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Black Girl Classics

The Playlist Series: Songs You Will Hear at an African American Family Function

Sister Sledge: “We Are Family”
Frankie Beverly & Maze: “Before I let Go”
S.O.S. Band: “Don’t Stop the Music”
Slave: “Just A Touch of Love”
One Way: “Cutie Pie”
Patrice Rushe: “Forget Me Nots”
The Isley Brothers: “For the Love of You”
Juvenile: “Back that Ass Up”
Curtist Mayfield: “Pusherman”
Al Green: “Let’s Stay Together”
Stevie Wonder: “Isn’t She Lovely”
R. Kelly: “Step in the Name of Love”
Luther Vandross: “Never Too Much"
Shalamar: “Make That Move”
Teena Marie: “Square Biz”
Kool & the Gang: “ Get Down On it”
Sugar Hill Gang: “Rappers Delight”
Earth, Wind & Fire: “Reasons”
Strafe: “Set it Off”
The Gap Band: “You Dropped A Bomb on Me”
Chic: “Good Times”
Montel Jordan: “This “is How we Do It”
Evelyn Champagne King: “Love Come Down”
Club Nouveau: “Why You Treat Me So Bad”
McFadden & Whitehead: “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”
Sly and The Family Stone: “Family Affair:
Al Green: “Love and Happiness”
Switch: “I Call Your Name”
68 Boyz: “Tootsee Roll”  
The O'Jays: “Love Train“
Carl Carlton: "She’s A Bad Mama Jama”  
The Whispers: “Rock Steady”
Johnny Kemp: “Just Got Paid”
Kool & the Gang: “Celebration”
Ohio Players: “Love Roller Coaster”
Al Green: “Tired of Being Alone”
Marcia Griffiths: “ Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide)”
Roger:  "I Want to Be Your Man”
Ohio Players: “Fire”
Earth, Wind & Fire: “September”
The Commodores: “Brick House”
Michael Jackson: “Billie Jean”
Chaka Khan: “Ain’t Nobody”
Whitney Houston: “I wanna Dance With Somebody”
Parliament: “Flashlight”
DJ Casper: “Cha Cha Slide”
Zap: “ Computer Love”
The Whispers: “And the Beat Goes On”
S.O.S.: “Just Be Good to Me”
Frankie Beverly & Maze: “Happy Feelings”
Cameo: “Candy”
Vaughan Mason & Crew: “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll“
Guy: “I Like”
Cheryl Lynn: “Got to Be Real”
Cupid: “Cupid Shuffle”
The Gap Band: “Outstanding”

The Devil Game

by InfernalNightmare333

This is a set of instructions for how to speak with the Devil.

Which, as those of you with any sort of brains at all might note, is a patently moronic proposition on the face of it; one likely to culminate in any number of thoroughly unpleasant fates. Honestly, it would probably be smarter to publish your credit card number on Facebook, or take up a career in crocodile-wrestling.

But then, that isn’t going to stop you, is it? Not if you’re sincerely interested, at least. Technically, if you do everything just right, there’s a fair chance you’ll walk away scot-free; and that seems to be reason enough for some people to decide that it’s a good idea. Especially if you’re the fate-tempting, thrill-seeking, scare-junkie type. Or the desperate type.

Which brings me to a point of clarification I ought to make. This is NOT a manual for making any kind of Faustian bargain – you know, the whole sell-your-soul type of deal. Although if you happened to bring it up in conversation, he certainly wouldn’t be one to refuse. Following through with such a foolhardy bargain, however, would necessitate removing some the protections which you will put in place for your conversation, and I don’t think I need to spell out for you why that would be a BAD idea. If you’re really mathematically impaired enough to want to trade something that will last an infinite number of years for something that might last about 90 (tops), there are plenty of other rituals out there for you to follow. This one, if performed correctly, should only allow the two of you to talk.

This, perhaps, begs the question of WHY exactly you would want to speak with the Devil in the first place. (Maybe some of you just like the idea of making small talk with extremely dangerous occult entities, but for the sake of the human race I hope most of you aren’t quite that stupid.) Short answer is – he KNOWS things. Things that some of you may have a deep, vested interest in finding out. I mean, he’s not omniscient or anything – much as he might like to pretend otherwise, he’s not God – but he’s definitely got a supernatural advantage over the kind of knowledge any human would be able to obtain. For example, he probably wouldn’t be able to predict when the next World War will happen, or tell you the cure for cancer… but he could very well be able to predict the winning numbers of tomorrow’s $500 million Powerball drawing, or tell you what deadly, undiagnosed condition might be afflicting one of your loved ones.

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Honestly, whether Nygmobblepot goes canon or not, I’m going to watch Gotham regardless. But, tbh…it seems just odd that they would make a huge deal of Os coming out to say he loves Ed. Remember, nothing in this show happens for no reason. How many parallels and how much foreshadowing have they done in the past???

Look at one obvious one. Edward killing Kristen Kringle’s bf because he was abusing her. (Let’s face it; he was in the way…period.) and boom! They were in a relationship a short time later. Oswald had Isabella killed because she was in the way. If this is truly a parallel, doesn’t that mean Isabella was out to hurt Ed? I mean, she kinda already did by making herself look now EXACTLY like K.K…that was just plain WEIRD.

How many parallels have their been? I mean really? And foreshadowing galore? I’m not ready to give up hope for this ship yet. However, the entire show is amazing and the whole cast is fan-bloody-tastic!

sorry to report that the ao3 tag generator is still hilarious to me

It was simple… all she asked was that she be allowed a few minutes to explain a few things and than they could go back to the hotel… All they had to do was listen to Mistress explained why they should stay… than she promised she would let them leave… there was a strange pattern on the video screen… it seemed to draw their eyes… they just had to keep watching as she talked about things that seemed very important… they would be able to… go… they just had to listen to her… and soon they would be able to watch the video more… but it seemed that her words were making it harder and HARDER to think… the video was so interesting… they could stay here and keep Mistress company… after all there was no rush to go… feeling so submissive to Mistress… they should really stay and worship Her… She was so smart… and for some reason they felt so dumb… it was important to STAY and obey Mistress

Dean Winchester Smut- To Want Someone Else

Prompt- You and Sam were the only ones up this early. He was doing research and you couldnt sleep, so you have a long conversation. About Dean. Then, you crawl back into bed with Dean, the next morning talking to him about some of what Sam said. 

A/N- I love jealous dean, dominant dean and just dean in general , so this idea was originally going to be a jealous dean, but i decided to make it more that that and changed it. Anywho, credit to gif owner and requests are open. Love you all :) 

     Tossing and turning made it feel like you had been up for hours. At this point, Dean was completely out, and you knew there was no reason to wake him up just because you couldn’t sleep. Groggily walking down the hall half awake in your pj’s, you joined Sam in the library. 

“I knew you’d be in here.” You said, smiling tiredly . “Why are you up?” Sam frowned at you from the book he was looking at, in a more worried manner than annoyed. “I couldn’t sleep.” You rubbed your eyes and sat down across from him. “Dean asleep?” Sam asked, pushing the book away from him and sending a beer across the table to you. Taking a sip, you crossed your legs and replied. “Yeah, I didn’t see a point in waking him up.” You shook your head and half smiled at the table.

     Sam was contently watching you, studying your features. He smiled back at you, though you weren’t really looking. “What’s up with you two?” Sam asked, looking at you. He knew something was up because your smile didn’t glow like it normally did. “We’re just off lately I guess.” you spun your beer around in the bottle, listening to the liquid. 

“Off?” Sam asked, leaning back in his chair looking at you. Leaning to the side, you threw your feet on top of the table, “Yeah, off. It’s like he always looks at other girls, not in a wanting way, but observing. Lately it feels different though. Like maybe he’s thinking about them.” You scoffed at yourself, taking a long drink from the beer. “He doesn’t want them..” Sam started, explaining certain things to you. 


    “I’m going to go wake up Dean as of the fact that it is 8 am.” You pushed yourself off the chair. Sam was still wide awake, and you were tired, but knew there was no getting back to sleep. When you opened the door to Dean’s room, he was laying there, the sheets hung low on his hips as he stared at the ceiling. “Baby.” you said, closing the door and walking towards the bed. 

    When you got there, you climbed onto the bed, straddling him. “Hey…” you said, worry edging your voice. You ran your hands up and down his toned abdomen, feeling the muscles that were there. “Do you really think I want someone else?” Dean’s face was tight, more angry than it seemed to be upset. “How did you hear-” Dean looked you straight in the eyes. “It was completely quiet, I heard it all.” Dean moved his hands from behind his head to rest upon your thighs . Moving them up and down from your knee to where it met your torso, Dean began to talk. “See, here’s the thing…” his hand was running up  the inside of your thigh  agonizingly slow.

     “I don’t want another girl. I don’t want to feel another girl wrapped around my cock, I don’t want another girl to moan my name. I don’t want another girl to feel me buried inside her.” Dean left his hand placed on the inside of your thigh, barely brushing against your core. 

     “Dean” you moaned, as he squeezed your thigh. “Y/N, I don’t want another girl. I want you. I want to be buried deep inside your warm, “ Dean sat up, kissing your neck, “tight” he bit your shoulder, moving down to your collar bones “pussy.” Dean played with the hem of your shirt, pulling it over your head.  “I want to fill you, thrusting deep inside of you, feel you cum” Dean kissed down the valley of your breasts, kissing and sucking on them. Your head went back, your arms wrapping around his neck to tug on his hair. 

    “You’re the only girl.” Dean said, sucking on your nipple, pinching the other one. “I don’t want to cum inside any other girl” Dean spoke slow, his kissing going down your body, igniting a fire in your core. Your body was erupting in a frozen fire. “Dean, please.” you spoke , pushing him into you. “What do you want, baby girl?” He asked, looking up at you, his hand paying with the waist band of your shorts. 

    “Make me yours.” you spoke confidently, lifting up enough to  remove your shorts and underwear. The sheets were cold against your burning core. Dean’s hand cupped your core as he used his middle finger to feel your wetness, spreading it across your folds. “You’re dripping.” Dean spoke lowly, kissing your soft lips. “Fuck.. please Dean, I need you.” You said , feeling his finger tease your entrance. “Baby girl, calm down.” Dean smirked at you, letting you feel his finger tap your hole. 

   Teasing you, Dean ran a finger up and down your slit, making you shudder when he touched your clit. “Fuckk” you said, pulling on his hair. “How can you possibly be wetter?” Dean asked, plunging a thick finger into you. Your head went back as he thrust his finger inside you, your walls were hot, tight around his digit. As Dean’s finger fucked you, his thumb ran circles on your clit, letting you clench around his when he did it. Grinding into his hand, you felt the hardness under your core. 

    “You make me so hard princess” Dean sped up his pace, feeling you cum on him. Your orgasm ran through your body as your heart calmed down, Dean pulled the sheets off him. “Come on baby, fuck yourself with my cock.” he spoke cockily, knowing you’d do it. Dean’s dick stood tall, pre cum spilling from the top. “Come on baby” Dean said, laying back, his hands on your hips. Taking the opportunity, you started to grind on him, his hard shaft spreading your folds as your  wetness rubbed on him. Dean let out a low moan, bucking his hips into you. You lifted, letting Dean’s tip touch your hole. Allowing just the tip, Dean grunted, his hands squeezing your hips harshly. Finally sinking down onto his thick girth, you didn’t move. Adjusting to his size, he stretched you wide, his tip hitting your g spot without you even moving. Dean pulled your hips forward, telling you to go. Doing as you were told, you began to rock back and forth. 

       Dean flipped you two over, resting between your legs, he pulled out then slammed back into you, hips hitting hips. “Fuck you’re so tight” Dean moaned into your neck, kissing and sucking. You nails raked down his back, the pleasure overwhelming. The knot in your stomach started to unravel as you clenched around Dean and came. Your back arched and for a second there was nothing but black. Dean was still thrusting before he shot his cum deep inside you. “I love you” Dean mumbled in your ear, holding you close as he rode out his high. “I love you too” you said, holding him tight enough you were weak.

Imagine sitting at home, doing homework. Suddenly the door rings, worndering who that could be you stand up and go to open, since no one else is home. “Well, hello there!”, a handsome stranger says, but as soon as you see him, you realise: That’s Sherlock Holmes! The guy whose webside you read, the reason why you collect newspaper articles about murder and crime. “I noticed you to be the only one who makes intelligent comments on my blog, so: Do you want to go on an adventure?”, Sherlock smiles, and winks at you. “I’ll just get my jacket!”, you say, excited for what will happen next…

I’m currently working my way through season 11 but just wanted to say that this scene absolutely killed me …
These two couldn’t be anymore angst ridden and pining if they tried, they’ve both hurt each other so many times for different reasons and they both so desperately want to make it up to each other but don’t know how so they go through these constant moments of self sacrificing behaviour to punish themselves in some warped way for hurting one of the few people they actually love.

Dean seems to have a pretty constant history of doing this anyway which probably comes from his issues with his dad and Sam. I think Cas and Dean both push away from each other because neither of them feel worthy because of all that has gone on between them so Cas doesn’t stick around for long and Dean lashes out or drinks or won’t let people take care of him. Dean just chooses to take care of everyone else. Anyway that’s just my opinion but …… Fgs I wish these two would just get over it and get together already.

H.R. Giger was a Swiss artist and creature designer best known for giving PTSD to an entire generation of teenagers who snuck in to see Alien in theaters. Throughout his career, Giger enjoyed creating beautifully violent sexual imagery by pairing frail humanity with cold, unfeeling machinery, like RoboCop masturbating to ballet. So with so much creepiness going on in his work life, it probably makes sense that he left that madness at the door to retire to a much more relaxed and reasonable environment at home.

Just kidding. His house is as terrifying as you would imagine the home of the creator of a phallic space monster to be.

If you can avert your eyes from the creepy statuary, you’ll notice the real star of the backyard: a fully operating train ride (Giger may have been a dour man, but he was not without his moments of whimsy). While it was still working, any of the guests could hop on board the Penetrain and take a ride through an endless vortex of suffering. It’s beautiful. 

7 Homes Of The Rich And Famous (That Are Gloriously Insane)

My husband is an amazing poet. That’s one of the reasons he got me to say YES :D He’s made countless of poems for me and now that he’s finally seen the light and sees how beautiful Reylo is, he made this Reylo poem for me. He doesn’t do tumblr (age difference, he’s older and content with Facebook) so I’m posting it here.

Ray of light
by Jamaeda (pen name)

She fills the space within me
She’s the next breath I’m going to make
Her eyes make fires burn in my soul
Hers is the path I aim to take

She is the bright parts of my spirit
A light that should be mine alone
She is my sanity, my sole absolution
She is the sin I can not atone

Only she can cast me from the shadows
the sole candle in the dark,
Her love can pardon any transgression
Her presence, salvation’s spark

A dream within a dream,
No two souls can be ever more apart,
Yet if there is hope for my redemption,
It begins and ends with her heart.

Yes. Hubby received loads of kisses from me for this <3

Imagine going into the kitchen of your best friend. You are having hollidays but not enough money to make a vaccation, oso you decided to visit one of your best frineds from high scool. What you didn’t know was that he is know best friend with a strange, pale, dark-curled and handsome looking man. John told you they would solve murder together which didn’t really suprise you because John was always into murder and death. It was a reason, besides the wish to help people, you believe he went to be a military doctor. Anyways, you just heard strange and funny as well as unfriendly facts about that mysterious friend of John: Sherlock. But just this man sits in he kitchen and eats your cookies. As you come in he scares and a few crumbs fall out of his mouth, a mouth that looks so soft and kissable… you get into a daydream and you must have stared a little- more like a lot- because those lips get moving: “Hello! I am Sherlock, you must be Johns’ friend! And yes, those lips are great for kissing, no reason to stare that unpolite!”, now the lips are closed again and smiling. Blushing you look up just to see his eyes, as deep as the ocean, as blue as the sky and as green as the forest. “Uh.. sorry! Yeah, I am! How are the cookies? How come you ate them? Didn’t you smell the arsenic?” “There is just a lot of love and chocolate in those cookies.. nice try!”, he laughs. Suddenly he stands up, walks towards you, lays his hands around your waist and gets so near to your face that you can feel his breath on your skin. “Should I proof you the kissabality of my lips?”, he whispers right into your lips. And before you can say anything he gently presses his lips onto yours. 

Happy early Birthday, Dyl.  

It’s still seven hours to go MDT till you’re officially 34 in human years at 9:11 a.m. but, of course, none of that stuff really matters as you’ve transcended age and time. Here on earth, you’ll never look a day over seventeen yet you’re an old soul far beyond your earthly 34th b-day. :)

So, I’ll just close out the night here on E-C with a song that resonates of you so deeply for me that I can sense that vibe of yours every time and it makes me smile and get those head tingles (reasons are under the cut at the end of this post).  

The sentiment in the lyrics are simple and pure, no intricacy needed for unconditional love. Consider it a repetitive mantra even.  It’s what we all would’ve told you then..and it’s what all of us, as a collective consciousness, are saying/thinking to you now on your birthday – to stay with us today and receive the love.  It’s what we all need to tell one another because of you.  That’s why your life existence ultimately matters beyond your failing, your misdeed. 


Stay with us my darling
Tomorrow is a brighter day
Stay with us my darling
There are so many things to love

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone

Heaven The Halcyons is a place I cannot see
When I’m beside you it’s so close to me
These are the reasons you should stay
There is so much that you can give

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

You’re a diamond I can’t buy
You’re a sin I can forgive
And when you sink into the dark
Know that I am there with you

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

You are so beautiful to me
You are so beautiful to everyone
There are so many things to see
You are so beautiful to me

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In roughly 6 hours the first day of Hobrien Week 2015 begins! We start the week with the well loved HEADCANONS. To join the festivities you can post the entry on your own blog or submit it to us here - you can even do it anonymously if you so wish. Don’t forget to tag your entries with the week’s tag #HW2015.

Here’s a reminder of the themes set for each day:

Monday - 24th:
Hobrien Headcanons (can be done alongside gifsets/photosets/etc)

Tuesday - 25th:
Favourite Hobrien Interview (can be done with gifsets/photosets)

Wednesday - 26th:
Favourite Hobrien Moment (can be done with gifsets/photosets/etc)

Thursday - 27th:
Favourite Hobrien Fanfic (can be done alongside gifsets/photosets/etc)

Friday - 28th:
Original Hobrien Content (gifs/fic/fanmixes/etc.)

Saturday - 29th:
Reasons Why You Ship Hobrien (can be done alongside gifsets/photosets/etc)

Sunday - 30th:
Free For All Day - Just do whatever you want and go crazy about Hobrien. You can make a fanmix, post your favourite Hobrien pics, repeat one of the earlier days, do a little throwback, etc. If you just want to gush about Hobrien, then by all means, do it!


Thank you once again for warming our hearts.”  | #4YearsWithBAP #StillWeAre6

Did you watch Blank Space today yet? If you go watch it we can get taylorswift to 1Billion and make her the first female to get 1 billion! 782M so far! UPDATE! 827M! 

If you want another reason look above, BITCH IS STANDING ON A HORSE! 


Remember to refresh after you are done and watch it again… and then again… and then again! Keep it in mute and just refresh it if you want! 


In celebration of my one year anniversary of being on tumblr, I’d like to say thank you to all the people who have made it so fantastic. So much has happened to me in the past year because of this ridiculous website and I’m so grateful for all of it. Not only is it the reason I feel closer to Taylor than I ever have, but it’s the reason I have so many incredible friends (and almost 7k followers??) who mean the absolute world to me. I love you all so much. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

This is going to be a long list but I make no apologies.

@taylorswift - My love. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. You have given me so much happiness over the years, not just through surreal experiences like getting to dance in your kitchen and seeing you pop up in my notifications, but by teaching me how to find it on my own. You’ve taught me how to forgive and that it’s okay to hurt. You are the reason I am who I am, the reason I’m still standing today, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to thank you for that. I love you to the moon and back.

@swiftmeharder - My darling Alice, where would I even be without you? You know everything about me and for some reason still love me anyway. I can talk to you about anything at all, you’re always there for me when I need advice or just anything really. Even if we never get to actually hang out, I’m still so lucky to have such a smart, mature and hilarious friend in my life. Love you always.

@lov-eswift - Sometimes I forget that we’re friends because of tumblr because it feels like I’ve known you for years. Our friendship is completely ridiculous but there is no one I’d rather facetime for hours or have incoherent conversations with about anything (but mostly candy corn). You’re also my only tumblr friend on a texting basis with my mom so there’s that. Lov-e you Sof #bbrb

@innocehnt - Meagan my love, you light up my life. Despite the 14 hour time difference you are one of my closest friends and I don’t know what I would do without you. Whenever I need advice you always make me feel better and you’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever known without ever trying. There is no one I’d rather geek out over our favorite geek with (except maybe @theaustralianswiftie, the other Australian-criminal-minds-obsessed love of my life). Love you babe (and Dani obviously). 

@iknowplacesclean - LEJ! You were my first tumblr friend and a year later you’re still one of my favorite people in the world. You’re always there to make me feel better when I’m upset or nervous or to freak out with me when I’m excited, you are as close to literal sunshine as they come and you deserve nothing but the best. Love you so much.

@givingoutchances - The reason we became friends is because we both think we’re funnier than we are and that pretty much sums up our entire friendship (which is great because it’s really nice when someone else thinks I’m as funny as I do). You are such an amazing, smart, kind person and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Love you so much Ash.  

@gotdatgoodgirlfaith - Michelle my sweet, you’re easily one of the most humble, kind, thoughtful and adorable people I know and talking to you always makes my day brighter. You are an amazing friend and never fail to put a smile on my face. Never stop being you. Love you so much darling.

@andwellsinghallelujah - Emma dearest, my precious little bundle of sunshine. It’s still crazy to me that if we didn’t have each other’s missing polaroids then I wouldn’t have you in my life to repeatedly make me smile (and Taylor might not have followed you??wtf??) love you so much. 

@un-par-al-leled - You are the one and only person in my life outside of the Taylor Swift fandom that I trust with my blog. I hope you understand what a true honor this is and remember, with great power comes great responsibility. This is my sanctuary, treat it with respect. And also come visit me I’ll buy you chocolate. -Asweckswiss 


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