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your headcanons are so great (´ω`♡) could i request one for kuroo and tsukishima?? based on what happened that one night at summer training camp... (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡

i’m addicted to kurotsuk(k)i and i will not stop 


  • Tsukishima Kei loves affection and adoration. How do you think he’s put up with Yamaguchi all these years? Good thing for him, Tetsurou Kuroo loves showering people in it. Especially his precious Tsukki. 
  • The night Kei blocked spikes for a good hour and a half was… An eventful one to say the least. Everyone had said good night to each other, Kei’s back ached like no other and everyone hurried to their dorms to get a good night’s sleep. Everyone except Kuroo and Kei. 
  • Kuroo had stayed back to shoulder the responsibility of packing away the balls and the net and Kei watched him, half asleep, as a roaring debate began in his mind. 
    Should I help him? Or would that just be weird. I’m… Kinda glad he asked me to block today, I’m really getting the hang of it and… Should I say thank you? Or would that be too formal. Maybe I should smile at him or something, or like-
    “Oi Tsukki, if you’re just gonna stand there and do nothing, come over here and help me pack at least.”

  • After packing, it was decided that both of them were still too energised to sleep and spent the rest of the night talking out on the infamous hill while the cool breeze combed through their hair. ‘I mean,’ Kei thought to himself, ‘why the hell not? There’s no harm in getting to know the competition.’ 
  • “So I heard you’re really into dinosaurs huh?” Kuroo had actually slyly scouted out this fact from Hinata because he knew two things were certain. 1) Hinata was going to be absolutely oblivious to his intentions and 2) Ever since he laid his eyes on the blonde middle blocker he was sold. Now he just had to work his magic. Kuroo really wanted something with Tsukishima ‘Angel’ Kei. This wasn’t going to be like his usual flings, this was special. This was real. 
  • Kei thought, for the first time in his entire life, that this person’s company wasn’t half bad. Kuroo was extremely entertaining. His sultry voice would recount his outlandish antics with Bokuto and his hearty laugh would echo throughout the field and this made Kei all tingly inside. 
  • What’s strange is that Kuroo actually wanted to listen to Kei. What’s even stranger is the fact that Kei wanted to actually tell him things. This wasn’t like with Yamaguchi where silence was the best possible outcome, no- Tsukishima Kei wanted to get to know Tetsurou Kuroo better and this was certainly one way of going about it. 
  • They talked until dawn peeked her rosy fingers over the top of the hill. This was actually fucking insane because Kuroo liked sleeping more than anything else in the world and Kei couldn’t function unless he had gotten a full 9 hours of sleep. 
  • They both resolved to rush back and sleep for the little time they had left and to continue their conversation tomorrow night- where they would have a new dawn to witness. 
    “Goodnight Tsukki- uh, I mean, Tsukishima.”
    “Call me Tsukki,” Kei blushed, turning his back on the captain. “Goodnight Kuroo.” 
  • Tsukishima’s first impression of Kuroo: why does his hair do the thing
  • Kuroo’s first impression of Tsukki: lord jesus christ save me from this ethereal human being this must be strawberry milk in it’s human form- 
    *sees yams* whO IS htHAT