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Give and Take [M] (ft. Taehyung) | 01 prologue

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→ friendswithbenefits!au with a twist (edging, oral, overstimulation, uh some really dirty shit, and oh yeah, Taehyung teaching you sex)
→ 12.6k (oneshot) 
→ part 1 | part 2 coming soon!

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Your thighs are trembling, but he just gives you a glare and continues lazily moving his fingertips against your skin, dipping a knuckle into your heat before slightly pressing his thumb over your clit. 

And repeat. 

Taehyung,–fuck–please.” You moan, straining against the neckties that bind you to his headboard. 

He props up his chin in his hand in between your legs and glares up at you. The hand in between your legs stills and you groan at the lack of sensation, and clench your teeth. He rolls his eyes. “Can you take this or not?” 

You let out a breath, calming your heavy breaths before loosening your grip on the binds and letting your body relax a bit. Closing your eyes and swallowing your dry throat, you speak up. Your voice is small and hoarse from the previous hour of exertion. “I-I can.” 

“Good. I thought so.” 

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The Son of Haggar part 1

Shangst Au

Lance always knew he was adopted, the Mcclains happily took him in. And for that he was grateful to them. He called then his family, though he did wanted to meet his real mother and his father. Wondering if they abandoned him, or simply couldn’t have him due to some circumstances. Though the adoption agencies said they found him on the beach crying at the age of 3.

Lance panted as he stared at the witch known as Haggar. Her golden eyes stared down at the wounded blue paladin. For some odd reason, she had sadness, almost like a mother losing her child kind of eyes.

“The Blue Paladin, I was once the guardian of the ocean.” Confessed the witch as she moved closer. Lance just glared as he looked for his bayard. “I won’t attack you, I have a very soft spot for you..” than she went on “We are known to be the most trusting, the most compassionate, yes?” As her long thin hands touched the Cuban’s face.

“You have my eyes…” she whispered, “you have his skin tone and hair.” She went on, Lance grew more confused. “You have his color blue But you have my markings…” Lance eyes widen in pain. He felt something sharp cutting through his face, but there was nothing on him.

“Shh..my child. This is your true form.” Lance stared at the reflection on the floor, so clear. He saw it. He had her markings, but in dark ocean blue. He saw the long elf like ears that alteans have.

Lance felt tears coming down, no he won’t believe it.

Lance grabbed his bayard but saw that Haggar had disappeared. He grabbed his fallen helmet and put it on a dark mode so the team wouldn’t see his face. And quickly ran back to his lion.

‘You found out my paladin..“ the kind voice of his blue lion whispered. ‘That Haggar was the original blue lion and your mother.’ Tears came down his eyes, “Yes I did…You won’t leave me because of that?” Lance whispered. ‘Of course not, you are mine.“ The compassionate lion said.

“Lance what are you talking about?” Shiro voice came out.

“Nothing! Just me and my beautiful blue just having a wedding plan.” Lance joked as he forced a strong joking tone. He was thankful for his classes in theater.

Shiro didn’t believe him, but decided to leave it at that. The mission was the worst of all they had, but thankful a successful one.

Blue told him how of Haggar became who she was, She was originally known as Farla. A beautiful blonde who was similar to Allura. Strong and kind. And when Zarkon betrayed Voltron, she followed him.

Blue went on saying she became pregnant with him, and had to hide him from zarkon. She hid him for 3 years or something similar to that. But the galra were getting suspicious. Haggar had put him into the blue lion and set it on sights of a far away plant. Or earth, though galra ships had attacked the lion and it crashed landed on the plant Earth. Lance was washed away from blue and onto Varadero beach in Cuba. Crying and in a language no knew he was saying.

Lance started avoiding the team, lying saying he felt sick, or just needed time to better his bond with his lion.

He started to put makeup that match his skin tone to hide Haggar’s markings. Though hiding the ears were more of a challenge. He began going to the space mall to buy different hats. Just to cover the ears, he hid them from team. By the time he thought he could go back to being the Lance they knew, something else happened.

His eyes started to change, the black pupil had change into a pale blue.

Lance felt tears coming down his eyes, it’s not fair…

– Part 2 -> https://bijellyfishy.tumblr.com/post/161513357287/som-of-haggar —————Part 3 -> https://bijellyfishy.tumblr.com/post/161534898607/son-of-haggar-part-3
pineapple pizza || b.b

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

Summary: Being forced into getting a personal trainer by your friend, you soon find yourself swooning for the man himself. 

Warnings: nothing except for cheesiness and corniness again!!!!

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: I know nothing of Buck’s stance on pineapple pizza but I gave it a shot + excuse my horrible writing I haven’t written anything for over a year and I’m trying to get my mojo back because I miss it all!!! 

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“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,” you kept whisper-shouting to your best friend as you walked into the gym. 

“You’re just saying that,” she chuckled as you shot her a glare refusing to move any further into the gym.

“But I didn’t ask for a personal trainer,” you whined like a child reluctantly following her into the change rooms. 

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Prompt! Tomione with: are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?

Hermione had never been one to date frequently. She didn’t like the process–pick a potential partner, engage in small talk for minutes and hours and days and weeks, small talk mixed with desperate attempts to impress–it was stressful and messy and she just never liked it. She contented herself to a quiet life to herself, with her angry, vicious, but overall loveable cat as the receiver of her affection. 

Then of course, Tom Riddle happened. 

And then it ended.


And somehow when it ended, when he was gone, the time she used to spend comfortably on her own was tainted somehow, thick with a horrible sort of loneliness that made every other relationship she had–friends and colleagues and cats–seem unimportant and useless. She had grown accustomed to spending time with him, even time alone or time unwinding had been with him, reading or cooking or sleeping or working with him, always with him, so that everything she did she was fundamentally lacking because he wasn’t there. She would reach up to the top shelf of her cabinet and he wouldn’t be there to swipe something down for her, condescending not-quite-a-smile on his lips. She would open up Nietzche’s Beyond Good and Evil and he wouldn’t be there at her back or at her side to tear into every word in the novel to try and incite her to a debate. She couldn’t so much as wake up in the morning or brush her teeth or take a shower or go to the grocery store without feeling the absence of him like some stupid lovesick–

So, she dated.

And it was shit.

And he was always there when it all went wrong.

Her first date she met on a dating app, because Harry and Ron had signed her up for three (and it was her opinion that they had much too much fun making those dating profiles for her) and though she had been staunchly against the idea of meeting someone on a dating app, she found that the person she met didn’t seem quite as horrible as she would have expected. His name was Oliver, and he was a bit older than her, and very obsessed with football, but he was also rather lovely. He was polite and fairly well-read, he indulged her in her brief literary rants when she started on them. He was nice.

Neither of them ordered shellfish–he told her at the beginning of the date he was rather fiercely allergic–but that apparently didn’t stop shellfish from making its way onto their plates without their knowing. And that imbecile didn’t carry an epi-pen on him, so Hermione had to rush him to the hospital while his face swelled and he could hardly breathe and she saw him there, at the bar, just sitting there and watching as she dragged her dying date out the door.

Oliver was fine, in the end, but they never went on another date.

Her second date she met at a bus stop which, to be fair, was a rather stupid place to meet a date. He approached her, offered a borderline insulting compliment about her hair, and asked her out for a drink. And Hermione was hungover from a night of drinking alone in her flat where she had drunkenly purchased an extremely expensive, brand new play tower for her cat which he would never use, so she said yes. 

His name was Cormac, and he definitely wasn’t the worst man she had ever met, but he was definitely near the bottom. He was narcissistic, and condescending, but then so was Tom, and she had loved him anyway. So she ignored the little things that annoyed her and tried for once in her life to just have fun and stop wallowing in her self-pity. Besides, she couldn’t expect a perfect date with a bloke she met only a few hours ago at a bus stop.

Then his girlfriend showed up, screaming, drunk, and Hermione didn’t stick around long enough to find out if it was a current girlfriend or ex-girlfriend before the girl tried to start a physical fight with Hermione, at which point Hermione just up and left. She was probably lovely when she wasn’t drunk, Hermione figured, whoever she was. It wasn’t as if Hermione was a perfect human being when she was drunk–she had bought a £250 play tower for her cat about 24 hours ago, after all.

And who should be there when she leaves the pub but him, across the street, waiting at the bus stop, smoking a cigarette. She remembered pausing on the pavement to meet his gaze from across the street, and she wanted to badly to cross traffic and punch him in the sodding face, but when the bus paused in front of him and blocked him from her view, she hurried down the street away from him and got drunk enough to buy cat-wine so she would stop drinking alone.

Her third date she met at a club. Ginny Weasley dragged her to some club in London when Hermione confided in her how many horrendous drunken purchases she had made in the past week with the promise of stopping her if she tried to buy anything else for her bloody cat. And she met a man who called himself Gilderoy. He was older and very handsome, very drunk, and very loud. He kept telling her increasingly ridiculous stories and insisting they were true, and he kissed her like he was licking frosting off of a cake. 

But then there was a fire, apparently, and the entire club was evacuated, and in the freezing cold without the haze of the alcohol and the music his presence was marginally more difficult to endure, and she was cold and tired and angry and drunk and when his freezing fingers slid up under her shirt without even asking she just acted on instinct and elbowed him in the gut. And he, like an overdramatic lunatic, fell to the ground as if she had just stabbed him, and she swore she saw him in the crowd when she pushed through to get away from the blonde bastard writhing on the pavement, she swore she saw him–

So she just left and called an uber and went home and paid some artist on the internet to paint a picture of her cat to hang on the wall because he would probably be dead in a few years and she wanted to remember him, then she drunkenly cried about her dead cat who wasn’t yet dead for a few hours and texted Ginny in the morning to tell her she failed on her promise to be her impulse control.

Her fourth date was a friend of Harry’s boyfriend, his name was Blaise and apparently he was a ‘good match for her’ but Hermione was fairly certain when Harry said that he really just meant ‘you’re both single so just go for it what’s the worst that could happen’ and she agreed because it didn’t matter that it had been months since her break up, she still felt his absence like a hole in her chest, and she figured pointless dates that she didn’t want in the first place were better than sitting in her flat on her own.

But he didn’t show up.

Instead, Tom did. Just sat down in the seat in front of her in the much-too-expensive restaurant as if he belonged there.

“You can’t sit there,” She told him, “I have–”

“He’s not coming.” He answered simply, reaching across the table to pick up her wine glass and take a sip without asking, setting it down and picking up the menu to peer over it without elaborating.

“Why not?” She seethed. 

“Because he’s in the hospital,” He explained slowly, enunciating the words slowly and distractedly, and she was so angry at him she felt like she could reach across the table and throttle him until his face went blue and not feel a shred of guilt. 

The realization felt like a slap in the face.

“Are you–” She choked, her mouth twisting with disbelief, “Sabotaging my dates?”

He slammed the menu back on the table, the false-calm countenance fading away so quickly it was as if it had never been there to begin with the tension of his shoulders coupled with the heat of his eyes both unexpected and familiar, and it was only when she felt the headiness of his gaze that she realized he had not looked at her until that moment. “You shouldn’t be dating.” He said evenly.

“I believe I’m the one with the power to make that decision,” She reminded him viciously, “Not you. We broke up.”

“I never consented to breaking up.” He muttered, leaning back in his seat that was characteristic of him when attempting to appear nonplussed. 

“Never consented–?” She narrowed her eyes, her hands curling into fists in her lap, “You facilitated the break up!” 

“I did no such thing.” He even had the nerve roll his eyes as if she was the one being ridiculous, as if she was the one acting like a child.

“You are always like this,” She seethed, turning her gaze skyward with a bitter laugh, “Controlling and possessive like a petulant child–” His eyes snapped back to meet hers, the corner of his jaw twitching as if he was grinding his teeth, “–Just tell me where Blaise is.” 

“I already told you.” He intoned.

“Which hospital?” She pressed, but she could tell even before she asked it that he had no intention of telling her. She huffed, picked her purse up and made to leave, “Fine, I’ll find him myself–” But before she could manage, he had lurched forward to grab her arm to halt her from leaving.

“There’s no point,” He told her, “It’s not as if he’s in critical condition, he only broke his leg.”

“You mean you broke his leg.” She corrected.

“That is a bold accusation.” He drawled, and she hated how much she had missed that tone, teasing and sarcastic, the tone he used whenever she was right and he wouldn’t admit it. She couldn’t respond right away, just glare furiously at him, until she finally managed to make herself move, to wrench her arm away from his hand and throw enough money on the table to pay for the wine so she could leave.

She made it about ten paces away from the restaurant before he caught up to her again, his long fingers wrapping around her arm. She jerked away immediately, but he held fast this time. “Let go of me!” He maneuvered her to the side, pressing her against the wall to stop her from pulling away. 

“It’s not as if you even want any of these men,” He said quite severely, “I don’t understand why you are so upset–”

“You never understand why I’m upset,” She fired back, “Because you’re an emotionally-stunted–”

“Everything I do makes you upset,” He argued.

“Well then maybe you should stop being such a rotten bastard!” She snapped, “You were the one who caused this. I asked you–I asked you if you saw a future with me and you said no. What the hell am I supposed to do? Just wait around for you to get bored of me like you do everyone else?”

“You’re not everyone else.” 

“I don’t know what that fucking means Tom!” She snapped, “Why can’t you just for once say what you feel instead of counting on me to read between the lines?”

His palms cupped her jaw suddenly, his fingers threading through the hair at the back of her head in a way that was almost painful as he held her still. But he didn’t say anything, he just stared at her in a moment of silence, his lips parted as if ready to speak but instead, he kissed her.

She really shouldn’t have indulged him. She should have pushed him away and maybe punched him for good measure, but she had spent months dreaming about his lips and his tongue and his hands and his everything. Maybe it was a little pathetic that she caved so easily, but all it took was the scrape of his teeth on her bottom lip for her to sigh against his lips, her hands gripping at his back like a lifeline.

His face felt rougher, which was an odd sensation in and of itself. He always kept himself meticulously put together, closely shaved and finely styled. But as he licked into her mouth she could feel the coarseness of his chin against hers. His fingers dug into the back of her head, the length of his body pressed against hers. There was something shockingly tender about the way his thumbs fanned across her cheeks, the way he relaxed his fingers to allow his hands to rest against her throat as his mouth eased away from hers.

She thought she recognized the look in his eyes when he pulled away enough for her to see. She thought she understood when she reached out and felt the coarseness of his cheek against her palm. 

“You told me no.” She reminded him.

“I didn’t mean it.” He said.

“Then why did you say it?” She asked a bit desperately, trying to reconcile the strangely tender way he handled her now with the disregard he had shown her before. His jaw clenched, she saw the twitch in the corner of his jaw and felt it under her palm. She thought that he wouldn’t answer, resigned herself to his silence and weighed her options in her head, whether it was worth it to risk his inevitable disinterest just to have a few more moments with him.

“Nothing good lasts.” He told her finally. Startled, her hand fell from his face ot lay limp on his shoulder. It was the most personal admission she was sure she had ever heard from him.

“You think we’re good?” She asked carefully. His lips twitched downward into what as almost a frown.

“No,” He said, his thumb brushing across the skin under her eye. “I think you’re good.”

“You told me you don’t believe in ‘good.’“ She said quietly. He didn’t answer except for another clench of his jaw.

She took a deep breath. It was filled with the sent of him, a heady reminder of his presence, as if she needed one with him pressed against her. She didn’t think about the fights they had, the inevitable blow up that was their break up, the controlling possessive way he regarded her when it suited him and the tenderness he offered almost as a tool to draw her back in when his control wavered. Instead she thought of how miserable she was without him. She thought of the way he sometimes looked at her like she amazed him, she thought of how easy it was to share her time and space with him. She thought of how desperately she wanted to let go of all the horrible, sad things just to be with him again.

So she let it go. She curled her hand around the back of his neck and kissed him again.

When she pulled away she said, “You’re paying for Blaise’s medical bills.” And in spite of his irritated frown she continued, “And you’re taking me to whatever hospital he’s at so I can be sure he’s alright.”

Begrudgingly, he did as she said. 

Afterward, they went home, and for the first time in months she didn’t feel like a stranger in her own flat.

(He did raise a judgemental eyebrow at the sudden influx in cat toys and may have scoffed at the sight of Crookshanks looking down upon them from the top of his cat tree, but he said nothing.)

Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Epilogue

April 1


I find the letter at the foot of my bed when I wake up.




I don’t know exactly how to say this

I’ve been sitting here staring at the blank page for ten minutes

Why did you have to be the Mage’s Heir?

I wish this didn’t have to be so hard to say

Crowley, this is ridiculous

We’ve lived together all this time and

Bet you thought I hated you

I don’t hate you

I can’t even explain what I

Why did we have to be enemies?

Fuck it.


I love you Simon Snow.



He finds me outside the dining hall, and when he storms towards me I see the letter in his hand. I brace myself.


“When did you even write this?” I begin.

           Baz looks taken aback.  “What does that have to do with anything?”

           “And why did you have to write it today?”

           “It’s April Fool’s Day, Snow,” he tells me, “or did you forget already?”

           “That’s just it,” I say, my voice getting louder. “Why would you write something like this on a day where it could be a prank?”

           “For exactly that reason.”

           “Well, what am I supposed to think?”

           He gives me a look.  “Think whatever you want, Snow,” he shrugs, “I’ve made my move, just focus on making yours.”

           I glare up at him a second longer.  His eyes are gray and deep and almost sad.

           His mouth is right there, and his lips look soft like his hair.

           I wonder if he’s noticed where I’m looking.


I wonder if he’ll reach up…

           Or if I’ll have to reach down…

           Or if I’m even brave enough…


I’m not brave enough.

           I step back while I still can, before I’ve been staring at his mouth too long or before one of us closes the distance.

           I wish I had some sort of parting phrase, something more eloquent than “fuck you”, but I don’t.

           So I turn and walk away, feeling his eyes bore into my back, feeling that same magnetic tension I’d felt when I’d left him to cry away his own nightmares.

           I wait until I’m around the corner before I start running.


Maybe a love letter is a lame April Fool’s Day prank, but when else am I supposed to tell him? When else would he take it with a grain of salt?

           Except he didn’t take it with a grain of salt, even today.

           I hope it makes him hate me.  I hope he burns it in front of me.  I hope he makes me burn it with my own fire.

           I wish he would just break my heart and leave it at that.

           Because the only thing worse than knowing he hates me is not knowing.


I could have kissed him.

           I wanted to kiss him.


           I’m outside when I run out of breath and I lean against an ivy-covered wall before pulling my phone out of my pocket and dialing Penny’s number.



           “Hey Simon, what’s up?”

           I squeeze my eyes shut.  “You’ve got to help me.”

           “Why, what’s wrong?”



           “I almost kissed Baz.”


I find Simon sitting on the ground against a wall, and the grass is wet but I join him anyway and wait for him to speak.

           “What’s wrong with me, Penny?”

           I shoot him a look.  “Nothing’s wrong with you, Simon,” I assure him, “you’re just scared.”

           “Baz hates me.”

           I don’t answer.

           “And I hate him, right?”

           “If you have to ask me, then you probably don’t.”

           “But I must,” he insists, “I always have.”

           “Things change.”

           “Not this.”

           “Where is this even coming from?” I ask.  He hands me a folded slip of paper.  A letter, and even though it’s not signed, it’s clear who wrote it.  

           “It was on my bed this morning.”

           “You do realize this is probably a prank, right?”

           “But that’s just it,” he sits forward urgently, “I can’t tell.”

           “Simon,” I tell him firmly, “if he does feel this way, then what better day to tell you than on a day you might not realize it’s true?”

           “But why wouldn’t he want me to realize?”

           “Oh, I don’t know,” I scoff, “maybe because you’ve been mortal enemies your whole life and he’s supposed to kill you and it would be bad enough if he thought you hated him but even worse if you didn’t?”

           He doesn’t respond, weighing the possibility in his mind.

           “Quick question.”


           “Who almost kissed whom?”

           He shakes his head.  “I’m not really sure anymore.”

           “Did you want to kiss him?”

           It’s a long moment before he gives the slightest of nods.  “Why would I want that, Penny?”

           I put a hand on his knee.  “Oh, Si,” I murmur sympathetically, “you know why.”


I only go to the room for a minute after lunch to grab a jacket, but when I get there, there’s a note on my bed.



I love you too.



Of course I do.  How could I have doubted for a second that I did?


I avoid him for the rest of the day, spending most of it wandering the catacombs and when that gets boring, the Wavering Wood.  I climb to the top of the highest tree I can find and close my eyes, trying to remember how it felt yesterday.

           I don’t know if I should be reading into the note or not, but that’s probably my own fault.  I did it to him, so he did it to me, all on the one day of the year dedicated to practical jokes.

           Yet neither of us have actually said April Fool’s.

           I wait as long as I can to return to our room for the night, and by then it’s dark already.  Simon doesn’t appear to have come up yet, but the window is open, so he must have been here since I found his note.

           As I stare at the window, something dark and long swoops through the outside air lazily.

           I venture closer, and it swings by again, but this time I see what it is.  A dragon’s tail.

           Part of me wants to yank it hard and send him tumbling (his wings would save him anyway, no harm done), but I just poke my head out the window and find Simon on the roof, his tail dangling over the edge.

           “What in Merlin’s name are you doing up there?”

           “Turns out I like high places,” he replies without looking at me.  I should go back inside (I don’t have anything else to say), but the sky is clear tonight and the moon is hitting his curls in a new way and I could study them for hours.

           “What are you looking at?” he asks when he catches me staring.

           I shake myself out of my trance.  “Nothing,” I say, ducking to retreat back in.

           “You should come up.”


           “Up here, it’s a great view.”

           “I can see just fine from here, Snow.”

           “Yeah, but…” he trails off, still gazing out over the grounds, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

           “You can come down if you want to talk to me.”

           “Where’s the fun in that?”  He shoots me a shy smile like he’s not sure if it’s allowed. “Seriously, just get out here.”

           I peer over the windowsill to the moat.  “I’ll fall.”

           “No you won’t,” Simon scoffs, “I’ve seen you climb.”

           “And I fell.”

           “I’d catch you.”

           He won’t look at me again but I can tell he’s not going to take no for an answer.

           I look anywhere but down or at him as I scramble over the sill and up onto the roof, not taking the offered hand but not slapping it away either as I might have done yesterday.

           One almost-kiss and you’d think the world was turned upside-down.

           Well, two almost-kisses.

           I settle into place beside him, anchoring my feet so I won’t slide down the angled roof.  It’s really not the most comfortable position, and the night air is colder up here, but now that I’m here I can see what he was talking about.  The Wood is like a quilt draped over the land and the hills roll like waves into the distance.  “Not a bad view,” I concede.

           “Told you.”

           “It would be a shame if I were to push you off the roof right now.”

           “You won’t.”

           “You sure?”



           “You just won’t.”

           I should, just to prove him wrong. Yesterday I might have.



           “Why haven’t we teamed up before?”

           I give a dark laugh.  “It might have something to do with being mortal enemies.”

           “Is that what we are?”

           “Well, it’s no secret that the Old Families want me to kill you.”

           “So why haven’t you?”

           “Are you getting impatient, Snow?”

           “You’ve had every opportunity, but even the times that you have legitimately tried, you’ve ended up saving me.”

           “I’ll make a note to stop doing that.”

           “Please don’t.”

           “I doubt we’d make a very good team, Snow,” I chuckle quietly.

           He looks genuinely curious.  “Why not?”

           “I think there has to be a certain level of trust in a team.”

           “I trust you.”

           I raise an incredulous eyebrow at him.  “I sold you out to a goblin yesterday, and now you trust me?”

           “It seems that way.”

           “Maybe that’s the reason we wouldn’t make a good team, because of your horrible decision-making skills.”

           Simon just laughs.  “You weren’t actually trying to kill me, and besides, look how it turned out.”

           My mind jumps straight to the almost-kiss at the top of the tree and I’m suddenly grateful for the darkness hiding my blush. “What do you mean?”

           “You killing that goblin,” he practically gushes, “that was incredible!”

           I shrug.  “Goblins are stupid, it wasn’t exactly difficult.”

           “Exactly. Imagine if we’d teamed up years ago, the Insidious Humdrum would be long gone by now.”

           “How boring our lives would be.”

           “We wouldn’t have to be enemies.”

           I look down at my legs.  “We’d still have to be enemies.”

           “We could be unlikely friends.”

           “No we couldn’t.”

           He glances at me carefully.  “Maybe not,” he agrees after a pause.

           Maybe he could be alright with friends, but I don’t know if I ever could.

           Fuck the Families.  Fuck the Mage.  Fuck the roles we’ve been given and the parts we have to play.  Fuck it all.  I just want you, Simon Snow.



           “Why did you have to write that letter today?”

           I don’t know if I’m shivering from the cold or the question, or both.  “I’ve already told you why.”

           “Why couldn’t you have written it tomorrow?”

           I cast him a sideways glance.  “You know that April Fool’s Day isn’t the one designated day of the year that I’m able to lie to you, right?  Saying it any other day wouldn’t make it true.”

           “If it were true,” he says slowly, “today would be the perfect day to say it without the risk of being taken seriously, right?”

           I shrug carefully.  “I suppose.”



           He looks me right in the eye.  “Did you mean it?”

           I hold his gaze.  “Why are you expecting the truth?”

           “Because I trust you.”

           “That’s right, I’d forgotten.”

           He waits expectantly.

           “It doesn’t matter what I say,” I sigh, “you won’t believe me.”  It’s the grave I’ve dug myself.


           I don’t answer, just meet his eyes.

           “Did you ever consider,” he murmurs, “even for a moment, the possibility that your letter would mean something to me?”

           I don’t speak, I can’t.

           “Or that maybe my note wasn’t a prank?”

           I gulp.  “The thought crossed my mind, but it was too ridiculous to entertain.”

           He shifts fractionally closer but I can already feel the energy start to crackle between us.  “It’s not that ridiculous.”

           “What are you saying?”

           Simon’s eyes are dark like indigo, his hair framed by the moon behind him.  “I think…”

           I can’t breathe as I wait for him to finish.


I don’t know if I can say it.  Writing it down is one thing, but saying it face-to-face, and this close…

           Baz’s eyes are silver, illuminated by the moon behind me.



“Do you know why I woke you from the nightmares?” he says suddenly, and I want to slap him for changing the subject.  (And then kiss his cheek.)  (And then kiss his mouth.)

           “Because I was keeping you from your beauty rest?”

           “Because you were scared, and… it hurt me to see you hurting like that.”

           He won’t look at me again, and I want to take his chin in my hand and make him meet my eye, but I stay still and wait.

           “When you had the nightmares,” he eventually continues, “you didn’t just say no a lot.”

           I already know where this is going.  “What else did I say?”

           “My name.  Simon.”

           Figures.  “I was afraid of that,” I nod.

           “Can I ask what you were dreaming about?”

           It takes a long time for me to answer.  “I had to kill you.”

           “And did you?”

           Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

           “You don’t have to…”

           “Yes.  I did.” He’s silent as I take a ragged breath. “That’s why it’s my worst nightmare. I know I’ve been told all my life that I have to kill you, but if it ever really came to it, I want to think that I’d be brave enough to refuse.  But in my nightmares, I always give in.  Sometimes you kill me at the same time, and then at least I know I won’t have to carry on living in a world without you…”

“After I woke you,” he says a minute later, his voice getting quieter and quieter, “I hated myself for what I’d done to you.  I wanted to comfort you, to hold you until you fell asleep again, but I was too afraid.  When I walked away, it was like someone was ripping a piece out of me, and then I hated myself even more.  I thought the feeling would go away, but it didn’t.”  He looks me in the eye, and he looks terrified.  “It still hasn’t.”

He’s only inches away.  There’s tears in his eyes to match mine.  

“I think…” Simon moves even closer, “I think I meant what I wrote.”

My heart goes quiet, but I’ve never felt more alive.

“I know,” I whisper, “that I meant what I wrote.”

It’s taking everything in me right now not to fall against him.

I don’t miss his eyes as they flicker to my mouth and back up. When he speaks it’s less than a breath. “May I…”


He takes a handful of my shirt and pulls me down to him.


Baz tastes like citrus and wood smoke and I’m immediately lost in the scent.  His mouth is softer than I could have imagined and I want to be gentle, to move slowly, but I can’t stop myself from opening his mouth with mine.  I feel his sigh vibrate against my chin as I deepen the kiss and oh, it’s not enough.  I want to hear every sound he has, to explore every inch of him, to stay here forever discovering.  I know right now that I’ll never get enough.


Simon kisses me like he’s starving, like he can’t get enough, yet he’s gentle.  His mouth is slow and deep, and my hand is in his curls before I even know what I’m doing, angling his head and moving slow, like we have nothing but time.  The tears are spilling over from my eyes and I can feel the moisture of his own tears on his cheeks, but we’re both kissing through our grins, giddy and desperate for more.


Breaking away from him is like pulling the plug on life support, but he stays no more than a breath away.

“Are you shaking?” I whisper.

“It’s cold up here, Simon,” he murmurs back.  “Not everyone has an internal furnace like you apparently do.”

I grin and wrap my wings around the two of us.  “Call me that again.”

He presses a gentle kiss to my mouth.  “Simon,” he breathes, and I can’t stop myself from pulling him in again.

Baz keeps whispering my name between kisses, and I keep falling more and more in love with him.

The Savior - Chapter 2

Summary: Negan goes to the bar with Simon and some of the other teachers. He tries to rationalize his thoughts with the OC (reader) before she ends up sending him some texts which leads to them having a steamy conversation over the phone.

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon

Warnings: Swearing & Self Touching

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11995341/chapters/27233292

Previous Chapters: Part 1

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Why You Always Gotta Start Something? Montgomery x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst.

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“What the hell is happening?” I asked Zach as I pushed through the large crowd, him following behind. He shrugged as we came to the middle to see Alex push Montgomery against his car. This isn’t good. I thought.

“Shit.” I mumbled as Montgomery fought back and hit him in the jaw which insulted in him falling to the ground.

“I’m fucking sick of this shit.” I grumbled to Zach who also agreed with me. This is their fourth fight since we came back. I’m getting sick of it. Dad’s gonna kill him.

“You gonna pull them apart, again?” Zach asked as he watched them both roll across the ground like puppies play fighting. It’s always me that’s gotta pull them apart.

“I’m gonna have to, won’t I?” I sighed as I turned to see Zach nod at me. I looked back to now see Montgomery now on top of Alex. Now is the best time to pull them apart. I thought. I dropped my belongings next to Zach and moved forwards toward the ‘children’ fighting.

“Come on guys, break it up!” I shouted over at them. Monty ignored me and carried on as the chanting of his classmates was firing him up.

“Monty for fuck sake, stop, your gonna kill him!” I growled only to be ignored again. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. I turned around to face Zach, he nodded for me to do what I always wanted to do to Montgomery (I never got the chance to but my brother always did). I nodded back and smirked.

I turned around and kicked Monty the hardest I could in the stomach. He rolled off of Alex and landed on the hard ground, groaning in pain.

“Fuck.” He groaned as he clutched his stomach. “How the fuck did you learn how to kick that good?” He asked as he tried to stand up but stumbled, leaning on his car for support.

“In my genes, I guess.” I smirked only to earn a glare of him. I looked down to my younger brother and offered my hand out to help him up which he grabbed and I gently pulled him up. He groaned in pain and clutched his side as he stood up on his feet. “You okay?” I asked to which he nodded at.

“Why’d ya pick him up? Shoulda just them him there to rot.” Monty hissed. “Well unlike you, I, have a heart.” I sassed back only to have everyone shout ‘ohh’. He just glared at me and moved forward.

“What ya gonna do? Hit me?” I asked as we came chest to chest as we stared at each other. I’ve always hated Montgomery and he’s always hated me. Guess it runs in the family.

“Alright break it up, break it up.” Mr Porter said pushing us away from each other but still remaining eye contact whilst keeping a straight face. “Hey! I said cut it out.” He said louder. We both broke contact to look at Mr Porter who had Alex’s arm over his shoulder to balance him.

“You two come with me, now!” I rolled my eyes and started to follow Mr Porter to his office just when I heard Montgomery say ‘Slut’ and people started to chuckle. My fists balled up in anger.

Before anyone could think I quickly turned around and slammed my fist into Montgomery’s face sending his head flying sideways wiping the smirk off of his face…

@kalex-corner have a look! Just because it’s you. This are just little parts that I like so far but let me know what you think :P

@soul-wanderer This is what I’ve been writing. The thing I sent you a pic of. So after the huge amount of pain you made me endure this morning, have a read I guess. Just so you know that I love you indeed *clutches chest and cries dramatically…in Spanish.*

It’s not the first time she has to deal with something like this but, Alex wishes this is the last. To be honest, she knows it won’t. Superman doesn’t know when to shut up and his words always manage to get into Supergirl’s nerves. In the end, Alex is the one dealing with the aftermath of their battles. She’s getting tired of the Man of Steel and if Kara doesn’t do anything about it, Alex will.

Alex knows that Kal-El doesn’t mean any harm to his cousin but it’s funny how he talks about being “Stronger Together” when he left, abandoned, Kara with the Danvers without looking back. Really, it’s a funny thing how he appeared back into her life when Kara decided to be a hero but refused to follow his steps.

Kara is not all rainbows and Sunshine even when her facade is giggles and awkwardness. That’s a fake persona, the image Kara built to protect herself. That is an image of light born from darkness and pain. That is what everyone sees because Kara doesn’t want them to look deeper. She won’t let them get too close and know just how sad she truly is.

Kara is not a Danvers. Kara Zor-El is not hope and happiness. She can’t be because every time she closes her eyes she sees her world exploding and her life ending. Earth’s sun gives her abilities that go far beyond anyone’s imagination. They’re amazing and yet, when Kara flies above the clouds and looks at the stars, she’s able to find the black spot where her planet used to be.

Krypton is not longer part of the Universe but it still belongs to Kara. She’s broken, shattered and the pain won’t go away. She’s the last daughter of Krypton but that feels like a lie on Earth. Kara Danvers is a lie; a mask, always hiding, always scared of being her true self. Kara Zor-El is a memory, the past. She’s from Krypton, the lone survivor of a tragedy. Kara is lost.

Kara is an alien that stands out for all the things that don’t make her Kryptonian. She didn’t have powers back home. Those very same powers won’t let her forget, won’t let her be human enough. Her powers, extraordinaire as they were, gave her the chance to do everything she never wanted to do.

No one could ask Kara to follow her dreams when all of them became nightmares.

Supergirl wasn’t a hero because Kara wanted to be one. Kara couldn’t afford to lose yet another world, another home. She couldn’t lose Alex. Saving the plane was the beginning but her choice was born from fear. Being a hero was the best thing Kara could be on Earth.

“What are you making?“

“Your favorite.“

“You’re my favorite.“

“I’m glad because if you decided to pick Kal, I would kick your butt.“

Kara lips are soft but demanding when they kiss her. She’s asking for everything Alex has to offer, her teeth nibbling on her bottom lip and hands around her waist, keeping her close. As close as they can be.

Alex gives herself completely, without reservations, because there’s no one else she trusts more. She offers another little piece of her heart and soul with every kiss and touch and hopes that Kara takes it. She lets Kara take everything she wants while she buries her own  fingers on blonde hair and finds her place there.

Kara kisses her with so much love but also with longing, like they didn’t kiss just a few hours ago before Supergirl went on patrol. Kara kisses her with fear and a side of desperation because she can’t lose Alex. Not now. Not ever. And she’s afraid of losing Alex after every kiss.

They belong together, and together; they’re home.

A Malfunctioning Relationship

Summary: Bucky’s arm malfunctions during an intimate moment, almost injuring you. So he decides to go to a fellow engineer teammate for help. He really wishes he hadn’t.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2426

You wake up with a metal arm and a human arm wrapped around your waist. You smile to yourself and turn over to look at your boyfriend’s sleeping face. He feels you move and squeezes his arms tighter around you.

“Don’t leave yet. I’m not letting go.” He mumbles. You chuckle and brush the hair out of his face. He places his hand over yours so it cups his cheek.

“Buck, you know we have training today, right? You keep staring at me while you’re supposed to be shooting the enemy. We can’t have another London incident. What if Steve hadn’t been there?”

Bucky opens an eye and smiles. “I can always count on you or your brother to save my ass, now can’t I?”

You remove your hand from his face and lightly hit his chest. “Yeah, well you still need to work on it. Sometimes it’s weird how much you stare at me.”

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “Oh, I thought that dating someone for a year meant unlimited staring time, doll.” A seductive glint flashes across his eyes and he waggles his eyebrows. “Guess I’ll have to pay extra for that?”

You roll your eyes and try to escape his grip. “You know Tony has the vitals and condition of everyone in the tower, right? I don’t want Thor barging in here again asking why our hearts were beating ‘unnaturally fast’ again.”

“He likes you. I’m sure he’ll listen to your explanation.”

You glare at him but he just smiles, moving so that he’s on top of you. In this position, you stop trying to get free and stare up into Bucky’s eyes. He does the same and you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss. His human arm cups your cheek and his metal arm is next to your head, supporting his weight. You start weaving your fingers through his long hair when you hear a weird mechanical sound. You pull away, confused, looking at Bucky. He’s about to say something when he crashes down on top of you. He quickly rolls off and you cough. He gives you a worried look, hoping you’re okay. You cough again and sit up.

“Well, that was an experience.” You said gently rubbing your collarbone area.

“An experience!? I fell on top of you! Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Do you need medical attention? What if I broke you!?” He says incredulously. You ruffle his hair and shake your head. “It’s okay, Buck. I’m fine. Just a little winded.”

He sits up and puts his head in his hands, struggling to fully move his metal arm. He looks down at the limb and tries to find out why it isn’t working. You’re discretely trying to catch your breath, so that Bucky doesn’t worry any more than he is already. You steady your breathing and turn to face your distressed boyfriend.

You gently pull his metal arm away from his face and he looks up at you. You give him a reassuring smile and lay it across your lap. You trace your fingers up the entire length of the arm, but don’t see anything wrong with it or out of place. You reach the part where the metal meets flesh and you hesitate to examine the area. Bucky gives you a small nod before you continue. You gingerly graze your fingers over the area and see a small wire poking out between the two different parts of his arm. You accidentally brush over it but don’t realize it until it’s too late. Bucky’s arm jerks and you feel a blow to the stomach. You slide back a few inches on the bed and immediately clutch your stomach. Bucky frantically looks at you and then at his arm.

“Shit! Okay, I’m not going to lie, that actually did really hurt.” You say groaning.

“Alright, I need to go and find Stark so he can fix this. I don’t want to beat you up anymore.” Bucky says getting off the bed. He comes to the other side and kisses your forehead.

“That’s probably a good idea. I’ll go with you.”

“No way, not in your condition. Just get some rest okay? I’ll figure it out.” He says leaving the room.

You sigh and sit against the pillows. Your stomach and chest do still kind of hurt. You laugh to yourself, not surprised how this morning has turned out. You and Bucky seem to have a lot of issues when it comes to suggestive romantic situations. On Monday, Tony decided to test new fire-resistant materials for the team’s suits.

It was 3 a.m. You and Bucky had just gotten back to the tower, returning from a successful mission. You figured no one would be awake, so you two barely got out of the elevator with any clothes on. When you finally made it to the bed, the sprinklers started going off and there were robots with fire extinguishers bursting into every room. It turned out Tony fell asleep and found out that the newest material he was testing was, in fact, not fire-resistant.

The week before, you and Bucky thought you two were alone in the tower since everyone else was seeing a movie.

Feeling full of adrenaline, you and Bucky flew at each other on the couch in the main floor living room like you had magnets in your clothes. That’s when your night was ruined by Tony’s tech, again.

“Mr. Stark would like me to deliver a message.” FRIDAY announces. “Alright kids, don’t think Uncle Tony doesn’t check up on the tower when he’s not there. He also specifically checks to see if people are doing it on his couch and he really doesn’t appreciate that. In other words, get a damn room and skedattle!” Tony said, his face appearing on the giant plasma screen.

You’re starting to fall asleep but the sound of your brother yelling your name alerts you. You roll over and see a frantic Steve Rogers in your doorway.

“Steve, what are you yelling for?” You groan burying your face back in your pillow.

He looks at you confused. “Why do your body statistics say you’re injured? You look like you haven’t even left your room today.” He says leaning against the door frame.

“Gee thanks bro, that’s because I haven’t. Bucky’s arm malfunctioned this morning and he may or may not have accidently fell on me.” You say lifting your head as your cheeks redden.

“He, fell on you?” Steve asks slowly.

“And he may have accidently punched me in the stomach too.” You say sheepishly.

“He punched you in the- you realize that he could’ve seriously hurt you right? He’s bigger and stronger than you, I mean, I can’t even take a punch from his other arm without having to take a break. And not to mention, he-”

“Wow, loving the sympathy, Steve. Thanks for that. I thought Captain America was supposed to be more empathic than this.” You say cutting him off. You shift uncomfortably and rub your chest again. Steve doesn’t miss this but says nothing.

“Yeah, well there’s an exception when it comes to sisters. It says in the handbook.” He says coming over and sitting on the edge of the bed. You move to sit next to him.

“Yeah? Well you just have to remember that next time I beat you in sparring like yesterday.” You say nudging his shoulder.

“That wasn’t a fair fight anyways. You didn’t have the sun in your eyes the whole time. But joking aside, are you okay?”

You’re about to answer but you start coughing right before you say it. Steve frowns at you and looks up at the ceiling.

“FRIDAY? Can you send a doctor in here please?”

“One has just been notified, Mr. Rogers.”

Your coughing fit stops and you shake your head.

“Steve, I’m fine. Trust me.”

“No, you obviously are having some respiratory issues. I’m sure the doc will tell you something that will help.” He says rubbing your back.

“Well what seems to be the problem Buckaroo? What can my genius mind do for you today?” Tony asks Bucky, who’s sitting on a table in his lab.

“Why do you have to be the only one who can help me?” He mutters to himself. “There’s a wire close to where the metal bonds with flesh that’s sticking out. It makes my arm go all crazy and I can’t control it.”

Tony gets out some tools and steps closer to him. “Hmm, let’s see what it will show me. Mind giving me a hand? Maybe an arm?”

“Stark, I hate you.”

About half an hour later, Tony is all done with Bucky’s arm. He had to take some of the plating off of the arm to get to the problem, but there were no other hitches. “Okay Furiosa, everything should be fine and dandy now. Just don’t put too much strain on it maybe for the next hour. Some of the skin where I was working got irritated so I’m going to find something to put on it from in Bruce’s lab. You can go back to your missus, I’ll bring it up to you later.” Tony says patting the metal arm.

Bucky nods and gets off the table. “Thanks Stark, I owe you one.”

“Yeah how about next time we’re in London you don’t almost let me get shot because you’re ogling your girlfriend.” He says, his mouth in a straight line.

Bucky shrugs, “Steve had you covered. Besides, what good is that tin can you step into if it can’t withstand one shot?”

“Of course it can! But it really felt like all of our team building exercises were a waste.”

“I’m sorry Stark. Tell me when more team exercises are happening though, they’re so fun.” Bucky says sarcastically. He exits Tony’s lab and starts to head towards the exit. A booming voice stops him.

“Ah, Mr. Buchanan! What brings you down in these parts of the facility? Dr. Banner here is showing me some very interesting Midgard science that I’m not really understanding.”

Bucky turns and walks over to Bruce’s lab and hovers in the doorway. Thor is standing by a table with a microscope on it. Bruce is looking at computer screen behind the god. He turns and nods at Bucky.

“Thor, I’ve said this before, it’s Bucky.”

He looks confused. “Yes, but Stark said you prefer-”

Bucky shakes his head. “He was lying. Anyways, I just had some problems with my arm, but they’re all fixed now.”

Thor smiles brightly. “That’s excellent, Bucky! So it has been upgraded?”

“No, not quite, just fixed.”

“I’ve tried to offer upgrades to him before, Goldilocks, trust me.” Tony pops out of another room in Bruce’s lab holding multiple tubes of different lotions.

Bucky rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. “I’ve declined because I don’t want be your next project, Tony.”

The engineer shrugs and reads through the tubes he’s holding. “Oh c'mon I could do so much. Sure you don’t want a vibrating feature? I could do it right now.”

Bucky is about to answer but Thor interjects. “Wait, why would he want that feature? Am I missing something? Banner, can you explain it?”

Bruce’s head shoots up and he looks around nervously. “Uh…”

“Don’t worry about it Thor, he’s just joking. I’ll see you later with something for my arm, right, Tony?” Bucky says ready to leave the awkward situation as quickly as possible.

Tony is already walking back into the other room. “Yeah, yeah. I just need to find the right kind. There’s like 300 things back here.”

Thor looks like he’s not going to drop the topic of a vibrating arm, so Bucky turns and exits right away. He heads to the elevator and leans against the wall letting out a long sigh. When it stops, he walks to his shared quarters, ready to flop down on the bed and give you a cuddle.

He walks in the bedroom and finds where you were earlier, just sitting in bed. You’re scrolling through your phone but look up and smile at your boyfriend. “Hey. Did you get all fixed up?”

He comes and lays down with his head in your lap. “Yep. Tony is coming up later to drop off some sort of a lotion because the skin by my arm got irritated or something.”

You set your phone down and brush your fingers through his hair. “Well I’m glad you’re okay, love. Steve was in earlier freaking out about my vitals and stuff.”

Bucky looks up at you. “So you’re saying nothing new happened?”

You smile again and start a little braid in his hair. “Yeah, he called in a doctor to come take a look at my chest and stomach. But there was nothing wrong. I’ll just be a little sore for the next few days. No marks and no bruises. It’s like nothing ever happened.”

He closes his eyes and furrows his brows. “Yeah, but it did happen. I still feel guilty. I don’t like you being in any pain at all, doll.”

You lean down and kiss his forehead. He moves so he’s next you and you climb on him. “I’m a fighter Buck. Besides, one little arm malfunction never would’ve killed me. It was an accident. No need to feel guilty.”

You kiss him again, this time on the lips. He pulls you closer, deepening it. His hands go from your back and travel down lower, pulling you up so you’re straddling him. Your hands are going towards the hem of his shirt when the inevitable happens.

“Mr. Barnes, Mr. Stark is arriving with the moisturizer you need.” FRIDAY says.

You reluctantly pull back and Bucky huffs out a very annoyed breath. “Damn you, Stark.”

You get off of your boyfriend and stifle a laugh. He stomps to the door and flings it open. Tony stands there with a bottle in his hand. He gives you a smile and you wave back.

“Here you go, heavy metal.” He glances down below Bucky’s waistband and lets out a laugh, handing him the bottle.

“Wow! Okay, here, take it! Looks like you needed it sooner than I thought. Bye lovebirds!”

Bucky looks down at the bottle and slams the door. He stalks back to the bed with a scowl on his face. You give him a confused look. He throws the bottle on the bed.

“It’s a bottle of lube.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Rowaelin pregnancy fic! Where like Aelins giving birth and Rowan is freaking out, and Aelin is just getting irritated with all his hovering? I know this is specific! Thank you 😃

Sorry this took so long to write! And this is my first time writing Rowaelin, and I would love to write more so please send me some prompts with tog ship!


Rowaelin - A New Beginning

Aelin did not think that she could possibly love this baby when it finally came.

Not when carrying it currently meant she was on bed rest, forced to stay inside while the others were able to walk around as they pleased. And not when her mate was starting to become a pain in the ass.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything? Water? More pillows?” Rowan asked from the chair next to their bed, a chair he hadn’t moved from for the past hour.

Aelin just glared at him, even though she knew his intentions were good, but did he have to be so damn annoying? “Again, I’m fine. And I don’t see why I even have to stay in this stupid room!”

Rowan sighed, something he did every time she brought this up, and -in the past forty-eight hours- she had brought it up a lot.

“The healer said…”

“Well, the healer isn’t me. And I think I know if I need bed rest or not.”

“I think you’re forgetting that you’re Queen, Aelin. And our baby is heir to the throne.”


Rowan just smiled at her, a tired smile, probably due to the fact that he didn’t want to sleep in case something happened. “Get some rest, Fireheart.” He told her, leaning forward to tuck a strand of blonde behind her ear.

And maybe it was his use of the endearment Fireheart, or the fact that she was getting tired, but Aelin found herself drifting off to sleep, feeling her mate’s gentle gaze on her.

Aelin woke to a sharp pain in her stomach. She sat up, the simple movement almost feeling like agony. Rowan was instantly awake, as if he had sensed her.

“What is it? Are you okay? Is it the baby?” He asked, his voice clearly frantic.

“I think…” She broke off as another wave of pain washed over her. “I think my water just broke.”

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Take Care of You Part 3

One Month Later

“Noona,” Seungcheol calls for my attention at the other end of the bar, “You’re cut!” I frown at his words, glancing at the clock on the register I see that it is only 10.

“Not yet kid! I have two hours left!” I snap back with a pout and continue serving the customers at the bar. There are plenty of people to serve and with there being only three bartenders for the whole restaurant we are pretty busy. Jun chuckles next to me when Wonwoo, another bartender, joins us from the back. “What the hell?” I whine.

“You are being set free, enjoy the rest of your night off,” Jun encourages, pushing me towards the kitchen where my things are.

“No! I have been getting really good tips tonight, I’m on a roll.”

Seungcheol glares at me with his hands on his hip, “Our heads are going to roll if we don’t get you out of here.”

Realization dawns upon me, prompting me to scan the restaurant and spot the cat eyed man sitting in a far booth with his brows raised. I puff my cheeks and pout at him but he just taps on his watch, a silent signal between us. “This is so unfair.”

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Accidental Admissions

John Laurens x Reader

Note: sooooo I decided to push this up on the queue because of two reasons 1) it was an easy and fun fic to write when I was in a crappy mood and 2) it’s my girl Lou at @hamilsquadxreader birthday!!!! and I wanted to give her some fresh Laurens material for her day ❤️

Request: Can you do some Laurens fluff like maybe a college au where everyone teases Laurens about his crush on the reader and like the reader finds out. I really adore your writing. 💖 

Word Count: 651

Originally posted by shyymoob

“Would you two just shut up?” John grumbles as he feels his cheeks flush with heat. 

He knew that telling the guys about his crush on Y/N would be a mistake, but after a few shots at the end of a long week of classes it was hard to keep anything a secret. 

“You knew what you were getting into when you told us” Hercules says with a smug grin. 

John just glares at his friends as Lafayette throws an arm around his shoulders, they’re on their way back to Lafayette and Hercules’ dorm ready for a night of pizza and ignoring their responsibilities. 

“Ami, you should tell Y/N how you feel!” He exclaims, John shakes his head as he drives his elbow hard into his friends side. “OW! That hurt John” he complains as he pulls away and rubs his side. 

“I am not telling her. I shouldn’t have even told you guys” John mutters, his arms crossed over his chest. 

“Come on John we’re just teasing. But really maybe you should think about telling her, you never know she could feel the same way” Alex points out.

“No she doesn’t so just leave it alone” 

“Relax John, why don’t you ask around and see if anyone knows how she feels about you?” Alex asks.

John shoves his hands in his pockets and sighs. “Leave it alone, she’s probably not interested” He mutters. 

“You could ask Eliza! She’s close with her I bet she’d know if she li-” John turns and glares at him.

“Stop. Just stop talking about it” John says moving away from him and standing on the other side of Lafayette. 

“But you said you like her!” Alex says with a frown.

John attempts not to groan out loud as his friend keeps trying, trying way too hard. 

“Oh fuck off Alex. What do you want from me? You want me to stand up on the bench and yell about how much I like Y/N? Fine” with a final glare at his friends John climbs on top of the bench behind them and yells. “I, John Laurens, like Y/N L/N. There are you happy?” 

To his surprise instead of his friends all laughing at him he looks to find them staring past him, their mouths open in shock. A bad feeling creeps into his stomach as he realizes the only reason why his loud mouth friends would be so quiet after something like that. 

“She’s standing right behind me isn’t she?” John asks, his voice soft, before he hears a quiet laugh from behind him. 

“I’ve never seen you four so still and… quiet before” Y/N points out. 

John takes a deep breath and ignores the fear building up in his stomach as he turns to face her. 

“So ah, you like me huh?” she asks, a small smile on her face as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. 

“Um… well I-I uh” John stammers, still perched on top of the bench. Hercules steps forward and grins at her. 

“That means yes” Herc shoves the pizza into John’s hands and gives him a look. “Why don’t you two take this and go talk?” he suggests. 

John glances from the pizza in his hands, to Hercules then to Y/N and takes a breath. “Would you um… would you like to go somewhere and have this?” He asks, managing to finally put a proper sentence together. 

“I’d love to” 

John feels the fear in his stomach ease as he jumps down off the bench and walks over to her. He gives Hercules a grin and throws a glare at both Lafayette and Alex, hoping they won’t say anything to embarrass him even more, before walking away with Y/N.

“Okay that was cute but why the fuck did you give away our pizza?” Alex grumbles as the three of them watch John and Y/N walk away together. 

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“Whose dog is that?” and “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” Hamburr or jamilton please!

Alex is sprawled on the bed, watching as Aaron slips his shirt back over his shoulders and starts to button it, covering his chest up inch by inch and making Alex wish, not for the first time, that Aaron was staying the night. 

But, as always, the question gets caught in Alex’s throat, too worried that asking it would break whatever new, fragile thing they have going on. So he just continues to watch, trying not to look too put out as Aaron finishes buttoning up his shirt. 

“Could you hand me my phone?” Aaron asks, nodding to where it’s lying on the bedside table.

Alex stretches for it, his finger hitting the home button and making the screen light up. And then Alex can’t resist, eyes roaming over the background. “Whose dog is that?” Alex asks, narrowing his eyes as he takes in the fluffy golden retriever staring back at him, tongue hanging out.


“Yours?” Alex asks, turning his head sharply to stare at Aaron, who is now getting his shoes on. “You didn’t tell me you had a dog!” He thinks he hears Aaron sigh as he bends down to tie his shoe laces. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You never asked,” is Aaron’s response, the man still focused on his laces. Then he peers up to look at Alex, eyebrows raised. “Why are you so shocked?”

“Cause you never told me! We’ve been-” He cuts off, not sure exactly what they’ve been. The term ‘friends’ doesn’t really seem to suit them. They only recently started talking outside of work, and then doing not so much talking and much more of other things. “We’ve been sleeping together,” Alex finally says. “I feel like I should know personal details.”

Aaron straightens up and fixes Alex with an amused look. “So while we’re having sex, you want me to tell you things like, ‘I have a dog’?” 

Alex splutters at that, face heating up. “No! That’s not what I meant and you know it! I just meant that…” He pauses, chewing at his lips as he considers what exactly he meant. 

Ever since he met Aaron he’s been fascinated by him. He’s the definition of calm, cool, and collected, so basically everything Alex isn’t. And Alex thought he hated people like that, but there’s something about Aaron that pulls him in. He’s sharp, always saying something Alex doesn’t expect, taking him by surprise. Not many people can take Alex by surprise. He usually doesn’t people who do, either.

But it’s different with Aaron. And he wants more. He wants to know everything.

“Alexander?” Aaron asks, voice slightly concerned and making Alex flush even more, realizing a long silence had been stretching out between them. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Alex says quickly, shoving the phone into Aaron’s hand. “Sorry. I just…yeah. Never mind. I’ll see you next weekend, or whenever.” He laughs, the sound strange in his ears. He shouldn’t presume Aaron will want to see him.

“What about work?”

“Sure, work.” Alex nods, trying to smile. Him and Aaron don’t even talk at work. “I’ll pass by your desk a few times and you’ll nod at me before you leave. Sounds good.” God, he sounds crazy, but he can’t stop the words from flowing. “Great conversation to look forward to at work. I’ll spend the week not learning anything about you as always. Can’t wait.”

Aaron just stares at him, expression slightly shocked. The moment stretches on, and eventually Alex is the one who looks away, fiddling with the covers on his bed. He hears Aaron murmurs a quiet goodbye, and then his door is closing, and Alex slumps onto the bed, doing his best to ignore the tightness in his throat.


Aaron invites him over to his house the next weekend.

He even did it at work, in front of all their co-workers, and Alex had actually spit some of his coffee out like in some movie, making Aaron rolls his eyes. But then Alex had said yes, well, yelled it really, and Aaron had looked pleased, nodding with a smile before going back to his desk.

And that’s how Alex finds himself on Aaron’s doorstep Saturday night, taking a deep breath as he raises his hand to knock. He waits a few moments, only silence greeting him, but then Aaron is there, opening the door and beckoning Alex inside.

Alex steps in, looking around expectantly. “I thought you had a dog.”

“I do,” Aaron says, giving him a weird look.

“Where is it?” Alex asks, toeing off his shoes and looking around some more. “I thought he would be all over me as soon as I walked in, or at least barking. I even wore my not good pants just in case I got fur all over them.”

“How wise,” Aaron tells him dryly. “Wilson doesn’t bark. Or jump on people. He’s very docile.”

Alex stares at Aaron, wide eyed. “Wait, wait, wait. Wilson? You named your dog Wilson? What kind of name is that?” He snorts when Aaron just glares at him, moving further into the house. 

Then he’s stopping, eyes landing on the dog, who’s sitting right in the middle of the kitchen, eyes on him and Aaron, tail twitching back and forth on the floor. Even when Alex whistles, beckoning with his hand, the dog just sits and stares.

“Is he alive?” Alex asks, only half joking, but Aaron laughs anyway.

“He doesn’t really like being pet.” He pauses, eyes darting to Alex and then staying there. “I have two cats as well. He takes after them.”

“That actually explains a lot.”

“You should see when he tries to jump on the furniture.”

Alex laughs, and then he’s letting Aaron lead him over the bedroom, his heart already starting to beat a little faster in his chest. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to kissing Aaron, or being kissed by him. 

He catches one last glance at Wilson before the door is being closed, still sitting in the same position, and he can’t help but snort, somehow feeling like Wilson is the perfect name for that dog.

But then Aaron is kissing him, and Alex can’t think about anything else.

Aaron kisses him hard, lips firm but soft, and then he’s pulling away, eyes dark. “I have a sister,” he murmurs, making Alex furrow his eyebrows in confusion. “Older than me by a year.” Aaron kisses him again, pushing him towards the bed. “One Halloween we dressed as Batman and the Batmobile. I was the Batmobile.”

“Aaron,” Alex starts, wondering what the hell he’s doing.

But Aaron just kisses him again, hands sliding down Alex’s chest. “I thought I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid,” he whispers, leaning in to place a kiss on Alex’s jaw. “My favorite color is maroon.”

Alex only has another moment of confusion as Aaron kisses his mouth again, but then it clicks. Aaron is giving him personal details. The thought makes Alex surge forward, kissing Aaron even harder, his arms wrapping around Aaron’s neck.

Aaron chuckles against his lips, pulling Alex closer as his hands go to his waist. “I take long showers,” he continues, and Alex smiles. “And I wear socks to bed because my feet get cold. My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry.”

Alex wrinkles his nose at that. “Really? Strawberry? The worst flavor?”

“Are you mocking me?” Aaron asks, lips quirking into a smile. “I decide to share my personal life with you and you make fun of me? That’s not nice.”

“I’m not a nice person.”

Aaron hums, leaning in to kiss Alex again. “I would disagree with that,” he murmurs, lips brushing against Alex’s. “I think you’re nice. Loud and brash and reckless, but nice.” He pulls back, eyes on Alex’s. “I like you, Alexander.”

Alex swallows, trying to keep his hands from shaking or from passing out. “I like you, too,” he whispers, his breath stuttering as he says the words. But Aaron just keeps smiling at him, and Alex feels his heart leap. “I like you a lot.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Aaron says. “Now, do you want to hear more about my childhood, or can we continue?”

Alex laughs. “I’m good for now, thanks.” He kisses Aaron gently, eyes closing. “But maybe in the morning…” He trails off, not wanting to invite himself for the night, but he hears Aaron hum, and then they’re kissing again.

“In the morning,” Aaron agrees, and Alex grins as he’s pushed onto the bed, feeling like he’s on top of the world. 

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Scenario of bakugou seeing mineta trying to take a panty shot of his crush

& like nearly everyone in this fandom I dislike that purple turd  ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ BUT I don’t mind writing him with the others~! 

I can see Baku-kun shutting that shit down instantly! I hope you like it~! It’s a little short but I enjoyed writing it!

click here for a continuation!

Bakugou, Katsuki

Bakugou slowly sauntered back into the classroom, he wanted to go home already and after his lunch he was feeling a bit groggy. His crimson irises glared ahead of him, not caring about anyone or anything, always focused ahead. However when he heard a certain someone’s voice, those irises quickly searched for her, it was something he hated about have this crush. Bakugou always focused on no one but himself but whenever she was around his full attention was on her. This time was no different. She was leaned over on Uraraka’s desk chit chatting with stupid Deku and his group of friends. Whenever she would be around them, especially near Izuku he felt himself wanting to leave the room, how could she want to talk to that bastard instead of him!

Just as Bakugou began to move his glare elsewhere he had gotten a glance of that putrid purple. No one else in this class was that color, no one but that perverted kid. His crimson irises snapped back at that flash of purple and just as he though, Mineta was on the floor on all fours directly under the girl he had eyes for. His legs moved without thinking when he saw the cellphone aimed up the girl’s skirt and he saw red. “OI!OI!OI!” his loud voice boomed as he quickly snatched the other boy up by the wrist which held the phone, surprised that his tight grip didn’t snap the other’s bones. “Die you sick pervert…..” Bakugou whispered threateningly into the face of the trembling purple grape.

“N-No! It ain’t what’cha think!”

“W-What’s happening?” The girl asked nervously.

The glare that was currently stabbing crimson knives into the other boy turned to the girl, pissed at how easily she let her guard down.“Stupid girl! Pay attention! Diaper boy here was just snapping away!” his free hand which was threatening to blow off the kid’s head moved away from him and pointed down to the cellphone on the floor, it’s screen still open on the camera.

“WHAT!?” Everyone in class 1-A wailed. Everyone in the classroom immediately turn their attention to their loud classmate when he screamed out so suddenly the first time and continued to watched as Mineta nearly lost his life. All the girls lifted from their seats and rushed over as Uraraka bent down to pick up Mineta’s cellphone. Too all of their horror each and every girl, even Hagakure, found themselves in the pervert’s photos. A dark aura began to hover over the group of girls as they continued to scroll down the thousands of photos, Momo had snatched the phone from Uraraka after seeing enough. With a few clicks, she managed to find the ‘delete all photos’ option.

“Bakugou…. would you mind doing us all the honors?” his crush asked politely as she could through the permanent glare twisted on her cheeks.  

“Oh…. you’re really dead now.” Bakugou’s scowl curved up into a sadistic smirk and his classmates cheered him on as a series of explosions erupted within the classroom. His crush had asked him to show off his quirk, he would hate to miss any chance to show off.

Department of Heroes’ Class 1-A would then have an open seat to fill.

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I've been reading older fanfics from before news of the metaverse so akira is wearing his pt outfit in the real world. just the thought of it applying to cannon makes me laugh so how would s/o and other pt members react to finding out akira has a 1-to-1 replica of his joker costume in his closet?

The leader sat on his bed, head facing down. His charcoal eyes glancing up, watching his team members wearily.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! This is so effin’ cool!!” Ryuji exclaims as he looks at the mannequin that was propped over at the corner of the attic. The other Phantom Thieves were also in said room, looking at awe by the fact that the actual outfit that Joker wore in the Metaverse, was sitting right there. 

“Wow! It actually looks like the real thing, I’m impressed.”

“How’d you even get it here?”

Their leader blushed and fiddled with his collar. “It’s… actually kinda embarrassing.” 

“Huh? I didn’t know that our leader could get embarrassed!” 

“Especially with how extravagant he is in the Metaverse.”

You looked at Akira, it was kinda cutenice to see him embarrassed, “Yeah yeah, where did you get that?” You asked him curiously. Of course he couldn’t have brought that from the Metaverse, that was physically and metaphysically impossible. 

Akira stood up quickly and shoved the mannequin away. “Well, there’s nothing to see here anymore. Why don’t we get to discussing our plans for the next Palace-”

“Oh no, hell no! We are not going to move on from this so quickly. Where’d you get it dude, like, what the eff?!”

Morgana looked like he was just about to say something but a glare from Akira made him shut up. “Can we just move on from this? It’s not like it’s any important.”

“Akira sews.” Futaba casually dropped.

“Futaba!” He squeaks out. He pinched his nose. “I forgot you have this place bugged.”

The team suddenly bugged Akira with his wonderful hobby. They totally wanted one for themselves.


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May i make a resquest? I would like to request Todoroki and Tokoyoma getting protective of their crush please? May i add that said crush has a powerful quirk like something with dragons? Maybe scales?

[Was Tokoyoma supposed to be Tokoyami?]

Todoroki Shouto: Your quirk was admirable, definitely strong especially when used in the right circumstances. He had long since admired you far before getting a crush on you, which might be why he’s so protective over you. He glares at the person who dares to say something negative about you, not often one for words or for long arguments about why a person should keep their mouth shut. His eyes have a similar effect to his quirk, making anyone who he glares at freeze in place. 

Tokoyami Fumikage: It annoyed him greatly when he heard people call you a monster, even jokingly, just because your quirk had scales. He had feathers, yet people said the same about him, which is what first causes his defensive behavior. He’ll generally send out an aura of unease that makes the people talking about you quickly move on, his glare also just as sharp and causing people to dissipate immediately. 

Something Bitter

Percy’s not as oblivious as everyone thinks he is.

Or an examination into Nico and Percy’s relationship through PJO and HoO (ao3)

The thought first crosses Percy’s mind when he invites Nico in for birthday cake on his fifteenth birthday. He recognizes the look that Nico gives him, but it’s gone within seconds and Percy thinks he must of imagined it, hopes that he has, because Nico deserves better and Percy’s pretty sure he’s already let Nico down enough. The guilt gnaws at him and it’s a bit like Calypso all over again.

He pushes it down just like he did with her. The Titan War (and Annabeth) serve as a good distraction, but it’s hard to ignore when he bathes in the River Styx and Nico’s hopeful eyes about finding information about his mother, about helping Percy are so focused on him. Some part of him almost wishes he noticed it earlier, so he could’ve pulled away, not put through Nico through this. The other part wishes he never noticed at all.  

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