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fugowritings  asked:

if you aren't overflowing with requests i would like to ask for jotaro going to his s/o's place for the first time, only to find out that they own a massive (and very affectionate/friendly) caucasian shepherd! is this alright, my dude?

It’s totally alright! Also sorry for how it turned out, it kinda devolved into general headcannons \(;´□`)/

- 100 pounds of fluff and muscle rushing directly towards you the second you open the door is enough to catch anyone, even Jotaro, off guard. He’d freeze time and move both you and himself from the path of the incoming dog. Once the flow of time has resumed Star Platinum is already winding up to punch when you excitedly fling yourself at the large dog, laughing as it flops on to the floor, tail wagging as you scratch its stomach
- For a good minute he just stands there, watching you with stoic eyes. You notice his silence and turn to him, asking if he’d like to pet your dog. He stares at you for a few seconds before bluntly telling you no, turning around and letting himself into your house
- Frankly, Jotaro doesn’t have much interest in any animals that aren’t from the ocean. While he’s at your house he’s not going to antagonize the pup but he’s not going to go out of his way to befriend it either. Over time though the dog grows on him
- On the nights when he’s working late and has set up a little work station for himself in your living room, the dog will curl up beside him to keep him company
- Caucasian Shepards are very intelligent so your dog soon learns that Jotaro doesn’t like being charged at when he comes over. Instead the dog sits patiently by the door, tail wagging furiously when Jotaro pats its head as he walks in
- The fact that your dogs is a little over a 100 pounds and built like a truck is actually a comforting thought to him as it means you have protection even when he himself isn’t there
- Your oversized ball of fluff is very, very affectionate and has been known to climb up on the couch to cuddle with you. Initially he’d never tolerate sharing the cramped space with the dog but later on he’s fine with him and the dog being on either side of you when watching TV

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Hey! Question: which bts members would go out with a girl with motor/vocals ? And which members wouldn't go out with a girl with tics? Thank you

*You didnt send this to me as a reaction request so I’m just gonna answer this, if you’re looking for a reaction, please tell me.*

Okay so I believe that all of the seven boys wouldn’t view that as a turn off, probably all of them will date her. If I had to choose a member who would be most okay with it I will go with Jin
I don’t know he just strikes me as the really patient and most accepting member. Loves passionately and unexceptionally if you will.

Afterwards comes Jimin and Taehyung
simply because they give out a kind aura you know. Ones to smile and reassure you that they love you nevertheless.

Hobi and Namjoon come in the third place not because they seem less tolerant but due to the fact that they might feel unsure about asking you out just because they are too afraid you’ll reject them. So basically it’s the opposite way around.

Now while suga is supposed to be at the top of the list I placed him at 4 because he is just afraid he will hurt you, when mad or had a bad day I mean.

Jungkook comes last because he is inexperienced and might have no clue about your condition. I repeat this arrangement doesn’t mean that the boys wouldn’t date a partner with any form of tics, I simply arranged this based on who would be most confident. They are kind boys, if they love hard enough, I believe nothing comes their way.