just gonna get back to my paper now

realpoe  asked:

my ultimate fantasy: I have a stroke in my own home, Kakyoin is there but can't revive me. I die. (I have a paper to write too so kill me now tbh)

I was gonna say same but then you said Kakyoin and I just can’t die around my husband

[my paper is due by two and I have back to back classes so I can’t get it done and I’m ready for death]

im gonna fuckin die i emailed my prof to confirm that taking the optional cumulative exam would replace an essay grade bc i will be receiving a deduction on one of my papers for not attending the field trip anyway and with those scores since i have an 89.75 in the class i’d be getting a B no matter what so i was gonna be like “fuck it ill just take the zero and then take the optional exam” but he replied back saying “if u write double the assignment and have double the sources u wont receive the deduction” and at first i was like Fuck No but then i realized i would get an A in the class if i did it and now im writing a million page paper i dont have any info on and i only have today to do it aaaaAAAAAAAAAAA

Attack on heels presents: Levi in heels!!! I came out of my art hiatus for this so you better appreciate it. Anywaaay, I’ve had this idea for a while and I needed to get it down on paper. I wish I could get a better quality photo but I guess we’ll just have to deal with it for now.