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that pic of Harry pouting is like at a college party when you carefully plan that your jeans have a rip in the exact matching opposite of your sophmore year crush but two seniors have plunked down between you and him and your crush doesn’t even know that you exist but he still looks like a dream.

Oh my god.

“UGH. I heard him talking about classic rock so I wore my Rolling Stones shirt and I was gonna talk to him about Fleetwood Mac and tell him his glasses look nice and now this fucking dude next to me is stoned out of his mind staring into space and this other asshole won’t stop talking to him about some math class they’ve got together and he looks so dreamy tonight and I can’t even say hi without making it whole big thing and WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE ANY THIS? I HATE COLLEGE I JUST WANT TO SIT NEXT TO NIALL I JUST WANT NIALL TO NOTICE ME THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.”


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Bucky’s already named the kitten, so Clint’s aware that he’s fucked. 

Admittedly, he’s called it Dum-Dum, but he insists that it’s a term of affection - at least, that’s what he says every time he’s said it to Clint. 

They’ve had a grace period, a couple days when Lucky’s been at Katie-Kate’s, selfies of beach walks and dumb sunglasses, some kinda fashion show involving the dog. It’s been for the best, ‘cos they’ve had the time to get used to the kitten crying outside the door, to get the kitten used to sleeping in the fancy-ass bed Bucky bought for her. Bucky had been kinda distracted, at first, had wanted to let her in, but Clint had had to experience the full glory of a soaking wet Bucky Barnes, with rainwater lovingly tracing the line of his neck, curled protectively over a tiny sad kitten. He had a freaking mission, okay, and he managed to distract Bucky pretty goddamn thoroughly by the time he was through. 

Grace period is over, though. Kate’s brought the dog back, and this is the crunch time, and Clint’s not gonna lie he’s a little invested in the outcome of this. Because he’s honestly not sure if Bucky would pick him over the kitten, at this point, but he’s worryingly convinced that Bucky would win out over Lucky, and that’s not something he thought he would ever say. 

So Clint’s crouching down holding Lucky’s collar, his fingers curled tight, when Bucky comes down the stairs. He’s forgotten to wear a shirt, and his little grin says he’s noticing that Clint’s noticing that he’s forgotten to wear a damn shirt, and his washed-gray sweatpants are barely sticking to his hips. 

And curled up in his metal hand, peering curiously through lethal fingers, the tiny calico kitten that he’d climbed into a storm drain to save. She’s purring fit to bust, Clint can hear her from all the way over here, and there’s a distinct possibility that Clint’s gonna die from it. It’ll make for a good eulogy. 

Lucky cocks his head to one side and Clint wraps an arm around him, holding tight, fingers buried in his fur. 

“Hey,” he says, all soft and soothing, “hey buddy, we’re gonna stay calm, right? We’re gonna just sit here all gentle and quiet, and we’re gonna be really really still, and we’re not gonna eat the tiny kitten and make Bucky hate us forever, okay?”

Bucky comes to a halt, almost close enough to touch, and he extends his hand a little. Definitely not close enough for Lucky to reach, but close enough he can strain forward and sniff, can open his mouth wide in a beaming grin. The kitten looks haughtily unconcerned about the giant scruffy hairy thing that’s staring at her - and she doesn’t seem that bothered by the dog, either. 

“Tentative success?” 

“Tentative success,” Bucky answers, and he crouches down so he can bring Dum-Dum a little closer, so Lucky can sniff over her head. He’s always been good with other animals, and Clint had been mostly sure it’d be okay, but he still lets out a sigh of relief when Dum-Dum curls up in Bucky’s palm and to all appearances, goes to sleep. 

Lucky rests his chin on Bucky’s fingers, watching the tiny ball of fluff, and Clint grins up at Bucky, gentle and close. 

“Think he’s in love,” he says, and Bucky lets out a breath. 

“Yeah,” he says. “Might be.” 

Heavy Rain (Prompt #11 and #19)

Requested by anonymous:  Could you do 11/19 with stiles please?

#11: Are you gonna ignore me forever? / #19: Could you please just let me in?

The cafeteria is crowded, full to the last place as it’s every time when hamburgers are written on the menu. The only eatable thing in here. And the only reason why you decided to come, regardless of the risk of encountering Stiles. You don’t want to see him. Normally you couldn’t wait for it but now it’s different. Since he hurt you so badly at that party on Saturday, to be exact. Mostly because you’d never thought Stiles would do something like that.

But it’s burger day after all so there is no way to avoid him. As you sit down next to Kira he enters the room, accompanied by Scott. And due to Kira’s excited waving at her boyfriend their eyes find you within seconds.

Your exchange of looks with Stiles is very short but it’s enough. You notice that he looks awfully guilty. Good so! You hope that he also got a very bad hangover on Sunday. The whole program.

While Scott doesn’t hesitate to come over, Stiles does. He keeps on holding his arms awkwardly stiff on his sides and seems almost fearful. That’s all you take in because afterwards you lower your gaze on your food and act like he’s not even there.

“Hey you two!”, Scott greets you, kissing Kira on her forehead and smiling at you. You return it but ignore Stiles’ looks at the same time. Then you turn your focus back on eating.

“Hey Y/N…”, he finally mumbles insecurely.

You don’t react. Stiles seems clueless for a moment, then he makes a decision and sits down next to you. Great. Your appetite decreases a lot.

“Y/N, please! I know I screwed up hugely and I’m so sorry! Please, can we just talk?”

Still no reaction from you.

Stiles sighs. “Are you gonna ignore me forever?

That little sentence triggers your anger, especially because he says it with a hint of reproach in his voice. You turn your head into his direction and stare at him, your face only inches from his now. You are well aware that Scott and Kira are listening but you don’t care. Shall they hear. Everything.

“Yes, Stiles, I will! You know why? Because you are an asshole! There, I said it! Asking me out, telling me something about your feelings, only to kiss that girl the next day at that party right in front of me! That’s really messed up, Stiles. Play with another little stupid girl, will you?”, you hiss, before you get up and make the first dramatic exit of your life. Well, that felt good and awfully bad at the same time.

That doesn’t change until evening and worsens as your parents leave for date night and you are alone. There’s nobody to distract you anymore and rainy nights automatically make you thoughtful. Not good. Thinking means remembering.

You lay down on your bed, grab the book from your nightstand and try to read it only to discover that it’s absolutely senseless because you can’t concentrate and put it away again. Meanwhile the rain seems to get stronger, sometimes drumming more heavily on your window than the rest of the time. Obviously it’s determined to mirror your mood.

In that moment your phone rings and you jump, nearly fall out of your bed. Your heart begins to race and you are angry at yourself, usually you are not that easy to scare. You take a look at it and are about to answer as you grasp the name on the display. Stiles.

You ignore the first call, focusing on the thunder outside but he doesn’t stop. And you have the feeling that he won’t for the rest of the night. So you can either turn off your phone or reject him quickly. You naively choose the second solution.

“What?”, you snap into the phone.

“Can you come to the window, please? I am throwing rocks since fifteen minutes.”, he answers, slightly desperate.

That takes you aback. “Why should I?”

“Because you’ll love the view, I look like a total idiot.”

That’s an argument that works with you. You get up and open your window, staring into the pouring rain that makes it pretty hard to spot Stiles, totally dripping wet by now, standing on the street, looking up to you.

Could you please just let me in? I am gonna stay here the whole night if I have to.”

You purse your lips. “You could die. That’s tempting.”

“Please Y/N.”

Damn it. His freaking pleading voice always makes you soft apart from his beautiful caramel brown eyes. You hate him but you also still love him.

You shut the window with a thud, stomp down into the hallway and rip the front door open. He rushes in, shivering wildly. Well, stupid to wear a t-shirt in this weather. But he is dripping on your floor and you can’t have that, therefore you get a towel from your guest bathroom and throw it at him.

“Help yourself”, you order, folding your arms in front of your chest and glaring again.

He doesn’t take his eyes off you.

“Y/N, I need to explain! Then you can throw me out of this house if you want, but please, listen just for a sec.”

Your silence is answer enough and he continues.

“Everything I said on Friday was true. And because I am so crazy about you I freaked as I saw you with Theo at that party. And I got angry and jealous and…drunk and stupid. You know that my brain doesn’t work properly when it comes to social life! I thought dancing with this girl would make you focus on me again and then she kissed me and I pulled away too late and I am so sorry! Believe me, I am not used to this kind of attention, I can’t cope with stuff like that, I am…”

“Shut up”, you interrupt his monologue.

Your heart gets the meaning of his words faster than your brain and you do what stupid little girls in love do: You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him. Just a short kiss, still a bit angry but an honest one. As you pull back your heart flutters and Stiles looks totally dumbfounded.

“We’ll do that date. But if you ever pull something like that again, alcohol or not, I’m gonna let you stand in the rain”, you warn him. “And I am still pissed, so don’t be surprised if I punch you now and then.”

He smiles softly and pulls you in a tight and wet hug.

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There’s a grey gym near where I live.

I noticed it the first time I started playing pokémon go. A friend of mine, Martin, had come over to show me how the game works (I started playing a few days after the game’s release, because I had to buy a new phone to be able to play) and pointed it out to me. He said it would probably be claimed within a few seconds, since we’d seen plenty of people outside playing the game and gyms never went unclaimed for long.

But it didn’t happen. I caught my starter pokémon (Charmander, of course) and we went outside to take a couple of pokéstops and see what else we could encounter. The gym remained grey and Martin insisted we go there, intent on claiming it for Team Instinct. There were plenty of stops on the way and even a lure, so I didn’t mind.

If you walk with a purpose it takes maybe ten minutes to get there, but since we kept stopping it took us almost half an hour before we reached it. The nearby lure was gone by then but the gym was still grey. To me it didn’t mean much at the time, but Martin found it strange that no one had claimed it. Nowadays I’ve seen how often gyms switch colors, but back then it just seemed cool that we would be able to take over a gym so easily.

The actual place for the gym is at the end of a cul-de-sac. There are a few houses there, but I honestly cannot tell you if anyone lives in them or not, because the times I’ve been by there hasn’t been a soul there. In the houses, I mean. No cars in the drive-way, not a light in any of the windows, and all the flowers in the gardens are over-grown or dead.

The stop itself is a bench, large and black, made out of iron with lizards carved into the backrest. The game fittingly calls it “The Lizard Bench”. That first day Martin and I sat down on the bench, with our avatars right under the gym, but the game kept telling us we were too far away to claim it. It was weird, but this was one of the first days the game was out and most of the time you were lucky if you could connect to the servers at all. We shrugged, chalked it up to server issues and went on to claim a few other pokéstops along the way back to my place.

As the days passed the servers started cooperating more, I got better at playing (and joined Team Valor!) and still the gym was never claimed. It’s close enough to my place that I can see it if I open the game at home, looming in the distance. Sometimes I see the battle animation over it and sometimes it grows taller, the way normal gyms do when you add a level to it, but it’s never been anything but grey.

After a week or so I went back. I don’t know what I expected, by that time I should have known that if that gym was claimable someone would have done it already, but it’s so tempting. How can you resist being the first person to claim it? And if I could, maybe whatever it was that prevented people from claiming it would allow me to keep it … maybe not forever, but for a very long time. How awesome would that be?

It looked the same as the first time I was there, with one exception: I was not alone. Someone was already sitting on the bench, wearing a grey hoodie and sweats. His hair - at least I think it was a he - was that washed out blond colour people sometimes grow into during their teen years. He was staring at something in his lap, and mumbling to himself.

Yeah, I wasn’t gonna get too close to that, so I just walked around the sidewalk, very slowly, but the game kept saying I was too far away from the gym. When I exited it I noticed that the battle animation was playing, as if a battle was going on at the gym at that very moment.

I glanced at the guy on the bench. We were the only two people around - not counting the residents of the houses, but as I’ve already mentioned I’m not even sure they exist - so if anyone was battling the gym it would be him … but what would he have been battling? There was nothing there! I glanced at his lap to see if he had a phone there, thinking maybe I could ask him then, but I didn’t see one. It looked like he was reading a book, actually. He never even looked at me, but kept muttering under his breath, if he was reading along or talking to himself I couldn’t say.

I left, claimed another gym on my way home, and didn’t think about it again for another two weeks. I was out on my usual pokéwalk, but I went a little farther than I normally do, since I was only a kilometer away from hatching a 10 km-egg, and I really couldn’t wait to see what was in it. It took me right by that gym and while I could hardly expect myself to be lucky enough to claim it, another part of me kept thinking third time’s the charm. What harm could come from having a look?

The cul-de-sac looked completely empty as I walked down the street. No one was sitting on the bench, not a car was parked on a driveway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another person on that whole street, not counting the guy in the grey hoodie. It’s strange, now that I think about it. The weather, which had been as perfect as an August night can be, was getting worse by each step. Clouds rolled in and my heart sank as I realized that if it started to rain, I would get drenched and cold, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts as I was.

It did not start to rain, but it got windier. My hair kept flopping into my eyes so I couldn’t see where I was going, something that drives me crazy whenever it happens (which, by the way, is all the time). I regretted not bringing a jacket or a sweater when goosebumps broke out all over my body. The thought of turning around and hurrying home crossed my mind, but I was so close to the bench and to hatching the egg, that I couldn’t make myself do it. If it started to rain I wouldn’t make it home on time anyway.

I sat down on the bench and tried to open the gym again. It wouldn’t even let me click on it this time, so I restarted the app - to no avail. I could click on other pokéstops on the map, but obviously not claim them, since they were too far away. At the time I thought the gym was just a bug or a glitch, probably something I should report to Niantics so they could take a look at it.

Lightning lit up screen as the battle animation started up again. I sighed and looked around and my heart stopped. I wasn’t alone in the cul-de-sac. I don’t know if he had been there the whole time or if he had sneaked up on me, but there he was, a tall man standing next to one of the driveways.

He was tall, but not impossibly so. Two meters, maybe more, tall enough for it to be unsettling to me, not tall enough for it to be unnatural. It was not the same guy as I had seen before, with the hoodie, though he reminded me of him. He was dressed in black, a long coat that reached down almost to his ankles, and his hair was light red. His face though … his face was pale, almost ashen. There was no life in it.

Yet he seemed more alive than the guy in the hoodie, his eyes met mine and he seemed absolutely aware that I was there. For a second I just sat there, frozen in place, then I remembered how my friends are always meeting new people while playing, talking to strangers, so I cleared my throat and let out a very faint “hello?”.

He didn’t respond, not at first. Then, slowly, without breaking eye-contact, he nodded and took a creeping step towards me, and then another. My heart was racing, it beat so loudly in my chest that I don’t think I would have heard him if he had tried to talk to me. But he didn’t. His mouth was a thin line, never changing or opening the slightest during our entire encounter.

He crossed the street and sat down next to me on the bench. I glanced onto my phone, unable to meet his gaze anymore, but I felt it on me, like a knife to my throat. On the screen the battle animation was still going on, but for once I wasn’t alone one the screen. Right next to my avatar was something I’d never seen before or any time after that. It was a strange, blocky shape, like a backwards L, and it showed up again - blacked out - in the “nearby pokémon” display.

The tall man moved besides me and my eyes tore from the screen. He lifted his arm and placed an icy cold hand on my shoulder, which made me shudder even though my t-shirt prevented skin contact. It was almost a gentle touch, but when his hand squeezed my shoulder I couldn’t take it anymore, I screamed out loud.

My scream snapped me out of whatever trance I had been in and without even bothering to brush his hand off me I bolted from the bench and ran like hell. My legs were burning, my throat was too, but I refused to stop, I just ran like I have never run before, until I was back in my apartment. I was dripping with sweat by then, but my shoulder was ice cold. It was days before that feeling passed.

I don’t know what’s wrong with that gym, if anything even is wrong, I just know I’m never going back. It’s still clearly visible on my screen during the days and faintly during the nights. Sometimes the battle animation is there, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes the gym grows taller and sometimes it shrinks back, but it’s never claimed for any of the teams.

It’s always grey.

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Nine and Rose having a huge fight, Jack is just standing there watching them and Nine confeses his love to Rose out of frustration. For the prompt thing, if you're still taking prompts :)

I loveeee this prompt. Thanks so much!

“You think you can just do whatever is best for me without consulting me!” Rose yelled, entering the police box with her arms folded across her chest.

The Doctor followed in shortly after her. “Because it’s best for you! You would have died!”

“You COULD have died! What would I have done then, huh? What would Jack have done? You’re so selfish… Oh my god…” Rose muttered, sitting down on the jump seat and rubbing at her temples.

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Aren't brown snakes stupidly poisonous? How are you still alive?

They are crazy poisonous. And known for being super aggressive, which is what makes my story a bit weird.

This was back in primary school when I would catch the bus to my neighbours’ place and walk across a couple of paddocks to my place, so it’s all grass and dirt. And in the middle of Summer, if you’ve gotta walk through grass and dirt, you pay attention to where you’re goddamn walking and you make as much noise as possible because, hello, snakes.

But of course it’s hot as balls and I’m a dumb kid so I forget all of that, don’t even look at the ground I’m walking on, just casually stroll along with my head in the clouds. And I’m walking over this large dirt patch, my foot comes down, and some very fast movement catches my eye; a brown snake rearing its head back and up into the air to avoid me stepping on it.

The snake was roughly… 1.5 - 2 meters long? And it’s head was literally a centimeter from my bare ankle, and it’s focused straight ahead, so basically if it moved it would have sunk its fangs into my leg and I would never have hit puberty. And this is all running through my thick head and I’m just standing there, frozen, staring down at this death machine and waiting to die.

Here’s the thing - literally one of my first ever lessons I remember getting taught growing up in the Australian countryside is how to deal with snakes. I’ve already mentioned what to do to avoid them, but if you find yourself unlucky enough to run into one you’re meant to stay completely still, and if it’s far enough from you, very slowly back away. This is because they see through vibrations on their tongue, or whatever (and I think it’s also the reason it didn’t immediately attack me - I think bringing my foot down so close might have stunned it). Buuuut I don’t think these lessons counted for when you’re literally a hair’s breadth away from them. Probably because they assume you’re not dumb enough to get that close in the first place.

So I’m frozen in shock, the snake’s frozen in shock, we’re staring at each other, it’s just this long drawn out moment of mutual “what the fucking hell”. Finally my brain restarts and I realise the snake isn’t gonna sit there looking pretty forever, and I fucking bolt. Lessons be damned, I take off.

Until my idiot kid self remembers “you’re not meant to make sudden moves when you see a snake” so I stop. I’ve already started running away and I fucking stop and freeze because a) yeah right me running is what aggravated the snake and b) oh sure piss off the snake more and then stop to let it catch up to you.

I slowly turn around and the snake’s still exactly where it was, sitting with its head in the air, staring where my ankle was. I continue to just stand and watch it (because have I mentioned I’m an idiot) and finally it lowers its head and begins to slither away. Once I’m sure it’s not following me, I turn tail and sprint the rest of the way to my house, a shivering, blubbering mess, and mum’s so shocked she makes me a spider, which is basically soft drink and ice cream.

And that’s my closest brown snake encounter.

Wish you were right here, right now

Luke Imagine: He’s worried about you because you haven’t answerd him in a while.

Luke was worried. And that was the understatement of the year. Every second he was gonna swim across the ocean from New York to England if you decided to keep ignoring his phone calls and messages.

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I got two prompts that I kinda thought would be awesome to mix together so here are the prompts. I think I might make this a series. Thoughts

Hannah's suffering from Night Terrors and has decided that she'll take some pills to keep her awake, side affects have kicked in and are causing her to lose weight and be sick, she won't tell anyone despite constant, "Are you okay?" 

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Alone Together - Chapter 4

Fandom: Undertale

Rating: T (mentions of blood)

Spoliers: slight for the True Lab

Summary: “Poor old Mr. Gaster fell into the Core. His soul got split in two, now he ain’t around no more.” (longfic based off of @upperstories’s Alone Together AU; takes place before the amalgamates were created)

Chapter [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15]

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