just gonna stand here and cry

imagine sasaki is hunting down tsukiyama, and he finds him. imagine tsukiyama about to attack sasaki when suddenly he realizes that this is indeed kaneki, and he falls to his knees and clings to sasaki’s legs, and sasaki is so surprised he doesn’t know what to do. imagine tsukiyama sobbing into sasaki’s long white dove coat and saying he doesn’t mind if he dies, as long as it’s sasaki who kills him, because the last thing he wants to see is…that face. kaneki’s. 

and sasaki has a flashback to his past, of tsukiyama doing something silly like shouting “DOLCE!”, of tsukiyama handing him books and telling him he’s gonna be okay, of tsukiyama crying on the roof before the anteiku raid. and he’s just standing there, crying quietly, shaking a little. imagine sasaki – kaneki? – embracing tsukiyama tightly and saying, “let’s pretend we didn’t meet here,“ so tsukiyama can live another day, and he reports back to the ccg saying he didn’t find anything, he has no leads. the gourmet trail has gone cold, he tells them.

imagine sasaki – kaneki? his hair is turning so white – goes back to the chateau, and in his mailbox, he finds a rose and a note.

The signs at laser tag

aries: Oh yeah, I feel so badass right now, I’m gonna conquer the WORLDDDDD. Wait, wait a second… did you just shoot me? Oh you lil bitch get back here!!!! YOU’RE GONNA DIEEEEEEE *battle cry*

taurus: *Leading a #squad of bad blood worthy soldiers* Wooooo, I’m calling all the shots, go minions, take over the world! Everyone must bow down to meeeeee! WHAT?!?! No, no, no stop getting shot godammit!

gemini: hOlY sHiT what do I do? OHMYGOD!!!! Ok… it’s alright just pretend you’re a double-agent-fire-breathing-dragon-from-the-depths-of-hell and take these dipshits out!

cancer: *Standing at a high vantage point shooting unsuspecting victims* pew pew pew pew pew *quietly chuckles to self* heheheh thats right you die! Wait- what? who shot me?

leo: Hey, this jacket actually looks so cute on me! I look BADASS AND FIERCE! Where can I buy this? Actually this could be a really good profile picture! HEY, EXCUSE ME? Oh shit I just gave away my location…

virgo: *Assesses war plan that has been drawn up* okkkkk lets take down these bitches bases’ YEAH I’m so totally gonna win this shit!

libra: Ooooo these lights would make a really pretty picture but only if they’re blurry- HEY! WTF? I WAS TAKING A PICTURE AND YOU JUST SHOT ME! YOU FUCKTARD I’M GONNA WIN ANYWAY, YEAH THATS RIGHT, YOU RUN!

scorpio: I don’t understand, why can I not SEE the laser, like I want to see where I’m AIMING PEOPLE. Y’know what? I’m just gonna shoot everything, heheh we’ll see how that goes for the rest of them.

sagittarius: Years of COD and AC have prepared for this moment, I will now serve my life purpose *goes down to the floor and starts worshipping* THANK YOU SENPAI FOR FINALLY NOTICING ME AND MY ABILITY, I WILL KILL THEM ALL!!!!

capricorn: I don’t trust you, you’re a bad ally, you’ve ‘accidentally’ shot me 7 times, so now it’s your turn *smirks evilly and hides behind block* ok now around the corner… *SHOOTS THE SHIT OUT OF FALSE ALLY*

aquarius: Holy fridge, IT MOVED. RUNNNNNNNNN. Someone’s following meee, HELPPPPPPPP. *shoots aimlessly behind their self* AHHHHHHHH WHY IS IT SO DARK I CAN’T SEE WHERE I’M GOING DAMMIT!

pisces: But I don’t want to shoot my friends *smirks evilly* so I’ll just shoot my enemies *cackles* I’m coming’ for ya biatches! COME AT ME, SEE WHERE IT GETS YOU!

Wolfstar Headcanon

Post James and Lily’s death wolfstar.

As in right after Sirius escapes Azkaban. 

Sirius shows up at Remus’s doorstep in the middle of the night, a timid smile on his face even though there’s fear in his eyes. 

Remus freaking out and starting to cry - just a little - while he drags Sirius inside. 

Sirius flopping onto the first piece of furniture he sees, and as soon as he sees the Remus is crying, he frowns, stands right back up on shaky legs, and just hugs him and wipes the tears away. 

 Because “Moony hey it’s okay I’m right here I’m not gonna leave again anytime soon okay" 

 Remus’s eyes go wide, he stares at Sirius for a minute, takes in a shaky breath, and just…. "SIRIUS WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN CAUGHT AND THEN I NEVER…" 

 He starts trailing off and goes rigid before whispering "and then I never would’ve seen you again…” before full on sobbing. 

Sirius doesn’t know what to do so he just slowly pulls Remus to a bedroom and sits with him while he cries his heart out. 

 Remus shaking and crying deep into the night, Sirius not leaving his side. 

Remus crashing at around 3 in the morning, still shaking in his sleep. 

Sirius not being able to sleep that night because he’d never really seen Moony that upset over him. 

And it just hits him: he has a chance to live again.

He starts crying but Remus only finds out because there are tear stains on the comforter and his own shirt. 

 Remus no longer being able to sleep unless he knows Sirius is at least in the house. 

Sirius having to be right next to Remus to be able to sleep. 

 Remus literally clinging to Sirius to prevent him from falling into the veil.

 Because he can’t lose his Padfoot again. He can’t do it 

i got a request for when the boys see you cry for the first time xx

Ponyboy: He would be startled, but ready to comfort you. He always wondered what you were like when you broke down, so he was prepared to hug you and even recited a few poems about the ocean and trees to calm you down when you were super stressed about home problems and school.

Sodapop: This wasn’t Soda’s first time dealing with someone crying, and he had mastered being able to calm anyone down. Sodapop would rest your head on his shoulder while he embraced you in a loving hug. Lots of nose kisses and “It’s gonna be okay, beautiful.”

Darry: Darry didn’t get to meet many girls, since he had the boys and work all the time, but when he saw you trying to hold back tears from getting jumped, Darry just said, “Shhh. It’s okay, I’m here.” He held you, stroking your hair, until you calmed down, then he helped you stand up and walked you home where he made dinner.

Steve: Since he’s tuff, and so are you, crying was a rarity. He found you crying at your place and was taken aback at the sight. Steve knows he needs to comfort you, but he hesitates due to his lack of experience and lack of knowledge on how girls feel when they’re upset. He just cuddles with you and is nervous at first, but gets used to it and relaxes while you’re laying down.

Two-Bit: Yeah, you two laughed a whole lot, but there can’t be laughter without sorrow. (omg that would be a beautiful quote) he made an insensitive joke and a knot formed in your throat. your face got red and you tried to hide your face with your hair, but he noticed and scotched closer to you on the couch, put his arm over you shoulders and apologized, causing tears to roll down your cheeks.   he turned on the TV and turned on your favorite TV show, which wasn’t Mickey Mouse.

Johnny: all Johnny knows to do is listen. he listens to you and doesn’t say anything unless he needs to because this is your problem. you two lay in the lot and he’ll hug you if he feels it’ll be better. Johnny lets you cry and rant and he’ll just sit there.

Dally: he’s real uncomfortable. like really uncomfortable. he tells you to ‘toughen up’, but not in an insensitive way. when you try to stop crying, and can’t, that’s when he holds you and strokes your hair, telling you to hush up, ‘cause you’re his tough girl’.