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Ahhhh!!! Congrats on the new blog!! You're so great omg 😍 could I maybe have Naruto, Kisame, Hidan, and Kiba hc's for a short and chubby fem s/o? I'm so excited to see what you have in store!! xox

You’re too kind :), thank you very much for requesting, and thank you for the compliments! I hope you enjoy these headcanons! 

Naruto, Kisame, Hidan, and Kiba with a short and chubby fem! S/O

Naruto Uzumaki:

  • Naruto does not care that his s/o is chubby, he likes it actually. He finds that there is more to cuddle with at night. 
  • He also thinks that his s/o makes a great human pillow. If she’s sitting down on a couch, he’ll lay his head down on her lap (cue his s/o’s fingers running through his hair). Or if she’s laying down he’ll rest his head on her stomach. And some days, when his s/o is laying down, he will rest his head on her boobs, it just is what it is.
  •  I hc that Naruto is an ass man, so you can catch him staring at her ass from time to time. If he does while in front of Sakura she will punch him on the head
  • As for height, if it’s pre-shippuden (Naruto was 4′8″) he will like that he and his s/o are the same height. But he will disappointed because he wants to be taller than her, he thinks the guy should be taller in the relationship. But because the two are the same height, he finds it easier to use her as a head rest. And because he and his s/o are the same height they’ll go back and forth on who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon.
  • If it’s Post-Shippuden, he finds the height difference adorable. He’s going to use her as an arm-rest, he’s one of those people. But with his new height he will definitely be the big spoon and he will grab all he can when spooning. 

Kisame Hoshigaki: *slight NSFW*

  • Also loves the extra chub. It’s more to grab during sex, and Kisame believes that thick thighs make great ear warmers if you catch my drift. 
  • As for height, Kisame is a pretty tall guy (standing at 6′3″), so he lives for short girls. He likes the contrast between himself and his little lady, it makes him feel more powerful if that makes sense. He will also use his s/o as an arm rest.
  • He will also tease her by taking something of hers and holding it above her head.
  • Kisame is more of a boobs type of guy, so he’ll stare (a lot more than he’d care to admit). He will also use them as his personal pillows (in private) and will focus on them a lot during sex. 
  • Will always be the big spoon and will grab her boobs when cuddling 
  • And if his little lady ends up doing something cute, he will pinch her cheeks which, of course, makes her flustered. 
  • In the event that someone teases his little lady for her extra chub, he will literally kill them. No hesitation. So…don’t make fun of her. 


  • Hidan lives for poking, pinching, and pulling at his s/o’s cheeks. He thinks it’s super cute and likes it when his girlfriend gets flustered. 
  • He uses as much of his girlfriend’s body as pillow as possible. He also has no concept of personal space and he doesn’t care where he is. Is he attending a super boring Akatsuki meeting? If they’re all sitting down he will rest his head on his girls thighs. Stuck camping? He will have her outstretch her arm and on it like it’s a pillow. 
  • He does like spooning, but he likes falling asleep on their stomach more. 
  • He just finds her super soft and super comfortable. 
  • As for height, Hidan is pretty average (5′8″), but he likes the height difference. He, like Naruto, thinks the guy should be taller. 
  • Totally an ass man, he will stare at her ass in public and he will definitely slap it in public. 

Kiba Inuzuka: 

  • Likes extra meat on his girl, something about it just seems sexy to him. He really likes the full hips look tbh.
  • He also likes it because he doesn’t have it, Kiba thinks that he is too skinny and likes that his girlfriend can be thick enough for both of them.
  • Side Note: Akamaru loves sleeping on her stomach and finds that the extra chub adds more warmth. So yay, she made the puppy happy!
  • Kiba also likes the extra warmth in bed when the two of them are cuddling,
  • He uses her thighs as his primary pillow source 
  • For height, if your talking about Pre-Shippuden then Kiba was as short as Naruto. He’s actually really bothered by the fact that he and his girlfriend are the same height. He doesn’t find it “manly” and he feels like he’s not as dominant as a boyfriend should be. (He has this whole Alpha male complex)
  • If it’s Post-Shippuden, the he’s fine and dandy. He loves the height difference. He’s not going to use his s/o as an arm rest, but he will be an asshole and put her things on the high shelf. He thinks it’s hilarious to watch her reach for things. 
  • Another ass man, he’ll purposely put things on the high shelf so he can stand behind his girlfriend and stare at her ass while she struggles to reach things.  


The average nightly ritual for Pacifica Northwest was to wait for her parents to go to sleep, and then slip out of the mansion when the security guards changed shifts. It had been her ritual for a rather long time now, a few servants had caught on but were very heavily bribed to keep silent on the 19 year old’s habitual walk.

It was the only time in the day the heiress truly felt like she could breath and as though she could shed the weight of her last name for a short period of time. It could last from only a minutes to a few hours.

Today’s walk was most certinally unusual.

For starters, it wasn’t during the night as she was used to. The past few days had been very hard on her with her parents grilling Pacifica for not getting first place in her latest golf tournament. She was an adult but in her mother and father’s eyes Pacifica was nothing more than an unruly overgrown child. And so, with her parents upset with her they had kept an extra careful eye on her to prevent any further screw ups.

And so her nightly ritual had been interrupted.

The moment that her parents went on a ‘business’ trip Pacifica had darted out. Disguised by thick sunglasses, sneakers and her trademark hair hidden under a ballcap and a hoodie.

The sweet summer air was heavenly on her face and exactly what Pacifica needed. She stepped outside and climbed over the fence quickly. The hoodie was pulled up as she started the trek into the woods where the chance of being seen was much smaller.

The woman had been walking for close to two hours when the rain started. By now she had rolled up the sleeves and the jacket unzipped due to heat. Pacifica yelped when big, fat raindrops smacked down on her. She quickly shut the jacket and tugged up her hood to hide her hair from the very sudden downpour.

Pacifica then started to run through the forest, hoping to return to her mansion quickly. Unfortunately in her haste she didn’t realize just how many wrong turns she’d made until the clearing.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

That statue.

Pacifica didn’t move.

She had done well in avoiding anything and everything to do with Bill Cipher and the Weirdmagetton for the past seven years. But here she was faced with it and-


She screamed, fell backwards and as if almost in slow motion, a gigantic bolt of lightning smacked down onto the statue completely and totally obliterating it.

Some chunks of stone hurtled towards her, smacking into her. But she’d been at the edge of the clearing, the worst one would only leave behind a nasty bruise.

As she inspected the damage, Pacifica slowly became aware of the presence of another person.

She slowly looked up.

And right where the statue had been, now lay a naked man.

Once she’d gotten over this initial shock, Pacifica tentatively approached him. Filled with a mighty suspicion, she nudged him with her foot.

“Hey you, like- wake up.”

Bill had never really thought about what it would feel like to die. 

It was an experience he never thought he’d have to even concern himself with again, not with being how he was. He’d felt like he was dyING, sure, plenty of times, a variety of ways across the millennia, but death itself was a finality he never put much thought into, even before he was immune to it. 

In any case, after the more familiar searing pain that had engulfed him in Stanley’s mindscape, now he felt….cold. Distant. That made sense, he found himself musing, after all, death WOULD be a cold, dark void. But was a void supposed to have feeling? Was he supposed to be able to contemplate his nonexistence? Maybe so…his life had been riddled with paradoxes, why not his death? Maybe that’s how it worked, he was just going to remain here in this cold, wet vacuum of –

Wait, wet?

As if on cue, the moment he realized this was a rather out-of-place sensation int he bleak picture he was painting for himself, he felt a small nudge, and heard a voice. It wasn’t the clearest of noises, full of an odd static that (quite honestly) only made him more curious about it’s source. If only he could somehow serach for it, move in it’s direct, try to rise up and out of whatever this was. With a renewed drive, he made an effort to do that, somehow, someway.

It worked.

Bill found himself looking up at a rainy sky (was that the source of the static?), being dowsed in water falling from the sky. Rain? Could it really be rain? But that wasn’t the only thing - there was a human there, some woman by the looks of it, staring at him. 

 Initially, he just stared back, a single cat-like eye peering unblinkingly up at her through the mess of hair atop his head. The more he stared, the more he found himself feeling like he knew her from somewhere. That didn’t exactly help though, not when he’d encountered many humans in this dimension alone throughout his life. 

Have we…met?

The words were his own voice, but they felt strange on his tongue. Wait, tongue? Why the hell did he even HAVE a tongue? Suddenly his gaze shifted down to his own body, only to find that HIS body wasn’t there at all. It was some human. 

my several thousand word rant on jack and touch, feat. art by ngozi and a lot of rambling

ok so I have a lot of capital-F Feelings about jack zimmermann + physicality

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Imperfect Cadence

Pairing: NozoMaki, NicoEli, Rinpana + years ot3 feels

FF Link ! Happy birthday @mackinmacki! I hope you like your present.

The last two chords ended in a progression from the first to the fifth, the imperfect cadence was left echoing around the empty music room, the unfinished tone lingered, leaving her oddly satisfied and empty. It left her yearning for more, craving for a conclusion.

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