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but yes this is old art please don’t mind the shitty quality ahaha 


2x09 AND 2x10 THEORY (more just Malec)
Personally I think Magnus and Alec fight in 2x09, maybe about Alec helping clary with dark magic, I don’t know. But I do think there’s going to be some tension between them (unfortunately) which is gonna cause either Alec to storm off, or be told to leave and go home by Magnus, ugh. So Alec definitely ends up in the institute which of course with Alec’s luck has a massive demon attack in 2x10. Somehow Magnus finds out, maybe Dot tell Valentines plans or something on clary’s phone that their both looking at, bc honestly Magnus looks crushed. Anyway Alec and Izzy, just assuming here, will be stuck in the institute. Magnus is gonna feel guilty and blame himself or others determining how mad or sad he is for making or cause Alec to leave, Inevitably putting him in danger…. so that sucks
All in all the mid season finales gonna be a shit show that’s gonna make us cry and we need to be here for each other bc I’m not stable enough for this angst.
PS: I so see Dot saying something on the lines of “you’ve changed” or “ who’s risking their life now for a shadowhunter” and I’m ok with it.

The Blake Siblings Revisited

I noticed two things about the Blake Sibling relationship in 401 that made me happy: Octavia worried about her brother’s safety and Bellamy put some deliberate distance between them.  (This is inspired by some stuff @mego42 talks about here, so check that out too.)

Let’s take Octavia first.  I have given up hoping that the show will address how incredibly awful and inexcusable it was for her to physically abuse him (much like the massacre and Murphy/Ontari, the show clearly doesn’t know just how bad it actually was) so I’m gonna just…leave that aside.  If you can’t, that’s fair– that was a dealbreaker moment for a lot of people and I don’t begrudge you drawing a line in the sand.

However, since the show still wants us to root for these siblings to find their way back to each other, I think it’s worth exploring how 401 set the table for that.  It was clearly a place-setting episode, undoing a lot of the mess of s3 (praise jesus) and indicating what the writers want us to know about relationships and characters as we move forward.  And in 401, Octavia had essentially three modes:

1) Murder

2) Sassmaster Blake

3) Worried About Bellamy Despite Everything

The first has been obvious in all the promos– the show clearly loves a Lady With a Sword action sequence, and Octavia is perfect for that.  She’s deadly, she’s grieving, and Marie has the moves.  The second is another consistent trait, because “kind of bratty comment while everyone else deals with shit” is Quintessential Octavia.

“Worried about Bellamy Despite Everything” is also Quintessential Octavia, and the show made a point to emphasize that.  We see her reaction when the parley with Echo goes south, we see her worried expression when he’s dragged into the throne room, and I suspect her “don’t fuck this up” quip was also her very guarded way of telling Bellamy to take care of himself.  (The Blakes tend to communicate their love through black humor and mild jackassness, and I love that about them.) This is important, because it indicates that no matter how upset Octavia is, she cannot turn off the “loving her brother” part of her heart.  That is also a quality we see in Bellamy, since no matter what Octavia does, he makes it clear he loves her no matter what.

But in 401, Bellamy does not behave towards Octavia the way we’re used to.  We see him watching her right at the start, and Clarke immediately hones in on his concern.  (Sidenote: real talk I was so confused that Clarke thought Bellamy was worried Octavia would be tried for her crimes because the Arkadia storyline in s3 was such a broken down mess of authoritarianism and lawlessness that I honest to god straight up forgot they even had laws).  But Bellamy pretty much blows Clarke off and does not approach Octavia, despite his clear concern.  Throughout the episode he exists in the same sphere as her and interacts with her as necessary, but those interactions are generally limited to rebukes and silent looks.  He’s worried, but he’s not about to try and parent her right now– not when she’s like this.

I think the only other time we’ve really seen Bellamy even consider rejecting Octavia is in Day Trip, when he intends to run away and leave her behind.  It’s borne of desperation because he’s scared of being executed when the Ark comes down, but it’s also driven by the fact that Octavia is furious with him.  I bang the “the Blake Sibling Relationship Is Profoundly Fucked Up” drum a lot, but that’s because it is profoundly fucked up.  He’s basically her father, but he’s also her brother and we forget that Bellamy’s existence on the Ark was almost as lonely as Octavia’s.  In s1, nearly everyone has someone: Monty has Jasper, Raven has Abby, Clarke has Wells (and sometimes her mother), and Octavia has Bellamy.  But Bellamy only sometimes has Octavia.  

She loves him fiercely, but she’s constantly furious with him, and in 108 he decides to just…give up.  He had been doing everything to protect her– which is how Bellamy shows his love– and all it got him was her scorn, first with Atom and then with Lincoln.  (Note: Bellamy’s “protection” was basically “controlling her” and incredibly Not Okay, but I do think the show meant for us to see that it came from a place of genuine love.)

So Bellamy putting some space between himself and Octavia in 401 is, in my opinion, a good sign.  It means he’s drawing a line (I will love you but I will not let you treat me like this) that is important for both Octavia and for himself.  For Octavia, it’s a continuation of their parent-child relationship: he’s recognizing that she’s a grown up who is going to make her own mistakes, and he will love her from afar but he won’t fix them for her.  (In fact, he explicitly said as much in 316).  Octavia has been fighting for that right pretty much since they landed, and while they managed it in s2 and early s3, the clusterfuck of s3 saw him reverting to s1 Bellamy in a lot of ways and that included his behavior towards Octavia.

That space is equally important for Bellamy, however (if not more so).  Because this is Bellamy letting himself be her brother, not her father.  He is taking a step out of the dad role and letting them exist as just siblings.  I suspect that we’re going to see this progress as Octavia learns to see Bellamy as a brother, not an authority figure against whom she can rebel.  Octavia loves him, but her feelings have always been complicated by the role he had to fill on the Ark–part brother, part father, part jailer.  They need to start over, and by Bellamy stepping back (a move that is incredibly important to his mental health, I think) Octavia is going to be forced to do the heavy lifting this time.

I propose a crack theory!!!

I’m gonna stretch my warped and unhinged brain right now and propose (thanks to a lovely chat with @optomisticgirl ) that Brennan Jones is NOT Killian’s father, but he is rather the son of


and Aragorn

And that he’s clearly following in his father’s footsteps…

I’m just gonna leave this here….

Thank you, @optomisticgirl for putting up with me - I LOVE YOU!!!


matt brings marc to sunday mass

[11:00:30 AM] coyote/ @haljrdn:
marc: hey u catholics are alright, u have free wine and crackers, every mass is like a mini passover, im diggin this
marc: just a question, who killed jesus again?
matt: jews
marc: ok i gotta leave i was never here

(I know, I know, you’ve probably already seen the cover, but I like Mirai so much… Just aw, look at her, I’m gonna put the book cover right here because it’s the first thing I wanna see when I update this post)

Konoha Shinden: Yukemuri Ninpōchō

Konoha’s True Story: Book of the Steam Ninja Arts

By Kishimoto Masashi, Hinata Shō

(On the right flap of the book cover)

Old friends     accompanied by a new companion   relaxedly go on a shinobi journey to hot springs/

in the sky where the leaves of the petals flutter about        and sway for the thin breeze of the steam/

a new future*   starts.

(*Notice the pun, since Mirai means “future”… I love this book so much already)

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Just Gonna Put This Here

I’m just gonna put this here to see what reactions I get….

Sooooo, imagine this. Jason can secretly sing (idk If he actually can or not) and very few people know about this, one of those people is his s/o. And all they want is for him to sing to them but he’s kind of shy about it. But he waits until their wedding night and ends up singing them Ed Sheeran’s new song Perfect. And it’s uber cute and the s/o sheds tears…
Just gonna leave this right here..

  • INFJ: is enjoying their relationship with someone
  • NI: they're gonna leave you
  • FE: no they won't omg??
  • TI: not to be an ass but here's the evidence
  • SE: yeah look at all this evidence lmao
  • FE: can't we just enjoy being with them for now?? :((
  • NI: no it's gonna hurt like a bitch when they leave
  • FE: :(((
  • TI: what do we do chief
  • NI: put up the defenses
  • FE: D';
  • NI: let's cut em off before they cut US off
  • TI: brilliant!!! how DO you do it???
  • NI: just doin my job gentlemen
  • FE: D'''''';
  • SE: lmao

so like lots of you leave me kind messages saying that youre open to talk whenever, and i really appreciate that but

honestly i feel bad imposing upon you guys like. idk

i talk about my problems pretty vaguely on here but im gonna ask you guys for advice

my mental health has severely tanked recently and just one thing after the other keeps putting nails in the coffin. and im hanging in there, im safe but im so. despairing. i feel ruined. im so exhausted.

and i feel bad telling all my friends and family cause im sad and that makes them sad and its just an aura of shit and nothing gets any better

i dont know what to ask for. just. how do i hang in there

its hard

Alec finding out you’re pregnant

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x reader

Word Count: 526

Warnings: Nothing :)

A/N: Sorry it’s so short, I will be writing one about Izzy with the same concept soon. I think this is really cute so. @alecslightwood @lightwoodsdaily @lightwoodxalec @malecsmut @alecslightwoodstan @shadowsarelurkingbehind @alexanderlightwoood

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“It’s going to be okay! Just try and calm down.” Isabelle said putting her hands on your shoulders. For about a week you have been getting sick a lot, and that is not okay when you are a shadowhunter. You were having weird cravings and really bad cramps. When you told Izzy she immediately bought you a couple pregnancy tests. Now here you were, looking at the two positive pregnancy tests sitting on the table. Tears brimmed your eyes as you looked at your friend.

“What am I gonna tell Alec? What if he leaves me?” You cried looking at her. Izzy looked at you with heart broken eyes. “He won’t leave you. I promise. He’s training with Jace,” She handed you one of the tests and gave you a small smile. “Go talk to him.” She said softly.

You nodded and took a deep breath. You wiped your eyes and walked out of the room and to the training room. You could do this, he wasn’t going to leave you. He wasn’t like that. You passed Maryse and gave her a small smile, only receiving a glare in return. You dropped your head and pulled the door open to the training room. You smiled when you saw Alec and Jace training.

“Alec.” You said softly, causing him to get distracted and Jace bringing him to the floor. “I really need to talk to you. It’s important.” You said walking up to him nervously. His eyebrows furrowed at you, dropping his blade. “I’ll go.” Jace said and put his things up.

“No, you can stay. Alec may need you for support.” You said anxiously. Jace and Alec looked at each other curiously before looking back at you. “Okay, I’m so sorry in advance. I just found out today and I really hope that you don’t hate me or anything. Or leave me, I just love you so much and I-” Alec reached up and pressed a finger to my lips with a small smile.

“Just tell me Y/N.” He said, obviously nervous. You pulled the test out of your back pocket and handed it to him with shaky hands. “I’m pregnant.” You whispered.

He didn’t say anything, just stared at the piece of plastic with two red lines on it. After about a minute he finally said, “We’re having a baby?” You nodded and kept your head down, ashamed. All the sudden a wide smile appeared on his face. “We’re having a baby!” He yelled loudly. He quickly dropped the test and wrapped you in his arms. He picked you up and spun you around happily. When he set you down, Jace tackled you in a hug.

“What did I just hear?” Maryse asked walking in with Robert and Izzy. “Y/N and I are having a baby.” Alec said, his smile not leaving his face. Maryse’s face just fell while Robert and Izzy smiled widely.

You turned back to Alec and smiled. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him. He cupped your cheek and pressed his lips on yours, you both smiling into the kiss. “I’m so happy.” He whispered lovingly. “Me too.”

You’ve heard of Kids React, now get ready for...



The Guy: okay here’s an example of a sign that a civilian might have in their home for decoration -hands over a cute beach-themed wood plaque-

Kix: -takes it, reads aloud- “Saltwater cures all wounds.” It cures all… what? Who would put salt water in a wound, for the love of the Republic? If it’s an open wound, it’s just gonna make your patient try to hit you! There was this one time, on the front, when… well, nevermind.  -stares at sign, stricken- Well… a saline solution is fairly effective at preventing infection, but it doesn’t cure the wound. It’s not gonna do a thing for internal bleeding, since you can’t ingest a significant amount. Or head trauma. Or a broken bone. Why is there a picture of a pair of sandals?

The Guy, explaining: So this sign is related to another popular saying that lists three types of salt water as the three cures for all of life’s problems: sweat, tears, and the ocean.

Kix: -squints at The Guy- …. huh…. so the problems civilians worry about the most are… overheating… getting sand in their eyes… and… … … 

The Guy: ….. uh…

Kix: is the last one hunger? Because there’s always something you can eat in the ocean?

The Guy: Well, no, sweat is symbolic of hard work, tears stand in for emotional release and–

Kix: ohhh no it’s the sand too, isn’t it? It washes away the sand. General Skywalker keeps saying that sand is the most miserable substance in the galaxy….

The Guy: No, I’m pretty sure the ocean is about relax–

Kix: Wait…this is.. General Skywalker made this, didn’t he? Oh. This is his personal artwork. I thought this was supposed to be about civilian culture, not Jedi….

The Guy: ….Anyway…. -puts the sign away-

Kix: -stares into the camera- General Skywalker, if you’re watching this, I apologize for not understanding your art very well. Also you should talk to Hardcase, he can give you some pointers on how to draw shoes.

The Littlest Hale Pt. 2

A/N: It was requested that I do another part 2 to this, so here it is!!

Part 1  

“Y/N, where do you think you’re going?” Your brother Derek asked as he crossed his arms. “Out.” You replied as you put your jacket on. Derek stepped in front of the door to prevent you from leaving. “With who? And if you say someone from the pack, I’m gonna lose it.”

“Then..I guess I won’t say anything.” You smirk. “It better not be a boy!” He shouts still refusing to let you leave. “It’s just Lydia and Allison, okay? Is that okay? Or am I not allowed to have friends?” Derek rolled his eyes at your sarcastic comment.

“Oh come on Derek, don’t be such a sour wolf! She’s just a kid. Let her have some fun!” Peter suggested. Derek rolled his eyes again. “Fine, but I want you home before midnight. And stay away from Scott, Stiles, and Isaac. Okay?” “Okay, whatever you say. You’re the boss right?” You say sarcastically.

“Right.” He replies with a smirk. You rolled your eyes and walked out the door, of course you didn’t plan on listening to Derek, but as long as he thought you would, you’d be fine.

You didn’t really see the big deal anyway, he always overreacted. Shouldn’t he want you to hang out with people he knew? 

You met up with Lydia and Allison at Lydia’s house. But Isaac, Scott, and Stiles were there too, of course you didn’t really mind, but if Derek found out he’d be outraged.

“Oh, hey Y/N..I didn’t know you were coming over..” Scott said as he scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Uh..Yes you did..We just talked about it..” Lydia stated. He shot her a dirty look and you just chuckled. “Well anyway, it’s really good to see you again Y/N.” Isaac smirks. “Agreed.” Stiles adds with an ear to ear smile.

“Thanks guys, it was great seeing you again too.” You reply with a smile.
They spent the rest of the night flirting with you, until you decided to go home, you didn’t want Derek to ask you a bunch of questions or yell at you, so you decided it’d be best to just go home early. 

“I think I’m gonna take off, I don’t want Derek to yell at me so..” Before anyone could say anything Isaac offered to take you home. You nodded and he smiled ear to ear at you. The other guys rolled their eyes and sighed and Isaac took you home.

“Thanks Isaac..But you should probably go before Derek sees you.” He chuckles and nods and then he leans in and kisses you. You cup his face and kiss him back. Then he pulls away and winks at you. “We should go out sometime.” He smirks. You smile and nod. “Okay..sure, that sounds great." 

You go inside with a huge smile across your face. "Why are you so happy?” Derek asks suspiciously. “It’s nothing!” You shout as you walk down the hall to your bedroom at Derek’s (which you almost never got to stay in).

Derek and Peter exchanged looks. “That was definitely not ‘nothing.’” Derek said as he shook his head. “Oh yeah, that was something for sure.” Peter nodded.

I Don't Love Him - Fred Weasley Imagine

Can you do an Imagine where the reader and Fred are dating but Draco and is jealous and trys and kiss you but fred sees and gets mad at you thinking you like him too. Thank you!!!

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I was sitting in Potions class doing my task of making ‘Draught Of Living Death’ with my partner, Draco Malfoy, until i stopped when I felt arms wrap around my waist
“Hello beautiful” I heard a voice whisper in my ear “Fred! What are you doing here? aren’t you supposed to be in Transfiguration right now?” I asked smiling a little “Maybe. Maybe not. I just wanted to see you” he smirked “Well you see me! And if you don’t leave Snape’s gonna see you and it’s not gonna be a pretty sight!” I laughed putting my arms around his neck. “Alright I’ll leave” he said sadly, he stepped towards the door then turned around and kissed me roughly making me lean on the back on the table. We both smiled widely into the kiss, he pulled back and put his forehead on mine “I love you” he chuckled “I love you too Freddie” I giggled before quietly pushing him out the door without Snape seeing.

I sat back down and took a glance at Draco to see if he had the potion under-control but something was weird about him “Draco?” I asked lightly “What?” He demanded “Are you okay?” I asked “Yeah! Why wouldn’t I be?” He spat “because your squeezing the life out of that sloth brain” I said worried. He looked down at his hands and saw that he had turned the brain into mush. He placed the brain on the table and sat there with his fists clenched so tightly they turned white. I opened my mouth to ask him what was wrong but a voice cut over me. “Class dismissed we’ll continue this tomorrow!” Snape said smoothly before slipping out the door. I turned to Draco to see him stuff everything in his bag and storm quickly out of the room. I did the same and ran after him “Draco! Wait!” I yelled trying to catch up to him. He stopped walking and turned around slowly, waiting for me to catch up.

“Draco… I… Hold on” I said panting trying to get my breath back. “What do you want?” He asked “what’s wrong?” I asked “what do you mean? There’s nothing wrong with me!” He snarled “Yes there is! You’ve been acting really weird during class!” I said angrily, he just stood there silent “Draco. Please. Just tell me.” I begged “Fine! You wanna know what’s bugging me!” He yelled “Yes! I wanna know!” I screamed at him “We’ll my problem is Weasley! He’s always touching you and kissing you I don’t like it!” He said angrily “Draco. Fred’s my boyfriend and I love him” I said slowly “I know that! You don’t think I know that!” He snapped. I quickly engulfed him in a hug knowing that it would comfort and calm him down. “Draco. I need you to understand. I love Fred more than anything in the world. I know that you love me but I’m not the right girl for you. I’m so sorry.” I pulled back to look into Draco’s blue eyes trying to see if he understood but he didn’t. He forcefully grabbed my face and started to kiss me roughly. I was hitting his chest trying to push him away but his grip was to tight to escape “Draco!… Stop it!…” I said in between kisses but, he didn’t listen.

“(Y/n)!” I was able to get away from him once Draco pulled back. It was Fred he was standing there with his mouth wide open “Fred! It’s not what it looks like! I swear!” I pleaded “(Y/n)! How could you kiss him! I’m your boyfriend!” He yelled “No! Fred Please! He was the one who kissed me!” I begged “Do you love him too?!” He asked furiously throwing a death glare to Draco from behind me. “No! I don’t love him! I love you! Only you!” I cried, Fred went up to me and put me in a tight and loving hug. “Im sorry for yelling at you baby” he said kissing the top of my head “it’s okay. No one can replace you Fred. Your my soul mate” I smiled “and your my angel” he laughed kissing my lips “now tell me the truth, Malfoy tried to kiss you right?” He asked. I nodded “I think it’s time me and Malfoy have a little chat!” He said angrily wiping out his wand and starting to walk towards Draco.


🌹I hope all of you are having a magical weekend! Plus sorry for the really long wait I’m just swamped with School, Dance, and trying to think of the perfect layout for the stories!🌹

How to stop overeating

Hello beautiful people!

I’m gonna leave you here some tips to stop overeating/binge eating.

1) Before you start putting food like crazy on your mouth think if you are truly hungry or is it just boredom or emotional eating. Ask yourself if you would eat an apple; if the answer is yes then you are hungry and should have a little snack, if the answer is no then you are not hungry and just craving junk food.

2) DRINK WATER OR GREEN TEA. Maybe you are thirsty and not hungry. Drink two cups of water or a cup of tea and wait 20 minutes, if you still feel like eating after this then grab a small snack.

3) Distract yourself. Paint your nails, read a book, talk yo a friend, wash your hair, experiment with your makee-up, write your feelings down, go for a walk, go to the gym, have a dance party in your room… just stay away from the kitchen.

4) Go on the internet and motivate yourself. Search for fitness motivation and your goal body. Do not look at recipes even if they are healthy or you will make yourself hungry.

5) Meditate and relax for 10 minutes. Think about why you started this journey, what you want to acomplish and how far you’ve already come. Don’t throw away all your hard work!

Hope this helped you. Much love xx