just going through the caps i was amazed

A couple of things from Round 2 Game 4

So I was able to go to the game yesterday and it was amazing! I currently live in the DMV (aka caps territory). After looking at ticket prices for the Verizon Center I decided to just go to Pittsburgh.

-Evgeni Malkin looked ready for murder during warm ups and deliberately was the last one off the ice

-When Horny was on the breakaway I stood up so fast and right after that knew we would win

-At one point Malkin absolutely demolished a caps player along the boards by using his stick and soft hands. Through this entire exchange he was laughing.

-I really believe that the turning point for the Penguins was when Ian Cole demolished Justin Williams with that clean hit. After the game we kept talking about how that changed the momentum and was a very important hit.

-Flower was just full of laughter and focus and that was beautiful to see

The fans in my section were awesome and I have never celebrated so hard. We all knew how big this win was. Also shout out to the usher who knew I was alone and kept checking on me. You da real MVP. Finally I drove eight hours in one day to cheer them on and it was worth every minute.

The amazing writers

These blogs here are those I know are amazing, mind blowing ones. So here they are and I hope you guys take your time and read their work, Trust me it is worth it. 


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@just-call-me-mrs-captain [Complete Smut mostly for the Dorito! amazing writer and generally an awesome person :)]

@imagine-that-cap [ Great writer of god work and in my opinion an amazing person, do check out the posts its great]

@mrsbarnesomg [This one is also one of my favorites, hands down, if you like angst this one is for you, amazing writer]

@fvckingavengers [This blog is amazing, you have to love it, in fact its one of the very first blogs I visited before this account, so trust me when I say its worth your time, just read it]

@whotheeffisbucky [This is great too! Also one that I visited before this blog I created and I loved it and I still love it]

@boomimfamous [Personal Favorite she writes drabbles as well one shots, very nice and you cannot not like it]

@avengersandchill [I like all the work especially the recent Sebastian Stan one, its my favorite. You’ll love it]

@steveandyou [Amazing, great and the SMUT is so good especially Steve;)]

So all of these are my opinions of the few best blogs I’ve been on, their work is just mind blowing, so take your time and go through it:) Thanks:) 

If there is any other blogs you think are amazing do let me know;)


say just enough to make me not go: a seamonkeys mix

a story of two dorks in love, as told through the songs in this mix. things begin with sexual attraction, morph into sudden realizations of love and yearning, then cap off with an actual, full-fledged relationship.

(kudos to @theasgardiandetective for letting me use their amazing work for my cover art !!)

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O MY GOD O MY GOD YOUR CHANGKYUN SMUT THO IS LIKE AMAZING MY IMAGINATION WENT WILD When I was done I had to go drown myself in holy water I SHOULDNT HAVE READ IT but it was so GOOD AND DELICIOUS anyways I can't wait for any updates on your kihyun and minhyuk smut LOLOL I've been scrolling through your blog religiously to see if anythings there 😂 anywho I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY FARI MINHYUK AND I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - caps lock anon

listen. i just wanna say that the changkyun smut:

a) took more time that i thought it would

b) i ended up stressing about so much bc changkyun is weird and you gotta write the weird

c) friends to lovers tropes are my fave, but istG it’s hard to write without the length (i wrote 10k shit my life)

i was so stressed about this fic and i’m so happy that people are liking it too bc alskdgjalskg listen notes are whatever, but also notes are a little bit of ego boost when you spend 2 weeks writing a god damn 10k fic about the kid that might have been your bias if he wasn’t so young. ANYWAY DON’T TELL MINHYUK.

buddy pal friend-o, that kihyuk fic is the end of my life bc i go to write it and i just get caught up in feels. anytime i write for minhyuk i have to take breaks bc alskgj;als @urmomstax pointed out that i have a real life crush on kpop idol lee minhyuk and that explains a lot….




Yes M’am

This is for day #2 of @wweximaginesxd October-long Halloween fic challenge. An old request that fits the theme!

Sami Zayn/OC. For Anon: Smut where you’re at a Halloween party as an army lady, and Sami is talking to his bros about you and you are talking to the girls as well. Sami sees AJ walking over to you so he gets pushed towards you.  He walks you to the hotel and does cute stuff like putting his coat over you.

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Shiro likes soft Allura.

It’s not to say he doesn’t like strong Allura. His heart swells with pride and admiration when she squares her shoulders and commands in a steady steely tone. His cheeks can’t help but burn when they spar, when they work out, when her sheer strength is on display and he can truly see how powerful she is. He loves those parts of her.

But when Allura allows the tension and stiffness to seep from her shoulders, when her eyes soften, when she allows herself to breathe, that’s when Shiro gets truly and utterly swept away.

Because her pink tattoos darken - almost like a blush - when her squeezes her hand, she shrieks in pure joy when Shiro sweeps her off of her feet, her face lights up when she talks about her home.

Because she never looks more comfortable than when she’s in soft dresses that are poofy and swishy and utterly frivolous, but she never can wear them. Because when she cries she tries to stop herself, she claws at her face and tries to push her tears back in, tries not to be weak. Because she has suffered just as much as he has, but she is the true leader of their group.

So Shiro tries his best, tries his damnedest to let her do these things. He spoons feeds her green goop and giggles with her when it ends on her nose. He tickles her until she can’t breathe and she’s crying from laughter, he blows raspberries into her stomach and neck and watches her shriek in surprise. He braids and brushes her hair until she’s half asleep, he carries her into her room - their room - and curls around her and waits until she falls asleep before he lets his breathing match hers.

She’s a princess after all, but Shiro’s gonna treat her like a queen.

(I don’t know if this is too late, but this is sort of a comfort b/c of nasty anons and bad times. Hope you feel better Grell!)

i have no idea how long this has been buried in my inbox but shit i just found this and holy hell this is AMAZING THANK YOU

Stony Prompt #27

Anonymous said: “I know you did touch starved Tony but what about touch starved Steve? Maybe all he ever knew was the touch of doctors and he’s not really familiar with casual touches until the team comes along. And then he realizes that’s exactly what he wants?”

This got a little out of hand and is almost 2k of words- Also apologies in advance because it’s not QUITE what you wanted. I’ve never thought about Steve being touch-starved, but I tried - and hopefully you will enjoy it. Thank you for the Prompt and happy reading!

Most things about the modern world are strange to Steve. While he catches up fast enough and surprised everyone with how quickly he learns, there are still aspects about the future that he finds hard to understand. Some of them are pleasant, for example the fact that homosexuality and the like are widely accepted now, or that these couples even have the chance to get married now.

Some other aspects are less pleasant, or downright confusing. For example, Steve doesn’t understand why modern fellas have such an aversion against casual touches. It seems that it’s not okay for him to touch another guy. The only thing coming from it are rumors the press spreads about his sexuality.

Truth is, Steve wasn’t always familiar with friendly touches. Before the serum, the only contact he got that was gentle were his mother’s warm hugs, her reassuring hands stroking through his hair when he was sick again. And Bucky, who’d hug him too or pull him close to share warmth. Bucky, who got all handsy to make sure Steve was alright after getting into yet another hopeless fight.

The Howling Commandos were the ones he learnt casual touches from. There was always someone patting his back, always someone who’d pull him into a hug after a particular hard mission.

Steve misses this, the intimacy from this. It’s what made them a real team, he believes – and it’s what is missing in his new team.

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Quick, random beauty tips

Replace your toner with apple cider vinegar

Yes, it’s gonna stink and sting but you will see your blackheads disappear, your acne and acne scars will fade away, your skin will be less oily, and your complexion will be brighter! After washing your face just let your skin absorb it and follow up with your moisturizer.


Olive and Coconut oil are great for moisturizing your hair and body.

If you don’t want super oily legs (or body) the day of, and you have a big event the next day, shave, exfoliate and do what you need to and use your normal body lotion, let it sit for 10 minutes and then massage your legs/body with either oil and let it sit before going to bed or putting pants on. I try to do this in the afternoon when I know I’m not going anywhere and just keep busy. The next day results are amazing !

Both of these oils are great for your hair. Warm it up and run it through your second day hair or just the “night before you shower” hair and sleep with a shower cap on, or cover your pillow with a towel, and it’ll leave your hair smooth and frizz free. Girls with curly hair, you don’t need to avoid your scalp, I encourage you to massage the oil in :) but if you have straight hair definitely do it from your ears to tips or just avoid the scalp.


Kat's Rant [Grab Popcorn]

Hey there Darlings, take a seat and just grab some popcorn because this is going to be another Kat Rant. –Insert cute little tune-

I’m going to be covering quite a few bases today which would be why it’s alright for us to call some things bad writing and how it’s not just because were upset about Beth. Then were going to move on to why even though people think Gimps can’t pull this off he actually can. After that were going to visit Beth Greene’s character development because If I have to read once more about how she’s so flat and one dimensional and how she’s a background character I may end up throwing a banana at that person. Last but not least, why it makes perfect sense and is completely logical for Beth to be alive even though most of us really believe she’s alive.

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