just going to sit here screaming

Epic Mickey drabble: Ozzy didn’t dislike/hate Mickey as much as he acted like he did.

You know what always makes me sit back and think? That Ozzy went out of his way to make a replica of Mickey’s house.

And then Gus saying to Mickey this: I think he was hoping you would be forgotten someday. End up here.

That gets me thinking: Why would Ozzy go out of his way to make a replica house for Mickey? If Ozzy really ‘disliked/hated’ Mickey that much. Him going out of his way to make sure Mickey had some place to stay just doesn’t scream that Ozzy 'disliked/hated’ Mickey as much as he acted like he did.

 If he really disliked/hated Mickey as much as he acted like he did…then wouldn’t he just not have bothered with giving Mickey somewhere to stay??? That can mean only one thing—

It means deep down somewhere Ozzy actually cared enough to give Mickey somewhere to stay if/when he got forgotten by time. Meaning that no matter how much Ozzy wanted to deny it, he still cared for his little brother. 

This could also be part of the reason he acted so bitter towards Mickey, because Mickey not only took his place but the darned mouse made Ozzy actually care for him. Despite how angry he was and how resentful he was. Somehow Mickey got Ozzy to care and that just made the rabbit all the more angry about the whole situation. 

And that caused mixed emotions and feelings within the rabbit, so when Mickey got to Wasteland Ozzy started to soften up and slowly warm up to Mickey after getting to know him better. This also gave leeway to the idea of Ozzy actually accepting Mickey as his little brother and begin to let go of that resentment and all those mixed emotions. 

diana tells bruce her entire sad backstory one day and bruce just. fucking builds a goddamn time machine, sends himself back so that he’s sitting in the airplane with steve, leaves a grenade in the plane so steve doesn’t have to shoot the bombs, and drags steve back to the 21st century and gives him to diana like “i know you said we were friends but i just wanted to be absolutely sure so here you go.” steve is screaming the entire time. its great. i cry. the end.

Night Drive

Summary: In which you help Bucky combat a sleepless night by going on a night drive.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,366

A/N: Oh hey, it’s me. I guess I’m back.

Originally posted by krisletang

The screaming starts late that night. Or maybe it starts early that morning; it’s too dark outside your window to be sure of the time.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes is easier said than done. Your slumber had been a deep one, as the fatigue from two sleepless nights in a row had caught up to you. Once your head hit the pillow, you were convinced nothing could possibly wake you up.

Nothing except the sound of Bucky’s screams in the room down the hall from yours.

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I’m thinking I need to find a roller coaster
or a rock concert, somewhere
I can scream at the top of my lungs because that’s the only sound I’ve got 
rattling around this otherwise empty head. 
Maybe drive myself to the hospital,
bypass the overworked nurses in the ER
and go straight to the morgue
where I’ll shriek so loud that it would be easy to imagine the corpses sitting up
whispering to their cold neighbours 
“I think there’s something wrong with her.”
When the mortician asks what I’m doing I’ll tell him something died
between you and me
I’m just here to get some embalming fluid;
I’ll numb myself up inside then slip back upstairs,
tumble into the mental health unit, 
ask the doctor for a new diagnosis because
my Google history is getting pretty boring.
I’ll throw the temper tantrum of a child,
filled with the blinding rage of the scorned woman trope 
(but without the pomp and circumstance necessary
for it to be passionate, rather than pathetic).
Shove my arm through the only window on the floor and then beg the doctor to stitch me up,
spend the next six days picking fights to avoid picking at the plastic wire.

When I leave, I leave chaos.
Everyone is relieved to see the back of me;
It is so much easier to keep everything together without me grinning mean 
trying to tear it all apart.

—  Every quiet room seems too loud; let me go, let me go (a.p.)

anonymous asked:

Oh my god im so dead after bellamy's scream. What do you think he thought/felt in the moment and what do you think he's going to do next?

short answer: he’s going to be dead inside my dude

long answer: oh man, i wasn’t even gonna publish this, i just quickly wrote it for @wellamyblake, but it holds all my Feelings about what bellamy is experiencing. SO, HERE, HAVE CLARKE COMFORTING BELLAMY.

Clarke finds him in the same room they made the list in. He’s sitting on the couch, bent over with his elbows on his knees, his hands over his face.

Every part of her is instantly relieved to have found him. “Bellamy,” she says quietly. He doesn’t lift his head. “I heard what happened.” Her voice breaks a little. She can’t believe it herself– Octavia, gone.

She expects him to tell her to go away. To shout at her, to do something. but he doesn’t. He just sits on that couch. He doesn’t look up. It’s like she’s not even here.

Heart-rate quickening, Clarke approaches him, sinking onto the couch next to him and putting her hand on his shoulder, squeezing it. “Bellamy?”

He still doesn’t respond.

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Bad Match Pt 5/?

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3064

Warnings: angst, self-hatred, jealousy, swearing, slow burn.

A/N: Thank you Mee, @imhereforbvcky  you rock my world with your notes!  

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Bucky couldn’t take his gaze away from the soft hand that was entangled with his. He kept his body completely still and was breathing silently, so he wouldn’t wake up the sleeping form next to his bed. Y/N… she looked so peaceful, even if the position she was in was anything but comfortable for someone to sleep. She was sitting on the floor with her back to the wall. Her head leaning on his bed, while she kept her free hand on her lap. He thought about the pain that she was sure to feel after.

It had been the sunlight peeking from the balcony’s curtains that had woken him up to face the guest in his room. His mind hadn’t process right away what had happened, but then he knew… it must have been one of those nightmare filled nights and he probably got loud. Steve wasn’t there so she must have been fed up with his screams and had no choice but to go to him.

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Natasha agressively hugging Tony is the best thing I could ask for

Everything Natasha does is aggressive so it makes sense that she would channel it into being affectionate.

Clint: *is sad*

Natasha: *kicks down his door* I HEARD YOU WERE SAD SO I’M GONNA HUG YOU.

Clint: *is terrified*

Steve: *is sad*

Natasha: *bursts into room, flings a fucking giant teddy bear at him* I BOUGHT THIS FOR YOU WE’RE GONNA WATCH SHITTY MOVIES AND PRETEND WE’RE NOT CUDDLING IT EVEN THOUGH WE ARE.

Steve: ??? Okay

Bruce: *is sad*

Natasha: Hello

Bruce: *flings petri dish* Wtf when did you get in here

Natasha: Just now. I sensed you were sad but I didn’t want to frighten you and make you Hulk out. I made tea.


Natasha: We’re going to sit here and drink it and if you try to tell me no I’m going to force it down your throat.

Bruce: Can we at least move out of the lab

Thor: *is sad*

Natasha: *bursts through the door* YOU WANNA FUCKING FIGHT?!

Thor: …Yes.

Natasha: *screams, clotheslines him*

(This does actually make Thor feel better)

Tony: *is sad*

Natasha: *just fucking tackles him to the ground*

Tony: !!!!!!

Natasha: I’m cuddling you now. It’s happening.

Tony: *is terrified* ????!!!!!!!?

Natasha: Get used to this.

Tony: Wtf

imjustlo  asked:

Hey mom! Can you talk a bit about "protester's guilt" if that's what it's called? Like, I really care about net neutrality and know they need all the help they can get, but I do not have the energy for volunteer work, and I feel awful about it, like if net neutrality dies, it's gonna be my fault specifically. I know it's silly, but I think a lot of people have issues similar to this?

I know what you are meaning but I can’t remember the exact term for it, but I think what you mean is activist exhaustion. It’s happening to quite a few people right now, especially this year, and little wonder considering all that is going on. 

It sometimes feels like everything is a fight at the moment, which is why it’s important to stay active and woke, but to also take time for yourself and just try to shut your brain off for a while. Like I’m doing right now by watching reality tv and zoning out cause otherwise I’ll just start screaming at the thought of all the things I have to do tomorrow so instead I’m sitting here watching a bunch of idiots freeze their asses off in the middle of nowhere Canada dressed as pioneer settlers.

I often hear the word “slacktavist” thrown around the describe people who share things on social media outlets, but honestly I hate that term. Not everyone has the mental or physical capacity to volunteer and be boots on the ground when it comes to activism. 

And that’s okay. 

A lot of posts going round demanding people do XYZ to save the country/world or they are Bad People, tend to be incredibly ableist and neurotypical in their expectation and wording. Not all of us can do these things, not all of us are able to be physically present at rallies or give up time and energy for hours on end, either due to physical limitations or otherwise. But what they can do that day is reblog something or share something on facebook or retweet it and perhaps spread a message a little farther than it might haven gotten without them. And sometimes maybe you don’t want to reblog that post, sometimes the wording on it is guilt tripping, or maybe right there in that moment you don’t have the mental capacity to deal with making sure the post is a) accurate b) informative and c) offers valid resources.

The amount of stuff I get tagged in on a daily basis to signal boost? I spend time researching them before boosting them, and about a third of them turn out to be misinformed or just downright fake. Now I could just blindly reblog them and hope for the best, but honestly, that’s just one way to further stoke the fear, panic and feeling of being overwhelmed that so many people are feeling right now. So I take my time and try to vet things. Some days I don’t have the energy for that, and those are the days when you’ll see no signal boosting from me, but several fandom ramblings in quick succession. Because I am taking that day to self care and ensure that when the time comes, I’m not completely worn out and worthless for the big fights.

You need to do what you can do. Sometimes you will do more than you thought you ever could and you will be part of what saves the world. 

Sometimes you’re gonna watch that same cat gif on a loop for five hours. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Pace yourself and accept your limitations do not make you a bad person, they merely mean you are involved in other ways that enable you to take part.

A Bandmate Walks In On Him And You; A BTS Reaction (mild adult themes)

Finally you get to the dorm. You’ve been flirting with your boyfriend all day, and you’ve barely been able to contain yourself in front of his bandmates. He closes his bedroom door behind you, and things quickly heat up on the bed. His hands grip your hips, and your thighs hug around his waist. A breathy moan escapes his lips while a louder, deeper moan leaves yours. Your back arches and your eyes shut tightly when the bedroom door flies open…

Kim Seokjin

-sits up to his knees immediately, hands still fixed on your hips
-rolls to his back next to you, places a hand over his eyes
-::deep exhale:: “I’m sorry jagi-ah…”
-rolls to his side and places a hand on your stomach
-ends up cuddling you to sleep, unable to pick up the mood again

Min Yoongi

-slowly sits up hearing the door open
-::eyes fixed on intruding boy:: “…fucking run.”
-closes his eyes and slumps his head forward
-flutters his eyes back open and smirks down to you
-“I’ll kill him later.”
-begins softly kissing you again

Kim Namjoon

-rests his head in the nape of your neck and groans in irritation
-“what the hell do you want…”
-you feel his smile grow against your neck when he hears you giggle at the younger boy stammering an excuse and apologizing for the interruption
-lays soft kisses against your collarbone and tightens his fingers against your hips when you’re finally alone again

Jung Hoseok

-holds his chest, breathes laboredly while recovering from the shock
-rolls back and sits on his bottom, smiles largely and rubs his forehead, slightly amused by the intrusion
-“wanna just go make some popcorn and watch a movie with the guys?”

Park Jimin

-pulls sheets over both of you instantly
-“hides” without saying a thing
-“…shhhh if we don’t move, he won’t know we’re here.”
-kisses you softly up your neck and to your lips under the thin white sheet
-forgets someone even walked in as he gets lost in your embrace

Kim Taehyung

-jumps a bit at the sudden interruption
-so embarrassed he just laughs and collapses on top of you
-asks his member what he needs while he rests his head on your chest
-tosses Jimin the black Supreme sweater Jimin came in looking for without ever leaving the warmth of your body

Jeon Jungkook

-“HYUNG” he angrily barks at the intrusion
-slides his hands down your thighs as he sits up to his knees
-closes his eyes and tilts his head back in irritation once you’re alone, tapping his right pointer finger lightly on your thigh
-“I’m sorry baby apparently we weren’t home alone.”
-wraps one arm behind your back, pulling you up to sitting, your legs still wrapped around him
-slowly creeps a hand up your chest and around the back of your neck, pulling you into a soft kiss

No Memories

Pairing: Dean x Winchester Sister!Reader, Sam x Winchester Sister!Reader, John x daughter!reader

Warnings: Abandonment, drugging, kidnapping, abuse, car crash, hospitalization

Word Count: 4721

A/N: This was written for Kas’ 2.5k Dialogue Prompt Challenge @kas-not-cas My prompt was “You have no idea who I am, do you?”. This takes place about mid season 5, not that it really matters. That is the time frame that fits the ages I’m working with and it was before the bunker. This isn’t the whole story I promise. I meant for this to be a one-shot but it got really long, like this is the longest one-shot I’ve written, and I’m tired from cleaning all day so I thought this was a good place to stop. The second part will probably be really short but it will wrap things up and will be out tomorrow. That being said, I am really proud of this one so tell me what you think feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.Also un-beta-ed and unedited because I’m tired af so all mistakes are mine and I apologize in advance. 

Summary: You are John’s youngest and Sam and Dean’s little sister. You were basically left in their laps by your mother as an infant. One day, when your five years old, you are kidnapped on Dean’s watch. Ten years later you run into Dean in a coincidental accident. What happens when he recognizes you?

^ pretend thats young Dean 

^ I know that’s JJ but lets pretend this is the relationship that Dean and his little sister have.

^When the part comes and you will know it. Imagine this but obviously not as romantic because that would be weird, especially considering the events taking place at that moment.

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Take My Hand

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Past Abuse (only mentioned no graphic detail)

A/N: So I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut or fluff but given the past abuse, I opted to make it fluff. It is kind of long. Hope you enjoy it!

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care for you

Originally posted by alza-la-cara-y-sonrie

“I’ll give you a massage.”

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x person with a vagina
Request: 129 from this prompt list/drabble challenge.
Rating: Teen and up
Words: 687 

I groan as muscles inside my pelvis contract again. The feeling of something twisting and being tugged at inside of me can only be described as feeling like I’m being stabbed from the inside with a very blunt knife. Shawn frowns next to me and moves closer on the bed, but doesn’t touch me, fearing that he will make the cramps worse.

“Is there anything I can do?”

“No, it’s okay. It’ll pass. Just another cramp.” I adjust myself again so that I’m lying sideways in a foetal position, but it only reduces the pain to a small extent. The hot water bottle pressed between my lower back and the pillows turn and I sigh in displeasure.

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{ ways to make you cry }

pairing: poly!hamilsquad x reader

au: omegaverse

t/w: angst

tags: @tayahqr @moonchildcharm @izzyy-bee @breathingstops @ichbindeindod @sxnyalxveshxrses @stuckonswan @ancrazyfan @lastfallenstar @mollieknighton4000 @louisianaspell @companionintime @stubbron-love @hippie-spice @silence–in–the–library @angelicahamlton @kbells822 @artistxalex @shadoweddarkness @tobesxtisfied @lilyofthevalley63 @hanakatsumi @musicalmoriarty @under-hellfire @pippasoup @obiwan824 @me-idiedforhim @parksxo @thegreaatcomet @2p-trash @raesof-sunshine @poptartroyalty @merrahonthawall @gallopingwithwolves @sarmar29 @ghostieatemymoxie @hellhole-of-musicals @littledelirious @lawnmowerswig @emotrinitytoptrash @patron-saintof-sluts @gracefullystubborn @aanhtrang @onelastfic @librarychild @echo-maniac-23 @idkimrllynerdy @lovelythoughts28 @casualcannibleprincess @scrabblesense @unidentified-failing-object @roliepoliegirl @bethbat @un-surpassable @tailored-shirt-tails @curiousplanets @astudentsnightmare @scum-fairy @sapphirerosee @izzylt123 @sweaterkitty-fluff @like-blue-bonnets @blu932 @nixilton @thataudreydork @lifeless-galaxy-water @queenofrock0369121518 @stillcooli0 @elenavaldez02 @novarebel @local-atbest @girlmeetsvouge @wolfygirl722 @darksoulcupcakes @promisesandmore  @laurenslover864 @bad-hatter @hello-fanfiction-goodbye-grades  @the-puppeteer @dianaftop @burrbbery @i-am-nonstop @a-hamilton-mess @fislan @hamilsquadfics @someoneisholdingmynamehostage @thepervertcreature @kralbaron @ficsandships @lattes-and-wildflowers @laureninthewoods @sweet-fate @dontsay-notothis @sappasie-wolf @hamilbroke @the10dollarfoundingfather @koolok1996 @ecurrier109 @ur-friendly-neighborhood-fangirl @commander-rowan @doctor-desi @arissanoddle @daddysprettypagan @dear-theodo-xia

a/n: here is part two! thank you for all the love so far. enjoy!

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part one // part two 

part two

“Get in the car, baby.” Herc said softly.

You stared up at him blankly. You crossed your arms over your chest from where you sat along the curb. You couldn’t outrun them, fighting back would be pointless, so you were going to sit here. You’d outlast them. 

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An example of what I mean by looking for what things that might, on the surface, seem out of character in order to understand what is actually happening in a scene:

This nonsense in 12.20:

At first glance, it’s “Ha ha Dean doesn’t know how to hold a wine glass,” or, “What a dork he knows better than that.” Because we KNOW he knows better, from 11.12:

So rather than saying this means Jensen is an idiot who doesn’t understand his character, or assume it was supposed to be some sort of joke, two whole seconds of looking at his face in each of these pictures should clue you in that this is absolutely not a joke.

What’s the setup then, in 12.20, that has made Dean look so freaking uncomfortable? Why is he gripping that glass so tight?

Well, we know he didn’t even want to leave the bunker for this hunt. Sam had to go all the way back to the pilot episode of the show for a big enough hook to drag him away from his fretting over Cas.

“Their mom’s on a hunting trip and she hasn’t been home in a week…”

In 11.12, they were both eager to go help Claire when she called. Even if, at the time of this dinner, it was starting to look like she may have jumped the gun in calling for their help. Sam and Dean both ENJOY visiting with Jody, Alex, and Claire. And even despite the uncomfortable topic of dinner conversation, they feel like a part of Jody’s extended family (heck even in 12.06 they popped by her house unwashed from a hunt just to say hi and hang out for a while on their way home. That’s the kind of comfortable they are around Jody and her family). 

(okay I need to talk about 12.06 again, because look at these goobers, and how comfortable they feel at Jody’s house. Jody herself might be drinking wine, but she’s in her jammies. They’re eating pizza out of a box on the couch, and Sam and Dean are drinking beer… because that’s what they would choose for themselves when they weren’t trying to be polite in company they’re not familiar with. They’re not being asked to go along with an agenda they didn’t choose for themselves at Jody’s. Dean’s even got her tv remote. THIS IS HOW COMFORTABLE HE IS WITH HER. okay, just needed to get that out there)

Despite his uneasy feeling that Cas wasn’t quite right after 11.11, this felt good, feeling like part of this family felt good. Dean felt WELCOME there. He had no need to feel stressed, or “spun out,” or even that he didn’t really belong there.

In 12.20, this apparently “perfect” hunter family who was so heavily paralleled to the Winchester family but a HAPPY and HEALTHY version of it… well, Dean’s still mentally spinning his wheels over the fact that he has nothing concrete to do to help Cas, and even Mary hasn’t returned his call just asking to talk to her about some things that he sounded very upset about in his message to her.

But instead of being able to do ANY of that– I guess pace in his room while running searches of police activity on the APB Jody put out on Cas and Kelly, try to reach Mary on the phone again, heck… stand outside and yell at the sky for a while, seriously ANYTHING would’ve been preferable to him in that moment than sitting there watching the “well-adjusted” version of his own family enjoy each other’s company.

When Tasha announced that someone needed to go pick up their dinner, Dean was about to volunteer, but Sam jumped up and told him to just stay there and drink. I can just see his face screaming OH FREAKING GREAT NOW I’M HERE ALONE WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO HAD THE LIFE WE COULD’VE HAD IN A BETTER WORLD.

So he drinks. But even Twig!Tasha had some excellent words for him…

Tasha: Alicia said you grew up in the life?
Dean: Yeah. Yeah, my Dad raised me and Sam to hunt.
Tasha: And your mother?
Dean: That’s complicated.
Tasha: Yeah, family’s always complicated. Parents always seem smart and strong and perfect. It’s only when you grow up that you realize that they are just people.

Let’s not forget Dean’s talk with Jody in 11.12, too, where the two of them traded parental advice and commiseration. But they did it as equals. As FRIENDS, even.

Dean’s anxiety is already higher than average just going in to the situation in 12.20, and now that everything seems just fine at this point ^^ he’d rather have just gotten back on the road and left these people to their own lives. But no, he’s being polite, and that means he’s performing. But what the hell performance does he need to put on for these people? He doesn’t know them all that well (and doesn’t know Tasha at all).

He sees they already have this unique family bond, a causal humor with each other that he’s not familiar with at all, and he feels at loose ends trying to figure out just how to relate to them.

When Sam leaves him (ABANDONS HIM!) to go pick up their dinner, he grabs on to that wine glass like it’s the last solid thing in the room and holds on for dear life.

He’s still checking that phone constantly (without seeming like an antisocial dick), to the point that he left it sitting on a table when he got up to leave with Sam, when normally it would’ve been in his pocket. Everything about that scene, to me, was perfectly in character… when you think about all the circumstances leading up to it.

It was done exactly that way on purpose. Not so people would scream OUT OF CHARACTER! But so that maybe they’d think about WHY Dean was acting so uncomfortably.

We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

Title:  We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Soulless!Sam x female reader

Word Count:  1058

Warnings:  nsfw, smut, explicit language, explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, semi-public sex, chance of getting caught, tiny bit of angst (seriously, tiny, you have to squint)

Author’s Notes: This was written for @roxy-davenport ‘s SPN Birthday Challenge. I had a variety of prompts I had to include - Soulless!Sam x reader, an interrogation sexual fantasy, a reference to the movie Scream, and the quote “Everyone deserves a second chance.” The only thing I really had trouble with was the Scream reference. Let’s see if you guys can find it.  //evil laugh//

Originally posted by nino-possy

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Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thanks for the idea, ily b <3 @llturner7 IT’S A SHORT DRABBLE BABES

Prompt: “How bout a Leo x reader, something comical and fluffy. Where Leo discovers one of her phobias or something. Not sure about what kind of phobia”

Word count: 459

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“Leo!” you yelled, jumping on top of the chair Raphael was sat on, who looked extremely annoyed

“Leo!” he bellowed, smacking his comic on your leg to get you down, “Control yer woman!”

“Excuse me Raph,” you grumbled, take a pause from your screaming, “I am a strong, independent woman. Leo does not need to control me.” ‘Unless in the bedroom.’ You kept that thought to yourself and started screaming again, Raphael becoming ever more irritated. “Just fucking move and kill it Raph!”

“I ain’t movin’ nowhere, I was ‘ere first.”

 After a while, Leo came into the room and looked very amused by what was happening. You were literally sitting on Raphael’s shell, screaming at him to get up and kill the tiny spider that was on the floor of the lair. It was literally the size of a pinky nail.

“What’s going on here-” Both you and Raph started yelling at the same time about what was happening, you jumping from the chair to the table, to the couch and jumping on to Leo.

“Leo! Kill it!” you screamed into his ear, hiding your face into his neck.

“Babe, it’s not there any more,” you screamed again in his ear, crawling further up his large body. Raphael was howling with laughter at this point, probably the sight of Leo’s face as you clambered up to his shoulders, sitting on his shell like you had Raph’s. “[Y/N]. It’s just a spider.”

“It is not just a spider! It’s a demon with multiple limbs and the power to crawl into your mouth while you sleep and kill you from the inside out!” you yelled at him, narrowing your eyes at the ground to find the little critter. “There! There it is!” You screeched, pointing frantically at the ground where the small spider was sat there. Not really moving at all.

Leo walked with you to the kitchen, grabbing a cup and a piece of tissue.

 Getting rid of it was easy; trying to make you stop screaming whilst he carried you and it to the entrance of the lair was the hard part. It was apparently too close to you for comfort.

“My hero!” you grinned as he picked you up off his shoulders and set you down in front of him, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Just doing my duty.” He leant down, kissing you softly.


Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, smut

TAGS: @jjlevin @starstar1012 @stephvera @styleswift1989 @amf71010 @heismyhunter  @a-small-independent-princess @bxckytrxsh @incadinkadoo @annadier

Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room. 

Diving right into this one! For every man/woman/boy/girl out there who is a virgin, and maybe embarrassed about it; don’t be. It’s better to wait until it feels right, than to rush yourself and regret it later. 

Originally posted by enochianess

‘You’re a virgin?!’ Natasha called out, looking at her friend like she had suddenly grown a second head.

‘Yeah’ you answered nonchalantly.

‘B-but, you.. uh’ Natasha didn’t really know where tot take it from here.

‘But you’re so sexual sometimes’ Steve suddenly blurted out.

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Yoongi’s Affection

And now it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal who is so so so so so wonderful okay he’s sweet, he’s kind, he’s caring, he’s got a pretty face, a nice voice and an amazing heart, he’s talented he’s hard working he’s just he’s so incredible and inspiring and I respect him so much, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Yoongi is more affectionate than some people may think
  • While he’s not the most affectionate in the group, he’s definitely still got a lot of affection going on there
  • Like in the recent video where they were all cooking, he wouldn’t let go of Jimin for anything, Jimin was leaning forward and moving around and Yoongi was just v v content with holding onto his shoulders and his arms
  • I’ve noticed he has this habit of putting his hands on people’s shoulders, like there are a few clips of him doing it with Tae, he did it with chim in that same cooking video, he does it a lot
  • He’s 50/50 about initiating affection, depending on the location, situation and his mood that day
  • Like he’ll totally holding onto your shoulder or letting you lean against him but he’s also okay with you making the first move and holding onto him somehow
  • He has no problem with you having your hand on his back or your arm over his shoulders, he doesn’t give much reaction but you can feel him leaning into it so you know he doesn’t hate it or feel uncomfortable with it
  • He’s someone who would notice the lil things like the things that make you sit back and go d a m n I do that?? so he can easily tell when you’re uncomfortable in a situation and that’s a moment where he’ll put his arm around you as a silent comfort, just a lil “I’m right here if you need me” 
  • Similar to Jin, he’s got a pretty playful personality, he’s really sarcastic and he likes teasing the other boys a lot and, especially with hobi, he gets really !!!! and extra
  • Like that one time someone gave him a microphone and he just sat there screaming “Army” at the top of his lungs while waving the mic around or the one time he sat there screaming “J-Hope” repeatedly
  • A lot of his affection is lighter, more on the playful side but he can be serious of course
  • Has a habit of resting his hand on your thigh or your knee when he sits next to you, doesn’t even realize he’s doing it sometimes bc he’s so used to doing it
  • The one boyfriend who will be teasing you about something but will also have his arm around you so you know he’s just joking around
  • He is a hand holder
  • He goes back and forth with interlocking fingers and just holding onto your hand
  • There’s no real rhyme or reason for it, it’s just whichever way he happens to grab your hand or you grab his 
  • Hand holding is mainly for when you guys are walking around somewhere
  • He’s a busy man and he needs both of his hands when he’s working on his music or he’s got his phone in his hands and although he does have moments at home where he’ll hold your hand, it’s just not as likely
  • Like when you’re at home and it’s just you two, he’s much more likely to have his arm around your shoulders or your waist to hold you close
  • Okay but Yoongi is a really good hugger fight me on this it’s such a strong head canon
  • He’s a back rubber just picture this for a minute, think about it bc it’s so precious
  • Lil yoongi holding you really close, probably having some pillow talk bc that’s one of his favorites and his hand is just slowly rubbing your back, it’s all really gentle, really soft, it’s really comforting to both of you and it’s a v v loving action bc he knows it helps you fall asleep
  • Really really really loves hugs when he’s stressed out
  • There are a few types of hugs when it comes to Yoongi okay I’m gonna go through them bc these are very important
  • The first hug isn’t so much of a hug, it’s pretty quick, usually just one arm going around the other, it’s normally when he’s distracted with something or he’s tired and is really focused on getting to bed, it’s the hello hug when one of you get home
  • There’s the long hug where he’s holding you really tightly and you’re both whispering even though no one else is there to hear you but it’s mainly when he’s just gotten back from tour or he’s leaving for tour and you just need to hold each for a while
  • There are the back hugs when he’s busy and focused on something else and you’re just giving him a hug to let him know you’re there if he needs you or when you’re surprising him somewhere and sneak up on him to hug him and he just gets this really soft smile when he sees it’s you
  • He does it a lot, where he’ll just have his chin on your shoulder while you’re doing something else and you wonder if he’s falling asleep bc you feel his head getting heavier and heavier, sometimes he has fallen asleep, sometimes he’s just getting comfortable
  • And then there are the serious hugs where he’s had a really bad day or you’ve had a really bad day and it’s all quiet and has a lot of his hand clinging onto your shirt or yours onto his, an occasional “shhh it’s okay” a lot of hair stroking, back rubbing, just a lot of comforting
  • It’s one of the moments where he’s not being sarcastic, he doesn’t have some witty comeback, he’s just opening up completely and letting you in bc he just needs to be held for a while
  • An A+ cuddler tbh
  • He’s not very picky about how you two cuddle, it’ll mainly depend on how you two lay down
  • It can be your head on his chest, his on yours, a spooning situation
  • He loves being lil spoon, it’s one of his favorites, tied with your having your head on his chest 
  • Can you just imagine that for a minute, being able to come home and have yoon be your lil spoon bc we’ve all seen him doing the curling up thing and I just have to picture him as a lil spoon when he’s like that
  • Whines about being cuddled but then whines even more when you let him go
  • Kisses are saved for when it’s just you two, he may give you a quick kiss, more of a peck, in front of the boys but it’s most likely to happen when it’s just you two
  • His kisses are normally more of the meaningful kisses that go on until you gotta stop for air, they’re the kisses that make you feel really loved and have the silent “I love you” written all over them
  • He may give the occasional quick kiss, mainly when there are other people around as I mentioned up there, but all of his kisses are normally the longer kisses that make any hint of a doubt that he loves you go away instantly 
  • Studio makeouts
  • Big big fan of forehead kisses, they’re the most frequent
  • Or hand kisses, he’ll kiss your hand a lot when he’s busy and he knows you’re waiting for him to finish up so you two can go eat some dinner so he kisses the back of your hand as a silent “I’m sorry this is taking so long”
  • Onto PDA levels
  • Kisses are always saved for private, if you do sneak a kiss in public, he’s gonna get really !!!! and flustered but try to pretend like it didn’t affect him
  • If it’s just the boys though, he’ll probably have the opposite reaction and get cocky and do that shrug thing he does with the smirk when they tease him even though deep deep down he’s gonna be !!! bc Yoongi’s a softie and you just kissed him in front of people
  • Hand holding is always an occurrence bc he doesn’t want to get separated from you
  • Hugging is okay in public, depending on the hug, if it’s just one of the “we’re both standing here and you’re close enough for me to hug so I’m gonna hug you” hugs, he’s got no problem with that
  • He likes to ruffle your hair to mess it up as he walks by you just to hear the “Yoongi!!” he gets from you and you can bet anything he’s laughing his ass off as he’s walking away
  • “It’s a cold day, you forgot your jacket at home and I was in the area so here”
  • “Yoongi, your work is twenty minutes in the opposite direction”
  • “I stopped by here to get a coffee”
  • “You have a cafe right next to your office?? Did you just drive twenty minutes out of your way to give me a jacket??”
  • “…no”
  • Yoongi has a very loved filled type of affection, it’s how he expresses his love most of the time bc actions speak louder than words
Night Falls: Chapter 20

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 3,971


A/N: Brace yourself, friends. 

In case you’re squirmish, it gets a little bloody below. Just a warning. 

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Night Falls Master List

Your jaw clenches as you hang up the phone. Crowley plucks it from your hand before his henchman grabs your wrists and ties them behind the back of the chair you had been thrown into when you arrived at the warehouse.

After you had made your decision, the same man who was tying your wrists just a little too tight for comfort appeared in your apartment and gripped your arm, forcing you to stand with a grunt. A gun was waiting in his hand, and he had pressed it into your stomach as he led you from your apartment to an awaiting limo outside. 

It was late, so there was no one around to see you as you got shoved into the car. From the tinted windows, you could see the unmarked car that was parked right across the street, and you could see the face of an unknown agent, his head resting against the window with his eyes closed. If you hadn’t known any better, he looked like some guy napping in his car.  Your stomach clenched as you had to fight down the urge to be sick.

Crowley’s henchman–who seemed to have no name–climbed into the car behind you before Crowley joined you, someone outside closing the door once he was settled. The man with you had pulled you onto the seat with him and kept the cold barrel of the gun pressed against you. 

The three of you drove in silence for about thirty minutes until you had pulled up to a row of warehouses along the river. You had never been to this part of town before, not that you had any reason to before now. It looked like some sort of shipping yard–and with not a single person in sight. 

You had been dragged inside and thrown into the chair you were currently tied down to before Crowley had handed you a cell phone and instructed you to call Dean. 

You hated yourself for the choice you had made, but Dean was smart. He would figure out at some point that this was a trap, wouldn’t he? Your fingers had hesitated over the phone screen, second guessing your choice before Crowley’s man backhanded you across your cheek. 

The sting had burned and you hissed as your neck snapped to one side. It had been a warning to cooperate. 

So you called Dean and said a prayer that the two of you would make it out of this alive. 

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