just goes to show what chemistry can do

Undeniable Chemistry

My 9 yr old godson wanted to watch TWD w/ me so bad last night but he got his ass in trouble and had to go to bed lol I love it so much that he feels obligated to watch it w/ me lol (my baby) watching it w/ him now and he said “So wait whos the black girl?” I say “Thats my favorite Michonne”. He goes “ok and the main guy Rick? Why do they keep looking at each other like that?” I told him “because baby thats the King and shes his queen”.💁🏾🙌🏾 This little boy gonna then say to me “It seems like before he makes a move he looks to her to make sure she agrees. Thats relationship goals”. 😂 If my 9 yr old godson who barely watches this show can feel the chemistry between these 2 idk what to tell yall lmao Richonne trash is the way of life now just get w/ it.

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how do you feel about people calling Riarkle moments cowan moments?

I hate it SO MUCH you don’t even understand!!!

Like, ignoring the fact that there is just something inherently creepy about shipping two children that you don’t even know personally (shipping ANY real people, really). Like…I see a lot of posts saying “oh, this *whatever ship* moment was just the actors really having feelings for each other!!!” or people complaining that because their ship isn’t together yet, the writers have no idea what they’re doing and they’re awful at their job…And it just pisses me off so much, because obviously anyone who has any sort of vague idea of how acting or writing works would never be so stupid to believe that oh my God. A lot of hard work goes into it- chemistry like that CAN be faked by well trained actors, absolutely. But even if the actors are all but throwing themselves at each other, the fact that it’s in the show means that it’s 100% a moment for those fictional characters. The writers know what they’re doing, they have their story planned, they would not do anything to jeopardize that and actors can absolutely control their emotions when they’re working. They reshoot scenes in a million different ways and angles- if a moment gets into the final cut of the episode, that’s because it BELONGS there. End of story. People need to shut up, let people do their job that they are well qualified to do, and enjoy the show. Omfg.


Happy New Year sweet shipsters!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and have sufficiently stuffed yourselves with sugar and alcohol! I know that I did, and even had some turkey thrown in because in the south, that bird is on the menu for all major holidays!

Speaking of birds and turkeys, it looks like we got some live versions with our dynamic duo as well. I am going to call out some names and thoughts in this post, so I am giving fair warning to those who feel that this would damage their sensibilities on such matters, but I am only going to do it once, and will blissfully move on to 2017 and the new year.

Let’s start with Cait, who has always been my favorite, only because I think it took guts for her to become an actress at her “advanced age” (by Hollywood and Troll standards), and has excelled beyond everyone’s expectations. The accolades continue to roll in, and I sincerely want her to win her GG category because she so DESERVES it!! As for her friend Mr. McGill…I might not understand what’s up there, but, I am going to give him some credit. He seems to value Cait’s desire for privacy, and appears to avoid the SM sites like the plague! And, while he might not be my pick for Cait, he does appear to quietly go about his life with no perceived expectations about what Cait can do for him. For that alone, I am beginning to admire the guy. I don’t see the chemistry, but at least he does not appear to deliberately create self absorbing innuendo, and we only see him when Cait shows him to us. I would love to know what goes on in that gorgeous brain of hers, but since she hasn’t called to consult me, then I just have to reach my own conclusions.

Now let’s look at the hot mess that is Sam and Ms. Mauzy. Where, oh where do I begin?!? This totally orchestrated and fecked up drama has all of the makings of a D-List soap opera, complete with that level of acting by all parties involved! Let me be clear….I do not follow, post, or comment on her SM sites but I am not a fan of this person because I see an opportunist in the worst way. She can post herself bare-assed naked riding every tree and bridge from here to Canada for all I care, but I don’t have to follow it. And, if this is the kind of person Sam wants to date, marry, or stand around in the street having an urban weenie roast with, then have at it big boy! Your life, your choice. And even Sam seems to be doing all he can to help sell this story, but he is just not selling it well. Grainy photos, selfies next to town signs, pictures of the back of your head in airport lines, and now coordinated pics in the latest city du juor does not a relationship make! And, no offense, but the guy looks like shit! Sorry to the Sam only lovers, but just my opinion. Where is the Sam who is loved by everyone and values his privacy? Has he changed? Has that Sam been beamed up by aliens? This one is not the Sam I became a fan of, and it is not because of bigbird. It is because it is NOT who he showed he was, and I hope to hell that Sam is still in there somewhere.

So where does that leave me where Sam and Cait are concerned??? Well for me, the same place we started in 2016. Should they be together??…. you bet your ass they should. Are they together???..it is my most fervent wish. But, for some reason, they are doing their level best to convince us otherwise, and that is what keeps me on deck. If they are really with others, then there would be absolutely NO reason for the puppetry, innuendo, papped poses, or the interference from the wanker. And, as we have seen time and time again, it hits the fan when the breadcrumbs keep coming, and Sam and Cait have thrown them since Cait’s birthday.

So, I will not post on the canary again because I don’t follow celebritrash. Nor will I comment on Cait’s friend either, only because he hasn’t really asked for it like the other one.

But for Sam and Cait, it’s game on! They wanted this game, and I will play it with them. And no one will tell me who and how to fan. I plan to ride the ship til it sinks, or is visited by the Shiptini fairy.

Happy 2017 sweet shipmates, and all thrusters are on go!!😎🤗🛳🛳🛳

What I don’t think the writers of Supernatural understand about us is that we don’t sit here and want these men to have sex on screen. They aren’t some kink. We don’t just want to see them kiss and shit. That’s not what shipping is about.

And that’s what they don’t get.

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