just glue some gears on it

519: Outlaw

I don’t want to talk about the Gor books.  I don’t think I need to talk about them – there’s plenty to mock in Outlaw without going into its source material.  Anyway, if I were going to talk about them I’d have to read them, and everything I’ve ever heard about them tells me that I definitely don’t want to do that.  They sound like a Fifty Shades of Grey for basement-dwelling misogynist nerd stereotypes.

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Super Fancy Small Cosplay Props

Hello! Do you have trouble working with Worbla? Not sure how to make fancy armor decorations, or can’t find the perfect small pendant online to match what your costume calls for? 

I haven’t seen too many tutorials floating around about working with plasticine and Worbla, but it’s something new I started trying out recently and I’ve been getting very good results with it! So I’m making a tutorial, to share my progress with people! Featuring Jesse McCree’s hat from Overwatch. 

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anonymous asked:

What of the trend of just gluing some fears on it and calling it screampunk?

I’m pro-gear gluing because as a young creature I took all of my lunch money and invested it in both a large gear conglomerate and used the dividends to build a glue empire that would boggle your mind.

If you bought gears or glue in the mid-80s to mid-90s, you bought my product. Anywhere in the world. I had everything I needed – Scooby Doo lunch boxes, temporary tattoo sleeves that changed every few days, fanny packs that could hold various sundries.

I lost it all in a market crash because the public switched to rubber bands and cogs. THIS IS DIFFICULT TO DISCUSS but the world must know.

I am torn up, inside, every time I stare into a machine store window and see the cogs and rubber bands parading themselves around, making widgets widget and thingamabobs thingamabob.

The world is broken.