just give us more Chris

i dont know how to say this but… this fandom needs more gay content

Alright, so this is what I got from Bitty’s tweets...

9/5 - Fueled by the magic of tub juice, Dex and Nursey hook up. Bitty is both shocked and impressed, clutching his hands to his chest as he drunkenly watches them get sloppy.

9/7 - Bitty attempts to talk to his frogs to piece together how they are doing (like, y’all, Bitty was certain that Dex was straight (granted, Bitty has spent like, the bare minimum of time around Dex bc 1. Bitty has a secret bf; and 2. Dex is constantly fixing shit and studying and chirping Nurse… they are busy boys). Dex is struggling and shuts down Bitty’s attempts at hospitality (”I just don’t get it, Jack… it’s not like I welcomed him to the ‘gay neighborhood’”… “Was there special pie?” “Oh, lord.” “Heh.”) and when he tries to talk to Nursey, Nurse informs him that he already has a mother. Bitty is deeply insulted. 

9/7 continued - Lured out of the basement (fuckin’ dryer) by the sweet sweet smell of pie, Dex sits down and realizes that shit. Even though he loves all the guys at the table, there’s no one that he can really… talk to. Because, he’s maybe a little less confused than he thought he would be, which just… confuses him further, and just… he really misses Shitty. From the gobsmacked looks on everyone’s faces, it’s clear that he said that part out loud. When Nursey comes into the kitchen, he scuttles away back to his dorm room and bites the bullet - and, he skypes Shitty. And immediately hangs up on Shitty when he thanks him for ‘trusting him with the moment’ (”You literally say that to everyone, man, shut the hell up.”). 

SOMETIME BETWEEN 9/7 and 9/10: Dex stops running when Nursey trys to talk to him… and they talk. And then, they talk. A lot. So much, jfc boys, pull up for air… shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaameful…

9/10 continued - At team dinner, Chowder asks if Nursey’s gonna be around to watch this awesome documentary on sharks with him, only to be informed that Nursey’s gonna be busy with ‘some Netflix and chill’. Chowder, sweet precious angel baby that Bitty thinks he is, is thrilled, because he loves Netflix.

9/10 continued… again - Dex makes a complicated face at Nursey over Chowder’s shoulders, and that’s it, Nursey just… fuckin’ starts cackling… and that’s when his Powerade goes spilling all over the place… and his face is just perfect priceless, and Dex can’t stop laughing - snorting and gasping and god - that just sets off Chowder, and they are a mess.

9/10 - But then Nursey shoots a private smile over at Dex… and yeah, Dex isn’t nearly as confused as he thought he would be.

9/16 - Bitty, though easily distracted, is nothing if not persistent, which is why he still tries to make sure that Dex and Nursey know that he’s always available if they need to talk… as long as it’s not during the weekends that he’s away… or in the middle of a Falconers games… or the exact moment a pie needs to come out of the oven… It’s amazing how similar the frogs are in the way they roll their eyes at him, and from the way Dex tells Bitty to chill… oh, lord. Maybe he does “mother” too much…

9/24 - So, it turns out that maybe Bitty was less onto something with Dex and Nursey than he thought… he had hoped that maybe something would come of their drunken hookup (bc Bitty loves them… and also, it was really, really hot to watch), but there they are… chirping and fighting and lord, those boys…

9/24 continued - WELL, NEVERMIND! Bitty will never question his detective skills again, because Dex and Nursey were holDING HAnDS on their way out of Faber and it was sO CUTE!

10/2 - After nearly a full month, Bitty finally gets his validation when Nursey and Dex come to dinner together, leaning into each other’s space, fingers tangled and just… looking like fools in love. Apparently they’re dating, and apparently they’ve been waiting to tell the team in case it exploded before it started… And maybe it’s just Bitty, but as he looks around the table, he comes to realize that it really feels like they’re all starting to date… each other… One in four, maybe more indeed.