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Jehan and Montparnasse go on the strangest dates.

And I’m not just talking about the cemetery ones, though they do occur. I’m talking about them going to small local cinemas to see foreign horror movies no one has heard of. They leant against each other in the dark room and laugh at the fake blood and overacting, and talk about their favourite bits on the way home.

They stroll in public parks at night, when it’s empty and dark, as the moon transforms the grass into a silver sea. They sit on the horses of the sleeping carousel and talk, kiss, or just listen to the heart of Paris beating nearby, unseen yet right there, withing reach.

Montparnasse finds abandoned buildings and brings Jehan there. They light candles and relish the eerie atmosphere. They imagine the lives of those who stood where they’re standing. They light a joint, sometimes, and Jehan recites poetry in a slow, melodious voice, while Montparnasse listens, his head on their lap.

Duncan: From now on we’re using codenames. You will refer to me as “Eagle 1”.

Duncan: Courtney, you’re “Been There, Done That”.

Duncan: Gwen, you’re “Currently Doing That”.

Duncan: Zoey, you’re “It Happened Once in a Dream”.

Duncan: Alejandro, you’re “If I had to Pick a Dude”.

Duncan: Scott, you’re … “Eagle 2”.

Scott: Oh thank god.

He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

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Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Dating Peter Parker Would Include

Just a short and simple headcannons I did. I know there are tons of these but I couldn’t help myself.


◾ Him being super nervous and awkward when he asks you out
◾"So y-yn.. I was wondering…I mean you don’t have to-
◾You murmuring a “finally” or “About time” when he finally asks you out.
◾You finding out he’s Spiderman and just going wih it
◾"Peter i- …so you’re the Spiderman?“
◾"Ok then….that is so awesome!“
◾Him taking you swinging across the city
◾Loads of cuddling
◾Neck and Eskimo kisses
◾Getting food together after school ◾"Sandwichs or pizza?“
◾Aunt May adoring you
◾Aunt May sharing embarrassing stories of Peter with you
◾Helping each other with homework
◾ Leading to your guys awkward first kiss
◾ Ned having to put up with your PDA
◾ You and Peter watching all the star wars movies together
◾Listening to him talk about Star Wars and visa versa
◾"Ok but obi-wan Kenobi is the best.”
◾"Pppfft we all know Luke is the best Jedi!“
◾You being constantly worried when he goes out patrolling
◾You always kissing him as a sort of “good luck” kiss before he goes out
◾Patching up his small injuries
◾Being their when he’s doubting himself
◾Covering for Peter when he isn’t where he’s supposed to be
◾"He wasn’t feeling good at lunch, so his aunt picked him up.“
◾Stealing his hoodies or t-shirts
◾"Y/n is that my shirt?”
◾Him being super protective of you
◾Standing up for him against Flash and always hitting Flash with witty comebacks
◾You and Peter having so much sass and sarcasm in your relationship
◾But also a lot of love
◾"Hey y/n?”
◾"Yeah, Spidey?“
◾"I love you..”
◾"Love you too.“


Headcannon & Ship Requests Open!
Your relationship with EXO when you’re 5 years younger than him and you’re cute and an amazing dancer as well.

Can I call it an EXO reaction? Help me name it cuz I like this kind of thing and I don’t know what to call this. 

This is not a requested one, it popped out of my own head. 
5 years because I’m 5 years yonger than Jongin lel 


In my opinion Jongin would be 100% obsessed with you and the fact that you’re good at dancing would give you plus points. I can imagine him saying “You’re so young and cute, what should I do?” almost every time he sees you. He would love to dance nights through with you and then fall asleep in the practise room, but he’d also love to cuddle with you on the couch while watching either Pororo or your favorite film.


I think Chanyeol wouldn’t believe his ears when you tell him that you’re actually 5 years younger than him. He’d definitely love to tease you because of it but the relatioship between you two would be something like when you’re lovers and best friends at the same time. Yeah, I can imagine him like: “Jagiya, did you just make fun of me? Come here.” and he would tickle you until you’re screaming. 


I think Junmyeon would be the protective boyfriend who takes care of his own princess like she is his daughter. I can imagine him singing Beautiful to you at nights, buying you presents or something meaningful but not that fancy when you schedule a date or just meet somewhere. He would be like: “Jagiya, have you eaten properly today as well? I left some Kimchi at the fridge- oh wait, this is for you.” 


Just like Chanyeol, Baekhyun would enjoy teasing you a lot about your age. He would love the relationship between the two of you. He would be a gentleman but hella passionate when it comes to… you know. I can imagine him wanting to go shopping with you a lot and there would be times when he’d help you apply the eyeliner. “Babe, come here, let me show you how pros do it.” 


I think Sehun would be the boyfriend who you can have a really flexibe relationship with. He wouldn’t want to be with you all the time, he’d respect the fact that you have your own life to live. 
When you’re together on the other hand, he’d want all your attention focus on him. Just like Jongin, he’d love cuddling with you after a long and tiring day of work. Sehunnie would say “You’ve waited for me for a long time, right? Come, cuddle with me, my queen.”


I think Kyungsoo would be as protective as Junmyeon. He would take care of you in every way possibe. He’d love to listen to you talking about how your day was and he’d love to make breakfast for you in the morning. I can imagine him saying “Oh, Jagiya, morning. Did you sleep well? Come, I made breakfast for us.”


I think Minseok would be a mixture of Jongin, Sehun and Kyungsoo. He’d love to listen you telling funny stories of your day. You two would work out together and even dance together and at the end of the day you’d just cuddle up in front of the TV and watch something. 


I think Tao would be the protective boyfriend as well who would give death-glares to everyone trying to seal his girl. But at the same time you’d have to hold him when you two are watching either a romantic film or a drama, since he’s so emotional. Just like Baekhyun, he’d also love to go shopping together wih you. “Baby, does it look good on me?” 

External image


Jongdae would totally be the most teasing boyfriend of EXO. I can imagine him teasing you all the time like: “Who’s the boss? I’m the boss. Why am I the boss? Because I’m older.” But he’d love you with all his heart so much so when he teases you, you’d get annyoed and he’d be like “Jagiyaaaa, you know I’m just kidding. I love you so much~ why don’t you come and help me improve my dancing skills?”


Yixing would definitely be the sweet boyfriend. He’d love to see you dancing, acting all cute, talking about unicorns and all that stuff. He’d play on the guitar and sing to you and watch you blush by the words “I love you.”

I hope you enjoyed this one. :)

You can make requests here and you can find all my scenarios and gif reactions here. Enjoy them! :)

request: Luke imagine where you guys are bestfriends but secretly love each other and Luke has to go away on tour and y/n meets someone and they become close :( you can go on from there! thanks.

a/n this is kind  of bad, it doesn’t really have an ending god I suck.

y/n’s pov

“so… you really have to go tomorrow?” I asked sadly casting my eyes down to the floor.

“I’ve already told you, I have to, I love going on tour and I can’t let the others down” he said sighly sadly both our faces expressing the same emotion.

“can’t you please just stay? I kind of need you here, your'e my best friend, how am I going to survive a whole year without you" 

"you know I would take you with me if I could, but I just can’t do this to you” he said looking at me

“then why don’t you take me with you?” I cried

“beause your life is here y/n. I can’t stop you from doing what you want so you can just spend your life following me around.” he argued 

“You know I would follow you everywhere, please I want to come with you.” I begged. He was allowed to bring me on tour if he wanted, his managers said. But he refused to take me. It wasn’t fair.

“I can’t” he said swallowing deeply  


“drop it y/n. Please” he said


"i’m sorry, let’s just enjoy our last day together” he smiled instantly brightening the mood.

“okay” I smiled up at his tall figure as he put his arm round me pulling me into his side.

There was a fairground in town for the week so Luke took me to spend our last day their together, it was a tradition to go to the fair together every year it came. 

“let’s get ice cream” he said dragging me over to the ice cream stand while giggling like an idiot. 

“two cookie and cream ice creams please” Luke ordered knowing what I wanted because it was both of our favourite ice creams. 

“let’s go sit by those swings, I have something I need to tell you before I leave tomorrow” Luke said and I nodded in response. Maybe I might get to tell him how much I love him and want to be more than friends, we had been acting a lot closer this month. 

He handed over the money in exchange for the ice cream and we went to sit by the swings. But as I tured around I wacked straight into something, my ice cream falling onto the ground. 

“Ohhhh” I whinned pouting.

“i’m so sorry” someone said and I looked up to be met with a cute blonde haired guy. I felt Luke pull me close to his side.

“oh don’t worry, it’s fine” I said blushing at his cute smile. He had dimples, just like Luke.

“I feel bad now, let me get you a new ice cream” he said 

“um okay, sure” I smiled “I’ll meet you over at the swings” I said loking at up Luke. 

I followed after the mysteriously good looking guy up to the ice cream stand. 

“My names Jack by the way” He said as we waited in the queue . 

“y/n” I said

After we talked in the queue for a while he gave me his number before I walked back to Luke. Even if I did tell Luke I loved him I doubt he felt the same so what was the harm of moving on, he was going away anyway so it wouldn’t work.

“ hey Luke” I said sitting next to him. He was staring into space sadly. 

“hey” he said blankly.

“uh you okay?" 

"yeah, i’m .. great" 

"so… what did you want to tell me before you go away?” I asked hoping he would ask me to come with him so I could tell him how much I was in love with him.

“um… it doesn’t matter anymore” he sighed 

“oh…right” I said and we ate our ice creams in silence.

We made our way home after a little while and I hugged him for at least 10 minutes not wanting to let him go. 

“i’ll be back before you know it and we will text, skype, call everyday” he said.

“promise?” I mumbled into his shoulder.

“I promise” he said “ II really have to go now” he said sadly.

“i don’t want you to” I sighed a few tears starting to fall.

“don’t cry, please” he said “i will make me cry.”

“okay” I sniffed hugging him one last time “ I love you”

“I love you too" 

I sighed, knowing it was only in a friedly way but mine meant so much more than that.

1 year later. (Luke’s pov)

I texted y/n to tell her we would be arriving home any second as the car was pulling down our road.

"Luke!” my mother shouted happily embracing me in her arms and hgging me tight “i’ve missed you so much" 

"i missed you too” I said looking around at all my family here. “ where’s y/n?" 

"oh, yeah she’s inside, but before you go in there don’t be shocked, she brought her boyfriend with her because they are going straight to the fairground after this” she said

Boyfriend? she had a boyfriend  and didn’t tell even after all the times we called each other and skyped while I was away.

“oh” I said emotionless.

“i’m sorry love" 

"it’s fine, it would have been nice if she told  me” I grumbled my mood becoming foul as I couldn’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else.

“LUKE!” y/n’s excited voice shouted as she came running out of the house and into my arms. I wrapped them tightly around her hugging her so tightly I thought I might break her. 

“y/n” I whispered into her hair.

“ I missed you so much i’m so happy your'e home” she said

“ I missed you to-” I said but cut myself off when I looked over her shoulder. She broke the hug looking at what I was looking at.

“oh yeah, uh Luke this is Jack, my boyfriend” she said sheepishly.

“ooh right” I said and I nearly kicked myself as my voice cracked. “ hi” I mumbled

“hey” he smiled stupidly.

“anyway we where just going to go to the fair wih a few friends wanna come?” she asked

“uh yeah, sure. We go every year don’t we?” I said

“yep” she smiled while Jack hugged her from behind making her smile and turn to kiss him. My heart was beating so fast and I had to look away to stop myself from crying.

“right okay, let’s go then” I said before I took my suitcase’s to my room which I would unpack later. I guess I should have told her how I felt a year ago before I went on tour. I was going to but then I realised I couldn’t do that, I couldn’t ruin her life by dragging her on tour with me. What fuun would that be for her? she wouldnt get to do what she wanted. She was better off without me. She proved that by getting a boyfriend. But I did’t blame her. She was my best friend, it’s not like she knew I was in love with her. She would never return the feelings anyway. 

Maybe it was time for me to move on.

gif not mine

This is actually one of the biggest reasons I hope the next companion, whether they come in a season or three (preferably some nice in-between space because I am absolutely not ready for Clara to go) travels with the Doctor.

Full time.

Because, as we have seen, the Doctor needs someone. Sure, it’s fine for Clara to sort of hop on and hop off the TARDIS, only coming once a week or so for her, because that’s her choice and what she wants.

But I just feel like the Doctor needs someone, and in between picking Clara up he could do a dozen things, or spend an hour or a day or a year, because he can time travel, and a week for her doesn’t have to be a week for him. He can have a shit time, he could return having seen something horrible or something fantastic. And I just feel like the Doctor really needs a companion for whom the Doctor isn’t a hobby.

Which, yeah, also, I know that it’s important for companions to not be so completely dependent on the Doctor, right, but at the same time (in my opinion) it really puts any kind of relationship out of balance when one person (Clara) sees the other (the Doctor) as one of many friends, a very small part of their life, whereas the other (the Doctor) sees the first as a very large part of his. Because, well, companions are a very large part of the Doctor’s life, aren’t they?

The Doctor: I need you.


Clara: You’re not my boss, you’re my hobby.

I’m not saying that Clara doesn’t value the Doctor, I’m just saying the Doctor needs someone with him a large part of the time, and with the setting he’s got going wih Clara it’s difficult.

But maybe that’s just what I think, IDK.