just going for it


“I’ve just been, uh…thinking…a lot lately.”
“About what?”
“I don’t know…everything. Can I tell you something?”
“I like guys, and I like girls. Pretty much anyone in between. That’s probably not news to you. But you wanna know how I first found that out?”
“I dunno, do I?”
“It was my parents’ fault. Well…mostly my dad’s. He was always too hard on me. They sent me to bootcamp when I was 13. To discipline the bad out of me. My first kiss was with a boy there…Charlie. He was the only thing that made that place tolerable…he made it worse, too, though. Not him, but…the bullying, getting beat up for it…getting called every possible slur, every dehumanizing thing you can imagine. I called home most nights crying…cried myself to sleep. Always crying.”
“Sometimes I still think that was the worst time in my life…but then…”
“Hey, uh…where’s Fiona? Is she here?”
“No, she spends the weekends at my mother’s…why?”
“You wanna take a drive? Let’s go somewhere. Anywhere.”

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook trying to stay up with you while you study but ending up falling asleep inside your pencil case.
*pokes kook’s tummy*
*gets up quickly with his eyes still closed*
“The answer is 5… I’m awake y/n… my eyes are just resting…“ *slowly nods while half asleep*

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  • <p> <b>chuuya, age 15:</b> my rabbit just died.<p/><b>chuuya:</b> like, that's the 3rd pet kouyou-nee-san has given me.<p/><b>chuuya:</b> she gave me plants to take care of and they died within a week.<p/><b>chuuya:</b> everything i touch dies.<p/><b>dazai, age 15:</b> here, cheer up!<p/><b>dazai:</b> hold my hand.<p/><b>chuuya:</b> <p/><b>dazai:</b> :)<p/><b>chuuya:</b> okay, but i don't see how this would-<p/><b>dazai:</b> i want to die<p/><b>chuuya:</b> <p/><b>chuuya:</b> <p/><b>chuuya:</b> you motherfucker<p/></p>

Okay so I’ve made my mind up (for now) my preferred pronouns are she/they from now on please!


icecream sundaes till sunset….

After ordering triple scoop sundaes topped with wafers and fresh fruit, Pia, Katy and Beau sat down and chatted happily until the sun began to set~

The second half of my Trashcans United Collab with @pottery-sims and @something-wicked-sims. I think I like these pictures better! I’m so jealous of our simmies, look at that beautiful scenery .__. Again, credit to @rubyred-sims for the lovely caravan I got to renovate! 

unpopular opinion but…….. i don’t find super tall guys attractive…??? like everyone is like “tall guys omg yes pls” and i’m just over here like “uhm no thx” like i’m genuinely intimidated of males who are over 6'3…… i’m good with anything from 5'8 and up but if he’s over 6'3 i’m out…..

can people stop being upset over hallelujah money and just be happy that gorillaz !! is !! finally !! back !! after !! six !! whole !! years !! ?! ??