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based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas

imagine what your life would be like if instead of thinking “i wish i could turn invisible/phase through the floor” whenever something embarrassing happened to you, you thought “i wish i could turn invisible/phase through the floor, but it would be really stupid to do that in front of my parents so i won’t”

tl;dr imagine being danny phantom



{psst; I know it’s in order of- but I’m still hoping it means she gets significant screen time too}


my album’s here!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyo to all you lovely people!!
As written in the lil’ title up there, I want to give a positive message to the people within the Ajin fandom! I’ve personally been a huge fan of ajin for a very long time, and seen the fandom grow a lot! And despite it growing bigger and bigger, it’s nice to see that there’s still a positive vibe within the fandom itself.

I personally haven’t seen any big ‘wars’ or anything of the sorts myself, and while people might have different oppinions or ideas about; what to ship, what is canon and non-canon or other things, I’ve seen a lovely side of the fandom where it’s a friendly place to be, with amazing people to talk to and share oppinions with. And I’m proud to be in such a fandom!!
As said, we might dissagree on perspectives here and there, but that’s natural! I’m amazed to see how well things have turned out in the big picture, and how it’s not stopping anyone from creating bonds with others and share ideas!
Of course there’s negativity out there, but i’m glad it’s not stopping the rest of the positivity.

It might seem a bit random of me to say all this ‘out of nowhere’, but it’s just so nice to be greeted by such a friendly atmosphere. //Despite the show oddly enough being rather dark//  So I wanted to take the time to say how proud I am of all of you guys out there, and how amazing it is to see the such nice people out there.

I’ve seen so many amazing people, who help to make the fandom such a great place to be! And even if you don’t post a lot or not at all, it’s still nice to know that there’s this lingering joy still around! I’m always happy when I see, amazing art, stories, theories or just general ideas, and all of this is thanks to everyone just being so amazing! I really admire this fandom, and I couldn’t be happier about how things are.

Also on a personal note, I really want to thank @omg-satou & @origami10 for being so SO amazing! You guys we’re basically the first people I started talking to when started I looking futher into the fandom itself, and I personally wanna thank you guys so much! You really made me grow as a person not only to be more confident, but also made me actually feel like I was a part of a fandom! -Which was new to me because I was always just the very shy blogger, who didn’t dare to talk to others at all! So I hope i’m not being totally cringy for saying all this, but I really admire you guys and just wanted you to know how much I appriciate what you’ve done for me. ((=^w^=))

But to everyone out there;
stay awesome and I hope you have a lovely day~

why is my girlfriend the most adorable person ever


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

I wanna turn into a beautiful, magical water fairy and go live in a secret lake in the woods only a few people ever visit and guide home little children who run away there and get lost

Who else is a part of the “my dumb ass was more stressed out about buying BTS concert tickets than studying for finals” club?


Just vent art.

a kind, honest, and resolute soul

so i’ve been reading this wonderfully-written slow burn undertale fic by @trashcandisaster called These are our Days and was inspired to figure out what my soul would look like


i made this

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365 Days of Justified


pandamanialoveswho  asked:

... *scoffs* you think you can use cute Tae to make it better? Pfft............. It worked. Lmao. For serious though, I really do love you and your writing. You're a total sweetheart even though you're ornery. You put up with my whining and crying. I promise to love you no matter what you do to try to break my heart. Haha. I can't wait to see where it ends.

Tae makes everything better

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Aww thank you so much!! And I love hearing you cry about the fics LOL, I welcome it! I love you too and thank you for reading and always expressing how you feel, it encourages to always continue! 💜


[FINAL FANTASY x Non-Western Aesthetics]

Genesis Rhapsodos + Mughal India

      “Why did I even waste money on this?”

      Although there’s quite the scene in front of him—the fireworks are a bit too loud for him to completely ignore—his focus is on the fortune he had received earlier. Perhaps feeling a little too relieved at being kept to his own devices once more, he shelled out what he could out of curiosity. Batter should know better than to trust superficial deities, but of course, he had nothing better to do.

      The rest of the festival doesn’t completely interest him, and considering how unfortunate his luck has been lately… Well. At least it was more hopeful than he was expecting.

      Perhaps he could take it as a sign for things to come?


      “This is stupid.”

       Batter’s leaning up against the Liquorice Bridge, hoping he can get some time to himself while everyone focuses on finding a better spot for the fireworks. His concentration seems to be on the fortune rather than whoever chooses to approach him.