just going out into the woods

Imagine that Jaskier accidentally gains the ability to read Geralt’s mind and he finds out that Geralt has a constant 24/7 internal monologue that is goddamn hilarious. 

Hear me out:

Villager: help Witcher 7 people have been eaten by a mysterious beast in the woods

Geralt (mentally): you’d think they stop going out after the 3rd dead body but NO 

Jaskier has to constantly keep himself together so he doesn’t just collapse with laughter. He is absolutely SHOCKED at the kind of things Geralt is thinking about all the time. And Geralt is also super emotional but does such a good job of hiding it. 

Like Geralt would see a cat and walk by it but mentally he’d be thinking about how soft the cat is and how he wants to pet it and it’s just so cute. Later than night Jaskier brings Geralt the tavern keeper’s cat and he keeps his face neutral but his thoughts are so happy. Jaskier would just keep doing little things that Geralt might not even really know he wants because they were just passing thoughts. 

Bonus Points if Geralt has no idea that Jaskier accidentally mind-melded them and just thinks his bard has become super observant or something. 

opinion: no series or story ever will ever have as perfect an intro as over the garden wall, and it does it in two lines and a song

you start with a frog playing piano. you are instantly intrigued. you get given a really cool intro song that plays perfectly on the notes of like, autumn nostalgia? it’s pretty and slow music, showing you images you haven’t seen before but the tone makes it feel like stuff you’ve forgotten, things on the tip of your tongue, rather than stuff that’s entirely new

we then have the narration, that’s like, storybook shit, you think ah yes i know where this is going, this is the feeling i was just having

this is furthered by the creepy but still fairytale style woods

and then we have greg’s first line which is literally just the list “antelope, guggenheim, albert, salami, giggly, jumpy, tom, thomas, tambourine, leg face mccullen, artichoke, penguin, pete, steve” and with every new word added you’re trying to guess what the fuck he’s listing and how this has anything to do with the setting you thought you knew, it puts you completely on the back foot but you’ve gotta find out what it is now

but nothing prepares you for the moment greg goes “but i think the very worst name for this frog is-” and that’s the kicker. bc it’s ridiculous and its funny and it tells a whole story and makes you look at the whole thing in a new light and sets an incredible tone for the story before we know anything about the characters or even reach a single plot point

(i mean otgw continues to live up to that tone and even surpasses it which is what makes it such a good series despite being so short but yeah nothing else pulls you in this quickly in quite the same way and i love it)

how to live life like a ghibli film

1. go out in nature more. every studio ghibli film has some aspect of nature intertwined with the storyline. sometimes its hard to get the energy to go outside, but just going out on your deck or opening the window in your room or taking a walk around the block is enough. if you feel like it, go for a hike! go into the woods and look at every flower, and every tree. look at the mushrooms and streams and notice the beauty of them. look at nature like you’ve never seen it before. wake up at 4 and watch the sunset. put plants around your room. realize how beautiful the world is around you. appreciate it. 

2. get a hobby! this step is certainly easier said than done, but its so worth it. struggling with mental illness makes it especially hard to get a hobby, but its very important that you don’t spend the majority of your time on social media. Start small. If you want to start drawing get a coloring book and fill in a picture with beautiful markers! If you want to write find a random prompt online, give yourself 30 minutes and see what you can come up with. Want to try baking? Start with an easy recipe, like chocolate chip cookies, and share them with your family or friends, or just yourself! Try out a bunch of hobbies, and see what you like best. Maybe you like making jewelry or writing poems or creating digital collages or making video edits or decorating your room or riding a bike or sewing or reading. The possibilities are endless, and getting a hobby you enjoy is very important, and fun.

3. start appreciating small things and noticing details. I don’t know how to explain this step, but in studio Ghibli films, small things always stick out. There are beautiful tiny details that make the story so much more magnificent. small details make the studio Ghibli films what they are. maybe on your way to school/work the sky was a really pretty color. Or the tea you made in the morning was perfectly steeped. appreciate small details of life that you don’t normally notice.

4. appreciate food. Pay attention to your food. If you can, try and make/bake your own food! But if you can’t, just be mindful of your food. Try not to eat while you’re on your phone. Dedicate times to just eating. Appreciating the food in front of you. Make yourself the ponyo drink with milk and honey, or ponyo ramen! Make yourself your own blend of tea like the Baron!

5. be kind and help others. Being kind doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be smiling and waving at a baby in a café, or helping your mom finish the dishes, or paying for a friend’s coffee. Small gestures not only put good out into the world, but they also make you feel better. When you can, help others. Try volunteering at an animal shelter, or babysit for your aunt without charging her, or just listen to your friend when they’re going through something and be there for them. In every Ghibli film, the main character is always helping others, and being kind. Try to be like kiki, when she returned the pacifier to the mother who forgot it, or like chizuru from the cat returns, who risks her life to save a cat. Kindness comes in all shapes and forms, so just try your best to do what you can!

6. be your most authentic self. Stay true to who you are. dress how you’d like. Cut your hair like you’ve always wanted to. Stay confident and true to yourself. We all feel insecure sometimes, but we need to remind ourselves that we are great. Don’t try and force yourself to be someone you aren’t. Kiki felt insecure in her abilities as a witch, but she stayed true to herself, and believed in herself, and it paid off. Love and appreciate yourself, just the way you are.

7. (not really a tip but a fun suggestion) start collecting something! This is just an extra step that I wanted to include because I think its nice. But start a collection of things that interest you. It could be anything! Candles, stamps, teacups, antique figurines, 19th century photos, lip balms, books, key chains, flowers, hats. The choices are endless.

I just got home from an over-a-mile impromptu walk because Stan, the asshole, decided - in the 2 seconds I was not directly supervising him - that the Woods was where he immediately needed to be, despite never having gone near them in his life. I literally just found a worm to put in my dirt box, walked inside the door, put it in, walked back out, and he was GONE.

So I’m walking around the backyard calling for him, because usually he comes right back, and then I spot it. A slightly paler patch of brown in the thick brown winter underbrush of the woods. Oh no, I think, there’s no way he’s that stupid.

And then the pale patch moves, and I realize ah, I underestimated this asshole, and I started calling for him as I walk that way. He picks up his head, sees me, and waits. I get about 15 yards away, and he does the excited flappy wings, and takes off running. He thinks we’re playing Chase.

god dammit.

So I resign myself to walking to the back edge of my property, because I know that’s where this is going, and start picking my way through the spiny underbrush and brambles. Stan patiently waits for me to get close, and then DASHES away, stopping when he’s not quite out of sight to wait some more. He’s having the time of his LIFE. I’ve almost tripped and fallen to my death by impalement four times. He finally accidentally corners himself between a fallen tree and a brush pile and since he can’t fly, he can’t get over it and he doesn’t figure out how to go around it before I reach him.

I stomp over and pick him up, and he just looks at me like ??¿¿?? and there’s absolutely zero chance that I’m going to walk all the way back to my house through the woods, we’re acres deep in it by this point, I’ve been walking through woods for 3 years and that’s without having to contend with getting his train safely through the bramble without him freaking out.

So I weigh my options and head sideways to one of the properties that borders mine and has a clear backyard, and into that backyard I emerge from the dead wood like some kind of forest spirit, carrying a slightly confused and very tired  winter-woodland-colored peacock on one hand. The person who lives there was in their garage revving the engine of some small vehicle, probably a fourwheeler, and the revving doesn’t stop so I can only assume they didn’t see me stomping through their yard to the road.

Cue me walking down a very long dirt road in BFE where thankfully no cars went past us either way and I think only three or four of my neighbors noticed us. I had to put Stan up on my shoulder for most of it because he’s like 10lbs of dead weight plus wind-resistant plumage. Thank goodness he cooperated and sat there quietly watching everything pass us by.

BUT we made it home safely. He’s not even sorry.


anonymous asked:

Any more Toph & Zuko headcanons? (In the family/friendship sense!) I absolutely LOVE this dynamic and makes me wish there was more content on them together!!

well well well

if it isn’t an opportunity to discuss my favorite BROTP of all time… 

  • The first night at the temple, Toph was planning on going to Zuko’s room at night to get back at him for burning her feet, but found him still awake and extremely anxious. Instead of getting back at him, she went to ask what was up and when he deflected, she debriefed him on everyone’s names and stuff he should know about them so he would have an easier time getting on their good side. 
  • When Toph found out that Zuko was the Blue Spirit, his coolness factor went up by 20 in her books and she was just glad that somebody there appreciated committing casual misdemeanors as much as she did. 
  • On Zuko’s third day at the temple, Toph asked him to carry her to somewhere because her feet were still burned. Everyone else, including Zuko, was super confused as to why Toph was showing so much trust for him and she just brushed off their concern with “he’s the one who burned my feet in the first place, he’s the one who’s going to carry me around, deal with it” 
  • When the gaang crashed at the Ember Island house, Toph spent as little time inside as possible because most of it was made of wood and she couldn’t tell where she was going. Zuko picked up on this and 1. helped her find the general layout of the house without saying anything about it (and she did the thing where the clings onto people’s arms when she can’t tell where she’s going) and 2. also spent as little time in the house as possible because he just didn’t like being in there. 
  • One night Toph was practicing her sandbending and Zuko came out to watch her. She asked if he could help her practice and he agreed, not knowing that ‘practicing’ meant burying him under the sand so only his head was poking out. 
  • Zuko got back at Toph for this by tricking her into eating some extra spicy fire flakes (aka saying they were too spicy for her knowing that she would eat them to prove him wrong). This was one of her few regrets in life. 
  • Toph convinced Zuko to try and create glass with their combined bending. They accidentally created a small crater on Ember Island. 
  • Zuko is Toph’s favorite person to cling onto when they’re riding on Appa because he’s got that firebender warmth and he’s constantly regulating his breathing and she can focus on that to help calm her down 
  • After the war, Toph didn’t want to go back to her parent’s house and just kept making excuses about why she needed to stay in the Fire Nation to back Zuko up on the whole Being the New Firelord thing. Eventually, he picked up on the sense that she didn’t just want to stay to support him and asked her what the deal was. She opened up about not wanting to live with her parents and he was like “okay please stay here as long as you want, you don’t need an excuse.”
  • Zuko is one of the few people who is allowed to carry Toph on his shoulders. She likes clinging onto his head because his hair is super soft. 
  • Toph knew about the whole ‘where Zuko got his scar thing’ from hearing passing comments about it in the Earth Kingdom. She kind of just assumed it was common knowledge (which we’ve seen it kind of was in Zuko Alone) and kind of just assumed the gaang knew about the whole thing. This was part of the reason why she thought he was trustworthy and didn’t understand why the rest of the gaang wouldn’t believe him when he told them he had cut himself off from the Fire Nation. 
  • Toph was the one to escort Ozai to prison because of her metalbending and beat the crap out of him once she got the opportunity “for hurting Sparky.” She did not tell Zuko about this. 
  • Zuko makes Toph tea when she’s obviously upset about something. When he’s oblivious to her being upset about something, she’ll request tea as a nudge that ‘hey something’s up right now and I need to feel better’ 
  • After Zuko got shot with lightning, Toph metalbended the door to his room so he had to stay in bed. 
  • Toph returned to Earth Rumble later on just for a little bit. Zuko secretly attended her matches and fucking loved watching his friend kick everyone’s ass. He made a Blind Bandit sign to wave around. 
  • Iroh was the one who showed Toph what it was like to have a parental figure who believed in her abilities while still wanting her to accept the love and support of other people out not out of the notion that she was helpless, but just because people cared about her. (Similar to how he showed Zuko that the love a parental figure should be unconditional). Toph spends a lot of free time with Iroh. The three of them have many family dinners together. 
  • They go back and forth with threatening each other with “if you don’t start taking care of yourself, I’m going to tell Uncle” 
  • When Toph finally decided to confront her parents about how they treated her, she brought Zuko as backup and had to hold him off from just decking Lao in the face. 
  • Toph likes to bring Zuko to crappy plays so she can listen to his commentary on them 
  • Toph and Zuko have the kind of friendship where they’re comfortable just sitting in a room not talking, just enjoying each other’s company while they do their own separate things. 
  • I don’t necessarily have any particular headcanon for Toph’s sexuality, but if she were to come out as anything, Zuko would be the first person she’d tell 
  • Toph was Zuko’s Best Woman at his wedding

“Gentle stimulus and lots of TLC is drawing Peter Poppet out of himself. Every day we introduce him to something new, without causing him stress or fear. He lacks the natural inquisitiveness young lambs have, but it’s there, just waiting to be awoken in time. His time.”
— Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary
(Hugletts Wood Farm provides sanctuary to cows and their friends. A home for life to farm animals and birds, rescued from the misery of the meat and dairy industry and the horrors of the slaughterhouse.)
Thank you for keeping the caption.


Night in the Woods Jack

I made this back for the first Septicart event, which I posted on twitter since I wasn’t on tumblr yet. I’m booked this week, so I probably can’t make anything new this time around.

I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky person generally, just not overly sociable and pretty shy. I’ve been using Jack and the community as inspiration to help me get a roll on things I mean to do and make them things I actually do, and to try and come out of my shell by and by.

He’s just over 6" tall, felted over a wire armature, and took about 6 ½ hours to make. He’s my Youtube-watching buddy. :)



Sidekick /// Dabi x f!Reader x Shigaraki (18+)

Summary: During a rescue gone wrong, a rookie sidekick catches the attention of two villains.

A/N: Thanks for 1k followers!! This is the fic that made me create a smut blog/lowkey inspired this. imho this might be the spiciest thing I’ve ever written 😳 also wanted to call out @kazooli​ because this is highkey inspired by her lol thanks queen

Tags/warnings: quirk kink, reader’s quirk makes other quirks stronger, noncon, threesome, lots of foreplay, outdoor sex, mild overstimulation, degradation, mild violence, threats, chronological/temporal inaccuracies, fucking long

You can hardly be blamed for not recognizing them. It’s only been three weeks since you debuted as a pro, and you’re not even really a hero. You’re a sidekick, and apparently you’re not important enough to have been briefed on the major villains you need to look out for. You’re just…doing your duty. Rescuing civilians indiscriminately. Stupid, naive little sidekick. It’s not your fault that the lives you just saved belong to the two most notorious villains around.

Still, Shigaraki can’t wait to see the look on your face when you find out.


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Little girl -> pjm (m)

↳ Pairing: jimin x reader
↳ genre: vampirejimin!au
↳ word count: 6.0k
↳ warnings: vampire!jimin, shapeshifters, dd/lg themes, dom!jimin, sub!reader, cunnilingus, spanking, dirty talk, overstimulation, unprotected sex
— synopsis: After you’ve agreed to go to a campfire with your friend, she introduces you to a rather unique group of people. But then you meet Jimin, who had a way different first impression than everyone else. 


(Before you read! Info may not all be true, please enjoy reading anyway :D)

If agreeing to your friend’s request of going to a campfire in the middle of the woods at twelve midnight wasn’t the most horrifying thing someone can do, then you’re wrong.

It all started when your closest friend, Hyerin, technically forced you to join her to this ‘twelve-midnight campfire’ agenda with a couple other people that you hardly ever know.. Hyerin literally begged on her knees, pleading with those stupid puppy eyes that you couldn’t help but to say ‘yes’ to. “Hyerin, I’m just going to be awkward and say nothing. I’ll look so stupid and out of place.”

“Y/n, my friends are also your friends and—”

“Okay, that’s so not true.”

“Okay, whatever. Don’t worry, all of them are very nice and we’ll get along easily! There’s nothing to be afraid of,” she smiles and shows off her pearly whites, “You’ll love them.” 

Rolling your eyes playfully, you scoff at her, “They better not be shapeshifters like you.”

Hyerin smirks, “No comment.”

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best places to summon a demon, ranked

your basement - are you fucking kidding me right now? no. absolutely not. it doesn’t matter if you live in a one-room studio flat or an enormous spooky castle. have some originality. a fucking basement. i’d be insulted.

rating - 1/10. there are worse places, but i can’t think of many.

a fast food place - while there’s something to be said for the energy of whipping out a ouija board in a subway or making a pentagram out of mcdonald’s bbq sauce, you’d hardly be the first person to try, and i’ve found that most places have ways of dealing with this sort of thing that usually involve your speedy removal from the establishment. not the coolest friday night you’ll ever have.

rating - 4/10. it’s all fun and games until you get thrown out on your ass, and making life harder for people in retail is never a good look.

a fancy restaurant - slightly more dignified than your local burger king, and most upscale places have candles, which are better for summoning. you might find that the setting gives off mixed signals, though. after all, if i found myself in a nice place surrounded by candles, i might just think it was a date. unless that’s exactly the vibe you’re going for, of course ;)

rating - 6/10. you might think you’re willing to risk it all, but will that change when the hordes of hell answer your call?

gothic victorian mansion - oh, fuck yes. this place has excellent demon-summoning vibes. try it on a dark, stormy night in your living room with the enormous fireplace and windows so that lightning flashes across your face as you chant the verses from the likely cursed ancient tome of forbidden arcane knowledge you found in the secret passageway behind the bookcase in the library.

rating - 9/10, it’s practically perfect but it ain’t cheap, and renting a mansion just doesn’t have the same style as owning it

the woods - like the spooky mansion, it has the vibes going for it. you might also summon a few large predatory woodland creatures with your bloody sacrificial offering though. good thing you brought that ceremonial dagger.

rating - 8/10 would risk getting mauled by a wild animal again

waffle house parking lot - i don’t know what to call the Energy that comes with squatting in an empty lot at midnight setting up a fiery pentagram on the asphalt, but it’s definitely something powerful. just watch out - what you think is a successfully summoned and bound demon may turn out to be an angry feral raccoon.

rating - 10/10. even if you don’t manage to summon a demon, you’re bound to have an Experience. after all, it’s not about the eldritch horrors you unleash upon the world, it’s about the memories you make.

Chain of Gold short fiction #4: Cordelia and Alastair


Cordelia often felt alone when it was just her and her parents, but never as much as when Alastair went away to the Academy. While he was gone, the rest of the Carstairs family traveled to India, to Paris, to Cape Town and Canada, but they were at Cirenworth for the holidays when he finally came back.

She had waited months for his return, but when he stepped out of the carriage — taller, more angular and sharp than ever —he seemed like a different person. He’d always been short-tempered and prickly, but now he would barely speak to her. When he did, it was mostly to tell her not to bother him.

Her parents ignored the transformation. When Cordelia asked her father why Alastair wouldn’t spend time with her, he smiled at her and told her that teenage boys went through “times like this” and she would “understand when she was older.” “He’s been having fun with boys his own age all year and now he’s got to be back in the countryside with the likes of us,” Elias said with a chuckle. “He’ll get over it.”

This was not a satisfying answer. Cordelia tried to put herself in Alastair’s path as much as she could, to force him to acknowledge her. Often, though, she couldn’t even find him. He spent hours locked in his bedroom, and when she knocked on the door, he didn’t even bother to tell her to go away. He just ignored her. The only way she knew he’d been in there was when he emerged to eat, or to announce he was going out for a long walk by himself.

This went on for a few weeks.

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like I live in an area where skunk cabbage is Very Common

I walk a lot of marshy creek areas that are just. Carpeted with it.

I see so much skunk cabbage every year. And I’ve been going out to these creeks and woods for 20+ years. And I have never, never, never seen this before. But there it was.

A fucking.

Spontaneous mutation.

A variegated skunk cabbage plant.

peter: synonyms are weird because if you invite someone to your cottage in the forest, that just sounds nice and cozy, but if i invite you to my cabin in the woods, you’re going to die.

james: my favorite is “butt dial” vs “booty call”.

remus: it’s called connotation

sirius: [smirking, casting a pointed look towards remus] also “forgive me father, i have sinned” vs “sorry daddy, i’ve been naughty”

remus: [choking] great news! language is canceled!

the witcher characters rated on their sluttiness

truly nonnie!!! i tend to thirst about the women but all of the men are so gorgeous too!! honestly the casting directors just went off with this series istg. so to celebrate their beauties i, a completely biased observer, am going to rate their sluttiness. you didn’t ask for this and i don’t even know what sluttiness really means, so this is probably the best idea i’ve ever had.

first off, triss merigold. why? because i love her. she loves walking hooded through the woods with no particular purpose just in case she finds a witcher roaming around. loves dramatic entrances and takes herself too seriously. she thinks she’s super tough but the puppy eyes jump out whenever she sees someone she likes. and she likes everyone. sluttiness: 4/10 (adorableness: 10/10)


sabrina glevissig. does it need to be said. sluttiness: 10/10


yennefer of vengerberg. our gorgeous leading lady. baffling. lights up entire rooms when she smiles and destroys with her sweet kiss. don’t call her pretty though or she’ll cut your balls off. do not mess with her or you’ll end up being used as a living torch. sluttiness: i’m too scared to rate


tissaia de vries. she could turn me into one of her eels and i’d be thankful. the simon cowell meets gordon ramsay of the witcher. hobbies include turning around dramatically to prove a point without having to actually verbalise it and sprawling on sofas. sluttiness: 9.99/10


filavandrel. his kingdom includes one elf and a mangoat. pointy ears make him look refined. girls are in love with his hair. a true king of a cover magazine. owns one shawl. sluttiness: 9/10


poker face cahir. occupation: villain (temporary). not a very good one tho. has a very weird and unsettling fight scene with himself involving breathplay that pushes his sluttiness meter up. sluttiness: 6/10


fringilla vigo. a babe. a murderous one. still a babe. pissed and dangerous. her glares do the killing for her. sluttiness: 7/10


the dryads. magnificent. incredible. a vision from heaven. completely inappropriately dressed to live in a forest. use loose sandals to climb up tress and walk over rocks. they are the ultimate badass or masochists, only they know which. sluttiness: 9.7/10


DAMMIT THIS PAIR. THIS BLOODY PAIR. i understand why cintra is the jewel of the north. i’d surrender to them too. let the queen and her himbo husband take over my empire or whatever. gilf power is what they have. sluttiness: 11/10


istredd. THIS man good god. the beard does do him a favour. dammit. the first outfit tho and the super light eyes were creepy af. sluttiness: 7.98/10


goddammit vilgefortz. you weren’t supposed to be pretty you lil shit. mahesh jadu more like majestic jadu if you get my drift. just this picture exudes more sensuality than any of those dior commercials. but please triss don’t call him daddy again or i will start crying. sluttiness: 20/10


don’t get me started on jaskier. what other show could pull off this immortal, slutty, slutty bard that likes to wear his doublets undone for the sake of it with the face of a baby and no refrain whatsoever. sluttiness: 250/10


and of course, our witcher. sluttiness: 12903/10. go geralt


Dark Desires ( JJK/ Demon AU)


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook| Reader
Words: 6.3K
Rating: NSFW (18+) 
Genre: Demon AU 
Warnings: pwp. smut. fingering, oral (receiving/giving), cumplay, edging,                     orgasm denial, dom/sub undertones.  
Synapse: You’re a herbalist looking for herbs and the reason behind the mountains being off limits. Surely, the hills must have more medicinal plants, but, what lies there, is something far more sinister. 

For my lovely wife @barbika1508 who requested me with a prompt that turned absolutely filthy under her influence. I’ve got no regrets whatsoever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Masterlist || One shots Masterlist

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the story of orpheus and eurydice has been such potent and heartbreaking myth of tragedy for the past 2000 years and it has never lost even an iota of its impact and sense of loss. the very concept of orpheus literally going to the depths of hell and back to bring eurydice with him, only to be fearful of losing her in those final moments before they reach the surface and turning around and truly lose her, is a beautiful story. one of temptation, faith, love, and desperation

but with the newest popular retelling of the myth, hadestown, the whole story is put through an entirely new lens, and not only that, it offers some new, compelling elements to the myth. from the parallels between hades and persephone and orpheus and eurydice, to the relationship of the second couple, to the (mostly) modern setting, it sings the same old story again, and hits hard.

in some versions of the myth, eurydice dies before their marriage from anything to a snake bite to just illness, and in some she dies after theyre married, wandering around the woods. but in hadestown, she chooses to “die” (go to hadestown), out of desperation and fear of starvation. not only does this agency and choice give light to eurydice’s character, but it changes up the dynamic of orpheus and eurydice: orpheus is so lost in his music that he cant pay attention to the world around him, including eurydice, who tries her best to be patient and have faith, but is struggling because all those pretty songs he sings wont save them from the hellish winter to come. 

the modern setting changes (but still keeps the same in many ways) the underworld to a mining town, and the great depression era as the time period, while still holding onto the divine aspects of the story. this changes the story from one of simple lost love, to a tragedy caused by the punishing, merciless laws of capitalism. the absolutely uncanny coincidence of the song “why we build the wall” brings a layer that anais mitchell never meant to bring, but the effect is still the same.

i dont really know where i was going with this post, but i just wanted to talk about some stuff i had on my mind about this musical. i just love it a lot.

Rivals pt 1

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4…

Pairing: Jaehyun x fem reader

Genre: smut

Word Count: 5.3k

Warnings: thigh riding, rough sex, 

Author: Admin Yugyeom

A/N: so yeah this is most likely gonna end up a series please tell me if you like it and want it to continue.

A/N: Just saying when I had to come up with law firm names I legit just went into the map of Seoul and saw a national park and was like why not name a law firm after that bc I cannot think of anything else, so if you’re wondering what Bukhansan is, its a national park.


Originally posted by nctaezen

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Guys guys guys.  Canadian vampires.

Human: “I admit I was expecting someone a little more goth, and a little less lumberjack.”

Vampire: “Oh, y’know, I’m not really into the whole eating people thing, so why not live out in the woods where I can avoid all that?”

Human: “I guess it would be nice and peaceful.”

Vampire: “Sure is, and if I ever get bored, I can try to tackle a moose.  The last one threw me clean through a tree.”

Human: “Right.  …How does moose blood compare to human?”

Vampire: “Ehh, not bad.  But I’ll tell you a secret.  Maple syrup?  It’s tree blood.  Works just as well.  Don’t go spreading that around, okay?”

Human: “Why not, if it works?”

Vampire: “Because then there’d be less for me!”