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I’VE ONLY JUST DISCOVERED THIS AND I’M SCREAMING!!! It’s from the movie The Real David Beckham. Also my favourite youtube comment under this video:

‘ You can tell the interviewer is about to blow up at any minute and go, “For fuck sake Gary, what I’ve been subtley hinting at for the last five minutes, is that you cunts are gay with each other, that’s what this whole thing is about, I’m sick of hinting at it, so just tell me or I’ll shove that fork up your nose." ‘

Supportive boyfriend Andy Knightley

I’ve had this big ass post in my drafts for ages and it’s p cute so lol u can have it I guess
Tw: addiction recovery/scars (just in case I wanted to put a warning so I don’t hurt anyone ah

-supportive boyfriend Andy Knightley making sure Gary’s bandages r changed and his cuts cleaned bc yknow how it is W the apocalypse u don’t wanna get infected
-soon he doesn’t need to wear bandages anymore but Andy helps Gary to feel less conscious of his scars bc he knows how much he hates them
-he gets his boyfriend a lot of water and makes sure he drinks it
-sticks by him when the withdrawal gets at him again n holds his hair (which is getting a bit long now !! Which Andy loves) back when he’s over the toilet, pats his back, quietly reassuring him n hugging him afterwards n kissin his hair
-shaves his beard bc Andy misses clean shaven baby face Gary
- I might do an entirely separate post on how much Andy would carry him around, when he’s sad and when he’s happy
-Andy Knightley is truly a blessing to this earth and loves his bf very much !!

your hair is so soft...for a scouser - Chapter 1 - blindbatalex - Football RPF [Archive of Our Own]
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Vintage Carraville at the NT AU with forced room sharing and more shenanigans to come!

The England National Team has a new manager, and the new manager has ideas –as all new managers do– that will definitely surely absolutely turn the team around this time and do it for good. Except this time the idea revolves around encouraging teammates to bond through not-so-random rooming assignments.

Otherwise known as, is this Soviet Russia why am I being made to share quarters with a bloody Scouser I will have none of it AU

(◡‿◡✿) // 21 tracks that are so indie it hurts. [+listen]

#girls like you - the naked and famous // #come a little closer - cage the elephant // #between the bars - elliot smith // #robbers - the 1975 // #home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes // #iris - the goo goo dolls // #helena beat - foster the people // #ribs - lorde // #just dance - gary go // #electric feel - mgmt // #hurricane - ms mr // #sex - the 1975 // #tonight you’re perfect - new politics // #the girl in the dirty shirt - oasis // #young folks - peter bjorn and john // #elephant - tame impala // #howlin’ for you - the black keys // #let it go - the neighbourhood // #the ballad of mona lisa - panic! at the disco // #fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys // #closer - kings of leon // #out of my league - fitz and the tantrums // #you - the 1975

Pagan Internet dating.
  • Zoosk: Age?
  • Pagan: 28
  • Gary: Sir... You're 48...
  • Pagan: Yes, my dear gary however king status takes 20 years off you...
  • Zoosk: Occupation?
  • Pagan: Odd... No king... Ah, I'll just go with "firefighter"
  • Gary: Sir, how are you a firefighter in any way, shape or form?
  • Pagan: I made candles illegal, that's a fire hazard. Same thing, right?
  • Gary: Of course it is...
  • Zoosk: Gender?
  • Pagan: Ahaha. There's an other!? Yuma should join this!
  • Gary: King Min... That's a way of life like male or f-
  • Zoosk: Status
  • Pagan: Single and ready to... How does that saying go again?
  • Zoosk: Description.
  • Pagan: Would like a woman who's name begins with "I", dark brown hair and eyes, between 5"5 and 5"6, slender, no kids.
  • Aaaaannnnnd submit....
  • Zoosk: You have one new match in your area.
  • Pagan: Oooh!!!
  • Zoosk: "Gary Ellis" (made up last name) 6"3, firefighter with toned abs, thick black hair and brown eyes. My hobbies include "long walks on the beach" and "baths"
  • Gary: *sweats nervously*

01. Ain’t No Sunshine, Cœur De Pirate - Bill Withers cover
02. Get Lucky, Daughter - Daft Punk cover
03. You Are The One That I Want, Lo-Fang - Grease cover
04. In Your Eyes, Banks - Peter Gabriel cover
05. Crazy In Love, Kadebostany - Beyonce cover
06. Dirty Diana, The Weeknd - Michael Jackson cover
07. Maneater, Grace Mitchell - Hall & Oates cover
08. Damn Your Eyes, Alex Clare - Etta James cover
09. Toxic, Yael Naim - Britney Spears cover
10. Addicted To Love, Skylar Grey - Robert Palmer cover
11. Back To Black, Beyonce feat. Andre 3000 - Amy Whinehouse cover
12. Born To Be Wild, J2 feat. Blu Holliday - Steppenwolf cover
13. Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Lorde - Tears For Fears cover
14. Stand By Me, Mona - Ben E. King cover
15. I Will Wait, Julia Harriman - Mumford & Sons cover
16. Once Upon A Dream, Lana Del Rey - Sleeping Beauty cover
17. You Got The Love, The XX - Candi Staton cover
18. Sweet Dreams, Emily Browning -  Eurythmics cover
19. Dreams, Bastille feat. Gabrielle Aplin - Fleetwood Mac cover
20. Silver Springs, Lykke Li - Fleetwood Mac cover
21. Where Is My Mind, Sunday Girl - The Pixies cover
22. Just Dance, Gary Go Feat. Mr. Dialysis -  Lady Gaga cover
23. No Angels, Bastille feat. Ella Eyre - TLC / The XX mashup cover
24. No Diggity, Alice Jemima - Blackstreet cover
25. The Safety Dance, Sleeping At Last - Men Without Hats cover


Re: Third parties.

Certain states were never going to be a contest. Massachusetts, for instance, will probably never be red unless the apocalypse really does happen (I’m not discounting it, but hopefully the world keeps spinning tomorrow or we wake up on January 1, 2017, and someone’s like APRIL FOOLS). In that case, absolutely vote third party if you want to, particularly in smaller races.

But it takes a LOT of privilege to vote third party in a swing state. I won’t completely say “fuck you” for it because literally every prediction site was giving Clinton a nearly 100% chance of winning up until today, but I will say that I really hope you’re okay with four years of Donald Trump and what that will mean for your less privileged friends.