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“oh my god he came, he really came, okay cool, play it cool, don’t want to look overeager and he’s already knocked, okay, just, mrs hudson will let us in, just give him a moment to, i dunno, adjust, don’t people like a moment to adjust, god he came, okay” 

“this posh bastard, christ don’t look at him it’s not polite to stare, okay, play it cool, no need to look overeager, just take a moment to, you know, get my bearings here and then we’ll go up and have a look and i wonder what it would be like to live with him, probably my heart will stop doing that thing someday? probably” 

I don’t blame Ae Ra for deciding to break up with him. That was a valid reason. She loved him so much that she didn’t want to see him getting hurt any further. The guy temporarily lost his hearing due to a head injury. Any more than that, it could lead to a fatality. She doesn’t want to stick around if that ever happens. It’s not much of a selfish act, but Ae Ra decided not to suffer seeing her most precious person getting beaten up in the ring. If I were in her position, I’d do the same. I could not imagine supporting the one I love whose job could lead to death.

As for Dong Man, I respect him for continuing on with his dream. If it meant sacrificing his love, then that’s his choice. I can not judge or criticize him for that.

We only have one episode left..it better give us an amazing ending after giving us so much heartache.

;; real talk, though. I really wish this fandom would stop. shitting. on. everything. the. showrunners. give. us.

The vlogs are an extra thing that they ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GIVE US. As far as I can tell, they only exist to give us more insight into how each character would handle talking to US in a vlog. Coran did the intro and shared some of his notable memories. Keith over-shared because when does Keith NOT do everything at 110%? And Allura told us about her initial thoughts pertaining to the Paladins. (Which I loved, lmao. I would have thought the same, tbh). All of these were IN CHARACTER. But noooo, all you guys care about is angst. :/

… Did you not listen to what Coran said in the first vlog????? And sorry, but y'all I much prefer the idea of THE CHARACTERS doing and saying what they felt like in front of the camera. Not some forced, contrived bullshit about how “poor bitty Lance is so insecure, poor babbyyy”. No, I think I’d rather see Lance talk about whatever he likes in front of the camera, thank you. Same with Hunk and Pidge and Shiro.

Sorry for the rant. I honestly have a lot more to say about this, but I don’t have time so.

One little moment in Wonder Woman, when Dianna and Sameer were showing off their language skills and Dianna finally stumps him with ancient Greek, Steve just looks so unimpressed and goes “Oh, you’re done?” in the best deadpan way but at the same time just lets them “punch it out” like they were two men and I just

That scene where two guys are locked in a pissing contest and the long suffering woman rolls her eyes and has to play mother is just turned on it’s head where Steve has the woman’s roll and Diana is being all macho and I just love this movie so much it gives us so much even tiny moments like this

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Yoongs + 13 + "you look good tied up"

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warning: Rated M, pwp, bdsm, blindfold, spanking, sir-baby girl

It’s hard to breathe. Exhaling air into your lungs takes as much effort as lifting up a goddamn brick. A hand lands on your ass all too suddenly, receiving a surprised gasp from you and a jolt of your body away from the contact. Ghost pain lingers on your blazing skin as you struggle, turning a 90 degree angle to your left. You pant heavily, heart beating too rapidly, too erratically from the anticipation that bleeds within your chest.

“That hurt, baby?” A gravelly voice questions ominously, sound bouncing off the walls.

You let out a strangled, almost lunatic giggle, mind blank and body aching for the searing pain you were recoiling away just a minute ago. God, you’re addicted. With a low moan, you reply, “I’m sure you can do better, Yoongi.”

Instantly, the skin against skin sound pierces through the silence. Your body jumps forward in reflex, sure enough there will be bruises tomorrow but as of present, you can barely care except to egg the man on for more, more.

It feels like the air is knocked out of your lungs when a reckless hand grabs a fistful of your matted hair, pulling you up almost until you were sitting on your calves.

“It’s sir, for you baby girl.” He whispers threateningly.

You take the chance to inhale as much air as you will, chest heaving. For a moment, he doesn’t say anything, doesn’t do anything and just holds you there. But you would be damned to think it as an act of mercy. You smirk into the darkness, knowing that he’s staring at your perked nipples. The two little nubs basically begging for him to wrap his mouth around them.

Much to your dismay, Yoongi releases you, the gesture anything but considerate. Once again you’re face planting into the pillow, struggling to find a good enough angle to crank your neck to ensure the availability of your oxygen supply. You whine childishly, not expecting him to recoil from the ravishing sight of your tantalizing mounds right in his face.

“It seems you have a long way before you learn your lesson, baby girl.” Yoongi says casually but you know there’s nothing casual about the way the sentence ends with a low blow of air through his mouth - it’s merciless.

“Yoongi?” Your heart skips a beat, the excitement vaporizing into a cloud of dread as you hear his departing footsteps.

“I have to go to work, while I’m away, you can reflect on your actions and decide if that pussy of yours deserves my dick.” With that, the shuffling continues - he’s collecting his coat, the short interval and the brief click tells you he just put on his watch and standing in front of the mirror that conveniently and directly faces the bed where he can fully see your ass sticking in the air, struggling fruitlessly.

“God damn it, Yoongi!” You huff in frustration, “I swear if you don’t untie me right now, I’ll kill you.” You hiss, fucked out and no longer up for games.

Oh but, Yoongi smirks, it’s not a game. Naughty girls should be punished, and this is your punishment - to squirm and struggle under your binds, thighs slick with your own arousal but denied of the relief you oh so desire.

“Yoongi, please.” You whimper.

How he loves the sweet plea rolling off your tongue. “If only you’d be this submissive from the beginning, we wouldn’t be sexually frustrated for the rest of the day.” He sighs as though deeply disappointed, “But you just had to give us both a hard time, ___.”

You’re silent for the shortest moment before the protests resume, coming in tenfold as reality dawned on you. Yoongi was a man of his words. What he says, he does.

“Don’t leave me like this.” You say through gritted teeth, “At least let me suck your dick.” The proposition would’ve come back at you in due time and you would regret saying such words but at the moment, you could care less. All you want is his dick buried so deep in your throat, you’re struggling to not gag. The thought alone makes your mouth water.

Yoongi falters, his step now halted as he ponders of the delightful offer. But all too soon, he’s turning on his heels but not without one last glance of your beautiful physique on the bed, painting the image inside his head - the image that he’ll come home to and will still be there for him to fuck. With that in mind, Yoongi continues his strut out.

“You look good tied up, baby.”

Slipped Through His Grasp

Title: Slipped Through His Grasp

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky x Reader 

Genre: Slight angst, Slight fluff

Summary: Steve didn’t know what he had, until it slipped away from him, right into Bucky’s arms. 

Peggy’s death hit him hard. It was one of those moments where it hits him right in his face; the ugly truth that even though he was this high and mighty super soldier, he could not stop all deaths. Some just slip right through his grasp.

But there she was, standing beside him, her small but comforting hand atop of his. She was Steve’s best friend. A tiny girl with a heart big enough to accept all his flaws, staying by him no matter what.

A year after Peggy’s passing, Steve began to move on. He started to loosen up when someone introduced him to a lady, he started to give small smiles and could even muster some harmless flirting here and there.

But there she was, still standing by him, a small, pained smile hung on her lips. Eyes downcast, as she heaved yet another sigh. She’ll never be on the receiving end of Steve’s flirting or his lingering gaze. She’ll always just be his “best doll”.

“(Y/N)!” he called out as he walked into the kitchen, wearing a pair of dark navy sweatpants, white shirt clinging onto him, damp with perspiration.

She was preparing his breakfast as he was walking in. She knew by heart what time his finished his morning jog, how he preferred his eggs on his toast, how he drank his coffee; all these little bits and pieces of information she picked up only served to make her love for him grow.

Burying those thoughts to the back of her mind, she turned to face him, both their breakfasts in hand, she gave him a smile and said, “Morning Cap. Breakfast?”

He circled over to grab the plates from her and replied with a chuckle, “You really are my best girl, doll.”

The duo settled into a comfortable silence until Steve looked up and said “So… I met this girl…”, voice laced with a bit of embarrassment with matching flushed cheeks.

Hearing those words, she felt a hard tug at her heart and the breakfast she was eating suddenly tasted like cardboard. She swallowed her food, tried to push her tears back and gave him the same pained smile on her lips as she whispered “That’s great Steve! I’m… I’m sure she’s amazing.”

Three months passed after the breakfast conversation, Steve and his girlfriend are cuddled on the cozy couch in the compound’s entertainment room as a movie played in the background. (Y/N) walked into the room, took in the sight and hastily turned back to the corridor leading to her bedroom.

Tears of frustration started pooling in her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed and her footsteps heavy. In the haze of her anger, she didn’t notice the figure coming out from the gym. The figure had his eyes trained on her back, a sense of longing seeping through as he sees her turn into the comfort of her room.

Bucky was mostly a quiet soul. Partly from his assassin training, partly because he didn’t know how to fit into a group that used to hate his guts. Most of the Avengers were more than okay with leaving him to his privacy, all of them but (Y/N).

When Steve finally found Bucky, cleared up all the Civil War mess and brought him back to the compound, Bucky couldn’t bring himself to look at anyone in the eye, let alone speak to them. Most of the S.H.I.E.L.D agents were wary of him, and the Avengers left him on his own and pretended he didn’t exist.

(Y/N), though, understood his need for silence. But she also never let him forgot he belonged. She started making an extra big serving of breakfast for him when she prepared hers and Steve’s. She also made sure to include old 40’s films when it was her turn to pick for movie night. She knew Bucky wouldn’t join them, but she tried anyway. She just wanted him to know someone cared.

Another three months has passed, Steve was still with the pretty S.H.I.E.L.D agent. This was the longest relationship he’s had since he came out of ice. (Y/N) and Bucky’s friendship has also blossomed into something neither of them expected. They found solace in each other’s silence and comfort in each other’s gaze.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)? Doll? You here?” Bucky called out, hesitantly pushing her bedroom door open.

(Y/N) was huddled in her thick blanket, sniffles could be heard coming from under.

Hearing that, Bucky hastily closed the door and settled himself on her bed as he quietly wrapped a strong arm over the lump of her covered in the blanket. They stayed in the position in silence for a good long while until (Y/N) poked her head out from under, her face red from sobbing.

She took a few deep breaths and gave the worried soldier a shaky smile.

“I’m okay. I’m sorry I scared you,” she said, her voice hoarse.

Bucky circled his arm around her waist and hoisted her over to him, placing the girl in between his legs. She leaned back into him and snuggled into his warm form.

“Doll? Will you… will you tell me what’s wrong? I’m worried for you. This is the third time I’ve found you like this in the past month.” he whispered as he placed his stubbled chin on her head.

After a short moment of silence, she let out a resigned sigh and closed her eyes. “It’s… it’s Steve,” she said, her voice small and shaky.

“He’s canceled six times on me in half a year. We were supposed to go for the WWII exhibition in town today, but he’s gone with his girlfriend instead,” she said.

Letting out a self-depreciating smile, she continued on, “I mean, it sounds kind of petty doesn’t it? Forget what I said, I’m just a little on edge recently.”.

Bucky’s arms tightened around her waist, wanting to provide her with any amount of comfort, no matter how little.

“Hey, doll… Do you want to go for the exhibition with me tomorrow? I’d have you know I was a respectable sergeant of that time!” Bucky asked, chuckling into her shoulder.

From that day on, Bucky and (Y/N) not only found solace and comfort in each other, they found a sense of belonging, a load of fun and laughter as they spent most of their waking time with one another.

The two were enjoying breakfast over playful banter as Steve walked into the kitchen. He furrowed at the sight, a slight pang of anger hitting him as he sees Bucky wiping a spot off the corner of (Y/N) mouth.

“Morning,” Steve mumbled out as he took his seat next to (Y/N). The flash of surprise on the two’s faces did not escape Steve’s eyes as his annoyance bubbled seeing the coordinated expression on his two friends’ faces.

“Hey, Steve! I didn’t know you’re joining us for breakfast! I’ll go prepare yours now. Just give me a moment alright!” (Y/N) said, hopping off her chair.

“Doll, let me help. I’m almost done with breakfast.” Bucky offered, following her.

Steve’s frown deepened at the nickname Bucky called his best friend.

“You’re usually having breakfast with Jeanette at this time, aren’t you? Where’s she? Should I prepare hers as well?” (Y/N) asked, rummaging through the fridge.

“No. She’s off for a spa appointment with her friends. Again.” Steve grumbled, eye still not leaving the pair standing side by side preparing his breakfast.

It took a whole month till Steve realized what was wrong. Why his heart clenched as he saw Bucky and (Y/N) together doing some mundane day to day activity. He didn’t want Bucky to be the one standing next to (Y/N), he didn’t want Bucky to be the one helping her grab the plates from the highest shelves, he didn’t want her to be wearing Bucky’s shirts, he didn’t want Bucky to be who she screamed for when she spots a spider in her room. He wants it to be him. Steve Rogers.

But as he looked over at her, a huge smile hung on her face, her tiny body engulfed in Bucky’s gray sweater, her hair splayed over his chest, giggling as Bucky whispered something in her ears, he realized, all he could do was wish.

There was once he thought even as a super soldier he couldn’t control what slipped through his grasp. And that hurt. Now, knowing that he let something so precious slip through his grasp, something his efforts could have helped salvage, his heart felt like it broke into a million pieces over and over again.

He let the best thing he had slip right through his grasp.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (5)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 5 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 3,405 (-ish)

You woke in a great mood the following morning, Minseok was already awake and staring at you, a smile plastered on his face.

“You look so ugly when you sleep, but that’s what makes you cute.” He poked your cheek with his finger smiling at you in the most playful albeit spiteful way.

“Rude.” You frowned but learnt to take the compliment anyway, closing your eyes again and snuggling up closer to him.

“Last night was great babe. We should do it more often.” He planted a kiss on your forehead. “Come on let’s go.” He shook your body lightly earning a groan from you.

“Can’t we just stay like this for a little while?” You pouted, snaking your arm around his neck and stroking his hair lightly. He let out a soft sigh and you could still feel his gaze on your body as he wrapped an arm around your disrobed waist. You felt a warm feeling envelope your chest, there was nothing better than the feeling of having Minseok close by. There was nothing better than feeling his skin on yours. His bare chest was warm and inviting against yours. You began giggling when you felt Minseok leaving a trail of butterfly kisses across your face.
“Min, what are you doing?” You laughed a bit harder at the tickling sensation, causing you to bury your head between his neck and shoulder. Then you heard a knock at the door. You let out an exasperated sigh. Was it too much to ask for 10 minutes of quality time with your husband?

“Do not open the door.” Minseok called, “unless you want to see two nake –” You pressed your hand over Minseok’s mouth widening your eyes at him, lately he had gotten too playful and brazen for your liking.

“Who is it?” You called turning your head away from Minseok’s neck.

“Uhh Sehun. I wanted to talk to Min…But if you’re both busy… I can always just come back later.”

“We’ll be down in a moment Sehun just give us a second.”You said, embarrassment lacing your voice as you grudgingly dragged yourself away from Minseok’s and pushed the covers off of your body, causing him to wolf whistle. You rolled your eyes standing up you walked over to the wardrobe to get some clothes and put them on.
“Hurry, get some clothes on.” You threw Minseok some underwear a pair of shorts and a lose top.

You walked into the kitchen together and were greeted by Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Sehun. Minseok walked over to the fridge and poured the both of you a glass of orange juice, whilst you fixed the both of you some jam on toast.

“Did you have fun last night?” Kyungsoo asked, smirking up at the two of you from where he was sat, he wheeled himself out of the room laughing smugly under his breath as he did so. You looked at Minseok embarrassment plastering your face. Sehun’s brows creased, as though he was about to be sick.

“Could we maybe not, at the breakfast table please?” He rolled his eyes. “I’d rather spare myself the mental image of the both of you getting hot under the covers.” You bit your lip anxiously and buried your head in your hands; you were so embarrassed you couldn’t put it into words. You told Minseok that Kyungsoo would hear it all. Minseok laughed under his breath at your reaction, but helped to put you at of your misery.

“What was it you wanted to talk about Sehun?”

Sehun looked up at you, his face straight and eyes unblinking, before he turned his attention back to Minseok.

“Not in front of her…”

Your eyes widened, you stood there awkwardly for a while in silence. You looked up at Minseok who pulled a ‘sorry’ face. Nodding quietly you left the kitchen and decided that you would take a slow walk around the house as you were still massively unfamiliar with it. You felt a hand touch your shoulder. Turning around you saw Baekhyun smiling at you, he looked a lot more radiant now than he did the last time you’d seen him. You were supposing that he was in a happier place, but there was only a matter of time until the calm would be disrupted.

“Can I tour with you? I still need to figure out this place myself.” You nodded at him, your walking pace falling into rhythm with each other. You took you time visiting nearly each and every room, the next always more extravagant than the last. Your favourite was what you assumed to be the new board room. The walls were a plain white, so there was nothing really special there, but what made it grand was the large black marble table which was positioned in the centre of the room and surrounded by 16 glass chairs, carved to perfection. It was utterly extraordinary and breathtaking to say the least. You pulled one of the chairs out from under the marble table slowly and sat down, Baekhyun doing the same opposite from where you were positioned.

“So, what happened last night then?” He winked at you, lightly drumming his fingers against the marble.

“Yeah, can we maybe not.” You looked down at your lap, avoiding his gaze.

“It’s okay; you’re married now so it’s all good. Although if I’m being honest with you, I did not see Minseok getting married coming, especially to someone like you.” He shook his head in disbelief, making you chuckle silently a little bit. If anyone had told you that you would be married to Minseok later down the line, you’d laugh in their face and tell them to jump off the Eiffel tower for cursing like that, but yet here you were, life definitely had a strange way of working out. You cleared your throat and went silent at the sound of voices approaching the room, everyone began to file in.

“Ahh here you two are, we were looking for you.” Junmyeon said, taking a seat at the head of the table, it was a grand position and it really did make him look like a King. And when you thought about it, that’s just what Junmyeon was. A King who lived to serve his subjects and keep his land thriving.

“So we’re all aware we’ve got a problem on our hands.” He locked his fingers together above the table, raised a brow and looked around the table earning a low grunt from everyone present.
“Luhan’s back, last night he tried to kidnap Y/N. Well he didn’t try; he was successful in his attempt it was just lucky that we were on hand otherwise God knows what might have happened.” You received a worried stare from Minseok and Chanyeol.
Junmyeon continued to talk.
“We need to be alert and we need plans. I’m not sure exactly what it is he’s after but clearly it can’t be any good.” The room was silent for a beat, before Sehun nearly made you jump out of your skin as he suddenly began shouting.

“Jongin I thought you killed him. I thought you never missed; you had one job, one job! Do better Kai!” He slammed his hands down on the table, it was evident that Sehun still hadn’t found a way to channel his anger and emotion when it came to subject of Luhan and betrayal, you honestly thought that he was still in denial every now and then.

“I did shoot him! I shot him in the chest so I don’t know what the heck happened!” Jongin rose from his seat, firing his anger back towards Sehun. Yixing began to nod instinctively; he did see it too after all.

“Goodness this is our first board meet, do we really have to argue right now?” Junmyeon sighed, standing up slowly he stepped away from his chair. “That’s it for today; we’ll talk about it again tomorrow. But for now stay alert and try digging up any pieces of information you can find.” He left the room, dismissing everyone who slowly left the room behind him, all but Jongin who blocked your exit.

“You believe me right Y/N? I did shoot him.” His eyes shifted, trying to catch your reaction to his statement.

“I believe you because I believe Yixing. You’re lucky you had a witness.”
Jongin shook his head frowning at your words.

“I’ve never lied to you Y/N.”
You scoffed in disbelief and walked out of the board, you knew for a fact he wasn’t seriously suggesting he was a truthful man right now. You carried on walking down the hall, mounting the stairs so that you could go to your room. Then you heard a light knock on the door almost immediately after.

“Come in.” You called softly, getting ready to tell Jongin to just leave the issue alone, but your eyes widened at who had stepped into the room. In fact it wasn’t even a man, it was a woman. You were slightly taken aback at first.

“Yuna. Junmyeon’s wife.”
She smiled softly, bowing her head towards you whilst keeping her hands on her knees. She smelt intoxicating, her perfume was strong to the point where it was almost dizzying, but it was an addictive smell, almost as though you wanted to drink a whole bottle of whatever she was wearing. She was rather petite, to the point it made you feel uncomfortable because you had to stare down at her to speak. Her hair was long and dark and her eyes were thin slits. She looked almost mysterious in the most alluring and hypnotic way. You definitely understood why Junmyeon had fallen so hard.
“It’s nice to finally meet you…Y/N right? I’ve heard so much about you.” She advanced forward into the room closer to you. “I’m sorry I didn’t show my face earlier, to be honest I’ve been ill over the past few days so I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic, I hope you don’t mind too much.”
You smiled at her sweetly and motioned for her to take a seat on your bed as you went to sit down too.

“Oh, No not at all don’t mention it. Yuna.” It was a nice name.
She hummed in response silently, taking a seat beside you. Her delicate hands still placed neatly in between her lap. Junmyeon wasn’t a big guy, but she sure as heck was a tiny woman and if he was anywhere as near as passionate as Minseok was when he was making love, then how she wasn’t broken into a thousand small pieces yet, you didn’t know.

“I really just wanted to see how you were, after last night. I heard that man named Luhan had captured you or something. I hope you’re doing okay, I’m sure it must have been a total shock.”
You smiled at the small woman, how very sweet of her to be concerned about an individual she’d only heard of, but didn’t actually know.

“Oh, goodness you’re kind.” You flashed her your teeth. “It was scary to say the absolute least, but I survived which is the main thing. I must say it’s nice to have another woman around, although I really wouldn’t wish this type of life on anyone.”
She hummed quietly again, shifting slowly in her position.

“It’s okay. I knew what I was getting myself into.”

“Oh?” You raised a brow at her. “You did?”

She hummed again; you were assuming that this was a habit of hers.

“Yes actually, I was and still am an intern for Genesis. Well actually it happened to be that the guy I was dating before was a spokesman at the company and he got me a job there. I’d always heard stories of there being an Underground Genesis squad, who did the dirty for the good of the company. Although that made people sick, I actually thought it was quite admirable, that they went through such turmoil for the greater good. I heard it was kind of run by Mr. Kim’s younger brother. Again this was all speculation, none of us in my sector of the firm had even seen Mr. Kim’s brother, we didn’t even know if he existed or if he was a myth. I assumed it had all been an in-office wives tale to keep us nosy lot occupied, it wasn’t until one day I had been called into Mr. Kim’s office for a review meeting that I had realised his brother was a living and breathing entity.” She chuckled at her choice of words. “I walked into the office, and there Junmyeon was. Just standing there, looking ethereal our eyes locked and I knew in the moment I’d fallen. I never was a believer in love at first sight, but honestly I’m one of its many victims. He began coming to the office frequently after that. We’d ‘bump’ into each other in the hallways and have small chats. Then one day he asked me on a date. One date turned into two, then three, then four. And the rest is history.”
She breathed out smiling at her ring. “I guess love is really like a blindfold isn’t it. We can’t see where we’re going and what direction we’re headed to. Especially with our husbands. Yet we keep walking deeper into the love, with our arms outstretched hmm?” You were silent for a moment and nodded slowly, you had never thought of it that way but it was entirely true. Being in love with Minseok was like wearing a blindfold, you had no idea where you would end up, but you carried on walking in to it regardless. She had done a decent job in reviving Junmyeon, he was no longer trying to blow everyone up, so that had to be a good sign and she seemed genuine and sweet. You were just glad that she wasn’t forced into it.
“Anyway I’d better be going. I like to spend a little bit of time with Junmyeon at this time of the day before we both get really busy after, so I’ll be seeing you around Y/N. She smiled at you sweetly and left the room.”
You let out a sigh; it was time get ready for the later shift at work.

It was 9PM by the time you had finished and it was dark already. Minseok was on the phone to you as you stood in the foyer of the building.

No you’re not coming home by yourself Y/N.” You couldn’t hear him too well, since the background was quite busy, you assumed that he had taken a late shift too. “After last night I’m not taking any chances sweetheart. I won’t have that happen to you again.” He let out a sad sigh. “Stay there, I’ll get one of the boys to come and pick you up okay. See you when I get home, I love you.” Without giving you the chance to even speak back he had already hung up. You appreciated that Minseok was trying to keep you safe, but he was admittedly becoming slightly paranoid about it all, nevertheless, you stood there in the foyer waiting for your ride to arrive.

A good half hour later and you heard footsteps walking up to you.

“Your chariot awaits m’lady.”You looked up to see Yixing in a grey tracksuit, with the hood pulled up over his head, you were really tired and so only managed to give him a weak smile. You followed him out of the building and into the car.

“Thanks for picking me up. Min’s being a bit paranoid.”

“Do you blame him though?” He said, flashing you a quick side glance before focusing his attention back on the road ahead. The both of you stayed silent for a while until he began to speak up again.

“Jongin’s telling the truth, he did shoot Luhan. I just don’t know how the bastard survived.”

“Mmm, I know it’s the truth because you witnessed it. He’s a lot scarier in life, this ‘Luhan’ guy.”
Another silence and there was something awkward about it this time around almost as if it was a foreboding.

“So…How’s married life?” Yixing muttered, almost too carefully.

“Yeah it’s good; he does a lot to keep me happy.” You said barely a whisper not daring to look over at Yixing.

“He’s never too rough with you is he. Doesn’t hurt you or anything right…?”

“No Yixing he doesn’t we’re fine.” You frowned slightly, shifting uncomfortably in your seat. Another pause.

“I’ve missed you Y/N.”

“Yixing please don’t. Don’t do this.”
He frowned, giving you a quick side glance.


“I’m married to your friend, damn it Yixing! You’re not supposed to be doing this.” You hissed, angry at the way he was behaving. You really had no idea how much he had become attached to you.

“I’m not trying it on with you Y/N. I know you belong to my friend I’d never come in between the two of you, but I just need some sort of closure because I’m losing my sanity thinking about it. Why him over me? What did he have that I didn’t?”
His grip was becoming tighter on the steering wheel as you noticed his knuckles turning white.

“We share something Yixing okay! There’s something about him that I love and I can’t explain it but I just do.” You were fuming now, was he questioning your relationship?

“If it wasn’t for him would I have had a chance?”

“Yixing I—”

“Look Y/N I’m not trying it on with you,i’m not trying to win you over, that ship has long sailed. You don’t have feelings for me and that’s fine. I know this will amount to nothing I just need some flipping closure so please just answer me! If it wasn’t for Minseok would you have given me a chance? If you didn’t fall in love with him, would you have given me a second look? I just need to know where I stand as an individual. I just need to know who the fuck I am. I just need to know I’m worth a little bit more than nothing…”
He went silent; all you could hear was his heavy breathing as you thought about it for a moment. You cleared your throat, lowering your head.


The car ride back home was silent the whole way after the discussion. Maybe what Yixing was asking for was reasonable, maybe you owed him that much; the closure he so desperately needed, hopefully this would allow him to move on. You had noticed that he had esteem issues and so maybe knowing that he wasn’t necessarily the issue would help him to move on.
You got out of the car not looking at him knocking on the front door which was opened by Jongdae. You pushed past him.

“Yeah you’re welcome Y/N.” Jongdae called out at you sarcastically. Everyone was sitting in the living room apart from Junmyeon; you joined them positioning yourself between Minseok and Tao on the chair ignoring Yixing who was sat opposite on the other sofa. There was light chatter around the room; Minseok was resting his head against your shoulder.
Suddenly and angry looking Junmyeon stormed into the room and slammed a folder of paper down onto the coffee table. You got up from your seat looking through the papers, confused. You passed it around the room. It was a small portfolio file of Luhan. Some minor background information and how he survived, According to the sheets circulating around the room, Luhan had previously had a metal sheet implanted under his skin in the chest area. So if that was the case Jongin’s bullet must’ve ricocheted off of the metal sheet, luckily for him not hitting anything major.

“Damn, why don’t we all get one of those? The clever bastard. Luhan always was prepared wasn’t he?” Jongin laughed looking around the room. But by the look on Junmyeon’s face he was still furious.

“You’re playing fucking games again Kim Jongin! Why did I find this through the letter box? You’re really out here playing with fire boy! Who the fuck do you really work for? Luhan?!” Everyone’s face went blank, staring up at Jongin. Jongin’s face went blank, he rose from his place on the sofa.

“What? It wasn’t me Myeon. The tell-tale was for a valid reason. I did that to kill Red, he’s gone now so why the fuck would I need to cover up!?” He hissed at Junmyeon.

“Exactly” Junmyeon was getting dangerously close to Jongin now. “Red’s gone now, so why would you have to be here anymore?”

“The same reason why everyone else is here after Red’s death, why else!? Don’t try fucking pinning this on me.”

Junmyeon, looked around the room, his eyes ablaze.

“Well who the fuck did it then?!”

Yesterday’s Enterprise - 3.15

Now, you might be thinking, “haven’t you all done this one already?” And you would be right, TECHNICALLY we have “done” this one. But that post is from SEVEN YEARS AGO and it is QUITE UNDERWHELMING. It’s literally like the second post we ever did. So upon the recommendation of Friend of the Blog Grace M., I’m revisiting this one. 

It starts with a charming scene between Guinan and Worf in which Guinan is wearing one of her signature “teardrop” hats:

What’s the likelihood that there is a nail polish called Aubergine-ius out there somewhere

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Here’s the prologue to an au I never planned on writing, but has been effortlessly writing itself over the weekend. Based off this song and set in 1983. I can’t wait for this one to be finished! It’s gonna get angsty, and bumpy, but it’ll be well worth it in the end. 

*Warning* for drug use

We’re gonna make it, we’re gonna make it, we’re gonna make it.

Sweat dripped from the bridge of Harry’s nose and landed against the clammy skin of his lover. Room a grey haze of bud and other drugs, and clock on the bedside barely visible through the smoky atmosphere. Harry fucked his hips forward. Taking a long drag of their shitty excuse of a spliff and attaching his lips to the trembling ones below. Tight, velvety, heat clenched around his cock slowly, making it bloody impossible to not chase after the feeling.

“We’re both gonna make it, baby.” Harry drawled as he slowly extracted his lips and leaned to cough away the burning remains of hydroponics. “And when we’re rich, and everyone knows our names, I’m gonna buy you a ring. A gold fucking band with my name engraved in it.” he groaned as the tight heat around him clenched with every word. “Gonna slip it on that pretty little finger of yours, and let them all know who you belong to. Forever.”

High whines and breathy moans filled the room as Harry tucked the spliff between his fore and middle finger, and lifted supple legs up over his shoulders. Fucking hell, there’s the angle he was aiming for. There was nothing prettier than the fucked out sight of his boy. Chest red and glistening, eyes glazed over from pleasure and pot, and pliant body practically folded in half, clenching, shaking, and panting. Harry always considered himself a gifted musician, but it only ever took one whimpering gasp out of his boy, to convince him he would never create a melody so beautiful.

“Would you like that, honey?” Harry slammed his cock into his prostate, relishing in the crisp sound of skin against skin. “Everyone knowing little Louis is spoken for by another man? Hmm? Use your words.”

“Yeah, Daddy.” Louis panted out as tears began to stream down his cheeks. “Wanna wear your ring—fuck—want it to be the only thing I wear when you fuck me. Wanna show it off to everybody. S-show them all how taken I am by you. Will you give me that?”

Harry’s eyes rolled into the back of his head at the sound of his words. Voice slightly hoarse and breath being continuously fucked out of him. It was gorgeous. Nothing turned Harry on more than their filthy commitment to each other. Has loved those sinful angel eyes since the moment he sought them out at that dingy pub show.

“You know I will, baby. You know it.” Harry thrust forward harder and sloppier. Feeling the massive orgasm in the pit of his stomach beginning to unfurl. “Gonna buy us a house in America, with lots of land, and a room for just our awards alone.”

Louis giggled through his tears and labored breathing. Harry could not have been more in love with the perfect boy in front of him, than he was in this moment.

“Just give us time.” Harry fucked faster as he pulled off one last drag of the spliff. “We’re gonna make it. I know it.”

With one final cry, Louis shot off in between them. Smearing come and sweat between their sex spent bodies, as Harry filled his arse with his own. Nothing was better than that feeling. Nothing was hotter than coming down from his high and watching his boy drip with his spunk. He’d write a song about it if he let him.

“Love you, baby.” Harry kissed his lips sweetly as he gently removed his legs from his shoulders, and moved to have Louis cuddle into his chest. “Love you so much, it’s mad.”

“Love you, Daddy.” Louis breathed out. Eyes still unfocused from coming so hard, and smile on his lips as blissed out as ever. “Forever yours.” he vowed. “Forever….yours.”

Cameron Dallas: Cheating Prank *gone wrong*

Cameron was a troublemaker, he knew that a lot of the things he did could have a negative outtake but he risked it anyways. Today he was filming a prank that went out of style a while back so he knew you wouldn’t think he was pranking you, therefore, the best reaction. Cameron was supposed to go with you to get outfits for your charity event, he was your date for it. He sent you a text saying he wasn’t feeling well and that he would go pick up his outfit. Cameron knew that you would stop by with something for him to eat and medicine for him to get better. 

He invited Andrea over knowing that she’d agree, which she did knowing it was just a prank, he also invited Nash to be their lookout and witness for N/Y to know that nothing happened, now they waited. It only took three hours but N/Y send him a text saying that she was on her way, he didn’t unlock his phone that way it wouldn’t tell her that he read it. Cameron got into shorts and under his sheets. They had Andrea take off her shirt and bra, he gave her another sheet to wrap herself in before getting under the same cover as him. Nash walked in with a spray bottle of water spraying them to make them look sweaty, Cameron ripped open a condom wrapper throwing the condom in his drawer and the wrapper on top of his nightstand.

“Cameron!” You called from downstairs, Nash quietly took the bottle and went to the closet with his camera, Cameron messed up his and Andrea’s hair a bit before wrapping his arm around her acting as if they were sleeping. 

You set a bowl of soup on the counter along with the outfit he was supposed to get when they went out since he wasn’t feeling well she wanted him to get as much rest as he could. You headed up the stairs humming a song that had been playing on the radio recently. Standing at his door you lightly knocked, pushing the door open.

“Cam-” You stopped looking at the sight in front of you, him laying in bed with someone else, the condom, the clothes. You could see their faces glistening with sweat. “Unbelievable.” You mumble slamming the door being you, Cameron and Andrea waited a second before getting up, Nash walking out as well.

“I’ve never seen her look so angry,” Nash said with a smile as he opened the door, Cameron through on his shirt, both boys walking out so Andrea could change. By the time they closed the upstairs door, you had closed the door that leads into the apartment. “Shit,” Nash said grabbing his shoes before yanking open the front door, Cameron right behind him.

“N/Y!” Cameron Yelled after you making you walk faster, heading towards the elevator. By the time you got in you could see Cameron getting closer, Nash being him. You pushed the elevator button harder watching as Cameron started running towards the elevator, The doors started to close but he got there just in time to be able to get through.

“Give us a moment.” He said as Nash still had the camera going. The doors closed leaving you and Cameron, “It was just a prank, Nash was there recording everything.” Cameron said a smiling growing on his face “Come on, look at me.” He said moving closer to you, he tried to wrap his arms around you but you pushed him away.

“Sometimes you go too far…I would never prank you like that Cameron, I don’t care that it wa a prank, but the fact that you did it and didn’t even stop to think if I’d be okay or if I found it funny.” You spoke turning to the elevator door wishing it would move faster.

“I get that, I’m sorry but now that you get it’s a joke can you please come back upstairs so we can hang out like we were supposed to and we can tell the camera that you don’t hate me?” He asked as he tried to move towards you again.

“No Cameron! I don’t want to hang out with YOU today.” You spoke as the door opened. “I get a cheating prank but you had another girl in your bed, I understand that you and Andrea are friends but for her to actually be shirtless and you two to be close like that…I’m uncomfortable and I just want to go home.” You added walking out of the elevator, Cameron following behind you.

“Are you serious? N/Y…come on I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be this upset.” He tried, following you outside. You felt like you were overreacting and maybe you were but you were entitled to your feeling and you were upset. “Please just come inside so we can talk?” He asked as you neared your car.

“I’ll see you later, we can talk then if that’s okay with you.” You told him getting in your car, Cameron took a deep breath nodding knowing that you’d come around and you two would be okay if he just gave you some space.

(Thank you guys, there will be a funny part two for this.)

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 5)

Part 4

“Do you want to tell me what the hell happened to you last night?” Your friend demanded as you walked through the supermarket. 

“I texted you and told you I left,” you said grabbing some broccoli. 

“I know, but you just like disappeared and left your jacket and your unpaid tab,” she said. “So, what the hell happened? Did you freak out?” She asked. 

Technically, yes, but you didn’t want to tell her that. 

“No, I just, remember the guy I was seeing,” you said. “He was there and we talked about things and then we left together.”

“Well, why didn’t you just say that! I’m perfectly okay with the fact that you left me, knowing that you went and got you some!” she smirked. 

You blushed. “We didn’t, we haven’t exactly…” you whispered. 

“Really? It’s been what like a few weeks already right?” she asked. 

“Yeah, but I mean, we’ve been getting to know each other,” you said. “Which is what you do when you first start seeing someone besides we’re not even official yet.” 

“That makes sense,” she nodded. “So, what’s all this for anyway?” she said pointing to your cart full of food. 

“He’s uh, he’s coming to my house tonight and I’m cooking dinner,” you said. 

“Oooh, are you planning a little something special?” she smirked. 

“Oh god, no,” you laughed. “Will you stop with the sex interrogation? We haven’t even talked about going that far yet.” 

“But have you thought about it?” She asked. 

“Of course I have, I’m human aren’t I?” You said. “It’s just, you know how I am. I have to really like and care about someone before I feel comfortable to go that far.” 

“I know, remember when we tried to take you out for a one night stand after your last breakup? That was bad,” she laughed. 

“Well, it also didn’t help that the guy you happened to point out was the current boyfriend of the girl that my ex cheated on me with, and that’s how he found out about her cheating on him,” you laughed. 

“That’s true,” she laughed. “Anyway, am I ever going to meet or at least know the name of this mystery boy toy?” 

You laughed. “You will at some point, I promise, but it’s still really new.” 

“You’ve always told me when you’ve been dating someone, so what’s different with this one?” she asked. 

“it’s complicated,” you sighed. 

“Y/N! You’re not the other woman are you?” She gasped. 

“What? No, no, of course not. He’s not married or in a relationship at all,” you said. “It’s just complicated…” 

“Does it not want to be seen with you?” She asked. 

“It’s sort of the opposite,” you said. “I can’t be seen with him because of… work,” you said. 

“Wait, is it someone from work?” She gasped. “Like a coworker?” 

“No…” you said. 


“Oh my god, will you lower your voice,” you hissed looking around at everyone staring. 

“Sorry, it’s just a lot to take in,” she said. “Wait a minute… if it’s someone you met at work and you can’t really be seen with them…and you saw him at the club the other night… HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS HARRY STYLES ISN’T IT?” she shouted. 

You groaned. “Sorry, she’s a bit uh… drunk,” you said to an old lady staring. 

Once everyone was away, you sighed looking at her. “Yes, okay, I’ve been seeing him,” you said. 

“Oh my god! How did you keep this information from me for so long?” she gasped. 

“Because I had to,” you sighed. “And you can’t tell anyone.” 

“Scouts honor!” she said. “I can’t believe this. This is so cool!” 

You laughed. “Come on, I’ve got everything I need.” 

“I bet you do,” she smirked. 


Later that night, you were getting everything ready for the dinner. Harry would be over soon and you were just finishing everything up. You had music playing in the background as you cooked. You were nervous about tonight, especially after your conversation with your friend from earlier. 

If you were being honest with yourself, you were definitely ready to take that step with him, but you wanted to wait until you knew where this was going to go. 

The doorbell rang and you knew it was Harry. You quickly washed your hands and headed over to the door. 

“Hey,” he smiled holding a bottle of wine in his hands. 

“Hey, come on in, everything is almost ready,” you smiled. 

Harry walked in and you shut the door. He gave you a quick kiss before following you into the kitchen. 

“Need any help?” He asked. 

“You can pour the wine,” you smiled. 

“Sounds good,” he smiled going over to your cabinet and getting two wine glasses. 

“How was your day?” You asked. 

“It was okay, I had a few radio interviews,” he said. 

“Oh, how did those go?” You asked. 

“Pretty good,” he smiled. “How about you? Did you go back to work today?” 

“No, I’ve been working from home,” you sighed. “I know it seems childish, but Madison just… she irks me the wrong way and I’m just afraid that she’s going to say something and I’m gonna punch her or something.”

“Now, baby, violence is never the answer,” he laughed wrapping his arms around you. “But I do think you should go back to work because the longer you’re gone, the more it looks like she won.” 

“You’re probably right,” you sighed. 

“I am right,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “Well, Mr. Right, why don’t you go set the table and I’ll bring the food in,” you laughed. 

“So, you admit I’m your Mr. Right?” he smirked. 

“I never said that,” you laughed. 

“Oh, I think you did,” he said walking over to the table. 

You laughed shaking your head. You put everything on the table and sit down. You both start eating quickly and Harry looks over at you. 

“I’m going to Paris in a few days,” he said. “I have an appearance there on a show and I was sort of wondering if you’d want to go with me?” 

“Oh, wow, I’d love to go, but would that be the best idea for us?” You asked. “I mean, how would I go with you and not be seen?”

“I guess I didn’t think about that,” he sighed. “But I mean are we supposed to hide out forever?” 

“No,” you sighed. 

“Then come with me,” he said. “It’s going to be a big appearance for me and I want my girlfriend to be there with me, plus we’ll have some time to spend in Paris and I’d love to have you there with me.” 

You stopped eating and looked up at him. “Girlfriend?” 

Harry blushed and took a sip of his wine. “I uh… well… I mean… Aren’t you?” 

“I guess, but I didn’t know we were…at that step yet…” you blushed. 

“Well, that’s sort of my fault,” he coughed. “I never did really ask you.” 

“No, you didn’t,” you laughed. “But I would say yes if you did.” 

He smiled taking your hand. “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend and come with me to Paris?” he asked. 

“Yeah, I will,” you smiled. 

He leaned into kiss you before pulling you out of your chair and into his lap. You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck and looking down at him. 

“I really like you,” he whispered. 

“And I really like you,” you whispered. 

Harry leaned into kiss you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You deepen the kiss and tightened his grip on you. You pull back a bit and turn so that you’re straddling him. He then gets up from the chair to carry you over to the couch. You both practically fall onto the couch and start laughing. 

“Oops,” he laughed. “I tripped.” 

“Way to go,” you laughed. “Now, come here.” 

He smirked and kissed you again. It didn’t take long before you found yourself unbuttoning the rest of shirt. He leaned up a bit from the couch as he helped you take off his shirt and throw it. His hands were making their way up your thighs and sides before pulling you closer to him. He pulled away from your lips and started kissing down your neck. You closed your eyes as you tilted your head to the side. 

You felt his hands at the hem of your shirt and touching the skin underneath. You pulled back from the kiss and took it off. Harry smiled and leaned up to kiss you on the lips. You put your hands on the side of his face as you smiled into the kiss. 

A half an hour later, Harry pulled away from your neck. “W-We should probably stop,” he whispered. 

“Why?” You said kissing his neck. 

“Because…as I’m sure you can tell, I’m developing a bit of a problem,” he said. 

“Oh, right,” you blushed. “But uh… we don’t have to stop,” you whispered. 

“What? I mean, are you sure? We don’t have to do anything,” he said. 

“I know, but I want to unless you don’t,” you said. 

“It’s not that I don’t because I do, trust me I do, I just don’t want you to feel like pressured or anything,” he said. “I don’t want to rush things with you,” 

“Okay, I’m confused,” you said getting off his lap and sitting next to him on the couch. 

He tried his best to rearrange himself once you got off of him. “So, you want to have sex with me, but you’re not going to?” You asked. 

He sighed grabbing a pillow and looking over at you. “Not tonight,” he said. “I want our first time together to be a bit more romantic than this,” he said pointing to the couch. 

“We can go to my bedroom, I wasn’t exactly insinuating that we do it here,” you laughed. 

“I know, but I still want it to be more romantic,” he blushed. “And I want to know that we’re both ready for this. I don’t want us to just give in to the moment and then one of us regret it the next morning.” 

“If you’re worried about me regretting it, I wouldn’t,” you said. 

“I’m glad that you wouldn’t, but still,” he smiled taking your hand. “I would feel better if it happened a different night. I hope you’re mad…” 

“Why would I be mad?” You laughed. “It’s okay, really. I understand and I see where you’re coming from and I agree. We hadn’t really talked about it and you’re right, I think we’d both feel better about taking that step when we both are on the same page.” 

He smiled. “But I promise you, it will happen soon.” 

“Looking forward to it,” you smirked. 


The next morning you decided that you were going to work. You got up, dressed, and headed out the door. You weren’t exactly gung-ho on going to work, but Harry was right, the longer you avoided Madison, the more she could gloat that she won. 

When you arrived at the office, Madison wasn’t there yet, and you couldn’t be happier. You went into your office and started finishing up some things that you had been working on at home. 

A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. You opened it and it was a delivery guy holding flowers. 

“Are you Y/N?” he asked. 

“I am,” you nodded. 

“These are for you,” he smiled. 

“Oh, thank you,” you said taking them from him. It was a huge bouquet of red and pink roses. You found a card and opened it.

“I figured you might need something to brighten your first day back at the office. Meet me for lunch at noon?” - H. 

You smiled widely and put the vase on your desk. You grabbed your phone and texted him that you would meet him, but only at a cafe a few blocks away from the office. 

“What’s this?” A voice said standing in your doorway. 

You turned around and saw Madison standing there. “Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I think they’re roses,” you rolled your eyes. 

“Duh, Y/N. I meant why did you buy yourself roses,” she said. 

“I didn’t buy myself roses, they were sent to me,” you said. 

“But who?” She scoffs. 

“None of your business,” you said. 

“No need to get defensive, Y/N,” she said. “Anyway, glad to see you back at work.” 

“Thanks,” you mumbled before going back to work. 

When it came time to leave for lunch, you left your office and got in your car. You drove to the restaurant that you were meeting Harry at and walked inside. Harry was already there and sitting at a back table that was pretty private. 

He hugged you tightly when you got there before giving you a quick kiss and you two sat down at the table. Before you could even say anything to him, someone walked up to the table. You figured it was the waiter, but you quickly found out that it wasn’t. 

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Madison smirked crossing her arms as she looked at you and Harry. 

anonymous asked:

I was expecting a bomb of wdta recording, why is bighit like that? :(

Well, we might still get one, but I wouldn’t keep your hopes high. It seems like bighit is ok showing jikook or everyone else’s affection towards each other if it is in small doses or whatever they don’t consider too obvious I guess, which some totally are you need better goggles, then there are those moments they probably feel it would be better to keep between themselves.

This happens a LOT with jikook, just recently the laundry time, them sharing a room, pics of some moments surfacing later, but we are never shown the video, like the titanic hug, not to mention the constant interruption of their interactions not only by staff, when they cut scenes or arrange them away from each other, etc, but by the members as well, they seem to be always watchful and mindful of what jikook can or cannot do. I’d say that they’re all the time being chaperoned LOL or avoided if necessary so that the world won’t catch up, but we already  know that doesn’t work with us right? No matter what, we’ll always find a piece of their love everywhere, so good luck bigshit!

ps: We’ll still be hoping for that bomb anyway~

Extra Time- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Daryl x reader where the reader is bit and Daryl just wants to spend time with them before they’re gone so he doesn’t kill them yet. As they wait, the reader realizes nothing’s happening and they discover they’re immune”

Word count: 1680

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death/blood.

Note: honest to god, I fucking love getting messages and questions from you guys.. even if they’re not related to anything in particular. I just love knowing people actually care, uk? 


You walked along the empty street, nothing but a backpack accompanying you.  Even the backpack itself was almost empty, matching your eyes.

A run gone wrong, they would call it. But it was so much more than that. It hadn’t just gone wrong, it had been bitten, beaten and tired down. 

Just like you.

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Good morning stranger

Originally posted by earlingxtad

Fandom: Reign
Relationship: Charles x Reader

“Good morning stranger,” you whispered as you entered Charles’ chambers. It was the day after the death of King Francis. Charles had spent the whole night in your chambers talking and crying, though he would never admit it. Now the servants were prepping him for the funeral, then his crowning ceremony. Today he will say goodbye to his brother and replace him, all on the same day.

“Morning love,” He croaked, you knew the lack of sleep was getting to him. You walked closer as he fixed his sleeve. You swept a piece of his hair behind his ear. As you stared into his puffy blue eyes your heart ached worse. You already were grieving over you dear friend, but to see the boy you love in this state made the pain worse.

“Could you give us a moment please my dears? Just wait outside the doors, I’ll call you when we are ready.” You spoke calmly to the servants who filled the room, they bowed towards Charles and exited the chambers.

“How are you feeling, my love?”  Charles questioned as the last servant left. You turned back to him with shock on your face.

“How I’m feeling doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are ready for tonight’s events.” Charles smiled at you.

“You are the greatest thing in my life, and I know you are hurting too. You and Francis were close, Don’t hesitate to share your feelings with me just because he was my brother.” You felt a tear run down your face and Charles soft thumb wiped it away.

“I’m so sorry I’m crying,” Charles shook his head.

“Don’t be, just promise me you will be by my side at the funeral.” You shook your head, the tears flowing faster.

“I’ll just embarrass you,”

“You never could, my queen.” You gasped

“Charles. Do you really mean that?” He nodded and smiled for the first time that week.

“Francis and Mary approved it before he passed, tomorrow we will be married and you will be crowned queen of France.” You jumped on him hugging him as tight as you could, forgetting everything that had happened. Just you and your future king, everything and everyone didn’t matter.

“I love you Charles, i am so sorry for how the world has been to you but I am certain things will get better.”

“I love you, my queen,” he leaned his forehead against yours a smile spread to both of your faces.

“And I you, my king. I’ll never leave your side.”

“The words I always want to hear.”

Emergency Contact

I am so excited to share this with you all! It is a story co-authored by myself and the amazing @readerislandwrites ! It took a very long time to write (mostly because I am the worst) but here it is. It was so much fun to write because it was as if we were inside each other’s brain. Hopefully there will be more amazing joint stories to come!

Make sure to check out @readerisland / @readerislandwrites

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