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Continueing from the sakamaki ask. How would shin and Carla react to a half-breed girl?

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-Considering the pride he takes in his own lineage, your history is disgusting to him, proof of how far below a First Blood you will always be. He doesn’t go to special lengths to point out your breeding, but makes an excessive amount of remarks about the purity of his own. 


-Just like Carla, he’s mostly disgusted by a “filthy half breed”, but he’s much more vocal about how pathetic he finds your lineage to be. He frequently brags about how much better he is than you, even in genetics, and makes fun of your history at any chance he gets. 

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Name: Ana

Height: 4′11/125cm-5'0/152cm…I am smol and feisty. Oh I’m fun-sized!

Hogwarts House: RAVENCLAW

Go to SSBB character: What?

Fictional character I’d date: …I don’t know…too many.

Favourite band or artist: Oh gosh, I have several. I love 21 Pilots, Lin Manuel Miranda, Bruno Mars, R5, Ricardo Arjona, Jesse & Joy, Maroon5, GOT7, BTS, Cross Gene, AOA, EXID, EXO, 2NE1, Astro, Seventeen, and others. I have to stop here because there are so much more, but I’ll be here forever, I just love music.

When did I make this blog: Uh…I made it on November 2015. 

How many blogs do I follow: Many…I am currently following 855 blogs.

What do I post about?: Well, on this blog I just reblog posts about anime, Star Vs The Forces of evil, relatable things, and life.

Do I get asks on a regular basis?: No, then again I am not that big of a blogger. Although, I do get some once in a while. I would love to get more though. :)

Aesthetic: Hmmm…I don’t know. Maybe books, music, rain, and flower~

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some people wanted me to share more of mah cookin lol~ just got a weekend job at a bakery which is super fun~! this cake I baked yesterday and some of it was very much enjoyed by my GF whilst revising physics today! XD

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)


It is bittersweet that I present to you my last ever theory for Pretty Little Liars. I apologise in advance for the insane length, but this is covering all those frustrating loose ends across the entire series. I hope you can make it to the end so we can discuss. My only fear for this theory is that it is too daring and gutsy; it would re-define the show we thought we knew. Are the writers willing to ‘go there’ in just 10 episodes? I don’t know! Regardless if this is all right, partially right, or so damn wrong, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did putting this together the past two months! For the last time before the show ends… I hope you enjoy!

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tips for the new year

stop arguing extensively with people online as a hobby:

  • its boring and isolating
  • its a cheap way to get a short burst of self esteem in something thats not actually fun or encourages your own growth
  • the likelihood that you, a complete stranger, will change someone’s mind if you just tweet at them enough is close to zero
  • you should take time to think seriously about how you want to engage with the world and develop your opinions based on varied, new experiences
  • if you ignore shitty people it makes them go so ballistic they meltdown spectacularly, pretty much every time without fail
  • no one is impressed by your internet text victory. in the rare cases where someone is, its impressive for the 3 seconds it took to read the tweet
  • when i have to scroll past your 120000 word nerd slap fight it mildly inconveniences me
  • just play a video game

Yo. So I don’t usually participate in fandom or meta, but chapter 17 has me shook and I want to get some thoughts out and don’t expect this to be organized but I do hope it’ll be a little bit insightful. 

So, structurally, I think KS is pretty fucking brilliant. I love the disjointed panels. It’s entirely metal and fragmented and it can sometimes be hard to follow and since 90% of the story is through Bum’s perspective, it’s entirely appropriate and smart. Also, Koogi’s storyboards are damn near perfect. Sometimes I have to sit back and just stare at a frame to admire how much she shows with so very little. No detail is unimportant - doesn’t mean there aren’t many things there that aren’t meant to throw off the scent of the narrative, but it makes it fun to figure out what direction she wants to go with this story.

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Cherry Bomb (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! 🙌🏽

A/N: This is dedicated to the marvelous @ballerinafairyprincess for requesting this super awesome idea a couple days ago! ❤ I had so much fun writing this!! I’m super jealous I didn’t come up with this! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Request: Hi darling! Can I make a request please? Can you do a Bucky x Reader where they go for milkshakes and she shows him how she can tie the cherry stem into a knot in her mouth (something he has never seen before). And it goes from fluff to smut just like that? 😊

Warnings: Hella smut! Swearing. Semi public sex.


Bucky always made a habit of telling you stories of the 40’s. Mostly about how different the times were, especially the architecture or the music. Surprisingly, one of the many things he missed from the era were the milkshakes. There was a little ice cream shop in Coney Island named Lucy’s that had the greatest tasting shakes in the world according to him. One of his favorite pass times was telling you story after story of the small shenanigans he and Steve used to pull in there.

There was the time he dared Steve to down an entire large shake called ‘The Big One’ which consisted of shake and cake mixed together. He was practically in tears when he told you that Steve only made it halfway before he raced to one of the trash cans and blew chunks. Steve never forgave him for that, by the way. He still winces and clutches his stomach whenever he’s reminded of it.

There was also a time where Bucky took a girl named Suzette on a date that ended horribly. Turns out, she was a little on the scary side. She flat out refused to let him order because the waitress was female. And she even went as far as making him switch seats because apparently “there were only girls in the booth behind him.” Poor Bucky was so afraid of the girl, he ended up excusing himself to the bathroom and climbing out of the window, only to find Suzette already waiting for him. It took him a week to get rid of her.

So being the big softie you were, you vowed to find a similar little spot to take him. Not only would it help him get some fresh air, but it would replace some of those traumatic memories with good ones.

That’s how you found yourself seated across from a grinning Bucky Barnes as he sipped happily on his raspberry milkshake.

Not only was Lucy’s still open after almost eighty years of business, but it was currently run by Lucy’s own daughter, Leslie, who was in her early 80’s now. When she saw Bucky, she nearly had a heart attack. She weaved her way through the many people in the little shop until she was standing at our booth.

“You used to come in here with that smaller fellow, right?” She asked, adjusting her cane. She was practically glowing with excitement. “I remember coming’ in here after school everyday and seein’ you two.”

You could see the words processing in his head. He was barely remembering things now, surely he wouldn’t be able to remember t
“I think I taught you how to tie your shoes, right?” He asked suddenly, his eyes sparkling with nostalgia.

Leslie gasped, placing her hand on her heart. She began singing some old nursery rhyme, one that you’ve never heard.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, playing by a tree.
Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me,”

Before she could finish, Bucky began singing as well.

“Bunny ears, Bunny ears, jumped into the hole,
Popped out the other side beautiful and bold!”

You both stared at him with wide eyes. Bucky however, grinned back at the two of you with triumph on his handsome face. He managed to remember something that wasn’t horrific or involved Steve. This was purely a personal memory he shared with her.

Leslie looked down at Bucky, her blue eyes watering.

“You two can have as many milkshakes as you want. For old time’s sake!” she exclaimed, wiping away the ones that fell.

Bucky and you thanked her. Even after she left, he couldn’t wipe the million dollar smile on his face. And you’d be lying if you said you didn’t get a bit teary eyed as well.

Yeah, this was a brilliant idea.


The ride back home was a long one. Tony let you borrow his favorite black mustang which he usually used for taking Pepper out. You figured the car would give you some relationship points, considering Tony claimed he “always got lucky” in this thing. Taking a sip of your to-go shake, you got the second best idea of that evening.

“Hey Bucky,” you say, looking over at him. His eyes are fixed on the road, his hair blowing slightly from the open window. Man, how did you get so lucky?

Bucky hummed, looking back over at you. His lips curved upwards into a small smile. One that made your insides melt. You popped the lid off of your milkshake and tooked the small cherry out of it. “You wanna see something cool?”

The car slowly came to a halt at the red light. Oddly, only you were the only ones at the intersection. For this specific road, that was kind of rare. Bucky placed the car into park and turned his full attention to you.

You plucked the stem from the cherry and placed it in your mouth. Bucky’s eyebrows raised.

“Wow, doll,” he deadpanned. “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my hundred years. Congrats.”

You swatted his arm playfully, earning a giggle from him. Gosh, he could be such a man child sometimes. You weren’t complaining, though. You loved that side of him. It rarely came out, but when it did, it was only with you.

You fiddled with the stem in your mouth, tugging it with your teeth until it formed a perfect knot. You didn’t notice it at first, but Bucky’s eyes never left your mouth. He subconsciously ran his tongue along his bottom lip, taking the pink flesh into his teeth. Your lips were his favorite part of your anatomy besides a few other hidden places as well. It turned him on that only he’d see those places.

Sticking your tongue out, you took the knotted stem from your mouth and held it up for him to see. But to your dismay, he didn’t even acknowledge it. Instead, he was staring elsewhere.

“I thought it was cool.” you frowned, tossing it out of the window.

Before you could turn back to him, you felt his hand grab onto your chin roughly and force you to look at him. Your eyes looked into his blue ones, which burned into yours. What had gotten into him. That’s when you made the mistake of licking your lips.

It was just a simple gesture of distress, nothing big or anything. But it caused Bucky’s erection to strain against his dark jeans. In one move, he crush his mouth onto yours. You groaned into the kiss, letting his tongue dominate yours with ease. You’d never say it outloud, but you were one submissive lady. And this newfound dominance was making you wetter by the second. That, mixed with the fact that you could still taste the raspberry milkshake on his tongue just added to the experience.

Reaching between the two of you, he undid both of your seat belts. His hand held you in place, forcing your mouth open a bit more into the kiss. Letting out a whimper, you obeyed him. But before it could get any better, he pulled away.

You pressed your thighs together, desperate for any kind of friction. By now, it had been at least five minutes. The light had turned yellow now, yet there still wasn’t anyone else remotely near from what you could see.

You ran your hand along his clothed thigh, dragging your nails against the material lightly. Bucky groaned, resting his head back against the headrest. Slowly, you reached for the zipper of his jeans. You pulled the zipper down, unbuttoning them as well.

Taking the hint, he lifted his hips up and you slid the material down his thighs. The sight of his fully erect cock resting against his stomach made your mouth water. You’d seen it plenty of times, but it still got you off knowing that only you could make him that hard.

Lifting yourself up, you crawled over the middle console of the car and swung one of your legs over Bucky’s lap. You placed your knees on either sides of the seat. His hands ran along the back of your thighs, traveling upwards. They slowed once they got to the waistband of your skirt. Before you could figure out a way out of the material, Bucky placed his hands on the waistband and ripped the material apart.

“Hey!” you whined. “That was my favorite skirt.”

Bucky pressed a kiss to your cheek, ignoring you. “I’ll buy you as many skirts as you want doll,” he pressed another kiss onto your neck, causing a gasp to escape from you. “But right now, I wanna see that pretty little pussy of yours stretched around my cock.”

You let out a moan. This was the first time hearing his dirty talk, but you weren’t complaining one bit. It was music to your ears. You slid a hand between the two of you and slid the material of your thong to the side. You pressed a kiss to his lips as you lowered yourself onto his cock.

You knew he was big, he’s a fucking super soldier, for Christ’s sake. But the way he stretched your walls, filling you up until you were resting all the way onto his hips, caused you to groan -not from pleasure, but pain. It wasn’t extreme, but enough to subside the pleasure.

“Блядь…” he sighed, his forehead falling into your chest. You gave an experimental roll of your hips. He inhaled sharply, pressing small kisses onto your chest. You repeated your actions, this time, giving a gentle bounce. Slowly, the pain began to subside and your body coursed with pleasure. You placed your hands behind you, on his thighs, and began bouncing on his cock.

“Shit…” you groaned, closing your eyes at the feeling of him entering and exiting your body.

Bucky ran one of his hands along the material of your blouse, feeling the warmth of your skin radiate from behind it. With a loud rip, the material came open. Your eyes shot open, peering down. The buttons from your blouse were gone, leaving you in just your black bra, one you wore for special occasions.

When he placed his hand on the material, you reached out and grabbed ahold of it. “This is my special bra!” you pouted. He gave you an amused smile, before ripping it off as well.

“BUCKY!” you shouted, turning an angry scarlet. But before you could scold him further, he placed his hands on your hips and began thrusting into you. You placed your hands on his shoulders as he pounded into you, his cock hitting inside you deeper and deeper.

“F-f-fuck!” your body jolted upwards from the force, making you stutter on your words. You placed a hand on the roof of the car to prevent hitting your head.

Your bodies moved in sync, rolling your hips into each other. Bucky’s mouth found itself onto your breast, sucking on it gently. You keened, pressing your chest further into his face.

Your other hand found its way into his hair, pulling on the long strands gently. He let out a growl, biting down gently on your flesh.

That’s when you heard it.

The sound of a car door opening and shutting loudly.

You could see the figure of the police officer walking towards your car, sending little red sirens off in your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Bucky asked, moving his head to the side and peeking at the side mirror.

The both of you instantly scrambled apart, desperately trying to make yourselves presentable. Bucky practically tossed you into the passenger seat, trying to pull his jeans back up his thighs. Slipping back on your ruined blouse, you held the material closed with your hands. As for your skirt, you simply placed it back onto your lap.

“If we go to jail, I’m so gonna kick your ass, Barnes!” You hissed, trying to smooth out your I-just-had-sex hair. Jesus, it was so obvious.

“Relax doll,” he laughed, winking over at you as he buttoned his jeans.

“I hear prison sex is the best sex there is.“

-FIN. ❤

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by just how important Jack and Shitty are to one another. Like, holy fuck. Jack would literally die for Shitty and Shitty would go to the ends of the earth for Jack. It’s cannon that frog Shitty fought some upperclassmen because they were making fun of Jack. There is no doubt in my mind that Jack has called Shitty his brother and they both cried and hugged for like an hour. Just, their relationship is so important to me. They love each other so damn much and we need to talk about it more.


the first 3 caps are from S1, during the bonding/training exercises, coran directing them with advice like “the paladin code demands you put your team members’ safety above your own!” and “protect your teammates, or no one will be there to protect you!”

the remaining 7 caps are from S2, and while keith and lance still sometimes rile each other up or try to outdo each other, i think these moments prove how much better they’re becoming at watching out for each other and keeping each other safe. the elevator scene has gotten a lot of focus, perhaps because of its prolonged focus on their teamwork, but i think smaller moments like these do a lot in the long run to provide foundation for future bigger moments. you could consider them examples of subtle showing, not just telling, that will make their future scenes as a good team/partnership all the more effective and believable! their rivalry is a lot of fun and i doubt it will ever go away completely, but it can be balanced into something more mutually helpful that doesn’t end with getting too caught up in bickering and crashing and burning.

Merry christmas and Happy New Year @yamarygraylu

just tried pinting for once I am sorry if it looks awful … I tried … I mean it doesn’t look too bad … I wanted to make something special cause it’s a gift , and experimenting and it’s been so long since I used my tag . I still hope that you can overlook all the bad there is in the drawing , one thing I am proud of are the eyes of the teddy bear and the bunny slippers , at least there is that you can enjoy . Well I also want to thank @graylu-angstweek for making my participation possible .


Mp100 Valentine’s Week
Day 8 Prompt: Confession/First Kiss

So i couldn’t pick just ONE of my otps from this show so i did all of them. This is pretty much my personal headcannon for how each confession would go down. For Terumob, Teru would probably say something first but Mob wouldnt take it like that and just take it as a compliment until time later where hes like oh! For Ritshou its like. . .Shou says it casually all the time and Ritsu of course feels the same way but just doesn’t say it till he feels like its the right time. Serirei would totally be something where either Reigen slips up and says it or Serizawa makes a big confession about it

Anyway I had tons of fun doing this even though i didnt have time to do anything serious so you guys had to just see my crappy notebook doodles. I look forward to something like this in the future ✌✌

Thinking about Taylor being online without showing it, I realized why she doesn’t like many posts anymore.

The reason why is she knows that whenever we see she liked a post, we’re going to go crazy on the self reblogging and the caps and for her it’s just a sea of people jumping and waving at her wanting to be the lucky one.

Meanwhile, when we think she isn’t online, we reblog our friends, we tag people, we make inside jokes and we post whatever we like.

And I think for her it’s so much more interesting and fun than seeing thirsty people posting their face - no matter how sweet this is. By logging on silently, Taylor wants to know the real us and if it isn’t a beautiful thing then I don’t know what is.


A translation of the above JP script! It’s not that I doubt the english subs, but I figured that they don’t actually carry the weight of Prompto’s and Noctis’ words as in the original.

I’ve done my best to translate into what I think is a more accurate version of their conversation below.

N: Noctis   P: Prompto

P: What are you doing?

N: Not much. Just spacing out.

P: Hmm, I see.  -sighs-

-> Make small talk

N: A lot of things happened today huh?

P: Yeah that’s right! But everyday’s fun! Even if we almost get ourselves killed,  it’s fun.

P: I never imagined it would work out like this. Going on a journey with you guys.

N: Yeah, you’re right.

P: So how long have we been friends now? Since the beginning of high school. Hmm…. so that’s 5 years?

N: Yeah, but we knew each other way back before then. Since elementary school.

P: Eh? Why did you even remember that?

N: Could hardly forget being stared (gawked) at.

P: Haha… Well that… There’s a lot of reasons for it…

N: Even so, when we met in high school, you said “Hajimemashite” (a greeting for first meetings).

P: Ah that! It took me a lot of courage to say that!

P: -sighs- It’s somehow nostalgic.

N: You should have just greeted me normally.

P: It isn’t as easy as you say. Noct, I’m sure you won’t understand.

P: Back then, I was… Sorry! Actually, it’s nothing.

-> Urge him

N: What is it? I’m interested to know.

P: Haha, yeah I know.

P: Last time, I couldn’t talk to people. I had no friends, not any real ones anyway.

P: I was always alone. At times, I thought that I was just worthless.

-> Express interest

N: You’ve been thinking about that?

P: When everyone looks at the me now, they think I’m a fun loving person, or a happy go lucky joker.

P: They think I’m a complex person, but in truth it’s nothing close to that.

P: I always felt like I couldn’t catch up to you guys. I’m a commoner, and I’m not strong like everyone else.

P: I’m not good with people. Unlike Gladio, when he uses his social skills he seems like a totally different person.

P: Unlike Ignis, I’m not smart and I’m horrible at cooking.

P: But when I’m with everyone else, we have so much fun that I forget about my own self (points to his own weaknesses).

Then reality comes crashing back, and I remember I’m not like everyone else. I feel scared…

P: That’s why, I’m going to struggle everyday to become better.

-> Comfort him

N: I see. But I think you’re okay as you are now.

P: Eh? The me right now is okay?

N: Yes. Is there something wrong with that?

P: Ah, no. Just… I’m sorry for saying such weird things.

N: Anyway, you know I don’t make time for just anyone.

P: Eh? Why are you offended?

P: Ha… Thank you.

P: Ah, somehow I feel much better/lighter!

N: Haha, what’s with that?

P: Alright! I’m going to work hard at what I can do right now!

N: Right, I’m counting on you.

The Promptis is strong in this one XD
I hope the translation is alright! I’m not an expert in the language after all.

If there are any errors or suggestions, please let me know and thank you in advance! ^^

snowbaz feat. drarry

For the @carryon-countdown prompt: crossover (and it works for the hogwarts au prompt too lol)

  • okay so baz is a fellow gryffindor of the golden trio (just because)
  • and after the war they go back to hogwarts for eighth year

  • and he gets really close with harry
  • since there aren’t many students in eighth year, they’ve mixed the houses together
  • so baz and simon are roommates
  • and harry and draco too
  • baz and harry meet at lunch breaks
  • and rant about how much they hate their roommates
  • but not really
  • “merlin i hate draco, i mean malfoy, so much, he’s so rude and he’s always smirking and making fun of me and he’s always up to something”
  • “crowley i hate snow and his fucking moles and his handsome face and how fucking oblivious he is and i hate that he’s always fucking shirtless i mean it’s fucking december man, why does he have the need? anyway he only does it because he knows i get uncomfortable and horny and–”
  • “hmm baz…?”
  • “yeah he’s the worst, right?”
  • “baz…”
  • “harry?”
  • “what did you just say?”
  • “uhm… he’s the worst”
  • “before”
  • “i get uncomfortable and… FUCK”
  • “yeah”
  • “truth is… i don’t really hate him”
  • “i don’t hate draco either”
  • and then baz realizes that draco behaves actually quite like himself
  • and tells harry “i think malfoy’s in love with you”
  • “what? but he’s so rude and he’s always smirking and insulting me and…”
  •  “OH” “So… what do we do?”
  • “What if… I talk to Malfoy, and you talk to Snow?”
  • “malfoy would never admit it”
  • “i’m not going to ask him nicely”
  • “okay… it could actually work”
  • so harry goes to speak with simon
  • and he’s like… “hey simon snow? yeah? are you by chance in love with my friend basilton pitch?”
  • and simon’s like “wtf no” “wait maybe” “i mean yeah” “merlin, yes, i am so in love, YES.”
  • and baz talks to draco “you, malfoy. do you hate potter?”
  • “fuck yes.”
  • “do you hate him so much that you can’t stop thinking about him?”
  • “true.”
  • “and how stupidly handsome his face is?”
  • “YES. someone finally understands.”
  • “and you hate him so much because you’re actually utterly desperately in love with him?”
  • “EXACTLY.”
  • “Wait, NO.” “I mean–” “…” “Fuck”
  • “Don’t cry Malfoy, he loves you too.”
  • “he does?”
  • “yeah, talk to him.”
  • and so they set each other up
  • and they bicker happily ever after

anonymous asked:

how to curb loneliness

focus on self-love man. read books you’ve never read, watch documentaries on shit you’re into, go for walks with your favourite music, try new movies, find little projects to do like art or gardening or making yourself over. learn how to be alone and how to enjoy you’re own company. otherwise, put yourself out there and meet new people or call up a friend to chill with. I used to have a few beers and just go on omegle (power through the dudes just holding their wangs) and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. I had so much fun doing that like I chatted with a 45 year old man from Ireland for two hours and just compared countries and lifestyles took the piss out of each other’s stereotypes.

there’s lots you can do to connect with others or you can learn to enjoy your own company.