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Hope ur proud of urself for celebrating wttm, a video which sexualizes yurio, who is a MINOR. You pedo freak


he’s? not being sexualized?? ?

Yuri is a 15/16 year old teenager, and you know what teenagers wanna do? They wanna rebel, they want to do what the adults say they can’t do. In this case, Yuri wants to skate to Eros. Yuri has always wanted to skate to Eros and this was pointed out at the very beginning of the show.

Obviously that didn’t happen because Viktor assigned him Agape and choreograph his skate program for him. But now for the exhibition, he actually has the opportunity to showcase his own style. Yuri choreographed his own routine the way he wanted it. So if anything, this is totally in character for Yuri.

Who is, let me remind you again, a teenager. You don’t think some teenagers in real life acts a little risque every now and then? If you don’t, well… boyyy I have disappointing news for you, buddy…

The fact that YOU looked at it as a sexualized thing is your own damn problem. Don’t instill your own corrupted view into everyone else’s head, okay?


I adopted aro ace ritsu hc literally only to make this joke

the second hand unwinds

A “what if the radio worked” post s4 fic, ~8k and rated M.  Let’s just pretending that whole “mystery ship” thing never happened.


He made it two hours.  

The oxygen came on and Bellamy didn’t have time to grieve because they have to run diagnostics on what remained of the Ark and then there were rations to unload and systems to reboot, and finally, compartments to pick.

There’s twelve rooms and seven people.  Seven, where there should be eight.  Monty and Harper took one room and Murphy and Emori took another.  Echo picked a room next to Murphy and Emori, and Raven grabbed the one closest to Earth Monitoring Station, which left three for Bellamy to choose from.  

He closed the door and everything inside of him shattered.  Did Clarke hate him in her last moments, dying alone out there?  Did she understand?  Part of him thought she might, but— together.  That was their deal.  There was no deal for one of them surviving while the other burned up from the inside out.  He could already feel the hole inside of him that was shaped like her; like Gina, but worse.  Bellamy picked up a metal chair.  His compartment up here on Factory station had just two of them— two, for three people.  Now there was one chair, and one of him.  He hefted it in his hand, testing its weight, and threw it at the wall.  It bounced, one leg a little bent now, and he hauled off and punched the wall as hard as he could.  His teeth rattled with the impact but it wasn’t enough, so he pounded and pounded, his knuckles searing with each punch.  A scream erupted from somewhere deep inside of him and then he was crying, sinking to the floor and wondering how he could go on like this.

Raven found him like that three hours later.  Her eyes were swollen and red and he didn’t even try to hide his face from her.  One look at her and it was clear— she knew.  Had known for a while, probably.

He wondered if Clarke knew.

He wondered if that mattered.

Read the rest on ao3.

Could I ask you guys to pray for me? I’ve lost over 20 pounds since November, four in the last month, and ten ounces in the last week (which was with a concerted effort to eat more than usual) and I don’t know why. Nothing in my diet has changed, I certainly don’t exercise, so this sudden and rapid weight loss being completely unexplained is definitely concerning. All the blood work my doctor ordered to try and figure it out came back negative, and we’re stumped. It’s a little scary, so please pray that my family and I will have faith to trust that God is in control, and that He is good, because I’m definitely struggling to see that right now

its 11 and ive been blasting Michael in the Bathroom since like 6pm, help me

for @misterpoofofficial !!! (this is like,,, only ¼ of what i planned on making)

Zach Dempsey - A to Z

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks): Dom/Sub, public sex (fingering included) and VICTORY SEX AFTER GAMES, when he specially can ask anything from you.

Rosie’s was relatively empty that Wednesday night, you and Zach sitting in one of the farthest and most hidden squares of the restaurant as both of you waited for your milkshakes and fries to arrive. Zach’s hair was wet from a quick shower after training this afternoon and you were teasing him about how his letterman was getting completely soaked, and so he proceeded to shake his head so that little droplets flew at you in revenge. As the waitress approached your table with the food, you mouthed a silent apology for the noise your laughers had made, but she just smiled a little in reassurance to you. After putting the milkshakes and fries on the table, she smiled more openly in response to the thanks you and Zach gave, and then left to serve a few more tables. You immediately attacked the milkshake, surprised when one of Zach’s hands cupped your chin and then turned your face to him, your boyfriend’s soft lips touching yours with a little more force than necessary for a little peck, his tongue coming to trace your lower lip before deepening the kiss. The kiss was short, but you were still hot in every corner as he parted the kiss and casually began to eat his fries, as if he had done nothing much.

- “What was that for?” - you muttered, sucking in a deep breath. You could feel how your face began to warm up. Zach just grinned at you, shrugging. You threw a fry at him and then proceeded to devour his fries as punishment. He did not seem to care, though, just laughing as he watched your attack. But then his hand on your shoulder began to slide smoothly down to your waist and it was easy to see the atmosphere had changed, only with the new look on Zach’s face and the way his hand massaged his way down. As he reached your waist, he lightly squeezed your side, pulling you closer as he curled his other hand around your neck, so he could move closer to face you. The second kiss he’d given you had been nothing innocent, his tongue running over your lips even when you’d already conceded passage, nibbling and sucking them before finally entering your mouth, tongues quietly acknowledging each other until Zach retreated to change the angle, his body practically turning sideways on Rosie’s bench, his broad shoulders clearly covering any sight of you, his hand caressing your face now, as the one that was on your waist began circling your body until he was able to comfortably reach your thighs. The surprise of his grip on your left thigh made you let go a small squeak in the kiss, which managed to make Zach break it to laugh at your reaction.

You could feel the way your cheeks burned in shame, but the main reason your body kept so warm was that Zach’s hand still lingered there, caressing your thigh until he began drawing abstract shapes with the tips of his fingers on the your inner thighs. The sly smile he possessed only confirmed that you must had been even redder and you pulled your milkshake close to your face in order to disguise the massive blush. Zach just let out a chuckle, his hand slowly sliding higher now, dangerously close to the edge of your pleated skirt, carefully reaching the lace panties you wore, his fingers testing a fondness over the fabric. You almost choked on the milkshake, disguising how carefully you moved on the bench, so you could open your legs wider, giving better access to your boyfriend’s hand. It was his turn to cough, his other hand sliding across the table very clearly as it spread out to reach for some fries. Your best guess was that he was disguising what his other hand was doing, but exactly how he was managing not to blush completely, was far your understanding. For a second the thought that he had experience with this floated through your head and a small bitter wave started to make way through your body but Zach seemed to catch the way you shifted the focus of your thoughts and slid his fingers inside your panties, demanding full attention. You risked a look at him and all your doubts flew out the window as Zach looked at you with pure admiration, the black pupils of his eyes widening telling you of the desire he was holding back. Then he tried a finger in you and though your expression remained carefully mounted, his completely failed: his eyebrows twitching as he squeezed his eyes shut and swallowed, clearly shaken by how wet you were.

You masked your desire and the way your shame mingled dangerously with the adrenaline of being provoked in public, picking up some fries and slowly nibbling at them while Zach quietly continued the movement of his fingers, using the best way he could to get his others fingers to massage your clit, together with his palm. It was not the best way, but you could feel how the danger of doing that act in public could maximize the sensations, in that even the slightest pressure on your little nub had you completely enraptured. Zach seemed to realize that too, because he lowered his head to your ear and, after nibbling on the shell and risking a little lick just below the jawline, he accused:

- “You’re liking this.” - There was a tone of surprise and dark temptation in his voice and all you wanted was to hear it again, so you lifted your face to look deep into his eyes, nibbling at a fry in an attempt to look casual even if your blush had completely spread all the way to the tip of your ears. 

- “You have no idea.”

ok real talk @ chris stans: you all really need to realize that infantilizing him and reducing him to some weird dream guy in your head is like. really fucking creepy. you don’t know him at all. and to say that you’re worried bc he’s obviously “not okay” is like? fucking weird? just because he hasn’t tweeted in a while doesn’t mean you need to full on stalk the dude, and honestly acting like you know how he’s feeling all the time is majorly not okay. we literally have no idea why he cancelled. if it was just because melissa isn’t going, i mean, kinda crappy but okay, whatever. but don’t insult people who did nothing wrong just because you’re now figuring out that you’re not his number one priority in life


My commissions are fully open for the summer!⭐️✨

Please send your full request to my email: thetictactician@gmail.com

OR discuss it through with me over tumblr private messages. NOT through tumblr asks or twitter please.

To help the transaction be as smooth and quick as possible, It would be great if you could provide these things for me in your email/messages:

  • Username
  • The character’s name/s
  • Commission type
  • Any extras you’d like
  • Lots of clear references, especially for OCs
  • The pose and/or expression you would like OR a snippit of the character’s personality to help me think of one myself

Of course you don’t have to send these all in one go in the first email/message, especially if you’re asking for a quote about a non standard commssion, but I will ask for all of these things eventually. c:

Full Terms and Conditions are under the cut OR here!

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Just some questions about the musical like the copy rights and if it’s possible if the musical would be presented in other countries like the Philippines and such.


Don’t forget to ask if you could post the questions online though. Respect our dude Joe Tracz.