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You know when I first started watching Yuri on Ice, I never even imagine this series will give all that it did, will never have thought this series was going to take the chances it took. They were not afraid to produce something others wouldn’t even dare think about, they gave us such a fascinating love story, they gave us a world with which many could identify. And it just kept going, it just kept giving us such unbelievable moments that it didn’t seem real. I’ll never be thankful enough to everyone who was involve in this production, the people who created this world. After everything, regardless of its ending, I can finally say, from the bottom of my heart YOI’s definitely one of the best series I’ve ever had the pleasure to come across.


2x05 || 2x22


merthur summer fest, day two: watch along
4.05 - his father’s son. there is so much merthur gold in this episode. and it’s not just even that. this episode also gives us knight!merlin, a sweet arthur/gwen moment, a wicked morgana, and important arthur moments as a new king. it always been my favorite episode because it has lots of key moments and pretty nice merthur scenes with all their banter and deep talk (and looks).

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More importantly tho we need interactions between Eggman and Maria!

(inhales) YES

Give us all the cousin interactions. I don’t care!

Give us Eggman walking old lady Maria around the park or something because she asked him to ^^ 

Give us moments where Maria’s like, “Grandfather never said that” and Eggman’s just like, “ … WOMAN”

Give us hilarious moments where he gets whacked over the head with a cane for “bothering that nice Sonic boy” 

Give us Eggman flipping his top over the fact that Maria invited Sonic and his friends to the base for cookies and tea

Give us Maria getting worried about her cousin “overworking” himself like his grandfather, and Eggman being worried about her condition even though he’ll never admit it

Give us jealousy on little Ivo’s end, and devious schemes he invents that Maria misinterprets as cute shenanigans

Give us Eggman and Maria getting into sibling rivalries over who Gerald loved more

Give us angsty angst AUs

Give us AUs where Maria reluctantly sides with GUN, but is always thinking about her cousin and wondering how such a great mind could be so selfishly evil

Give us backstories with the Robotnik family

Give us Eggman having actual qualms about Maria in a big brother sort of way

Give us Shadow getting jealous when Maria spends too much time playing with baby Ivo

Give us all of them


Graceland 3x11 - The Wires


I know :
It’s not the same
It’s not the situation
It’s not the same story
Are not the same characters
I'ts not the same anime
but don’t lie to yourself, you were EXPECTING THIS for Nalu.

But it’s okay. I’ll wait, if their reunion wasn’t like i was expecting that means that is not the end, there will be more adventures, and i think now, in the next chapters they will realize about their feelings each other as elie and haru did, before the last battle and in the battle itself they said “I love you” and wow. I don’t think mashma will repeat that, or maybe yes but in other situation i don’t know, but what i know it’s something that i’m patiently waiting and that it will be so beautiful that my poor heart won’t handle it.

Let’s just scream a lot with the little moments that mashima gives us of that couple, cuz i don’t wanna see the end of fairy tail like never XD


Damon: I have no desire to kill Caroline. I mean, not since the last time I tried. I think we can all agree that was a huge misunderstanding.

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"Hello Abel", Lorna said, walking up and sitting on the edge of his desk. ,"I had a wonderful time, Valentines. I wondered if you would want to go for dinner tonight?" Lorna smiled and adjusted her glasses, finally gaining some confidence. Her slightly British accent pronounced the words funnily compared to the American words people were so used to hearing. ( @lorna-richardson)

Sure Lorna, just give me a moment to sort out these few files *he spends a moment shuffling around his office, grabbing seemingly random papers from around the room and collecting them into a pile which then self organised itself* ok, I’m ready to go. Any preference for dinner?

I m so disapointed ...

Well, It’s a little bit my fault, ‘cause I expected so much from this episode “Sasuke.Sakura” because of the beautiful naruhina moment there was in the previous episode…

I m so disapointed that there was no sasusaku interaction …

Fuck Sp it’s too much to give us just little Sakura in the forest who fall In love when she see for the first time Sasuke (who smile) playing or training with Itachi ?!..

…Sasuke was cute…Sakura too…that’s all…😞

I think there probably never will another moment of sasusaku in the anime…😣

Guys never think that one day Sp will make some filliers about the travel of sasuke and sakura JUST FORGET IT !

(Hope kishi give us our moments we deserved too much ❤️)

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