just going to upload this gif

HEY JUST A LIL REMINDER, I have a twitter that I upload 99% of my shipping doodles just because I…draw a lot of it….

I’m going to be uploading some of it here but not all of it so go follow that twitter. You can also go follow CeaselessDreamer who I’ve given permission to repost my work on their tumblr

Here’s your boi Ephemera and cute little Chirithy! 

Help me I’m playing too much Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi T.T


i have been singing this like bette midler all day.


“I’ve aged a bit.”


[♕ kingdom hearts appreciation week ♕]

day four | favorite keyblade(s) - oathkeeper and oblivion


Christmas Rhett: 2008 vs. 2014