just gonna gush and be happy now

We have now had at least one episode dedicated to developing the relationships between each duo combination of Team Phantom, and I think this is as good a time as any to gush about why this is one of my favorite trios in anything.

I’ll just cover each combination in order and then talk about all three of them, because I love these kids and could talk about them all day.

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DannyMay Day Twenty Four OTP/BROTP

…He’s always thought she was pretty, albeit a bit of a know-it-all. Now though, beautiful would be the right word to describe her. The way her eyes light up with determination when studying. How her long flowing hair shines in the sunlight. How she can kick your butt eight ways to Sunday.

It’s time he stopped admiring from afar and did something about it.

Dash Baxter was a lot of things. Shy wasn’t one of them. This foreign feeling is unsettling. He’s always been a confident guy. He can get any girl he sets his eyes on. All he has to do is flex and wink. In that order. But, that all flies out the window when it comes to one Jazz Fenton. He knows she’ll never fall for those things. She’s way too smart.

He had a crush on her freshman year. He thought that was a momentary thing. A passing phase. Boy was he wrong. It’s one year later and he still can’t stop thinking about her. He used to date a bunch of girls, if only to get her out of his head. All his past girlfriends were know-it-all-gingers. He didn’t succeed.

He thinks about when he went from crush to L-lo…love. Does he love her? Wait. Hold the phone. Ok. Think about it rationally. He’s hopelessly fallen head-over-heels for Jazmine Fenton. That realization is both liberating and terrifying. His brain stalls. What should he do? What should he say? He debates whether he should call Fenton and ask him for advice…He’d probably get filleted first for thinking about his sister that way.

Him and Fenton buried the hatchet a long time ago. They’re not exactly best friends like he is with Manson and Foley. But they chill from time to time. His phone rings. He looks at the time. It’s 2:21AM. Who in their right mind would be calling him at this time? He answers.

“Dash, calm the fuck down, I can feel your anxiety all the way over here”

“FENTON, WHAT THE FUCK!? How did you-never mind I don’t want to know”

There was a beat of silence. He’s somewhat freaked but can’t really be surprised. The kid is half ghost for crying out loud. There’s rustling and a yawn on the other side.

“You…wanna talk about it?”

He sighs heavily, well there’s no use hiding anymore. The universe has made the decision for him so he’s gonna charge ahead.

“It’s…see…about your sister-”

“Oh shit! Did you finally tell her that you love her? I swear to God Dash if you hurt her I will ghostly wail you to Timbuktu, in pieces


“Sorry, sorry, continue”

“…Am I really that obvious…?”

“Dude, you’re as subtle as a flying mallet. The only reason she hasn’t caught on is because she’s a Fenton. We’re all dense as fuck”

He groans and sighs, flopping on his back. Damnit, if Fenton noticed, then everybody at school knows by now. Fenton says something but he didn’t catch it.

Are you gonna tell her?”

“What choice do I have. I’m not the type to sit around and wait. But I’m terrified of what she’ll say. She’s different from all the other girls at school. She’s way smarter for one, but she’s also real nice. And she cares about other people’s happiness. Enough to-”

“Dash, don’t take this the wrong way, but I really don’t want to hear you gush about my sister. Honestly you should just go for it. If you really want her to notice you, use something she likes. You really gotta be genuine though, she can smell bullshit from a mile away, trust me.”

“Huh…thanks Fenton I actually feel a lot better”

“No problem, but I will blast you to pieces and then sell your organs in the black market if I hear the words Dash and heartbreak in the same sentence. After, of course, she beats you to a pulp with her bare hands.”

They hang up. He feels a lot better actually. Aside from the very real threats. All of his previous fears are gone. He can think clearly now. Use something she likes to ask her out…he knows what to do. The perfect way to show her he’s genuinely interested in her as a person.

The next day he’s sweating buckets. He’s almost hyperventilating. His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Hell his fucking teeth are chattering. He spots Fenton and makes a bee line for him. But as fate would have it, the doors to the library open right in his face and he falls to the floor in a heap. Damn, hopefully his nose isn’t broken. He hears the culprit spouting apologizes. He looks up.

Standing there, extending a hand to help him up is Jazz Fenton. He short circuits. Autopilot takes over. He mechanically reaches for her hand and gets up. It’s only after ten seconds of her apologizing that he remembers his mission. Centering himself he dives in.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Um, I wanted to ask you something actually…”

She looks at him curiously, those big sparkly eyes, that put gemstones to shame, make his knees wobble all over again. He’s gotta act fast or he’ll turn into an even bigger pile of sweaty teenage hormones.

“Uhh…there’s this new Psychology of the Paranormal thing going on tomorrow at the museum and um I was wondering if you’d go with me? No big deal or anything. Oh this is for you. Um yeah.”

He thrusts a blue rose into her field of vision. Scratching the back of his neck and looking everywhere except directly at her. The silence feels eternal. His face feels like it’s on fire. He knows he’s at least gone three different shades of red. Glancing at her she’s looking a bit pink too. He’s so nervous, he hopes she’ll get it. The blue rose symbolizes immortal love. So he chose it to let her know that his love for her will never change and will remain forever.

She takes the rose. Looks at it for what feels like years. Gives it a sniff and puts it in her hair. His heart leaps into his throat. He’s never been so nervous in his life. He’d rather get run over by the Green Bay Packers twice than feel what he’s feeling right now. She looks him in the eyes and he’s rooted to the spot. He can’t look away. She opens her perfect mouth with her perfect lips.

“Sounds interesting, I’d love to”

“Cool, I’ll pick you up at six”

Heavenly light is cast upon him. The choir of angels sings in the background. Fireworks spell out his name. He has ascended to a higher plain of existence. The pure bliss he’s feeling at the moment is intoxicating. Nothing can ruin this moment for him. He can see Fenton high five-ing Manson and Foley handing them money. They bet on him!? Aww who cares she said yes!

Backwardz Compatible - RE7 #8
  • Miles and Kyle got really drunk Miles started gushing over Michael and Lindsay’s love
  • Miles: Michael and Lindsay got a house...
  • Kyle: 'Cause they're married and they're gonna have a baby.
  • Miles: *sighs happily* I'm so proud of theeeem. I'm happy for them! They're so--
  • Miles: Michael and Lindsay make me continue to believe in love. They love each other so much. It's disgusting how much they love each other
  • Kyle: Okay, okay, we've gone through a couple stages of drunk where it's just, like, ranting, and now you're getting lovey-dovey

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(1/3) ALLY!! Okay, i wanna write down a list of things that i really like about you just cuz. 1) your hair, it's such a soft brown and your highlights bring compliment it so well, 2) your eyes, they're the prettiest shape and they're so warm, 3) your smile, which is brighter than my ideal future, 4) your height, which is so petite and melts my heart, 5) your accent, which reminds me of home, 6) the way you draw eyes, which is just so unique to me, 7) the red tones of your art ofc

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a concept: allura playing big sister matchmaker and giving hunk a nice altean outfit and fixing up his long-ish dark hair (smoothing it down and side-parting it) before they leave the castle the next time they head out to visit shay, and gushing about how handsome he looks and how happy shay is gonna be when she sees him, the entire flight, and hunk just being like embarrassed about the whole thing but also glad she’s his wingman so now he doesn’t have to ask lance for help with shay instead

Sing To Me (Soulmate!Ashton)

Hey guys! Hope you like this new Ashton imagine. The only name that’s an insert is the main character because in a story this long it’s a hassle. If you have any questions let me know! And to address the elephant in the room, the reason the age gap is the way it is is because I wanted it to kind of be Ashton sort of going through different stages with her like first he’s a best friend, then he’s a big brother that sort of thing. I wanted them to have like a spectrum of relationships before they actually dated. Plus, that first scene with him is adorable.

This imagine is strictly feel-good. There is no great problem to address. I just wanted to write something more fun and cutesy for once. Also, this is only part one, and it’s 10.9k words.
Soulmate AU in which you’re born with a timer, blah blah blah, you know how it goes.

“This can’t be right.”

“What?” The woman in the hospital bed struggled against her drowsy state and tried to push herself up into a sitting position. She was tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep, but if something was wrong with her baby she wanted to know now.

“Her clock, Miss.” The doctor looked up at her, confused beyond belief, and the woman looked at her baby in his arms with absolute panic.

“What? What’s wrong with it?” She tried to push herself up further, but a nurse off to the side rushed forward and held her back on the bed.

“Well it’s… It’s 04:06:27:19… only four days from now, Miss.”

The woman didn’t know if she should be elated, worried, or depressed. The doctor certainly seemed confused which was reason enough to be worried, and if something was truly wrong with her clock being that short then that would definitely be depressing. On the other hand, if it was right, if her daughter was meeting her soulmate in a matter of days that would be so exciting.

The woman chose to focus on the excitement, that seemed best. “My daughter’s going to meet her soulmate before she’s even a year old?! That’s… That’s so exciting!" 

Over the course of the next two days in the hospital a steady stream of hospital employees and visitors to other patients dropped in on the woman and her child. Having a child who met their soulmate in the first few years of their life was incredibly rare, and having a child who met their soulmate in the first few days was unheard of. Everyone was ‘ooing’ and 'awing’ over the tiny numbers printed on the little girls wrist.

"What did you name her dear?” Currently the little girl was being held in the lap of an elderly woman in a wheelchair who was in the hospital with her husband who had just had surgery. The older woman had come to visit the new mom and her baby several times over the last two days while her husband slept. She had imparted so much wisdom on the new mother that she would be forever greatful for.

The new mom bit her lip nervously and thought for a moment. She had had the baby early, and with the number of complications she had had during labor none of the doctors had wanted to rush her to fill out a birth certificate just yet. To be fair, with all the people dropping in on her she hadn’t really given a name much thought. She had a few picked out before she came, but none of them really seemed to fit the delicate bundle of joy.

The woman squinted her eyes at the guest tag pinned to the older woman’s shirt with her name printed in big bold letters and smiled. “(Y/n).”


It was only a few hours later, after the birth certificate was filled out and all of the release forms were signed, that a hospital nurse wheeled the woman down to a cab that was waiting for her out front. As she was loaded into the car, the woman looked down at her daughter’s wrist again, partially hidden in the pink blanket they had wrapped around the girl. 01:19:46:17.

She smiled as she watched the seconds tick away as the cab driver pulled off. It was so close!

Her mind jolted out of it’s haze when her phone started beeping. “Hello?” She answered.

“Sarah! Hey,” The woman, Sarah, was greeted over the phone by her best friend from school.

“Hi Anne, I just got discharged; we’re on our way back to the house now!” Sarah looked down at her daughter as she said 'we’ and smiled. She was so beyond happy now that she finally had her baby girl in her arms again. She wasn’t alone anymore. All the aches and pains had paid off, and she was finally holding the most important person in her life. “I’ll see you soon, right?”

“Of course, we’re gonna drive up to your house on Friday. I can’t wait to see my goddaughter!” Anne gushed over the phone. Anne had been just as excited for Sarah’s new baby as Sarah was herself. They had been friends for ages; it was a safe assumption Anne would be deeply involved in the girl’s life.

“Great! I can’t wait to see you!” Sarah hung up soon after, seeing that they were turning onto her street. She decided it best not to tell Anne about her daughter’s clock. God only knows how she would react to a thing like that.


Sarah sighed heavily and straightened up the pillows on her couch nervously. She hadn’t seen her best friend in about 6 months, and she was very nervous about impressing her.

Last time Anne had seen her she’d been a wreck. Her boyfriend had just found out she was pregnant and left her sad and alone; her parents had abandonded her for getting pregnant with a man who wasn’t her soulmate; she’d been fired from her work due to cutbacks; and the counter on her arm still had over a decade left on it.

Sarah had improved a lot since then, and she just wanted to prove it, not because Anne would judge but because she would worry. She had a new job; she’d gotten over her ex; she had her daughter now.

A knock on the door stopped Sarah’s situating, and she bit her lip in nerves and excitement. Straightening her shirt quickly, Sarah rushed over to the door and threw it wide open with a smile. “Anne!” She gushed and pulled her old friend into a hug.

Anne hugged the woman tightly for a moment before she pulled back and examined her carefully. It had been a while since she’d seen Sarah, and she couldn’t help but worry. “You look good,” Anne smiled widely as her friend let out a sigh of relief. “I think that baby is doing good things for you already. You seem a lot calmer.”

Sarah could feel the tension easing out of her body, and a smile spread itself across her face. “I feel a lot calmer to be honest. I think you’re right. Now that I can actually hold her in my arms I’m a lot more relaxed.”

“Momma! Momma!” The women’s attention was drawn away from their conversation to the little boy clutching to the side of Anne’s pants. “Momma I need to use the potty!” The little boy practically cried out.

Sarah smiled down at the boy who she recognized immediately, despite not having seen him in six months. He’d grown a little since the last time she’d seen him, but he still had all the same facial features, making him very easy to distinguish.

“Ashton, maybe if you ask nicely your Aunt Sarah will let you use hers.” Anne spoke softly to the boy, a little smile on her face as she pulled his hand from her pants, directing him toward the woman in the doorway.

“Aunt Sarah, can I please use your potty?” Ashton said, rocking back and forth between his feet, looking absolutely desperate for relief.

Sarah let out a quiet chuckle and stepped to the side, pointing him down the hall. “Second door on your right, little man.”

Ashton rushed passed her into the house and down the hall while the two women laughed to themselves in his wake. “He’s grown up so fast,” Anne gushed, stepping into the house as well and following Sarah as she showed her down the hall to the baby’s room.

“I feel like (Y/n) has grown up too fast for my liking as well… You know she was born with her clock?” Sarah spoke. She might as well tell Anne before she sees it for herself. That would be a shocking thing.

Anne smiled and shook her head, “Ashton still didn’t have his when I checked last. I’m glad he was born without it though. I don’t want to think about my baby boy growing up so quickly.”

Sarah nodded, “I’m worried about her. Her clock only had a few days on it… She’s supposed to meet her soulmate today, actually.”

“What?” Anne’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. That was a shockingly short counter, almost impossible to believe. “That poor baby.” They reached (Y/n)’s room, and Sarah opened the door, waving Anne on in as they continued their conversation. “That’s pretty soon to have a thing like that forced on a person. I mean the two of us aren’t even going to get to see ours for years!”

Sarah glanced over to the crib and saw that her baby was still asleep, so she led Anne over to a set of chairs in the corner. It had taken ages to get her to finally go to bed. She really didn’t want to have to try and get her back down for a nap again later. This could wait.

“I feel like she’s being pulled right out from under me almost.” Sarah gushed her feelings to Anne. “She’s not even able to walk, and she’ll already be tied down to one person. It’s a lot to ask, especially not knowing the rest of the details. I don’t know who she’ll turn out to be, what she’ll like, what she’ll hate. I don’t know if her soulmate will grow up to be a good man, or even a good woman for that matter. There are so many variables.”

Anne reached across to her friend with a sympathetic smile. “It’ll be all right. Soulmates are the one person in this world that we are really truly meant for. Whoever it is will grow to be the perfect person for your little (Y/n) and vice versa.”

“Momma,” Anne and Sarah jolted a little. The pair looked up and saw Ashton, climbed up on the side of (Y/n)’s crib and looking down at the baby inside. They hadn’t even heard him come in.

“Yes Ashton, honey?” Anne got up to go get Ashton off the side of the crib, and Sarah joined her on her feet with a sigh, prepared for (Y/n) to wake up waling, as usual, now that Ashton would have jostled her awake with his climbing.

“She’s so tiny.” Ashton whispered, staring down at the baby in the crib with what was almost a thoughtful expression. “She’s not gonna break is she?” There was a hint of worry in his voice that made Sarah’s step faulter slightly. “Was I ever that tiny?” Anne and Sarah came to a stop next to the crib and looked at Ashton with a mixture of shock and confusion. “She has really pretty eyes.”

Sarah looked down into the crib and saw that (Y/n) was, in fact, awake like she expected, but she wasn’t waling or crying or even pouting. The baby was just staring up at Ashton like he was the only person in the room that was worth her time.

“Ashton, when did you get that?” Anne picked her son up off the side of the crib and pulled back his sleeve, revealing his arm to the women’s gaze. There, printed across his wrist clear as day were two black zeros, a timer that had run up before Anne even saw it was there.

“A few days ago, but it wasn’t that. It had other numbers. They counted really fast though. I didn’t keep up.” The boy replied very nonchalantly.

Sarah’s eyes flashed from Ashton’s wrist to the baby in the crib. Leaning over she pulled up her daughter’s sleeve very gently and saw the same printing on the inside of her wrist as well. “No way,” she murmured, her eyes turning to look up at Anne’s shocked expression.

(Y/n) didn’t seem to like being jostled around like that, and her eyes tore away from Ashton for the first time since he entered the room. She let out a whimper followed by a sharp cry that made Ashton visisbly flinch in his mother’s grasp. “Momma, is she okay?”

“She’s fine sweety,” Anne reassured him, setting him back down beside (Y/n)’s crib as she finally came to terms with the thought. “Ashton, do you remember when Mommy explained soulmates to you?” Anne glanced up to make sure Sarah was all right with the situation, and she found her best friend shooting her a wide smile as she picked up the baby.

Ashton’s face fell into a very serious expression, or as serious as a boy who was still just shy of three years old could manage. “I remember.”

“Well, Ashton, the numbers on your arm were counting down to you meeting them. (Y/n) is your soulmate.” She waved a hand up to the baby now cradled in Sarah’s arms.

Ashton seemed to think on it for a minute before he decided, “Wow!” That made the two women laugh again, for some reason unknown to Ashton.

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Originally posted by marktuon

Genre: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die

Pairing: Reader x Mark

Length: 2.5k

Summary: Stuck in the memories of the past, you had always held a grudge against Mark for his never-ending teasing throughout high school. Now a few years older, a few years wiser, you find Mark locked outside of his college dorm in a snowstorm and lend him a helping hand by inviting him into your own dorm. Despite knowing just how much you secretly gushed over your high school rival, you were clueless as to how suave Mark Tuan could be. 

A/N: This is dedicated to my amazing friend, Sarah! Happy Birthday and thanks for always being there for me babe. <3 :’) @smolssi

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#271 - Boyfriend Tag

Harry: Looking down at the stack of cards you had ready, Harry smiled cheekily into the camera. “Okay sir, are you ready for the first question?” you looked up at him chuckling softly. “I am so ready,” he laughed out and rested his hands on his lap in waiting. “Okay,” you smiled widely. “Where did we meet?” Harry looked at you happily biting his lip. “We met when your mum and my mum met didn’t we?” he smiled softly and you nodded your head. “Yeah, where was it?” you chuckled softly. “It was at your family’s barbeque!” he answered proudly and you nodded happily. “Exactly! Okay, next question! What was your first impression of me?” “Oh that’s easy. I thought you were really nice for one thing. And I thought it was really cute the way you were playing with your cousins I think? But like… anyways, my first impression was a good one and I thought we would be really good friends and stuff, but it turned into more and I’m just really happy about that.” Harry kissed your cheek quickly and you smiled down at the cards. “Awe Harry…” you murmured out, turning to look at him softly, giggling quietly. Harry laughed out softly and gave you a gentle peck. “Next question?” he smirked, pulling back and leaving you slightly flustered.

Liam: “Okay, okay!” you laughed out softly, pulling away from his many kisses and pulling his arm around your shoulder. “We gotta answer these silly,” you continued, flipping through your phone to find the next question. “Okay, when did you meet my family?” Liam thought for a moment and tapped his chin. “I think we had been dating for just a month when I met them yeah? It was pretty traditional, I went over to her house for dinner, but the thing that I wasn’t expecting was her parents were actually so nice. And her dad didn’t threaten my life so that was nice,” he teased and you rolled your eyes, leaning towards him. “My parents loved you from the very beginning,” you laughed softly. “How long have we been together?” you continued to the next question, smiling widely and looking back towards him. “It’s been a lovely two years and four months,” he answered without a doubt and you raised an eyebrow. “How do you know that information, I don’t even know that! All I know is it’s been two years,” you laughed and Liam kissed your nose gently. “I don’t wanna get in trouble on the anniversary that’s why,” he teased, earning a playful slap. “Hush up…” you grumbled playfully, adjusting yourself on the bed. “Props to you for remembering though. That’s a skill.”

Niall: You were still gushing over his last answer and jutted out your bottom lip. “I’m gonna end up crying at some point in this video so that’s your warning now people,” you chuckled out and swallowed back happy tears so you could continue. “What traditions do we have together?” you asked softly and looked towards him softly. “Well…” he started, looking up to the ceiling in thought. “Every Saturday that I’m here, we put together a junk food feast and go out onto the balcony. We play music and we just kinda talk about the week and get everything out that we could’ve been holding in. It’s like a little decompressing session. I trust her and she trusts me so we let everything out and it goes well into the early morning hey?” he smiled softly and you nodded softly, thinking about all the nights you had spent ranting together, crying together and laughing together. “I love those nights…” you said softly, more to yourself but it just came out louder. Niall nodded and took a hold of your hand, resting it on his knee. “Isn’t she adorable?” he beamed and reached over to pinch your cheek. “Hey!” you exclaimed and pulled away, furrowing your eyebrows and pouting softly. “Sorry, sorry,” he laughed, pressing his lips over the same spot. “Let’s continue.”

Louis: Smiling widely, you jumped right into the next question. “What was the first thing you noticed about me?” you smiled widely and looked into the camera, raising your eyebrows happily. “Ah, yes,” he chuckled and leaned into your shoulder. “I think I honestly noticed your shoes,” he laughed out softly. “You were wearing these flats that were brown and they had a bow on the front?” You looked at him raising your eyebrows. “You remember that?” Louis nodded. “That was the first thing and I know it’s weird but…” he chuckled. “That’s it.” “Okay,” you laughed softly. “What do we argue about the most?” you asked next and Louis face got a little more serious. “We argue a lot about how I never come home on time,” he said timidly, looking over at you as you nodded. “You always get really frustrated because I never call, and I know that’s really stupid,” he chuckled quietly and you kissed his temple. “It’s all I ask him to do, call, but he never does and then I get worried and that’s mainly why I’m so upset at you when you get home,” you explained and Louis nodded his head, resting his head on your shoulder. “I’m gonna try to do that from now on,” he smiled softly looking back up at you, kissing your jaw gently. You chuckled softly and bit your lip softly. “We’ll see about that when it happens babe. As long as you come home safe.”

Zayn: “What if I get something wrong though?” he asked and leaned back against the headboard, running his hands through his hair. “Then we just move on and wait for the camera to be turned off,” you teased, opening up the questions on your phone. “Ready?” “Ready.” “First question, “What was our first road trip?” Zayn smiled softly and put his hands behind his head. “We drove up to Bradford to see my family,” he answered without any flaw. “It was like… a three hour drive from where we were at the time and I felt so bad because you got car sick after like… the first hour and we kept having to pull over so four hours later, we finally got to mums house and (Y/N) went straight up to my room and it was pretty cute to see her in my bed that I had when I was like… 17,” he chuckled. “It was in the new house, but it was still the same bed that I had forever,” he smiled softly at you and put his feet over your lap. You chuckled softly and rolled your eyes playfully, putting one hand over his calf. “It wasn’t the car that made me sick, I had the flu remember?” you reminded him, looking back towards him. “Right, right,” he chuckled softly. “Sorry babe,” he hummed out softly. “Ready for the next one?” you asked softly and he nodded, letting things progress.



this wonderful and witty shirt was designed by @artfulimpersonator (you should totally watch them on youtube) and bought through a shirt campaign on Teespring. (it actually came in wednesday, which is in the timeframe it said it would come in Yay!)


This is my first nerd shirt in something other than a t-shirt and like??? it’s perfect. i love how this design looks on a tank top and i love the black writing on the gray. Like it stands out so well and the whole is is super amazing quality. This combo looked amazing on the website and it looks amazing in real life!

 I got it in a 2XL cuz like i said with the Bee shirt I’m always worried about sizing and tank tops can easily run small. And honestly the XL would have probably fit just fine cuz the 2XL is exactly what it says it is, so it’s a bit big. But it’s a tank top, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s big, ya know? It’s comfortable and amazing quality and perfect for when it gets warmer and i get to show cosplay pride and it looks so good AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

This ArtfulFriend is super duper happy!!!!! <3