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Can you maybe write a continuation of your post where Fingon is going to storm the gates to the Halls of Mandos?

A continuation of this. NB, it’s an AU in which Maedhros died at the Nirnaeth, which has pretty significant implications for…a lot of things. 

“We have no intention of ‘keeping him from you’,” said the Maia, a shadow of a frown upon its shadow of face. “This is not the Iron Hells.”

Fingon, bow in hand and armoured head to toe, gave it a filthy look. “Then bring him out.”

“He does not wish to leave.”

“Then bring me to his side.”

“You can’t save him,” said the Maia, but did as it was bid. 

It took a thousand miles and a hundred years and no time or space at all to find the hall where what was left of his beloved dwelt. Fingon knew him instantly, though could not say afterwards how he did - the shade was not tall or comely, not copper-topped or one-handed, or even much like an elf at all. Still, it was Maedhros. That was entirely obvious. 

“So,” said Fingon, setting his bow down against a handy pillar that had not been there until he needed it. “No darkness everlasting, love?”

“The dead hold no illusions,” said the shade of Maedhros testily. “Did you come all the way here to say ‘I told you so’?”

“Yes. Also to slay your demons and see you safely home, but mostly it was spite. We lost the battle - I imagine you assumed that much, or so I assumed from the knife in your throat - but the war we won.”

“Vairë showed me,” Maedhros said. Only he could radiate that queasy blend of love and pride and awful, gnawing guilt. “She showed me much.”

“Ah. Your brothers?” 


“Had you lived, you could not have stopped them.”

Stopped them?” the shade hissed. It did not recoil, but only because it was not the sort of thing that could. “Fingon, I would have led them. To ruin, and for nothing.”

Fingon had known Maedhros too long and loved him too well not to have suspected that. Not to have made an uneasy peace with it in the long years since his death. “You know better now, I hope. And sulking here won’t help anything.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Yes, it is.” Fingon raised his hand to touch the memory of Maedhros’ hair, remembered redness blooming and then fading in his fingers’ wake. “The dead hold no illusions, or so I’ve heard it said. You shall do no evil here but no good either, and just think of the smile you could put on old Olwë’s face by letting him punch yours.”

The dead did not grin but then Maedhros rarely had in life and Fingon had always known when to fill in the blanks then. “My mother will kill me all over again,” he said. 

“And I’ll come fetch you back. Come, Maedhros. Whatever they may say of you-”

“-They do not say I am a coward. As you will, then.”

“As you will. The Maia said I could not save you, and I won’t.”

Maedhros did not nod and did not take Fingon in his arms. He also failed to kiss him with the passion he deserved, but Fingon supposed all that could wait until they’d found him a body. He did say ‘thank you,’ and ‘I love you,’ and if there were no demons slain, there were also no pieces left behind and Fingon found he was quite content with that. 


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Harry knew you were the one, he knew the moment he saw you standing there in one of his t shirts and a pair of shorts in his kitchen making a cup of tea that he was going to marry you. When he told the lads they poked fun at him for calling you his “soulmate” when he had only known you a few short months. He couldn’t fight the feeling he got in the pit of his tummy when you’d turn and smile at him, he couldn’t help the heat that would rise to his cheeks when you’d catch him staring at you and he just couldn’t shake the feeling of pure happiness he felt when you’d turn and snuggle closer to him in your sleep.

He knew he had to tell you how he was feeling, his problem was he didn’t exactly know how to go about telling you just how deeply in love with you he was. He didn’t know if it was something he should make a romantic dinner for or if he could simply state it over a cup of coffee in the morning before the two of you went your separate ways to work. He knew that if he didn’t tell you soon he was sure just going to let it slip out at the total wrong moment.

When he walked into the bedroom and saw you sitting at the end of the bed slipping off your heels he thought that now would be as good a time as any. You had just gotten home from a dinner with your friends, something that always led to you getting home later than normal and a bit more cuddly. He smiled as he leaned against the doorway and watched you fall back onto the bed as you let out a soft sigh.

“Ya wanna know somethin H?” Your voice was a bit muffled as you flopped over onto your tummy and turned your head to look at him. You propped your head up on your hands as your elbows dug into the soft comforter that was on the bed. Harry just raised an eyebrow at you causing you to giggle.

“What’s on your mind love?” His voice was soft and sweet as always, it was like music to your ears making you just grin at him. You couldn’t have looked more perfect to Harry than you did in that very moment. Your hair was falling around your face as your eyes had a shine to them as they looked into his, your smile was causing your dimple to show and you just looked so blissful as you laid on the bed the two of you shared.

“You’re it for me ya know?” Harry felt his heart start to beat faster as you just shrugged a little as you continued to just stare at him. “Like I’m probably gonna marry you.” And just like that Harry felt like the weight of the world was lifted off his chest, he couldn’t fight the grin that took over his face as he walked towards his slightly tipsy girlfriend.

“Ya gonna marry me?” He asked and you just nodded your head as you flopped back over onto your back causing Harry to just laugh as he sat down next to you. “Wouldn’t mind that.” He added in a whisper as you scooted closer to him so you could rest your head in his lap.

“Love you.” Harry just smiled as he began to run his fingers through your hair, soon your eyes were fluttering closed as Harry leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to your forehead.

“You’re my soulmate petal, love you more than I’m ever gonna love anyone.” He knew you heard him by the way your mouth formed a small smile. “You’re it for me.” He leaned down and kissed the corner of your mouth before he slowly moved your head from his lap.

He slowly moved you up so your head was now on your pillow, he tucked you into bed and placed a quick kiss to the top of your head before turning the lamp off that was on your nightstand. When he finally made his way into the bed he couldn’t help but take this time to truly look at you. His bedside lamp was the only light in the room and your sleeping body just looked perfect in his eyes, he was quite pleased with the fact the two of you were on the same page when it came to your future. He was more relaxed knowing you felt the same, you truly were his soulmate and he was yours and together the two of you could handle whatever life was going to throw at you.

I would rather be a stripper” be careful of what you ask for smii7y OwO

he said it at 5:44 in his latest video (click here) I’m only here to draw pls forgive and to the two anons asking for it here you go fam

longing for the sea

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So I guess it’s official now!!!! Y'all are probably familiar with my gf Sam who wrote the Dragonoak series. Went to stay with them for a month in London recently and now it’s decided…we’re getting married!!!!!

No concrete plans yet but it’s officially Happening…never saw this coming in my life but I have to say I’m. Really excited. That it is!!!! And that’s the news thanks I’m gay


jtv appreciation week: Day 1 → favorite character

Dear Jane,

First, sorry for being goofy in the priest’s office. I was just nervous because I was scared about writing something for you, a writer. And I’ve been thinking about what to say. Which got me thinking how lucky I was to have met you at all, and all the small twists of fate that led me to you in the first place. And how, in a way, our destiny was just a series of detours bringing us back to each other, again and again. A twist of fate… The night we met, that’s what it felt like. I wasn’t even supposed to be working. I’d picked up a shift for my buddy whose kid was playing in a recital. And then, I was technically off, but I took a detour and stopped for a burger a few blocks away. I was heading back to the precinct when I got called in for a noise complaint near me. If not for that recital, and that burger, I might not have ended up on the doorstep of a drunk 21-year-old girl. It’s not just a series of coincidences. It’s destiny. And I never doubted you were mine. And never doubt that all I want, forever and always, is for you to be happy.

Mbti Types as Grandmas

DISCLAIMER: I’m not even sorry lol, hope it’s a fun read at least  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ: the ‘cookie baking, scrapbook making, sits on the porch with grandpa staring at the sunset then straight to bed’ grandma

INFJ: the ‘sweater knitting, money giving, ‘oh honey, it’ll all be okay’’ grandma

ISFP: the ‘pottery painting, salsa dancing, retired composer but music never retires so I’m just gonna continue composing anyway’ grandma

ESFJ: the ‘Thanksgiving dinner organizing, grandkids’ gossip subscribing, you just know she used to have a pilates butt’ grandma

INFP: the 'outdoors fearing, nagging grandkids to call everyday, I’m still learning how to use Twitter/Facebook/this smartphone which isnt very smart btw’ grandma

INTJ: the 'book reading, random stuff collecting/hoarding, strategic gambler that somehow wins every time’ grandma

ISTJ: the 'diligent chore doing, every Wednesday at 3pm bingo playing, been attending Sunday mass for 70 years now and a hip replacement ain’t gonna stop me sucka’ grandma

ISTP: the 'kitchen fire starting, 4 dogs owning just because the grandkids’ parents won’t let them have dogs, can teach level 2 water aquatics even better than the instructor’ grandma

INTP: the 'has random bruises everywhere from banging their knee on the desk accidentally repeatedly for 60 years, too awkward to converse with grandkids, sleep inducing tenured professor who refuses to retire because RESEARCHHH’ grandma

ENFJ: the 'book club organizing, soup kitchen volunteering because who else will train the new generation how to be compassionate, insightful advice dispenser 27/7 but also guilt trip queen’ grandma

ESFP: the 'colourful outfit wearing, sassy insult giving, all of your problems can be solved with a little bit of alcohol honey’ grandma

ENFP: the 'adventurous recipe trying, canes-slow-me-down claiming, will call you at 9pm before their bedtime once a week just to check up on you’ grandma

ESTJ: the 'Rolls Royce driving, strict budget money spending, 50+ rich AF but refuses to quit working until their limbs break off’ grandma

ENTJ: the 'boat driving, grandkids yelling, 50+ wealthy AF but still doesn’t wanna retire because everyone would be doing her job wrong’ grandma

ESTP: the 'quite young looking for her age maybe it’s maybelline, ex professional athlete now training all the young nubs, giving out weekly sex advice on a very very popular youtube channel’ grandma

ENTP: the 'savage/sassy/song lyric debating, fourth most likely to be still having active sex with sexy grandpas, somehow made a million dollars early in life’ grandma

Castiel: What is so worth saving?
Dean: Look at me. Help me now. Please.
Castiel: *Changes his mind and his Destiny*

Castiel: I did it, all of it, for you.

Castiel: I do everything that you ask, I always come when you call.

Castiel: I did this to protect you *looking at Dean*. I did this to protect all of you *looks around at Sam and Bobby*.

Dean: Cas? Black goo? I don’t even care anymore, and you know whats even better, I don’t care that I don’t care. *because when he’s not drugged up he does care, a lot*.

Dean: *Searches for Cas for nearly a year even though he could get out of Purgatory any time since meeting Benny*. Let me bottom line it for you, I’m not leaving here without you.

Castiel: I’m trying to stay one step ahead of them. To keep them away from you.

Dean: We need you. I need you.

Metatron: His true weakness is revealed …. He’s in love…. with humanity.
Amara: His Creation - you can’t help but represent that for me.

Metatron: You draped yourself in the flag of Heaven but ultimately it was all about saving one human right? Well guess what, he’s dead too *cuts to Castiel crying*.

Cain: You’re living my life in reverse (…) First you kill Crowley (…) then you kill the Angel Castiel, now that, that I suspect that would hurt something awful (…) then your brother, Sam.

CastielEveryone you love they could be long dead. Everyone except me.

Dean: *about to blow himself up to save the world*
Castiel : I could go with you…

Ishim: I used to envy you Castiel (…) Now look at you, you’re just sad and pathetically weak (…) I’m gonna cure you of your human weakness (…) by cutting it out *advances on Dean*.

Ishim: Castiel on the other hand, he might live or he might end up a bloody smear on the wall. Roll the dice. *Dean chooses to put himself in danger to protect Cas* Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Castiel: I won’t let you die. I won’t let any of you die. You mean too much to me, to everything.

Castiel: *Looks down* I love you *camera cuts to Dean*. 
*Briefly looks at Sam* I love all of you. 
*Looks at Dean as the camera cuts to him, lip wobbling*.

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