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PAPER MAGAZINE : Beautiful People ~ Cardi B is Still Real

Known for her candid social media presence and outspoken, magnetic demeanor, Bronx-born rapper Cardi B rose to stratospheric heights this year on the wave of her summer anthem “Bodak Yellow.” Despite her whirlwind success, Cardi has kept it real, speaking out about police brutality, honoring Colin Kaepernick at the VMAs and continuing to share her life and feelings unapologetically with her fans. From stripper to BET-nominated artist, this “regular, degular schmegular” girl from the Bronx reminds us that being beautiful also means staying true to yourself.

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What The Fake AH Crew Want For Christmas.

With their busy schedule, the Crew always ends up getting presents for each other a bit early. They then proceed to try and hide said gifts until Christmas day. Since they have the money to spend and steal everything they want anyways, each member asks for one thing they don’t have, leaving it up to the rest to decide who buys/steals it for them.

Geoff: This year the Kingpin just wants to read some nice books. He assumes he’ll get a few books from one of the Lads but he has no clue Michael is keeping out of a in home library he paid to have built. The walls are sound proof so he can’t be bothered by noise.

Jack: She didn’t want to be picky, so just basically asked for everyone to listen to her every once in awhile. Gavin giggles everytime he glances at the box of megaphones under his bed. Each one is a different color as to remind her of each the guys, gold for himself, purple and orange for Jeremy, etc. (Their is a Hawaiian print one.)

Ryan: Swears he doesn’t want anything. Won’t give anyone a hint towards what he’d really love. He already has a lot of knives and a small collection of masks so the team struggled to come up with something and left it to Jeremy to decide. Jeremy honestly knows a lot about his Battle Buddy but hasn’t told anyone. So now no one knows the Lad has been hiding a German Shepherd pup in his room. His name is of course Edgar. He’s very sweet.

Michael: Gavin wasn’t allowed to pick for him since they always get stuff for each other. Instead Jack is now hiding a key to a separate penthouse for him and Lindsay to move into soon. The Lad has wanted to live with her for a long time, but was afraid to leave the Crew. Lindsay is in on it and his currently getting the place ready. (With a couple of cats.)

Gavin: Everyone assumes something gold, but he steals that for himself anyways, so Ryan took it into his own hands to get him his own jacket. Michael has one and Jeremy has that God awful purple thing so Ryan figured the Lad would like one too. Soon the Brit will be sporting a black leather jacket with the words “Criminal Mastermind” on the back written in gold cursive. (It’s not all gold so it counts.)

Jeremy: The newest Lad felt uncomfortable asking for anything so he just didn’t ask. This made it harder on Geoff who eventually went out and got a rather permanent way of saying welcome to the Crew for good. Only a few people know that Geoff has tattoos that represent each of his “kids” (i.e Gavin’s nose.) and come Christmas day he’ll show Jeremy the orange and purple Fahc symbol on the inside of his left wrist. (He bought a couple of nicer weapons just in case the kid hated it.)

“I’m The Real Avenger”

Request:  Heyo! I just read “I can’t help falling in love” and loveeeed it! Any chance I could request a tom holland Peter Parker oneshot? I’m not picky about the details (though maybe an established relationship would be cute?). If you can, that’d be great! If not, no need to fret. Thanks love! ❤ -TF 

Pairing: Peter x Reader, Platonic!Bucky x Reader 

Summary: Peter decides him and his girlfriend are going to battle using nerf guns.

Warning: fluff

Word Count: 921

A/N: im so sorry this took so long. i still have four requests to do. this upcoming week shouldnt be as busy so i will get to writing. please leave feedback. let me know if you want to be on my taglist or have a request.

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Peter Parker was known around school as the nerdy little boy who had an obsession with digging electronic out of the trash. No one knew that he truly was the spider man. He was friends with Tony Stark and he took Captain Rogers off his feet during the battle in Germany. He tried to keep his identity a secret, but there were a few people who knew about his extra-curricular activities. One of them being Y/N Y/L/N, his girlfriend of almost one year.

They had known each other for a very long time. She was there for him when his parents died and she was there for when he lost Uncle Ben. She has been with him through everything and it just made sense that she was there for him during his time as Spider Man. She also knew everyone on the Avengers. Everyone was now living back at Stark Tower. Tony brought everyone in, including Team Cap.

Peter and Y/N hung out at the tower every day after school and sometimes they stayed the night over the weekends, in separate rooms of course. Tony was very protective of his Spiderling. They were known for being lovey dovey with each other. They were always holding hands or hugging. Y/N was just an affectionate person. She hugged every person on the team when she came to visit. Even Bucky let her hug him. She was just that cute and adorable. Everyone loved her.

This weekend they were both staying over at the tower. Everyone was out on a mission except Peter, Bucky, and Tony. Peter had the brilliant idea of starting a nerf gun battle. He had no idea what he was in for.

“Okay, here are the rules: one, you cannot use any of your special abilities. That means Tony cannot use his suit or Friday and Peter cannot where his little onesie and he can’t use his webs. Two, this is going to be played in teams. The first team to eliminate both players on the opposite team wins. Three, the winners get to ask anything of the losers. The teams are Peter and Tony, me and Bucky. Understood?” Y/N had a serious look on her face as she stared all the boys in the face. They knew she meant business.

“Got it, babe. Let’s go teams!” with that they split up.

They each went to their separate parts of the tower to build a plan of attack and ready themselves with the plethora of nerf guns kept in the tower. Y/N and Bucky were confident they could take out the father-son duo. The plan was for Bucky to take out Tony. He could take him down with a long-range nerf gun while Y/N was to go after Peter. She liked to up close and personal when she took him down. It was funny to see his face when he finally lost. She was not an Avenger, but she enjoyed the fake battles they put together. Bucky has been teaching her some of his special sneak attacks. They were good for pranking Peter.

They heard they alarm sound. The game had commenced. Bucky hoisted Y/N into the rafters so she could travel through the tower without being seen. Bucky quickly and quietly made his way to Tony’s lab. That was the place he always went to during games like these. His lab was very messy with a bunch of places to hide. Bucky knew he was going to have to draw him out somehow. He stayed on the stairs that led into the lab.

Meanwhile in the rafters…

Y/N was slowly making her way towards the training room. Peter`s favorite hiding place was his special wall in the room. It had nooks and crannies that he could practice using his webs on. She was planted directly over his wall. What she saw perplexed her.

He was wearing his suit! He broke the rules! She should’ve known that Peter and Tony wouldn’t follow their perfectly clear rules. She quickly put on the ear piece that Bucky had given her the previous nerf gun battle.

“Buck! Tony’s in one of his suits. Peter is wearing his! Look at the suits. He is definitely in one of them.”

“Thanks, kiddo. I think he is in Mark 42. I’m seeing movement in that one. Let’s get ‘em, Kid!”

With that Bucky shot and Mark 42 and Y/N dropped from the rafters directly on Peter`s wall. He shrieked like a little girl when he was her. She pulled put her machine gun-like nerf gun and starting shooting. Peter wasn’t fast enough. At the same time Peter got shot, FRIDAY blurted out,

“Mr. Stark has been eliminated from the nerf gun battle.” Seconds later the same message rang out using Peter`s name.

Peter was laying on the floor defeated with his mask pulled off of his face. He knew your punishment was going to be super embarrassing. He should’ve known that you were going to sneak up on him.

He saw her approaching from his peripheral vision with a shit-eating grin on her face.

“Looks like I’m the real avenger, Babe.” She leaned down do give him a soft kiss and she helped him up.

“I already have a punishment in mind. And I’m gonna love it!”

The Following Day…

The rest of the team had arrived just in time to see Peter dressed in a tight corset dancing to Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” He knew he was never going to cheat at a nerf gun battle again.

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myfriendsthinkimpure  asked:

Can you list your 3 fav pairings, why you like them, and a senerio you wish to see them in? (Sorry if u already did this in the past)


But picking 3…. that is so fucking hard. ALSO YOU KNOW WHAT, I’m not good at coming up with scenarios can I just do a fic rec instead :((( I don’t follow rules and I like to leave the writing to the writers ya’ll, I JUST MAKE GIFS.


Why I like them: I LOVE them because their relationship just makes sense to me? Akaashi is the ying to Bokuto’s yang, they are there for each other, they play well as a team. They give me the warm fuzzies. They’re both beautiful and full of admiration for each other. What’s not to like??? 

Fic rec: il mio ragazzo falso, T, 18K (A GOOD FICCCC, Akaashi has an italian extended family, he and Bokuto travel together, it’s cute af)


Why I like them: CHILDHOOD FRIENDS TROOOOOPE. This is just another pairing that makes sense to me. They’ve been friends for years, they’ve been through a lot together. They understand each other better than anyone. They have this non-verbal communication thing down, they’ve played on a team together for fucking ever, they aren’t afraid to be real with one another, Iwa especially lol. Fucking iwaoi will be the death of me I swear.

Fic rec: the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle, T, 66K words (THIS FIC IS SO. GOOD. Oikawa loves bugs and Iwa-chan is adorable and amazing.)

I bet you thought I was gonna go with Kagehina but I’m gonna go with…


Why I like them: Boy do I love Ukatake. I feel like this was probably my first real “WOW I FUCKING LOVE THIS” ship in the show. I think they are so so sweet and I enjoy the bad-boy/nerdy teacher pairing a looooot. I love this ship because they have their bond as coach and club adviser with their mutual love of all the karasuno boys to bring them together. They’re just too cute.


Playbook (Reggie x Reader)

“Bye Ronnie” You shouted as you ran down the hall not wanting to be late for your ride home.

“Bye Y/N, see you tomorrow”

“What’s going on in here?” Veronica asked as she walked into the Blue and Gold paper office.

“These girls” Betty started to say as she waved her arms in a pointing gesture “Also had been victims of slut shaming from boy on the football team.” Veronica looked at Betty for a moment before turning her attention to the girls.

“Are you serious?” She questioned not wanting to be lied too about something like this. All of the girls nodded their heads and Veronica let out a breath. Looking at the girls she wondering how many more in this school had been shamed. There were about a dozen here and she knew not everyone would come forward. “Well ladies what are we going to do” But before anyone got a chance to answer her, in came two students.

“Guys welcome” Betty greeted as they entered “Veronica this is Valerie and her brother Trev who use to be on the football team. I’m pretty sure this will answer your question on what to do.” Trev looked at the girls in the room and spoke

“There’s a book it’s umm called the Playbook” Trev reached up to touch his neck nervously as all eyes were on him “The team uses it to write down and keep track of all of the girls they hook up  with. They keep score for themselves and how much each girls is worth.” Most of the girls let out a gasp, shocked that the football team was at something like this. “It’s not all of the players but it’s a enough that I quit the team over.”

“Do you know where the book is?” Veronica asked wanting to get straight to the point.

“Yeah I do”

 That’s what led the girl’s here in the school at night. A few of them came to find the book in the place where Trev said it would be to make sure it was true. As Betty searched the supply closet for it, everyone was on edge, not really wanting it to be true but also that Cheryl had showed up. As she knew her brother she knew that there was no way he would do this.

“Guy’s I found it” Betty shouted as she came rushing out with a book in her hands. Everyone gather around her as she opened the book. Reading down the pages there were many names of girls that lived in Riverdale also the football teams members next to them.

“There’s my name” Veronica said as she pointed to it next to Chuck’s name.

“There’s Polly’s” Betty let out. Cheryl stepped back from everyone not really believing it even with proof right in front of her. Veronica scanned the book even more, coming across names of the girls that she had met earlier but one caught her eye.

“Betty isn’t that Y/N?” Betty and Veronica looked over to the player’s name and it was Reggie.

“Since when was she seeing Reggie?” Ronnie asked but Betty just shook her head, she didn’t know anything about it and she had been friend with you for years. Not once did you ever mention anything about Reggie let alone hooking up with him. Flicking to more pages the girls found your name even more, which left them wondering until Cheryl let out a laugh.

“You guys didn’t know? Betty really I thought you would of, you guys have been friends for what? Like ten years.” Letting a smirk come across her face she started again “I didn’t think poor Veronica would know but Betty you. How about I save you the fun. Go asked your best friend all about their little hook ups you would love to know the details trust me” Turning on her heel Cheryl made her way out of the building happy that they were now thinking of someone other than her brother. With one finally look the girls took pictures for proof and also made their way out but now there was a bigger thing to solve.

“Y/N” Betty and Veronica shouted as they saw you at your locker. You turned facing the two, giving them a wave and a smile. The girls looked at each other before they walked up to you not really knowing how this was going to go.

“Morning guys” You said as you took some books out of your locker and into your book bag.

“We need to talk to you” Betty spoke as she looked around the hallway seeing tons of students.

“Sure go on, I’m all ears”

“We shouldn’t do it here Y/N” Veronica told you as she grabbed your arm. Giving her a strange look you pulled your arm back.

“Whatever you guys need to say, you can do it here” You argued not really wanting to go somewhere if it wasn’t that important, class was going to be starting soon.

“Did you have sex with Reggie” Ronnie let out, not wanting to put up with your attitude this morning. You made a face then asked

“Where did you heard that? That’s bullshit” The bell for class rang so you close your locker wanting to go but the girls wouldn’t let you. “Can you move?”

“No not until you tell us the truth”

“I just did” Betty heart was breaking with every word that came out of your mouth, she didn’t want to believe that her best friend for years was lying to her. You guys told each other everything or so she thought. Pushing your way pass them you didn’t want to be late but as you got a little far away Betty spoke as her voice crack

“We have proof”

“You what?” You whipped around and walked back over to the two. Betty could tell in your voice that your were slightly panicked.

“Ever hear of the playbook? When you were to busy fooling around with Reggie, the football team was keeping track of you and others you know. Have to get the highest points right?” Ronnie sassed out but you didn’t speak. Everything was running through your mind. But Betty knew you, she knew what you were thinking.

“You knew” Betty whispered, Ronnie looked over at Betty


“She knew that’s why she not saying anything. She doesn’t know what to. How long?”

Betty asked but when you didn’t respond she yelled.


“Would you be quiet so we won’t get in trouble” You stated looking around to make sure the hallways were clear. Letting out a sigh you spoke once again “I knew about the list or whatever it is. Reggie mention to me after one of the guys said I must be a good number. I hook up with him a few times”

“You never told me” Betty said ready to let out tears.

“How could I Betty? With everything going on with your sister and now this, it just wasn’t the right time. I promise you that I never knew about Jason and Polly in the book. I never really knew what it was I thought it was some joke between the guys but I guess not.”

“Not is right” Veronica informed you.

“Don’t blame me for this. I’m not the one who made it and I’m damn well not the only person who knew”

“They were slut shame Y/N because of this.”

“I didn’t know that Veronica.”

“You didn’t bother to care”

“Would you girls get to class” A teacher shouted down the hallway, making you guys drop the subject and move on to your guys classes.

“Reggie” You barked as you pulled him into a empty classroom.

“Who knew, you couldn’t wait to get a piece of this” Reggie let out a laugh “Didn’t take you for the girl who would do it in a classroom” With a roll of your eyes you let out

“We need to talk about the playbook” The last word made Reggie stop joking around and look at you in the eye.

“What about it?”

“People know about it Reggie. They know it’s a real thing. I know it’s a real thing. I thought this was just some big joke, nope you guys actually put it in a book” Taking your hands in his Reggie started to explain.

“Chuck started it last season to see how much action everyone was getting on the team. We’re supposed to put it in every time we do it with a girl, we got to write her name and the date. I stopped putting your name in as soon as we got serious because I realized how stupid it really is. Chuck and them take it as a big deal, to them the more girls you got the better. If they know about some one on the team doing it they will put it in just so the whole team knows what we’re doing”

“You need to come clean” Reggie stepped back wide eyes

“I love you I really do but I can’t do that. If these people know they need to do it. This team is what gets me through college and without I can’t go. I’m not risking rating for my future.” Giving him a nod you truly understood him reasoning. You knew what his parents were like.

“Just tell the truth when asked Reggie please, the people who know already took action and you can’t be caught up in this.”

“If they asked babe your the only one with my name in the book, you’re my girlfriend they can’t doing anything about me hooking up with you” Letting out a laugh you smiled and agreed. Reggie pulled you into his chest so he could wrapped his arm around you. You lay your head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

“Always tell me the truth from now on alright” you mumbled against him. Reggie nodded his head not wanting to risk losing you to anything so stupid again. You both wanted this fix not just for you but for the girls who got hurt by it.

Tim Drake HC - alright

hi hi hi so um i deleted my old acc (same url) and i didn’t really feel like writing stories again so ya know what HAVE A FUCKTON OF HEADCANNON’S

@aerodynamic-occamy im just gonna tag you in everything timbo haha okay? oKay!

- before timmy was taken in by bigbadbruce™ he was so used to complete quiet in the Drake household

- coming home from school to distasteful glances from his parents and offhand comments insults are a regular occurrence. but it’s alright. he’s alright.

- and then suddenly he’s thrown into the manor and there’s alfredandbruceanddickandloudloudloud. but that’s alright, because the more time he spends in this lively household the more alright he becomes

- and then after a while it becomes alfredandbruceanddickandjasonanddamian, and sure damian annoys the living shit out of him but he can tolerate him (most of the time) 

- he’ll never admit it out loud but since the return of jay and the entrance of the demon spawn his life has gotten even further from alright and incredibly close to happy

- he thrives when there’s actually Alfred people around to take care of him and to limit his coffee intake

- and for a while he’s not just alright. he’s happy and it’s a foreign feeling but certainly not an unwelcome one

- he belongs

- he has a family again

- on his birthday he even gets birthday presents and suddenly he’s just completely overwhelmed with emotion because people actually care enough to remember his birthday?? he’s important to people??? whAt????

- and now feeling alright is a distant memory because now all he feels is happiness. he’s joined the TT team and has friends and a loving family and wtf his life is great?? 

- but then Bruce is ‘dead’ and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore because he’s already lost one father so why is he losing a second??

- why is everyone accepting this??? why is no one loOKING FOR ANSWERS

- not tim. because he can’t be dead, he just can’t

- and so tim gets to work because that is what he does best

- he searches and searches and even when he is tired and everyone around him has lost hope he refuses to give up

- the rest of the family worry when he eventually completely cuts himself off from them (even the demon spawn will occasionally spare a thought for the distressed former robin) but he doesn’t care, because his father is gone and his life isn’t happy anymore.

- and then bruce is found

- and everything goes back to normal, well as normal as it can get in the Wayne household. jason and bruce are fighting, dick and bruce are fighting, damian and anyone he talks to are fighting. but it’s nothing new; in fact, it’s exactly the same as how it was before

- but tim is not the same

- tim will never be the same

- but it’s ok, 

he’s alright.

We haven’t met Jack but I like Rahul and if his character is good I’d actually like him to be friends with Lena (she needs friends and love and kara’s busy with fratboy). 

So, for now I’m gonna headcanon that because they were public figures and had really awful and probably homophobic families they were each other’s beards when they were younger. Of course it didn’t work for long and they stayed as friends but he became a CEO and then Lex went mad and she became a CEO too and they drifted apart, but now that he’s back they become good friends again after Lena and the others help him with all the mess that’s gonna happen in ep 18.

And he’s a CEO and a nerd too! He’s working on technology to heal injured people. He has a lot in common with Lena. They could be nerds together and make new stuff for the DEO and Lena gets to built and create more stuff instead of spending all her time in her office. 

And after seeing kara and lena interact he notices how in love Lena is with Kara so he asks lena about it and she tells him that Kara’s got a boyfriend and that her feelings aren’t reciprocated but that she’s happy with just being her friend but he notices how kara looks at lena too and how she’s jealous of him because she thinks he’s dating lena again  so he tells her that he’s actually gay and the reason why they “dated” and when he sees that she’s relieved he decides to play cupid, maybe he teams up with Jess or something.

And eventually he becomes friends with kara too because who doesn’t love kara danvers and once Lena and Kara start dating, because of course they will, he gives Kara the shovel talk because he’s very protective of Lena and he has already seen her suffer enough.

I just want Lena to have a friend, someone there for her besides Kara and this is the perfect opportunity and if The CW wants to ruin the show for me with hetero bullshit I’m gonna turn it into something I like because Rahul is actually a really nice person and I really want Lena to be happy and have friends. 

And supercorp is endgame so… 

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Sabrina's nowhere near woke, and if it helps, someone else wrote Thumbs.

Ugh give me a break. Of course she had heavy co writers do you think I’m totally dense? Shes a child. That doesn’t change the fact that Thumbs actually is extremely woke and important for the younger generation to hear. Music needs to make you feel something- not just about who you love or your latest heartbreak but you need to feel things about the world and its realities, and if kids are never exposed to that through the tropes they’re already invested in, then they are never going to be able to make a change for their own generation because they will just be ignorant or end up following in the footsteps of whatever their parents say.

So Sabrina AND her team- KUDOS on Thumbs.

And unless you’re Sabrina’s best friend I highly doubt you are aware of what she thinks/knows/believes. Like god damn let someone give a compliment once and awhile.


Keep it off my page, keep it out of my inbox. I’m done with it.
Best ep of S7! (but so pumped for what’s to come)

WOW!! Like…

*GIVE COLIN ALL THE FREAKING AWARDS!!!! Can you even count how many different characters that man played just tonight?! Colin O’Donoghue is a gift and I’m so grateful to have him on my screen every week
* Wish!Hook getting some motherfucking depth! YES! Thank you & bless you, writers!
* But even better!!! Wish!Hook doing the right thing, Rogers doing the right thing - my boy Killian Jones being a good man in every version of reality!
* Also my girl Emma being Killian’s ray of hope in every version of reality!
* Henry calling for his moms and dad! YES
* Henry and Killian hugging!!!!
* “MY BOY”!!!!
* “pirate-y heart to hearts”! Regina excepting Killian’s role is Henry’s life gives me feels, ok??!
* Killian/Regina/Henry team up in both worlds - BRING IT!
* but also Weaver being shady but also badass and I’m intrigued and when am I not, Mr Carlyle!
* Wish!Hook has a daughter and all the feelings and all the backstory and all the possibilities and I’m freaking excited!
* Emma being there for 10 min and already spreading hope and bringing another Hook back and giving him hope and loving a part of him even without knowing him and my heart!
* Rogers talking about Emma just…. MY HEART!

(ETA: Man, I get it, if it wasn’t your cup of tea but to me this was the perfect decision! One Killian for Emma (her Killian) and one for us (who is still Killian)! And them giving him a love without giving him a romance - HELL YEAH! They did BRILLIANTLY imo)


Three popular and gorgeous females construct a fail proof plan to transform Bay Valley High’s social loner into playboy Grayson Dolan’s demise.

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^cred to thedolangifs

Chapter 1 | The Plan

If I’ve never looked like a hooker before, I look like one now. Star can pull off the edgy look, but me, not so much. “Come out and let us see!" 

Star is standing behind me, watching my face through the mirror as I scrunch my nose with distaste. I reach over to grab the price tag that is poking a hole into my armpit, the number making me shutter. "No way. This dress is $200 anyway, I can’t afford that." 

Star rolls her eyes before picking another hanger from the rack of clothes, pulling the zipper down my back harshly as she yanks the silky material from my shoulders and across my hips. "Price doesn’t matter, nerd. I’m buying.” My mouth drops in disbelief, ready to shoot down the idea of any such thing before her long manicured fingernail pushes over my lips. “I didn’t ask you, I’m telling you, now shut up and try this on.”

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Quick overview

Behold the greatest unit from tempest trials so far. An absolute beast of a unit, rocking amazing stats,a legendary weapon and a exclusive skill to boot, the only things which stop him being a 100% broken unit is his 1 movement, and his poor res. Still he’s a must for every armour team now and with the right support a force to be reckoned with.

Base set

Alondite is the return of distant counter weapons, and makes him a great unit, against mages as well. It’s clear how well distant counter weapons work in the current meta so I shouldn’t have to say much here. Wings of mercy is another great skill to have already as it helps fix his low move and defend weak allies, essentially letting him fly to their add and be a shield of massive size. Steady stance 3 helps his defending abilities by granting him +6 defence when attacked. Finally the skill which makes him broken. Black Luna. A skill so deadly not even blue units are safe. Minus 80% on defences is too good to pass up and the fact only he can use it makes him even stronger.

For other skills pivot is an amazing choice being a armour. As or the c slot any armour buff or threaten defence/attack will do him great. He won’t need that much investment.

Suggested set

Game over

No ivs

Alondite, pivot, Black Luna

Steady breath/stance 3, Wrath 3/Wings of mercy 3/ Sword breaker3, Any c skill

There is only one set you really need and it involves giving up a brave ike but it makes Black Luna proc far more often as a defensive unit. Combine this with wrath which can make it proc  every turn or just turn him into a ticking time bomb. Plus it adds +10 damage onto black luna procs which is normally enough to KO most things. If you can’t get those however steady stance 3 does fine and wings of mercy or swordbreaker become his best options. Finally any c skill should do him, ideally having on a team with Amelia is a solid option but he’s so good already he won’t need much love poured into him.

done my time and served my sentence, dress me up and watch me die!

hey uhhh @panicatthedisco please hire me to be a part of your merch team. i need money

(i already posted this on my twitter and instagram if you want to save this. just give me credit for making it.)

ACOTAR high school headcanons

Rhysand: The flirtatious, wordsy, bad boy. Can swoon almost every student in the school in mere moments. Has a knack for poetry. Always wears vans and fake glasses. Has a satchel, not a backpack. Owns a copy of Romeo and Juliet and milk and honey. Carries both everywhere. Excels in English and literature class. His locker is covered in photos of the squad ™

Feyre: The cute art nerd. Wears sweaters with frayed sleeves that come over her wrists. Has a backpack made of denim covered in hand-made patches. All her notebooks and novels are SATURATED in doodles. Her hair is constantly in a messy bun with a pencil shoved in it. Seems smol, but could kill you with a “don’t touch me I’m painting” glare.

Cassian: The jock. Captain of every sports team. Only wears his varsity jacket. Never washes it. His grin scares away opponents. His abs draw in suitors. Has a surprising talent for maths. Coaches the younger middle school basketball and football teams. Is great with kids. Gives the tightest hugs and bro-iest bro hugs. Has a nike backpack.

Azriel: The quiet broody genius. A genius who is way to hard on himself with studying. Stays up till 3am fuelled on black coffee to study for a test he’s studied for 20 times already “just incase I’ve missed something.” Every folder he has is jam packed with notes and everything he owns is covered in scribbles and falling apart from overuse. Excels in every subject but he loves physics and the concept of flight.

Amren: The scene kid. Wears bright red lipstick and the most killer winged eyeliner. She either dresses with 7inch heels and amazing clothing or sweatpants, converse and a middle finger for anybody who dares cross her. Succeeds in drama and biology. Is fascinated by the human body. Listens to screamo and heavy metal while studying. Gets a blood orange lemonade from Starbucks every morning and she will be cranky as hell if she doesn’t get it.

Mor: The political princess. Leads pep rallies around the school, wearing fierce clothing, with a megaphone in her hand at all times. Stands up for people of all religions, races, sexualities etc; in the school. Loved and frightened by all. Owns so many badges with feminism and LGBTQA+ supportive slogans. An absolute sweetheart who blows her teachers away in CSPE. (Political and world studies)

Them Holding Their Child for the First Time: MONSTA X


His eyes red and open wide, he would be breathless, his heart clenching at the absolute and utter happiness he was feeling as he held the baby to his chest, so gentle and soft and careful and emotional, and then he’d look at you and would want to hug the shit out of you, and cuddle you better with the baby in-between the two of you and just aw.


In the team of `Would cry a whole fucking load because he’s that emotional and watch him flood the room as he’d give the heart eyes to his newborn`. Honestly it would get to the point where HoSeok wouldn’t even want to give the baby back to you because he would already love the child so much.


He would be so ecstatic that he’d feel like jumping up and down for a couple of days straight just to get that excitement out of his body and calmly give his child a look over. He wanted to etch that moment into his brain so that he could always remember it.


He would just heave a long sigh, a long but proud and happy sigh. He was so happy that you would no longer feel the pain of birthing and the child was okay and it was actually there, a little creature that you gave birth to and he would just sit down with the baby in his arms and just look- really look at the little treasure in his hands.


So happy. His lips would stretch such a big smile as he’d hold the baby. He’d forget about all of the people in the room. All the doctors and nurses. All the people who had gathered as friends and family to see to you after your birth just outside the door. There would only be the baby, you and him in his heads and he realized that that moment was his happiest yet in his whole life.


Another member of the `Crying Club`. Or at least if not outright tears, there would be a sheen of a silver over his eyes because the emotion would get the better out of him. He would be so shook by the fact that you bore his child he would be crying out of happiness and to be able to hold his child and the product of his love for you would just be an otherworldly concept.


The idea of a little him and you just coming out of… You? Still made ChangKyun queezy and he would be light on his feet, as if in a whole another dimension, and as the doctor or nurse would give the child to him he would just come back to planet earth with a blast and nearly stumble to the floor before catching himself and not endangering the baby.

who you should fight in buffy the vampire slayer

buffy: do not fight buffy. the entire show is dedicated to the fact that you should not fight buffy. she will kick your ass. do NOT fight buffy.

xander: fight xander. please just fight xander. everyone is rooting for you! if you do decide to fight xander, call me. let me watch. please fight xander.

willow: what the fuck ???? why would you fight willow. willow skinned a guy alive. do NOT fight willow. i repeat, do NOT fight willow.

giles: you could fight giles i guess, but why? he’s just a kind librarian. except for his ripper days and when he suffocated ben to death, but regardless. why would you fight giles?

cordelia: cordelia will TEAR YOU APART. not physically, but socially. she willdestroy you. do not fight cordelia.

angel: you could fight angel and you’d probably lose. but this man has already been through enough. get him some coffee. hug him. don’t fight angel.

spike: please fight spike. please just take one for the team and kick spike’s ass. he would probably kill you but i bet you could beat him up enough to give him a black eye or a scratch or something. fight spike.

faith: do not fight faith unless you have a death wish

tara: why the fuck would you fight tara??? tara is a cinnamon roll. love her. protect her. don’t fight tara. if you fight tara, i will fight you.

anya: girl was a venegance demon for over a thousand years. do not fight anya.

3k+ of a Zimbits AU

AU where Bitty is a food blogger/vlogger (okay so it’s not that au yet). He’s all about pies, and sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for you food which tastes amazing. But he’s also into following trends and health food is the next big one. Superfoods, and vegan diets and all that stuff (turning slightly au now). So he starts mixing in some more health focused recipes alongside his usual stuff. But it’s still based around the sugary, chocolatey, not-actually-that-good-for-you stuff. So it’s vegan chocolate cakes with ingredient substitutions that actually are mouth-wateringly good, and faux fruit mince pies with nuts, and just, really tasty ‘dessert’ and ‘treat’ type foods that are, like, healthy.

So while that’s going on, Georgia assistant GM for The Falconers, and their nutritionist - let’s call her Martha - are at the end of their tether with hockey players who rue their meals plans and dietary restrictions. They’re basically whiny and Georgia and Martha did not sign up for this. So Martha, whose been following Bitty’s vlog for almost a year now, suggests that Georgia contacts him to see if he’s willing to partner with Martha and actually figure out some recipes that are not going to make the team go crazy from carb overload and sugar withdrawal.

So that’s the premise. But this is really a Jack/Bitty story. So…

Bitty is flustered because he played hockey in college and he still keeps up with it and he really appreciates how The Falconers are progressing as a team. And Jack Zimmermann, first out athlete in the NHL, is on that team so Bitty has a soft spot for him the team. So after asking for some time to think it over, and then using that time to panic and swear and ring up his parents, he accepts the offer.

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Two Announcments

One: I have come to the realization and decision that Sansa and Arya’s theme song is Taylor Swifts ‘Look what you made me do’. 


All in all I’m in a really good mood right now. 

(Jonsa is endgame. I’ll be writing a meta on this if I feel like it, tbh. But I’m sure someone’s already beat me to it. Though I am writing smut for jonsa and posting it tomorrow).

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What I want for Quantico S3

- Alex and Ryan just being a normal couple without the angst, the drama, the breaking up, the pining and the keeping secrets from eachother. I want to see them act like the team they truly are/can be because that’s when their dynamic is the best

- Caleb back! I miss my snarky son already

- you can miss me with his brother though, i never really cared about him (though tbf, that was probably mostly because of that storyline between him and shelby. was that really necessary? really?)

- let Shelby and Caleb get back together

- Shelby in Quantico

- give Harry a decent storyline and the love and affection he deserves

- what the fuck do you mean Nimah and Raina won’t be back??

- bring Sebastian back (also with a decent storyline!), let him apologize to Harry for treating him like shit and then let them rebuild something build on trust and mutual respect (because i will go down with this ship, but i need Sebastian to start treating Harry better and to own up to the fact that he fucked things up with him big time)

- Owen and Miranda dating? Please?

Uncharted Part 4

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2k

A/n: I’m so sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to sync up my posting schedule with the one I have on ao3.(I post there too) This chapter is more getting you acquainted to your surroundings and a little bit of Thor because why not? It’s a little bit more on the domestic side of things, but I definitely want to lay it on thick when it comes to that, so that there’ll be a contrast, later on. Thanks so much for reading ! Xx

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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All you felt was warmth and fluffiness as you woke up. What? Where am I? Oh. You forgot, you were in Stark Towers. Memories of the last twenty-four hours flood into your mind. Captain America and Tony Stark breaking into your apartment, being recruited as an Avenger, meeting the group of heroes, moving in here. It was all pretty surreal. You lift your head up and see the light filter in through a gap in the curtains. You turn over and stare at the clock on your bedside table. 9:24.

You fling yourself off your bed and look at yourself in the mirror. Jesus. Ok, maybe you do need some help. Once you make yourself presentable you walk slowly to the kitchen, your feet padding on the cold morning tiles. The sun shines right through the window and casts a beautiful glow onto the area.

You turn on the insanely expensive espresso machine and get it running. A jolt of caffeine was exactly what you needed. Next, you pull out ingredients for all-american buttermilk pancakes, because why not?

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, do you have access to my Spotify account?” You ask her, it was starting to settle in as a normal thing, you know, having an AI talk to you.

“Yes, I have access to your account and any music you would like.” the AI responds.

You chuckle to yourself while whisking things in a bowl, this is absolutely absurd.

“Alright, could you play House of Gold?” You ask, the quick thrums of the ukulele fill the room.

You turn to the fridge and take out some fresh fruits.

She asked me son when I grow old,

Will you buy me a house of gold,

You let the batter sizzle on the skillet, waiting for it to cook. You start swaying your hips to the happy tune.

And when your father turns to stone,

Will you, take care, of me.

Steve’s POV

He toes off his running shoes and slips out of his sweat soaked shirt after his morning run. Sam flat out refused to come with him today, but promised to come next time. He takes his time getting ready since sleep evaded him even more than it normally did, his run was shifted a couple of hours earlier.

He glides onto the barstool, pulls out the newspaper and roughly reads through the columns. Despite being out of the ice for nearly two year now, technology still baffles him. There’s always something new coming up, constant new innovations; Stark was only the tip of the iceberg. Things were so different from back in the day, everything was easily accessible just from the click of a button or the download of an app.

Being so far from familiarity was something he continued to struggle with, it hung heavy on his shoulders along with the thoughts of Bucky, the one thing tying him to his past he cherished so much.

His gaze now looking at empty space, his thoughts wander.

He hears a faint strumming, super soldier hearing and all that. What was that? He could make out some lyrics being sung and the sound of pots and pans. Must be the new recruit, (y/n). As far as first impressions go, she seemed to be pretty nice, very shy, but nice. And judging by the sound of the music and how well Tony attached himself to her in the first few moments after meeting her, she’d adjust to life here just fine.

The reaction of the others wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought they’d be. With the last kid, Clint had fired a tranquilizer dart and he threatened to file a lawsuit.

He thought about the little amount of time you’ve met and how she already, somehow, contributed to a fraction of peace in his mind that he so rarely got these days.

I’ll go pay her a visit.

He exits his own apartment and walks the short distance to hers. Outside her door, he could hear the strums of a song he didn’t recognize blasting loudly. He smiled softly. He knocked one time and the door automatically opened itself. She must’ve left it unlocked. He peeks through the small gap of the doors and finds something incredibly… adorable ?

She was wearing a shirt with a band he ignored the existence of, due to her height, the oversized shirt was nearly a dress if it wasn’t hitched up to her hip where you could see grey shorts peeking out. Her (h/c) hair was tied up in a messy bun. She was dancing happily to the song that was playing and waving around a spatula and carefully maneuvering a pan at the same time.

He steps out completely and clears his throat. She whips her head around and looks like a deer caught in headlights.

Your POV

Finally, the last pancake cooked, even better, your favourite song started to play.

Then, you hear the sound of someone clearing there throat.

You whip your head around and find a slightly disheveled and surprised Steve standing awkwardly in the middle of your hallway. Oh. There’s a beat of silence.

“Um, hey Captain.” You try to play the situation off as normal. “What brings you to my humble abode.” what the fuck, (y/n). Abode. Seriously? You cringe inwardly, cursing to yourself.

“I just heard your music playing.” He chuckles and still standing still.

“Wait- how did you hear it through the apartment walls?” You asked, Tony had explained to you that most of the walls in the living complex were sound proof to save himself from the personal lives of any of the team members. “I value my mental health and the health of my ears.”

“That’s the serum’s fault.” He points at his ear and laughs shyly. You smile, he really is kind of a normal person.

“Would you like some breakfast?” You place the pancakes you’d made on a plate. He looked like he was about to decline the offer, so you spoke up. “I insist. I’ve only been here one night and you guys have done so much.” A gentle smile tugs his lips before he takes two long strides and sits himself on the breakfast bar stool.

“Here.” You sprinkle some fruits over the top and a little pint of maple syrup.

Captain Rogers, Tony has requested your presence in the lab. F.R.I.D.A.Y. Interrupts the quiet moment. Steve bows his head and groans, you giggle a bit.

“Just ask him to come down here.” He shouts back, your eyes widen a little bit.

Yes, Captain Rogers.  

You immediately the corner and ‘calmly’ start making another batch of pancakes. Bghnb.  H

“(Y/n), relax, this is Tony. He’ll appreciate it, but if you don’t, it’s fine.” He reassures you by shoving his stack of flapjacks in his mouth. “These are really good by the way.” You mutter a thanks, but continue cooking. Your shoulders aren’t as tense now and you ask F.R.I.D.A.Y to start playing your songs again.

By the time Tony walks into the room there’s already a plate ready for him and you are sitting down with your own watching Steve munch happily.

You could hear him walking in before seeing Iron Man saunter over to the counter.

“Hey, America’s Justice, why did you ask me— you made me food?” He looks at the plate you were holding up for him.

“Ummhm” you reply through the eggs you’d shoved down your throat. “Steve invited you over and I was already cooking.” You shrugged sleepily. He places two hands on your shoulders, forcing you to look up because of the height difference, he looks at you straight in the eyes and then looks at Steve.

“She’s a keeper. We. Are. Keeping. Her.” He sits down next to Steve and digs in his breakfast, leaving you a bit stunned. “Try and convince Bird Brain to not shoot her up. Also, Thor should be here any minute. Do you have any Pop Tarts?’

Isn’t Thor a norse god? And why would you need pop tarts, not that you don’t already have a cabinet full of them, they were your guilty pleasure.

“ Ya, I do, why?” You frown, sitting back down onto your barstool facing the two men, happily munching on your food.

“Great, he’ll love you. He’s basically a massively overgrown blonde puppy with hair so glorious it’ll give you a complex.” Tony says.

You look outside when you hear the loud bang of thunder, the two men stand up at the tell tale signs of the God’s arrival.

“Here we go.” Steve says. You were incredibly curious now, just the fact that you were on the team of heroes was already baffling, but knowing that there was a God From another planet! You’ll be seen as puny. You held a breath as a loud thud echoed through the apartment and heavy steps followed.

“AH, Captain Rogers! How do you fair?” He walk towards Steve and pulls him into a bear hug, practically lifting him off the ground. “Ah yes, the man of Iron, how are things with Lady Pepper?” He says gesturing wildly.


He’s HUGE. Tony wasn’t kidding about the hair, it was glorious in itself. His face was lined with a blond beard and he was made with a structured angular jaw and piercing blue eyes. His build was thick and burly and he practically oozed power. His chest was covered in the steel armour, glinting in the sunlight, his blood red cape adding a dramatic flourish to his arrival. In his (giant) right hand, he was holding what you could only assume was Mjolnir. That’s real?!! You honestly felt quite faint. You were so busy looking at Thor, you didn’t notice Steve trying to hold back laughter at your awed expression.

“And who might this lovely maiden be?” He walks towards you and leans down grabbing your hand and placing a gentle kiss on the top of your knuckles. You redden furiously and he smiles back goofily. “I didn’t know we were adding a member to the team and, might I say, a beautiful one.”

“Ya, Thor meet (y/n) (l/n), she’s new here.” Tony says introducing you. “Also, hands off the newbie Thor.” He adds with a disapproving dad-voice. You frown, that was endearingly strange.

“It was nice meeting you, Lady (y/n).” Thor says, his eyes giving you a once over appreciatively. You squirmed under the scrutiny. Despite his insanely attractive looks, he didn’t really appeal to you, he seemed very nice, but a bit too bulky for your taste, You were practically a midget beside him.

You walked around the counter and opened your cabinet of Pop Tarts and turn towards the god. “Steve and Tony said you liked Pop Tarts, I have plenty, you want me to make some?”

His head whips around and his face goes from the incredibly powerful seducer to one of a kid in a candy shop.

“Yes, that would be lovely Lady (y/n), thank you for making the most delicious meal out here on Midguard, the Pop of Tarts.” You giggle at his lingo.

The rest of the morning is spent talking with the three men while eating. Thor had almost scarfed down a quarter of your pop tart supply, you reminded yourself to restock on those.

The conversation slowly ebbed and replaced with a comfortable silence.

“Alright, (y/n), this has been great and all, but you are going to be a member of the team and we need to know what you’re capable of,” Steve stands up to clear the plates, despite your protests, “I want you to meet us at the training area in one hour,” he walks towards the exit with Thor and Tony trailing behind, “that means the both of you have to be there.” He points at his close friends, Tony rolls his eyes.

Once you finish wiping down the kitchen, you reflect on your first morning here at the Tower. You knew that Steve and Tony had already taken a liking to you, the reason for was blind to you, and Thor seemed nice enough.

Steve POV.

“Is Lady (y/n) supposed to do field work?” Thor asked, the two men knew what he was saying.

At first glance, (y/n) looked downright adorable, she was about the same height as Tasha, she had (h/l) (h/c) and big (e/c) But, all that was put to the side when he saw her in action in her apartment. She was obviously well-trained. Her steps quick and quiet, every move calculated, precise and efficient. The way she held an unwavering yet piercing gaze, keeping her surprise in check, and how she handled a gun perfectly. Her shoulders  relaxed but her arms tense. Her wrists ready for the kick back and her index finger steady against the trigger. Unless Fury lied about her hand to hand combat, he thought she was practically a perfect soldier, maybe even better with the brains of the likes of Banner.

“Oh, yes she is.” Tony snorts, pressing the elevator button to his floor, “you’ll see in an hour,” he looks up at the ceiling, “can you tell everyone to meet at the gym in an hour.”

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Do you stan other groups? ly❤️

I do 😍. BTS is my main (strong power thank you!) but I’m extremely multifandom!

  • Got7 - I have it SO BAD for Jb… seriously this man… asdfgg!!!! (plus jackson and youngjae and holy jesus bambam getting ticc)

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  • Monsta X - I absolutely LOVE kihyun, wonho, jooheon, IM (I think by now you know that I can’t choose one bias… I bias the whole group 😂) They’re such a talented, kind, underrated bunch. 

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  • Day 6 - Again.. all of them (If you don’t follow Jae on twitter… what are you doing with your life? It’s the best acc in the UNIVERSE)

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  • Shinee - I’m not into their songs but I LOVE the members and love watching their stuff 😍  Taemin is such a sexy/cute mofo I love his relationship with jimin btw and Key is LIFE! 

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Key is literally my spirit animal.

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  • Bigbang doesn’t need mentioning… GD can have me!

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  • I don’t stan Exo but I bias a few members 🤣

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(The eve made me stan Kai 😂)

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(and suho’s little drama was so cute 😭) Ok… maybe I stan all of them, don’t judge me 😂)

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I wanted to get into Vixx, Nct and Seventeen but I can barely manage the ones I follow already (and bighit doesn’t give me free time to get out of bts’s lane 😂 anyways). And seventeen is like a football team! How am I supposed to get the names and faces right? I was into Bap for a while but then I gave up haha.

If I get requests I’ll be happy to make reactions for some of these groups 😊