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Seijou Players as Things That Have Been Said in my Workplace

Oikawa: Look, I’m not gonna say it was aliens. Because that should go without saying. I’m just gonna say, maybe use the side door for awhile.

Iwaizumi: Is there anyone here who DIDN’T google how to do their job??

Hanamaki: (Talking to a tray of burnt cookies) How dare you. How dare all of you. What kind of disrespect-

Matsukawa: Actually I was hired for my impeccable jazz hands, the memes were just a bonus.

Yahaba: Hey, I’m super ahead of schedule, so I’m just gonna go have an existential crisis real quick. I’ll be back in like thirty minutes.

Kyoutani: I took this job because I wanted to avoid people. Leave me alone with my bread.

Watari: Can you get that bag of flour down for me? I’d do it myself but it’s literally bigger than me. And above me. I don’t want to go to the hospital before lunch.

Kindaichi: I like to think I have realistic goals. I want to suck less. I don’t have to not suck at all. Just… less.

Kunimi: (Hand bleeding profusely) Goddammit it is too early for this. I’m getting coffee and a bandage IN THAT ORDER.


George Harrison, screen capped from Living in the Material World

“You know, just go ahead, George, go on and fly away, babe. Just be free, and… and go. And we’ll… we’ll see you down the line. And… just leave, go to someplace nice. We’re gonna be all right down here. And then… then he went out. And that was it.” - Living in the Material World

* * *

“There was a profound experience that happened when he left his body. It was visible. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t… you wouldn’t need to light the room… if you were trying to film it. You know, he, uh… he just… he just lit the room.” - Olivia Harrison, Living in the Material World

tove lo sentence starters

WARNING: contains drug mentions and a few nsfw sentences.

“she’s got a boyfriend anyway.”
“does he take care of you or could i easily fill his shoes?”
“if we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck.”
“if you’re gonna shoot me down, do it gently.”
“go ahead and touch me now.”
“i’m the mistake you wanna make.”
“you’re too young for me but i don’t care ‘cause you are all i see.”
“i’m down for what you want.”
“now if we’re talking body, you got a perfect one.”
“we fuck for life.”
“wanna keep you here ‘cause you dry my tears.”
“you made your way in as i was leaving.”
“and i couldn’t decide if you were the most annoying human being i’d ever met or just the best thing that ever happened.”
“you and i could be the best thing ever .”
“we’re not happy ever after, we don’t got what it takes.”
“you and i, we’re a timebomb.”
“you’re better off letting the first time be the last time.”
“i don’t care if you’re a wild one.”
“i’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen but i have my moments.”
“on good days I am charming as fuck.”
“i’ve been told i am the problem.”
“we live like legends.”
“i know we are one in the same.”
“i’m not on drugs, i’m just in love.”
“i’m tripping in my empire state of mind.”
“and then there’s no good way to end things, ‘cause it’s ending, y'know?.”
“can’t see my face in your heart anymore.”
“even when we’re not together, will you stay with me?”
“i drank up all my money.”
“you’re gone and i got to stay high all the time to keep you off my mind.”
“spend my days locked in a haze, trying to forget you babe.”
“i’ll make it fast and greasy.”
“can’t go home alone again, i need someone to numb the pain.”
“i used to take your breath away.”
“you used to lose yourself in me.”
“we started out as lonely hearts.”
“i had one mission but i committed treason.”
“i always go back to you.”
“'cause this is my one true sacrifice.”
“you are my favorite mistake, the one i keep loving to make.”


Im just gonna leave a couple of these here and um…yea go ahead a come to your own conclusions…

EXO Reaction to you Crying Because They Don’t Have Time for you

Remember guys i am looking for two people to join this blog so if your interested here’s the info. Anyone can try i just need one reaction from you and it doesn’t have to be requested by someone or you can write something if you want (fanfic,imagine,secnario) and just like the reaction it doesn’t have to be requested. I’m not being picky or anything so everyone has a chance :) Also if you have any request go ahead and leave them in my ask box - Jasmine

(none of these gifs are mine)

★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ 

XIUMIN: no,no,no don’t cry i will make more time for you *shit how am i gonna do that*

TAO: i’m sorry jagi i’m never here please don’t cry

SUHO: please don’t cry i’ll make time for you i promise…

SEHUN: i though we talked about this already, please don’t cry anymore

LUHAN: i know its not the same but we can always facetime 

LAY: *writes a song to make you feel better*

KRIS: *he walks in on you crying* ummm….

KAI: you don’t need to cry i’m here now right?

D.O: the tour is almost over just little bit longer ok?

CHEN: please don’t cry i don’t like to see you upset

CHANYEOL: well i can’t do much but i’ll try to be here

BAEKHYUN: *what do i do*

Not-At-All Aggressive Announcement

Hey hey, all you badass fucking laser-shooting unicorn-riding intergalactic space rangers!!!

The inbox is empty now, and I’ve got a long queue backed up of Personal Affirmations and then almost as many again that are more general!!!

This is fortunate cos I’m dealing with multiple personal issues at the moment. Apparently fate has decided to throw an entire year’s worth of emotional and medical drama at me within one fortnight. I’m gonna go ahead and hope this means I’m drama-free for the rest of the year!!!

So, I’m gonna leave the askbox closed, just for a little longer, til I get my shit together enough to open it again! I’ll be here, though!

Guess what one of my fave things is, though!?

I love to look through my notes and see y’all reblogging posts and tagging friends in them or tagging it as a message for all your followers. LET’S SPREAD SOME FREAKIN’ POSITIVITY, TEAM!!!

Y’all are the best, and I might have an announcement when I re-emerge from the Affirmation Cave. It’s a big pink sparkly cavern with a massive pile of affirmations, and I lay sleeping atop it, like some awesome fucking affirmation hoarding dragon!


- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer