most of y’all who post this crap consider yourselves to be SJWs. Fighting for the fucking side of right, all that. If you do this- if you constantly post about how men are terrible and mediocre- you’re fucking terrible at social justice. 

Have you considered that your ‘PROTECT [XYZ GROUP] AT ALL COSTS’ rhetoric is completely empty and shallow if you’re not willing to protect all members of that group? Have you fucking considered that some men are POC or queer or trans or disabled?

 If you post “DISABLED PEOPLE ARE AWESOME” and “QUEER PEOPLE ARE AWESOME” every five minutes and then follow it up with “LOL MEN THO”, we know how you really feel. Your ‘support’ for disabled people or queer people only extends to vague internet platitudes. When it comes to, you know, not triggering people with depression, or anxiety, or impostor syndrome? Haha, who cares, there are men to make fun of on the internet! 

In less pretentious language: your support means jackshit. 

Social justice is supposed to be about making the world a less shitty place. It’s supposed to be about making the world a place where no one gets hurt for things they can’t help, no matter what race, creed, or gender they happen to be. 

If you’re not willing to do that? If you’re more interested in petty, mean bullshit against a group you don’t like than helping people?  If your “SJ” is more about sticking it to men or white people or str8s or The Cis than it is about helping raise the people you want to help out?  You fucking fail at justice. You’re looking for an excuse to be mean.

Either admit that you just want an excuse to be mean, or stop doing this. Shit or get off the pot.  

Signed: A queer, trans, disabled man who is so tired of your crap you don’t even know

what a studyblr/studygram is for:

  • to motivate you
  • to inspire you
  • to give you advise
  • to keep you company
  • to answer some of your questions
  • can fangirl with you at least you can with me lol
  • in short: can be your friend

what a studyblr/studygram is not for:
  • providing you study notes
  • i know our topics might be the same and you might be struggling
  • but asking me to scan my notes
  • defeats the purpose of me trying to motivate you
  • so get up and don’t be lazy and study
  • also don’t ask me to do your homework
  • I’ll be happy to help if I have spare time but please don’t be rude
  • also don’t give us crap for not giving you a shoutout or answering a DM
  • we also have a life behind the screen and are not always online
  • strong power thank you


Another sneeze, nose running so you had to reach for more tissues, stuffy head, Lord you were barely gonna last the afternoon if this kept up. Why’d you even come into work anyways? Not like things couldn’t have been taken care of in the comfort of your own apartment. But then it’d remind you of the reason you came in today in the first place. Loneliness, granted you weren’t totally alone. Nat, Clint and Sam stayed home from this last mission so company wasn’t the issues. No it’s who you want there more than anything else. To keep you warm, hold you close, kiss your forehead and tell you everything’s going to be okay.

Course the honeymoon stage should’ve worn off by now as Tony has said more than a few times over the past several months; given the fact you and Bucky have been together for going on three years. Though you can’t help it and only hoped Bucky felt the same. Thoughts are interrupted by another coughing fit that rattles your lungs and has you gasping for breath and the desk in front of you.

“Damn sweetheart you don’t sound so good,” Sam’s deep voice reaches your ears right as you blow your sore nose for what felt like the thousandth time today.

Glaring, before tossing the tissues out, “Thanks for the boost in confidence birdman, I’ll be sure to fix my makeup later.”

“That’s not what I meant Y/N,” rolling expressive chocolate eyes, Sam perches a hip on the end of your desk, arms crossed, while giving you the once over. “You look sick.”

“And he takes another shot,” groaning when two more sneezes land in the hastily grabbed tissues. “Insults gonna stop anytime soon Wilson?”

“Woman,” he all but growls, then chuckles seeing the half smirk on your lips, which turns into a frown at the next couching fit. “Seriously Y/N, you need to get home, meds, soup and sleep,” worry seeping into his tone.

“I’ll be fine Sam, promise,” soft groan leaving your lips as you sit up, sore muscle being pulled from coughing so much.

Shaking his head, “Not taking no for an answer sweetness. I won’t have that walking icicle you call a boyfriend rip me a new one for not taking care of you.”

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“Don’t Objectify Me” (Dean x Reader)

The first of two for tonight and then I’ve got to study for my finals tomorrow. 

Happy Reading!

Words: 1971

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Excessive cuteness

Excerpt:  He huffed again but stayed silent.  The three of you, with the help of Cas back at the bunker, were investigating a string of homicides in Oklahoma.  Three people had been killed inside of a week, but that hadn’t even been the strangest part.  The bodies hadn’t just been mutilated, they’d been practically decimated.  Their chests had been ripped open and their lungs had been removed.  It was positively gruesome.

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You paced back and forth waiting for Dean to come out of the house of one of the victims.  Of course, you couldn’t go in with him—you were the watchdog. You were always the watchdog.  Dean was always the one putting himself in the line of fire, and you were always just…watching.

“Easy kid,” Dean said, coming up behind you.  “You’re gonna wear a hole in the concrete.”

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1-150 33. "He creeped me out, im not gonna lie"

Drabble Challenge:  1-150 33.

Game night was supposed to be fun, but apparently, not on Jason’s watch. Dick should have thought so sooner before he invited Jason over to the Titan Tower, or worse, let him choose the game for them.

Dick had had Twister, or Monopoly, or anything in his mind, but of course, tag game was totally Jason’s style. 

They played out in Manhattan’s sky, jumping and flying and trying to catch each others. They took it to another level, since superheroes and all, the last person was tagged had to try catching all others in 20 minutes, or else they would lose and had to buy pizza.

It was fun, at first, doing and playing all of this together, until Wally got lucky and managed to tag Jason in the last moment.

“It!“ He beamed cheerfully, but the smile stopped dead on his face when Jason grinned back, teeth sharp and eyes glowed green.

“Bad decision.“ 

And that was when the war started.

Wally was tagged right back, too fast for even a speeder to be shocked.

“What the..!!!” He shook, and watched Jason flew away.

“HOLLY SHITTT!!!” Roy shouted through the com, the sound of shattering glasses could be heard in the background.  

Are you Bats all speedster?!!! How can he move this fas-SHIT!!!” Garth grunted 5 minutes later. “Dick, your boyfriend is a fucking monster!” He was also tagged.

Is Jason “it” now? Should I- Oh my God!!!“ Lilith screamed and later on, another voice came from her link, Jason’s voice “Four down, two more to go.

Dick was honestly, completely scared. 

“Donna, this is way out of the plan!”

You say now.” She spat out, her breathing was audible even through the com. Oh God, Jason was on her.

Dick!” Donna screamed, and Dick started to panic. “Please tell me this guy isn’t high!”


Her line went off. Few seconds later, she sighed to his ear.

He’s coming for you.

Oh God. Oh Shit. Oh Crap!

Dick was still thinking when Jason just appeared out of nowhere right behind his back. 

“There you are, pretty bird.”

Dick almost stripped on his own feet. “Yo…you’re going to tag me now?” 

And Jason just grinned. “Do you want me to?”

His ego was large enough to not want to lose, so no. 

“Jason, the hell are you doing man. Tag him!“ Roy screamed again, Jesus, he was a drama queen tonight.

“You tagged this whole team in 10 minutes, I’m gonna be offended if you skip him, Red!” And that was Donna. 

“You won’t tag me.” Dick smirked, knowing he had the winning now. “I’m the last because you’re not sure you can tag me nor not.”

“Always know me the best.” Jason smiled. “I won’t tag you.“ He sighed, but looked at Dick with soft happy eyes. “So you better make it up for me tonight.”

On the way back to the tower, Dick’s phone was packed with messages. 

Roy: “I just want you to know he tagged me by smashing through a window and hit me in the chest” 

Garth: “I was on the rooftop, and he shot the ceiling, punched through the cement and grabbed my leg.”

Lilith: “He creeped me out, im not gonna lie”

Donna: “Let’s never invite him over on game night again.”

Well, Dick couldn’t agree more. 

My first piece for @hannibalcreative JustFuckMeUp challenege, also my first try at abo!! Also just gonna tag the babe @thesilverqueenlady :3


It wasn’t until Will was three steps away from him did something happen, a glance into the alpha’s eyes and he saw. This was not the Will Graham he knew, this was someone completely different, feral, a wild thing. A bloodthirsty thing.


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http://archiveofourown.org/works/11198220?view_adult=true Fuck sorry, my links suck I am still trying to figure this crap out :/
Three Things meme

So things have been hard, the news has been shit, and joy is sometimes fleeting.  Here are 3 things that make me smile.

  1. Hope.  Yeah, I know it doesn’t feel like there is much right now in the dystopian AU of the USA but I’m not giving up and I know we’re gonna come out of this better.  (I just really want this crap part to be done already.)
  2. Fall is almost here.  I know you all are as excited as I am about autumn.  Is almost the season of warm drinks, fun layers, and Halloween.  That’s right, costumes and shenanigans!
  3. Fandom - you all continue to give me laughs and good times.  Group hug, butt cult!

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Yo shout out to the tags on your casturbation post...unf. Any fav fics?? I'm procrastinating a paper and have only just begun to fall in love with/ship Cas/his hand (is that a pairing? It's a pairing to me)

I have… a crap ton. Really I am such a perv.

Cas/his hand is definitely a pairing so here’s some of my faves:

A Storm That’s Gonna Show by nightstiel

Casturbatus Interruptus by gaugbrojotr

Crash (pt 1) and Talk (pt 2, kind of) by Anythingtoasted

And I wouldn’t be a self-indulgent author if I didn’t recommend my own:

Toys on my ao3 (euphemology)

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I saw that tag Missy! Lol if you want your mojo back, you'll find it. Hell if I have to go out and locate a new mojo for you I will.. There's mojo trees out there I just need a ladder to get you the prettiest mojo near the top.

For the past however many weeks, this is how I’ve felt towards life:

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But now, now I feel like I can get back into it, and I just wanna say,

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(Also, that was like the sweetest message ever. I adore you. Thank you <3)

Going through your crush’s instagram like:

There’s going to be a wedding. Everyone is invited. Tell your friends.

i never know how to start these things out so i’m just gonna come out and say it ??? my dash is crap, and i’m looking for new blogs to follow (again) !! so without further ado, if you post these things, give this a reblog for me and tag specifically what you post, and i’ll check out your blog!!

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+ d. gray-man in general, including the manga
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+ naruto in general: original series, shippuden, manga, movies, boruto, idk man i just really love naruto leave me alone
+ hunter x hunter 
+ sports anime: haikyuu!!, free!, knb, daiya, y’all feel me
+ shoujo anime/manga in general
+ AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN (honestly if you have like… more than one ajin post on your blog i already love you… please watch/read ajin: demi human)
+ jojo’s bizarre adventure in general, any parts idc !!! 
+ this post is getting to be Too Much so here’s some more: gekkan shoujo nozaki kun, durarara!!, fullmetal alchemist, owari no seraph, fate series, anime in general idk
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why is 80% of the asexual tag full of this discourse crap, when i was figuring out my sexuality i came to this tag to read about other people’s advice and experiences and it actually really helped me. but now the tag is full of hate and it just makes me mad

if you’re gonna be an asshole then fine i can’t stop you, but can you please do it in another tag

So Good

This is what we who’ve been around the fanfiction world for a decade or two like to call a PWP - or “Plot? What Plot?” - piece. I first encountered the term in the X-Files fandom, but God help me I’m sure it exists elsewhere.

There is no plot to this. It’s just gratuitous smut with little (if any) redeeming literary value. Elements were requested from various people on twitter (you know who you are and I’m not going to call you out for your depravity ::insert winky face here::).

I’m gonna say this REAL LOUD FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. If you’re offended by RPF smut, don’t click the read more link. Do yourself a favor and just move on. I did not tag this the way I normally would, because frankly I don’t care to have an exploding inbox of “oh my God you have no respect” blah blah blah and the other crap people usually get for writing RPF smut (and not just for this fandom). I’ll say it again, as I’ve said before: I write this stuff as an exercise to get out of my comfort zone. I’m not an erotica writer. I much prefer the cute, schmoopy, romantic bologna that is rife with symbolism and subtext. Or is just cute (see “Scenes from a Relationship”). This is hard for me to write. That’s why I write it. You don’t get better at a skill unless you challenge yourself; so I challenge myself with these pieces.

If you’ll notice, I didn’t use anyone’s name in this fic, or any truly identifying characteristics. It’s all “he” and “she”, so if you want to sub in a different couple (real or fictional) - GO FOR IT. I will not stop you, and I actually encourage it. Whatever gets your rocks off, folks. You do you.

If the (intensely long) preamble hasn’t scared you off, click the read more link to read - just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So Good
Rating: The NC-17iest of NC-17.

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Also tbh people can fuck off with that “maybe not all CSers participate in the hate but no one stands up against it” crap. It’s crap. I’ve seen several people stand up against it. On several occasions. And get crap for it in turn. So fuck off with that “pick up your trash” nonsense. It’s not our trash.

I haven’t seen any SQers say anything against asking Colin how it is to kiss Jen, which did happen and was gross, but you don’t see me lambasting the entire fandom for it. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe someone did and I just didn’t see it due to not being in said fandom.

Are we not saying it loudly enough? Apparently, neither are you. So as long as there are people from your fandom being disrespectful to actors and mean to other shippers and rude on Twitter you can gtfo with that “you should do more” nonsense because clearly you don’t know how to stop it either. Or you’re not bothered trying, in which case you can stfu anyway.

Maybe we can just acknowledge that some people are gonna be rude and mean no matter what anyone else does or says. Because that’s the truth of it.

And people who don’t participate, whether they speak out against it or not, should be applauded and appreciated, not made to feel guilty because they’re not doing enough.

I think it’s incredible that Taylor invited Sophie to her home, it means she trust us, it means she don’t believe in the line between fans and friends, it means she’s here for us. 

But yet again there’s still people mad about that because it’s not about them. They’re not the one having Taylor’s attention, because they didn’t get a package, a follow or even a like. There’s millions of people out there who wish to get a little bit of Tay’s attention, including me. Taylor made a tumblr to be closer to us, so it can be easier to interact with us. I believe Taylor is doing her best to make us happy. You know, she could do like the other celebrities and not talk with us at all. 

You know what i’m not even gonna tag Taylor in that because I don’t want her to see this but I want you guys to read this. Get your shit together people, Taylor is human and jesus fucking christ she’s doing her best to make us happy so please be grateful, tumblr doesn’t just consist of getting Taylor to know your entire biography. Let’s just celebrate that our Idol is here for us when we need her and we literally have the opportunity to hang out with God.

NOW I’m all moved in. Just got a new (my sister’s) laptop, finished putting stuff up, got a lamp, This room is starting to feel a little nicer. I just have to print out pictures to pin up and make a collage. Also I still need friends, despite my many desperate, and rather pathetic, attempts. So Instead, tomorrow I’m gonna be a loner and go to the gym.