just going down memory lane


Author: pendots (ao3), aka scarfyuuri (tumblr)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Victor goes back through old fan letters on Valentine’s Day, and what does he happen to find but one signed “Yuuri Katsuki”…

(Victuuri Week 2017 Day 8: Valentine’s Day.)

Link to AO3: here

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Bad Influence

{Do you take requests? If so could you write a smut about it being lukes birthday and he gets a lap dance from someone and you get jealous and go all sub¡luke???} <– I changed the request a little

{could you write a smut where youre at your aunties bbq and luke is there as he lives next door,youve never met him and he realises you dont really want to be there so you sneak over to his and it escalates into intense sex? Please :)}

So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone on this one. I hope you guys like it. c:

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Living like a married couple the past few days has just been a trip down memory lane, I’ve absolutely loved going shopping with you, cooking dinner for you, driving round with the music blasting and you bringing me a cuppa this morning was just 😍  I am so excited to have this everyday when we’re older 💜

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry people are being butts about Kevin leaving :( I don't really know who he is, but he sounds nice and I hope both him and you have a wonderful day ^-^ I hope Kevin has a really nice life after Game Grumps so that he can be proud and happy!

Kevin is very nice and never deserved any sort of hate, yes. I wish the best for his future career, and I believe he’ll do great things!

And if you hadn’t really known who he was, here’s a list of things about him if you want to know more! (under a read more because it got longer than I expected haha):

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Safe (DeanxReader)

theimmortalpenguin asked:

I shall be your savior! The reader was on a mission with the Winchesters again since they’d teamed up. Dean and reader had already been a thing for at least a month now and he began to get overprotective. One day on a mission they ran into a demon who took reader hostage and tied Dean and Sam up. The demon decided to “have some fun” with the reader in front of Dean and it only pissed him off more. Once he was free he killed the demon and saved the reader. YAY happy ending!

Dean plunged the knife into another demon’s chest, looking around frantically.

“(Y/N)!!!” More demons charged the brothers and Dean tightened his grip on the angel blade. “Bring it on you sons of bitc-” A blunt blow to the back of the head stopped him short.

“Dea-” Sam was hit as well, falling unconscious next to his elder brother.

“Dean…” The said man groaned. “Dean!” You tried your best to whisper and Dean looked up at you groggily.

“(Y/N)…? (Y/N)!” He tried to get up, but he was tied to a pillar, next to Sam.

“Shh! They’ll be back soon!” You looked warily at the table of weapons beside the chair you were strapped to.

“What happened???”

“It was a trap, this whole case was a trap. For you and Sam.” Sam moaned at the sound of his name and looked up, stretching his neck.

“What… Where are we…?”

“Those bastards set a trap for us.” Sam squinted and shook his head, trying to clear it.

“Okay… So then, why is she strapped to that chair?” Before either of them could respond to Sam’s question, the door slammed open, several demons walking in.

“Well, well! Look who’s finally up. We thought for sure you would sleep through all the fun.” Dean narrowed his eyes.

“What fun?” The man laughed, his eyes flashing to black.

“All the fun we’re going to have with little Miss Sunshine right here.” The demon smiled cruelly and caressed your cheek. Annoyance boiled in your stomach and you caught his fingers between your teeth, biting down as hard as you could. The man cursed and whacked you across your temple, jogging your vision and causing you to release him. He punched you again, his knuckles catching your cheekbone.

“Hey!” Dean struggled to break free, but the rope only pressed breath out of Sam’s chest. A girl demon clicked her tongue and wagged her finger at the Winchesters.

“Naughty, naughty! Good boys stay where they’re supposed to!” She kicked Dean in the ribs, emphasizing the last words. Dean clenched his jaw and glared at her.

“Now then! I suppose our guests are getting a little too restless, so let’s begin then shall we?” The first demon rolled up his sleeves and picked up a needle. Your heartbeat quickened.

“If you touch her I swear-” The girl demon smirked at him, clipping him in the chest again.

“What? What could the legendary Winchesters do to stop what’s going to happen to her, hmm?” The girl laughed as the main demon tilted your head to the side, injecting you with a gooey, clear liquid. You tasted metal and your body felt very heavy. Your eyes grew lazy and your head hung loosely.

“What the hell did you do to her?!” Dean’s voice was echoy and far away.

“Calm down. It’s a type of sedative. It relaxes her mind, for the most part.”

“What do you mean?” Sam’s voice.

“I mean, she’ll stay awake, but she feels like she’s going to fall asleep. You see, when you’re on the brink of sleep, your senses become hyper aware. Our voices are probably a little painful to listen to. Isn’t that right!?” He yelled into your ear and you cringed, a ringing echoing through your head. The man laughed at the sight of your pain and Dean growled.

“Let her go you goddamn bastard.” You couldn’t see him, only hear him. The world was a swirl of colors and sounds that you couldn’t distinguish. Sharp pain needled at your eardrums and everything hurt. Scars you had collected months, even years ago, started to slowly come back to you. The bullet you had taken for Dean when you first met, began to itch away at your shoulder. You cried out, your voice paining your sensitive ears. Everything felt new, like you were bleeding from every wound.

“Make it stop!” Your own voice rang in your head and made it feel like ice picks were nailing themselves into your skull. “Dean make it stop, please!”

“What the hell is happening?! What the fuck did you do?!” The man laughed and you winced.

“Ah, she is going through the first phase of the drug. You see, this sedative works best on you hunters because it accesses all the healed tissue. The drug then attacks your nervous system and overrides it, making all your past wounds and scars, seem fresh. Brings back all the pain. Isn’t it beautiful?” Tears slipped from your eyes as the burn on your side began to sting. You heard the skin sizzle and you were whipped back into the memory of the school fire. The one that had killed your brother. You heard the screams and the crackling of the fire.

You saw the pillar drop down on your younger sibling.

You felt the demon pat your cheek and you were brought back to reality, or whatever reality the drug was creating for you. Everything felt unreal, made up. You began to doubt the existence of the Winchesters, or even what was happening now. You were forced to live in your past pain.

“Oh no! Don’t go down memory lane just yet, doll.” You felt the prick of a blade across your stomach and you screamed, the sound nearly shattering your eardrums. It was a seemingly endless cycle of pain, screaming, and thus, more pain. There was scuffling and grunting.

“Trying to break free there Deanie? Not gonna happen.” The female demon’s voice peaked your headache. It was like having the worst, most painful hangover anyone had ever experienced, mixed with everything you ever regretted. You wished it would stop. You wished they would let you die.

The blade sliced your cheek, then your collarbone. All the bruises on your arms became sore and your left leg, the one you broke at age ten, spazzed out before becoming useless. Your hands clenched through the past cuts and the zip ties restrained your jerking muscles. You were dying.


“(Y/N)!!! Don’t you go dyin’ on me!!” You shook your head slowly and sobbed. Dean’s yells and cursing suddenly stung your ears and you tried to shrug away as much as possible. There was more shouting and you whipped your head back, crying, wishing for death. You didn’t care if it was god or Satan, you just wanted someone to take away the pain.

A pair of warm, calloused hands suddenly were caressing your cheeks, trying to keep your head level.

“Sammy, go erase all the angel warding, NOW!!!” Dean’s voice made you cry out in pain and he cut the ties on your wrists and ankles. “I’m sorry baby I’m so sorry…” His voice had faded to a whisper as he wiped the hair from your face. Everything was still distorted and loud. Your sides suddenly began to hurt, and you felt the bruises and cuts form again. You heard your mother screaming in fury and you felt her hand slap your face. It was all too real. You collapsed on the ground and curled into a fetal position, covering your ears. Dean shook you, and you huddled tighter, trying to muffle his voice with your palms. He gathered you up in his arms and he ran, holding you tightly against his chest. Dean yelled to his brother to forget the warding and he tried to propel his body faster, holding you tighter as your body jerked again.

The cold air bit your body harder than it ever had before and you whimpered.

“CAS!” Your crying began to get more intense and you felt as if you were underwater. You began to hyperventilate as Dean held you close, trying his best to soothe you. Your sensitive ears picked up the sound of wings and you felt a hand on your forehead. Your sobs slowed and the pain began to fade. Everything became quiet and your body unclenched slowly.

“Sleep…” Castiel’s voice was a whisper and your body fell limp as you were dragged into silent darkness.

You felt arms wrapped around your body as it was rocked back and forth. There was humming coming from the man who held you and you tried to blink away your sleep. The digital clock next to the bed read 2 am and you realized Dean was still in his clothes. He sat on the edge of his bed, rocking you back and forth and humming softly. Tears were peppering your chest and face and you wanted to hug him, but you decided he needed time. So you gave a small sigh, assuring him you were okay and nuzzled comfortably into his neck, trying to give the illusion you were still asleep. Dean’s arms wrapped around you tighter and he sang louder, a song you knew all too well. One that Dean sang to make himself or another feel better. A familiar song that seemed to give Dean Winchester hope that everything would be okay.

“Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done… Lay your weary head to rest… Don’t you cry no more…”