just glue some gears on it

519: Outlaw

I don’t want to talk about the Gor books.  I don’t think I need to talk about them – there’s plenty to mock in Outlaw without going into its source material.  Anyway, if I were going to talk about them I’d have to read them, and everything I’ve ever heard about them tells me that I definitely don’t want to do that.  They sound like a Fifty Shades of Grey for basement-dwelling misogynist nerd stereotypes.

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Super Fancy Small Cosplay Props

Hello! Do you have trouble working with Worbla? Not sure how to make fancy armor decorations, or can’t find the perfect small pendant online to match what your costume calls for? 

I haven’t seen too many tutorials floating around about working with plasticine and Worbla, but it’s something new I started trying out recently and I’ve been getting very good results with it! So I’m making a tutorial, to share my progress with people! Featuring Jesse McCree’s hat from Overwatch. 

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AWESOME, you must watch this! <3


Catchy and true

Hi #Steampunk tag

Okay #Steampunk tag, as much as I love #Victorian and #Goth aesthetic, simply being Victorian and/or goth does not automatically make something “steampunk”.

As Sir Reginald Pikedevant so eloquently explains in the attached video, “‘Steampunk’ refers to a type of science fiction about alternate pasts, not future prediction. Often set in Victorian Britain, but the history of technology is being rewritten.”

There need to be some science fiction and/or fantastical elements to stuff you’re calling #steampunk, not simply some Victorian style lace and a corset. Even “just glue some gears on it” would make a lot of the stuff I’m seeing more steampunk than it would be. Go for some sci-fi elements: spruce up your parasol handle with some copper, brass, or steel tubing/piping, or stick an old-fashioned looking lightbulb to the top ferrule. Weave some thin copper wire into lace (added bonus that it hold the shape you want better than starching it). There are metallic fabric rivets in many colors at sewing/hobby stores that can make an outfit look more industrial. Emphasize that the sci-fi technology is changing faster than your sense of style is.

Also, though Victorian Britain is the most common steampunk inspiration, I have seen magnificent steampunk outfits inspired by Ming Dynasty of China, Maratha Empire of India, Iroquois Confederacy of North America, and Renaissance Venice under the Serenìsima Repùblica. It’s all about alternate history and a bit of sci-fi, not just Victorian top hats, leather, lace, and corsets.

TL; DR, tag things a bit more accurately, #steampunk is not a catch-all for anything anachronistic or vaguely Victorian.


I was talking to brsis yesterday about the terrible waste of potential in Steampunk, and now I have this song stuck in my head.

Steampunk! Bringing more Color and Diversity to You!

Guys guys guys. So you know how much I love Steampunk, right?

If you don’t, welcome to the club.

But anyhow, the more I look at Steampunk outfits (as much as I love all of them!) it really frustrates me how people think Steampunk means

Yes yes while those things are fine and dandy, they don’t see the full picture here; the beauty of variety as is in any other genre. You don’t find all cyborgs in a cyberpunk society!

It comes down to a beautiful thing called ~STEAMSONA~
First, pick a nationality and look at the clothes they had, especially in the late 1800s- early 1900s. Any nationality. There are more places in the world than England and America!

Let’s take a look at my steamsona, Poleskeu Blood, for instance. She is Irish, and was born in Ireland but because of the financial issues in Ireland at the time, her parents moved to America to pursue big business. 
-In the 1900s, lace jackets were a huge fashion statement. Poleskeu has a black brocade and lace jacket, likewise.
-Historical fact: Although the stereotypical idea of the Irish is the red hair and green eyes, that actually originated from Scotland. After Scotland invaded waaay back in history, the bloodlines mixed. The original Irish had dark hair and dark eyes. You are likely to see both, but red hair-green eyes is a very rare gene to have!

More than that, brown and goggles is not a bad thing! It’s all about placement, though. If your character is an AIRSHIP PIRATE, what do they do? Are they an engineer on the ship? If that’s the case, yes, grungy browns and goggles are great! Goggles protect the eyes from steam.

If you’re the CAPTAIN, what are you doing wearing a common color like brown? You’re great, and you know it and you will probably show it in how you dress in small ways. Poleskeu, as she became the captain of the BAST, started wearing blue and black corsets, black and red brocade skirts: You probably wouldn’t catch her dead in brown, unless it was something like a leather pouch where she keeps her shots of absinthe.

About gears: They are lovely and I really don’t have a problem with them glued on if it makes sense. But if you think gears automatically make Steampunk, you are mistaken. Horribly mistaken. The any time I use gears in my costume is with a clockpiece (Which admittedly is more clockpunk, but the two mix rather well!) on a hat, or with nuts and bolts on my earrings! I never keep them by themselves.
As beautiful as all your lovely Steampunk costumes are: These are just some things to keep in mind c: 

I tried to explain what Steampunk was to my sister in law the other day to try and get her to go to the SPWF and see Steam Powered Giraffe with me. She wasn’t quite convinced.
Today she sent me this pic she made of her dog Dewey and asked “You think they would let him go to your concert?”

a million times yes…
He reminds me of hatchworth <3


‘Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)!’ Professor Elemental and Mr B, Gentleman Rhymer. 2011

Inspired by 'Things That Are Not Steampunk’ on Regretsey

anonymous asked:

What of the trend of just gluing some fears on it and calling it screampunk?

I’m pro-gear gluing because as a young creature I took all of my lunch money and invested it in both a large gear conglomerate and used the dividends to build a glue empire that would boggle your mind.

If you bought gears or glue in the mid-80s to mid-90s, you bought my product. Anywhere in the world. I had everything I needed – Scooby Doo lunch boxes, temporary tattoo sleeves that changed every few days, fanny packs that could hold various sundries.

I lost it all in a market crash because the public switched to rubber bands and cogs. THIS IS DIFFICULT TO DISCUSS but the world must know.

I am torn up, inside, every time I stare into a machine store window and see the cogs and rubber bands parading themselves around, making widgets widget and thingamabobs thingamabob.

The world is broken.