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I don’t understand why people will create such a stir and make someone take down an MV because “they’re objectifying women” but when a male is in the same position as the females in that video they are okay with it and probably would even praise it. Like? What? You can objectify men just as easily as you can objectify women. Objectification isn’t something that only happens to women. 

Here’s another thing that I don’t understand. Jay Park could put out an MV just like Ravi did and Jay would get praise for it, but Ravi gets hate? What’s up with these bullshit double standards? Ravi is the last person that would objectify women. If anything, he uses satire to point out how disgusting it is that people do objectify women. If you know what type of person he is, you would know he wouldn’t do that. He worked so damn hard on this album, and then he apologized for something he didn’t even do? If that doesn’t show you how good of a person he is then I don’t know what will.

a few non horror games that are either in rpg maker or have started on rpg maker, published a demo or full game, and have gotten recognition here on tumblr:

  • to the moon
  • melon journey
  • very pink game
  • pom gets wifi
  • starbot
  • oneshot
  • Qui Domi
  • GLITCHED (demo was in rpg maker mv, switching to game maker)
  • Long Gone Days (demo was in rpg maker, switching to unity for final product)

While horror is the most popular genre on this site, don’t be intimidated by it’s popularity and have faith that your game can get recognized as well.   Besides, there’s more sites to post your game on than just here on the tumbles :)

as much as I want to be in a cute relationship thinking about dating gives me horrible anxiety so

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