just goin' to work

guys guys lets vote hard until the end!!! gogogo

lord i ask that you grant my new coworkers and supervisors the patience to work with a toddler-brained moron like myself

I know lesbian day is over already in the uk but it’s still goin here in the us and I just got off work so I wanted to take this opportunity to say how gay I am for @posh-boyy, thanks for coming to my ted talk ‼️‼️‼️

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helloo angels ✨ i want to make new mutuals so i thought i’d do this?? i don’t really know how these work so i’m just goin w it™


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Snarge is nsfw. finally. Justice. 

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Jake looks older!

yeaaa thats one of the things ive been trying to fix xDD since its a style problem its been a little slow goin but so far i think ive had good results! look at my grumpy child

could still use a little work, but overall the next real hurdle is keeping it consistent

I should’ve known it was too good to be true when my suspiciously chill four-year old said he’d help me unpack without anything in return. Yeah, you could say that my son is a genius, because it took me only more than several hours to figure out that one of my thirty-seven Jurassic Park t-shirts went missing. They’re authentic and homemade by real dinosaurs and I know he hid it somewhere I can’t find it. Whatever, I’m not mad, I’m just not goin’ easy on him anymore when we play Wii Bowling. Hey, world. Just your friendly neighbourhood Star-Lord, here. Sometimes people call me Chris because they’re super boring and know nothing about me. Star-Lord works just fine, thanks. How’s it goin’ everyone? You all saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two, right? Answer ‘yes’ aaand we’re instant buddies.

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Hi! I'm the anonymous from contagion ~ how u goin guuurl? Fuck, I just wanna say, I feel so discontent working in advertising. It's so much stress and materialistic shit. I mean, there are some cool people. But there are a lot of not so cool people.. ya know? I guess I just came here cause I feel like I'm a little lost and you seem super fucking cool :) what are your thoughts on ad agencies and how to get thru the day without wanting to shout yourself?

I feel the same I’ve been having a shit day everyday at work for two weeks today was the first okay day for me honestly!! Advertising is the worst thing in the world.what role do u do? I walked past contagion today aha kinda jealous ur closer to new world. To get thru the day I have to like go and make a drink at least twice and my friend and I go to look around for free food once a day and we try to find if there is dogs in the office. And we play table tennis sometimes. Basically I have to leave my desk at least 10 times a day and I have to eat lunch out at least once. Good luck !!!🌎🌎🌎

guess who ? 

it’s javis.  from that one pon game (if you haven’t played it check it out it’s a+)

my bby.

i really really liked this guy. I liked the whole game in general. a+ 


One day you’re callin’ me your babe or your baby,
then the next minute you actin’ all crazy.
One day you tellin’ me that you won’t give up,
then the the next you sayin’ you don’t give a fuck, it’s fucked up.
Why do I always fall for it?
I fall every time you make me feel important,
I fall every time you tell me that I’m pretty.
Ain’t seen you in awhile and we live in the same city,
but you partyin’, you flirtin’, you swingin’, you drinkin’.
I’m sinkin’, I can’t believe it, cryin’ and you the reason.
You movin’ on you say, you don’t love me you say,
and then you take it all back, and then my pain goes away.
And then you say it again and now I’m broken again,
now my wounds are open again, then I’m losin’ focus again.
You got my hopes up again, friends say that I should move on
but I guess I’m just not that strong, ‘cause you’re the only one I want.
No matter how many times you hurt me,
leave me abandoned, desert me,
get a attitude and curse me,
I still think that you’re worthy.
But if you don’t want me no more there’s just no more I can do,
but every time I turn on the radio I’ll always think of you.
And every time I get a text I’m wishin’ that it was you
but you don’t ever respond so I just look like a fool, in love.
But it’s time I let you go now,
I hope that she can make you happy and you can forgive me somehow,
I hope she holds you every night before you sleep, 
I hope she kiss you,
I hope she makes you feel amazin’,
and I hope that she can fix you,
I hope she makes you feel complete,
and I hope you like the new start,
and even though it pains me to say, I hope that she can mend your heart.
I know that you been hurt in the past,
I know I fucked up a lot,
but it’s hard to put you in the past
when you’re the only one I got.
I she does it all for you, she better keep a smile on your face,
and no matter if I move on, no one will ever take your place,
and that’s real.
Remember when we were talkin’ bout marriage?
We even picked our baby names for the day that we buy a carriage.
Sittin’ chillin’ with your moms, with you all wrapped up in my arms.
We could argue and make up so fast, I swear our bond was so strong,
like babe what happened to us?
It’s like 5 years down the drain,
I swear I love you so much,
I can feel myself goin’ insane.
But some things just don’t work out,
and I gotta realize that you’re done,
so I truly hope that you’re happy,
and I hope that you find the one.
Who can make you live when you wanna die,
who can make you smile when you wanna cry,
who won’t give up, who will always try.
I can’t give away my heart because you got mine.
Sorry for hurtin’ you over these years,
I hope you can forgive.
Without you I gotta learn to live,
I always love you for real.

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Whatwhatwhat Rob was cussing? Elaborate

you must’ve seen my riveting livetweet of saturday’s sns! i like to watch periscopes, and at dallas rob was cussing so much more than usual (mostly like “this is fuckin amazing!!”) but it’s little things like that that i truly enjoy

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Scout, do you ever think about how Billy Moran is *almost always* sitting on stage with Jared and Jensen when they do their panels? Do you think that he is an involuntary well of knowledge – full of useless (and sometimes facetious and silly) information about Jensen, Jared, Dean and Sam (and, indirectly, Misha)?

billy is an endless stream of constant useless j2m knowledge

up there………….on stage………….

he knows so much more than we know

billy knows all

and on top of it all, he can shred a sick axe

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*whispers* tidewatercomicon2k17

MAYBE? and i know where this is!! WE’LL SEE

>Kerri busts into my room
>”yo whats up”
>”Kayla can I ask a favor”
>”yeah whats goin on”
>”So mom and dad just went to work. Dan’s coming over. We’re gonna bone.”

hey everyone i just got sexiled from my own home, how’s your morning going

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The young dragon flew from rooftop to rooftop heading for Riff's flat, but as he approached he noticed her down near the building apparently going home so he glided down to meet her halfway and landed near to her. "Hey Riff, it's been a while since I saw ya, ow's it goin'!"

“Ah, hello Spyro… Just tired after a long day at work.” Riff greeted him with a pet on the head