just go on the internet and tell lies

there were some people freaking out on my facebook feed over an article claiming that tapioca pearls are carcinogenic.


Read the god damn entire article and then think about it for like 10 seconds. consider how its sourced and maybe the fact that the study was taken from A SINGLE TAIWAN MANUFACTURER that kinda might NOT be regulated the same way US foods are, and that just MAYBE not every single place in the US gets tapioca from that one Taiwan manufacturer. Or maybe! It’s not even the tapioca itself that has a carcinogenic ingredient, the manufacturer applied something to the tapioca to make it so! IS THE SITE YOU’RE READING THIS ARTICLE ON EVEN REPUTABLE.


I’m just being real here. Carter your stupid ass needs to delete all your social media accounts. After someone calls you out on what you did to a girl and telling Vidcon. After vidcon says you aren’t welcome to vidcon any more. YOU DONT FREAKING SAY “good luck kicking me out” they aren’t treating you with disrespect stupid. They’re making sure you don’t pop your dick out and make a teen suck it just to get a picture with you or one of your internet buddies.

YOU DEFINITELY DONT NEED TO GO IF MAGGIE IS THERE. I don’t care. Carter and Maggie drama is getting on my nerves right now. And you two need to get your stories and lies straight.

This MAGCON drama is getting on my nerves. It’s like Carter vs Hayes Hayes vs Cameron (who btw didn’t publicly respond. Yo home girl m-Sizz is proud Cam) Matt vs Cameron. Everybody vs everybody. I try not to say anything about it, but I’m a teenage fan girl. You better believe that I’m gonna go Stiles Stilinski season 5 teen wolf on all this.

Carter those tweets you made today make you look like a child predator. If they don’t want you at vidcon don’t fucking go. Because when they get buff security guards to take you out; you’re gonna look stupid af. You know they can kick your scrawny ass out in .1.

lol you’re over here talking about disrespect. BOY YOU DISRESPECT PEOPLE EVERYDAY. You disrespect my eyes and my stomach when I see you tweet like that.

Just get off social media before you end up tweeting “I don’t see what’s wrong with being a potential rapist.”

The Magcon stans going to vidcon…I hope he doesn’t pressure you into doing something for anything. Y'all keep calling him a great person and that he’s learned from his mistakes.

Ask yourself did he really. Because judging from his tweets he didn’t change at all.