just go and travel to another country


My latest visit in Middle East reminded me of this fascinating (yet very inconvenient for the Arabic learners) phenomenon called “dialects”. You’ve learned Modern Standard Arabic? Cool, nobody’s using it on a daily basis anyway, so you’ll have to master at least one dialect to communicate with people in one area…

Just to go to another Arabic country and being clueless again XD

Meanwhile Slavic travellers going to other Slavic countries rarely even use the local language because people will get most of what they’re saying in their mothertongue XDD

(Slavic characters are saying the word “white”, while Arabic are saying “What?” in various dialects. Hope I did transciption right)

Serbia © Tix91

Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen © me

So lets talk about Lúcio Dva and Junkrat

Everyone seems to talk about how D.va and Lúcio are really famous, and how Junkrat is not.

But… he is. Like… possibly even more famous than either of them? Not everyone will know the name of a popular celebrity, especially if they’re from another country, but someone who clearly threatens public safety, has been traveling the globe to basically cause acts of terror and destruction… just about everyone’s going to know the name of someone like that. Junkrat IS famous. He’s famous, and I’m sure he knows it, and before joining overwatch he probably reveled in it. Everyone knows him, after all! That’s what being popular is, right? That’s what making a mark on the world is, right? He’s been going around, blowing up omnics and corporations and government buildings— all the people that could have lent a hand to his home but didnt— and isn’t that noble? It doesn’t matter if people die, as long as they’re the scum on the bottom of his boot. He wants them to be afraid of him. He wants them to know he’s coming for them next. And it doesn’t matter which country you own, how wide your company’s powers stretch, death will treat you all the same.

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Days until America: less than 24 hours. 😱

Once upon a time I thought moving to another country was a lot of work. And then I added a kid and all her crap into the mix and now I’m just praying the plane has stocked enough wine because I don’t see how else I’m going to get through an entire day of travel with a 1-year old who *loathes* being strapped into a seat when there are so many interesting things to investigate.

Does anyone know what the policy is for kids-as-pets in the cargo hold area?

It’ll be fine. It’s just going to be an exhaustive day of ‘all hands on deck.’ I’ve packed a month’s worth of snacks and junk food that I’ll occasionally throw her way to keep her happy.

As for toys, we’re in trouble as her favorite toys currently include anything that isn’t a toy i.e. DVD player, remotes, iPads, empty boxes, kitchen utensils and her personal favorite - the on/off switch on my heating pad. 😑

I wish she were at the stage where she’d happily zone out with about 6 hours worth of Peppa Pig but it’s more likely she’ll try to climb the seats into the overhead bin or climb into the service cart/food trolley.

It’s a good thing she melts my heart on the regular.

But honestly, I’m grateful to have her as a distraction. Distraction from all the goodbyes, the stress of repatriating and second guessing the move.

Just need to get through tomorrow.

See you on the other side, America! ✈️🇺🇸

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Your header picture thing is sooo cute!!! Where did you get that from? Anyways, what's Brazil like? I've never been there, but I kinda want to go there. I've seen pics and it looks like a beautiful country. If you had the chance to travel anywhere, where would you go? I mean besides South Korea cause who wouldn't want to go there, even if it's just to see Exo or any other Koop group. Also, if you could pick a color to describe your personality, what color would it be? Sorry for the questions 😊

hey sweetie thank you so much!!! all credits to the amazing artist hahah im always confused with her name because she always changes but her twitter is dopa11256. and brazil is a beautiful country indeed but some parts are kinda…. :/ but it’s a social problem we should discuss another time xD besides south korea i guess i would love to visit italy and some other countries from europe, ohhh and us too!!!!!! and about the color i really dont know which one :( i dont even know how to describe my personality aljkdjkasd sorry but i like pink and blue so i would always try to be these ones xD

Curious anons welcome 🌙✨

“I cringed when I heard the Trump campaign and administration start using “territory” as a euphemism for “religion.”

It wasn’t just the thinly veiled attempt to institute a Muslim ban by another name. Sure, barring travelers from seven majority Muslim countries with an exception for religious minorities is pretty brazen, but so is the president going on television and saying we need to protect Christians more than Muslims.

No, what made me wince was the sheer repetitiveness of it. We’ve seen this show before, and they haven’t even bothered to change the script.”


Ways To Remain Politically Active > https://alexaweinstein.tumblr.com/7_Ways

I want to go on exchange. I want to learn about other cultures, I want to see how other people live, I want to see another way of life than I am used to. I want to be fluent in two languages. I want to be able not to think about the meaning of words, I don’t want to translate everything in my head, I just want to understand it, like my native language. I want to travel around my host country and learn everything about it. I want to have friends in another country, and I want to try out new things, as many as possible. Surfing. Diving. Whatever I want. I want to make things come true which seemed impossible one year ago.
—  why I want to go on exchange

Mona’s well manicured hand tightened around the cup of coffee as she stood there for a moment, dark eyes on the older woman she’d grown to admire over these long months. When she gotten into politics, she never imagined finding a politician she actually believed in, and when she got in on Mellie Grant’s campaign, she finally had that. She was able to throw herself into her work at five times the normal effort, as she was inspired by the other woman and what she believed she could do for this country. The poll numbers were looking good and the election was getting closer, which meant going into overdrive as they attempted to send her campaign over the edge into a full win against her competition.

Mona was practically living with Mellie as they traveled the country, considering herself her right hand woman, with the exception of Olivia Pope of course, who was just another incredibly talented person to admire. Being surrounded by these strong ladies was utterly inspirational for the young woman, and she often found herself in awe of them as she listened in on their conversations. She watched Olivia walk off and took it as her chance, stepping toward the presidential candidate with a genuine smile on her face.

                “Your coffee, Ms. Grant.”

                                         ( @andromcdax​ )

My 1989 Tour Experience

I took my first ever trip to New York, to see back to back MetLife shows, in a dress that I hand painted myself with the NYC skyline.

A month later, I decided to drive to another country because…YOU DON’T NEED A REASON TO SEE TAYLOR.

And then a week later, I finally saw Taylor in my hometown!! Oh wait, and then Bella flew across the country to join me?! AND TOOK ME WITH HER TO MEET TAYLOR?!?!?!

But then two months after that, I just couldn’t stop seeing the 1989 Tour. So I flew to see it FRONT ROW with Lindsey!

I traveled thousands of miles to go to these shows because they made me so happy. I got to meet so many new friends. I got to see SO MANY surprise guests. I got to dance fearlessly in crowds of thousands. Thank you @taylorswift for everything. For making me smile countless times during the 1989 era.


Hello Taylor it is Valentina! 🙆🏽💖So this is my friend Javiera aka undercoated-heartbeats ( top right ) and I am on the top left picture 😊 Javi is such a great friend to me and she is so amazing and so supportive and I just love her so much and well Javi is going to see you in Manchester on June 24 and she is traveling all the way from Chile (she is Chilean too and we both live in Santiago) to see you with her dad and sister!! As soon as Javi told me this I was so happy for her because we both have never seen you live before even though we have been swifties for 5+ years because we could not afford to go to another country to see you on tour but SHE FINALLY IS and she is seeing you live in less than two weeks AND IT IS SO EXCITING 🐱!!!!!! She decided she wanted me to help her make her outfit so I did and we had so much fun doing it and we talked tons (I must admit I almost screwed up a few times but managed to fix it 😂😂👌) AND THE OUTFIT IS SO SPARKLY😌 ( who doesn’t like sparkles anyway? Ew.) and we nailed it and we have zero glue gun scars! 🙊 Anyways, JAVI (and her dad and sister) WILL BE SEATING ON BLOCK 102, ROW C, SEATS : 15,16,17. I really hope you can notice this young lady because I MEAN SHE IS ONE OF MY LITTLE CUPCAKES AND SHE IS SO LOVELY AND CUTE AND ALL THIS FRIENDSHIP THANKS TO YOU taylorswift

🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱❤️💙YOUR CHILEAN GIRLS ,😘❤️💙🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

When I say I want to travel I don’t mean I want to stay at resorts and go on tours with tour guides. I don’t want to be a tourist. When I say I want to travel I mean I want to explore another country and become a part of it. I want to try new things, meet new people, explore new cultures, learn new traditions and breathe in the air of somewhere no one knows my name. I just want to get in the car and drive with no destination or plans. I want to walk on beaches in Fiji, Thailand, Australia and go cliff diving in Hawaii and Jamaica . I want my mind to be in constant awe of life on earth. I want to see things with new eyes. I want to look at a map and be able to remember how I was transformed by the places I’ve been to, the things I’ve seen, and the people I’ve met.I discovered that the things that made me happy were not things that would ever make me rich. I want to come home and realize that I have not come home whole, but have left a piece of my heart in each place I have been. Home will always stay the same, but something in our minds will change, and that changes everything. I want to live and not just survive.
—  Veronica. S

Fucking odd that when a white american does some messed up shit in another country it gets explained away with the excuse ‘well you know how (kids) traveling abroad goes’ and shit like that.


This seems to assume that wiling out and causing trouble is like, normal for traveling americans.

“It’s just what you do, you go to another country and you maybe get a little wild”

Listen here you disrespectful little spitsuckers, other countries are not your vegas, they aren’t your private getaway, they aren’t your fun closet where you hide what a horrible cunt you actually are and then come back home and continue to get asspatted.

That’s home for thousands of people. It says a fucking lot about this country that we think you can just go to someone else’s house and throw a fucked up frat party and that’s normal. That you go there, get wasted, break some shit, fuck some people you shouldn’t have fucked, do some things you don’t want your friends to know, then come back bc you ‘got it out of your system’.



My name is Anna Nadia Bandura, I’m from Poland and I’m traveling the world alone, just with Taylor Swift’s album 1989. I called this project #1989TravelsTheWorld. This year I’m going to visit 20 countries and spread Taylor’s music around the world. I’m going to the 1989 World Tour in Amsterdam or Germany ( I hope so!). 

P.s. I got the CD back but he stole the polaroids. Gotta buy a new one (excited to get another polaroid set :D)!

Currently in Bali, Indonesia. 

another one of these silly “I’m traveling” posts

yep, it’s true. Here I go with another silly post about how I’m leavin the country. This time to ISRAEL! (can you tell I like to travel?)

I’ve sort of set up a personal goal to try and not be on the internet as much as I have been on previous trips just to see if I can do it but I’m sure I’ll be checking in and I have a queue set up so I won’t totally fall off the face of the earth. 

I love you all and I’ll see you in 10 days! xoxoxox

I think a lot of those posts that are ranting against people who say “just travel” when people don’t actually have money to may ignore that it’s much easier to travel in Europe for various reasons like:

1) people don’t usually have school debts
2) people live with their parents longer
3) if you book in advance you can get plane tickets for another country for something like 25$
4) there are really cheap cities like Prague where you can get food for less than you do in your own city
5) with a basic knowledge of english you can actually get summer jobs in another country without requiring any authorization
6) you will actually get vacations from most jobs whether you want it or not
7) you can go to another country, stay 1 night and then go back

I mean that’s not to say that it’s always easy or that “just travel” is the correct answer, but when i stopped and thought about it for a second it’s pretty clear that if you’re American you probably don’t realize how much easier traveling in Europe is